Crowd-Thrilling Performances Super Bowl Week in Minneapolis Earn Young LA Singer a Role in Prince's Former Band, NPG

Prince music was taboo growing up in a strict household on a Virginia farm

Mackenzie officially joins the New Power Generation to take the stage with the group Prince once described as his "best band ever" for debut concerts in Oz

He's a friggin' star!He absolutely crushed those Prince songs!”

— Prince choreographer Barry Lather (Paula Abdul, Janet Jackson, et al)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 22, 2018 / — A young, relatively unknown singer and songwriter based in Los Angeles who prefers to simply go by the name Mackenzie* just got a wake up call to be in a dream. He's been invited to officially join the NPG —- the New Power Generation. In March he will work with the group that Prince once described as his "best band ever" for five, debut concerts in Australia.

Mackenzie created a major buzz on social media and in Minneapolis with his "audition" performances during Super Bowl week, including one outside in the subzero cold and snow (!) that was put on by the Super Bowl host committee and produced by legendary music producers Jimmy Jam Harris and Terry Lewis.

The dynamic 30-year-old was a showstopper during his NPG performances. The crowd seemed especially moved by his soulful version of "Nothing Compares 2 U" and immediately jumped to their feet with his rousing rendition of "You've Got the Look" during four sold-out NPG shows at the Dakota Jazz Club February 2 and 3 where he was joined by guest vocalists, former NPG singer Kip Blackshire and long-time Prince colleague, Andre Cymone. The fabulous Hornheads, also formerly part of the core NPG band, made up the energetic and musically tight 15-member group.

Mackenzie singing "Nothing Compares 2 U" with the NPG at the Dakota Super Bowl Weekend.


While growing up in a strict household on a farm in Virginia, Mackenzie wasn't allowed to listen to or sing secular music. "Before I started pursuing singing professionally, Prince's music was taboo music! But it always had a spiritual feel to it for me, like that energy you get from music in church," he recalls. "Prince and NPG represent freedom and intense creativity at work."


"NPG's manager — and former Prince manager, Jill Willis — looked me up on the Jammcard app and reached out to me. I thought it was a joke so, initially, I ignored it. Then she called me. I ignored that at first too but decided I better check this out." Before long he was in the former Flyte Tyme Studios of Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam in the Twin Cities, rehearsing with the NPG fellows — and then in front of both hometown music fans and visitors from all over the world – some in town for Super Bowl and some to hear NPG perform their first public U.S. concerts.

Mackenzie, who has worked as a singer on select soundtracks and other projects says "those shows during Super Bowl week, were really my audition for the band. This is a great group of musicians and I'm honored to be working with them; they played with one of the most gifted musicians and songwriters of the past century, so I'm constantly learning from them. One thing I've rediscovered just being with the band briefly is how to respect the stage and always be growing on it. I also learned that by watching James Brown. That's always a key to a good performance and these guys drew it out of me."


"I am delighted to welcome our newest addition, Mackenzie, to The NPG!" notes Morris Hayes, NPG Music Director (and the only NPG musician to play with Prince as his Music Director and keyboard player the night of his unforgettable Super Bowl Performance in the rain in Miami 11 years ago). "Mackenzie is a gifted and magnetic singer with amazing charisma that locks you into his performances immediately."

"We are looking forward to presenting him to the world as the NPG continues to keep the Prince legacy alive. As I heard one screamin' fan in Minneapolis say recently, 'This is as close to a Prince show now as you will ever get.' And with our new official member on board, we're going to be bringin' it wheels up and full throttle."

"He's a friggin' star! He absolutely crushed those Prince songs," adds former Prince choreographer Barry Lather (Paula Abdul, Janet Jackson, Carrie Underwood, others). Lather caught the first of the Dakota shows, along with long-time Twin Cities Star Tribune music critic Jon Bream, who said he thought Mackenzie was an exciting addition to the band , and that the NPG shows were one of the best musical experiences of the entire Super Bowl week.

The NPG alumni going to Australia include long-time Prince and NPG Musical Director and keyboard player, Morris Hayes, drummer Kirk Johnson who first met Prince when he was tapped for Purple Rain, along with dancer and percussionist Damon D and rapper Tony M. , who co-wrote a number of songs on the early NPG records. Also joining the group is bassist Mono Neon, keyboard player and lead vocalist Kip Blackshire, plus guest singers André Cymone and Támar Davis who was nominated for a Grammy with Prince for the song, "Beautiful, Loved & Blessed."

*More About Mackenzie

Mackenzie grew up singing gospel and religious music at home and in church for most of his life in rural Virginia until he left to study singing and songwriting briefly at Berkeley School of Music. Enamored of the "Masters" — James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson and Prince — the artist moved to LA in 2012 with his then-girlfriend and now his wife – a singer who goes by the name, Apollo Jane.

Baptism by Fire and Ice: His NPG initiation was surreal: "It was probably negative 30 wind-chill the night we headlined that Wednesday gig before the big game. I've never experienced anything like it! And yet, there we were onstage in the snow — and Terry and Jimmy were right out there with us on the sidelines with their camera phones and heavy coats! And there were lots of fans out there with us, too. That shows you NPG has the best fans, 'cuz they're still loyal to Prince's music and memory."

Martin Keller
Media Savant Communications
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Mackenzie and the NPG work out on “Alphabet Street” at the Dakota, one of Prince’s Favorite Twin Cities clubs

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MAAT Proclaims One Meter For All

DRMeter MkII — The One Meter For All Of Us

The first loudness meter for music creation as well as broadcast & post

DRMeter MkII — Versatile, Intuitive, Complete

Company announces release of their next generation DRMeter MkII plug–in for Loudness measurement

We’ve brought fresh new thinking to Loudness measurement by removing some of the cognitive barriers to creativity. Our one plug–in does it all with easy to understand, intuitive Loudness metering…”

— MAAT Co–founder & CEO Friedemann Tischmeyer

SANTA CRUZ, CA, USA, February 21, 2018 / — MAAT Incorporated, a manufacturer of exceptional performance professional audio solutions, today announced the release of DRMeter MkII, a cross platform plug–in for the measurement and monitoring of audio Loudness and dynamics. The plug–in premiers several new features for the Loudness metering marketplace, and is the first loudness measurement tool specifically designed for music creation as well as broadcast production and post.

Available for all major DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations), DRMeter MkII follows on the success of MAAT’s original DRMeter. DRMeter MkII was created for engineers working in all audio industries, from mainstream music production, content streaming, broadcast radio and television to gaming, theatrical, industrial and AR/VR. Measurement methods have been expanded to include all international Loudness metrics, as well as MAAT’s own DR Dynamic Range ad hoc standard for judging “dynamic density,” the amount of dynamic contrast in a recording.

DRMeter MkII is the first Loudness meter that combines high accuracy R128 and A/85 conformance with elements crafted expressly for music creation. It is the only Loudness meter that displays channel–specific trends by augmenting EBU–mandated monaural measurements with classic L/R metering for Max. Short Term, Max. Momentary and True Peak, to identify trends and channel–specific issues without the need for an additional meter. It is also the first plug–in to offer both the emerging PSR metric, Sample Peak–to–Short–term Loudness Ratio, and official DRi, integrated DR formerly available only in MAAT’s DROffline batch measurement utility.

Continuing to lead the Loudness measurement community, DRMeter MkII premiers Dynamic Deviation™, offering lucid Loudness management when mixing and mastering for different Loudness–normalized distribution platforms from Spotify through Apple Music to YouTube. In addition, DRMeter MkII introduces DualVu™, displaying both relative and absolute scales simultaneously so audio artistry is less hindered by adherence to a Loudness target.

The comprehensive DRMeter MkII makes all aspects of Loudness tangible and easy to understand, while a round trip MfiT (Mastered for iTunes) monitoring and metering feature eases seamless leveling for streaming music delivery. Multiple metering modes are visible simultaneously, and presets for all major streaming services and broadcast standards highlight the extensive feature mix.

Most audio engineers today are self–employed, and work for a wide range of clientele. Jason Candler is an independent, with clients ranging from Gary Lucas to NASA. His industrial customer’s needs contrast sharply with what creatives like Moby expect. Candler appreciates the versatility of the second generation DRMeter. “Quite a leap from MkI to MkII,” he said. “Highly impressed with all the new features and usability.” In a word; “Bravo!”

MAAT Co–founder and CEO Friedemann Tischmeyer has long considered the quandary of paying attention to loudness without slavishly following distracting visuals or letting some automated process act as an automatic gain control. “We’ve brought fresh new thinking to Loudness measurement by removing some of the cognitive barriers to creativity. Our one plug–in does it all with easy to understand, intuitive Loudness metering for every engineer, regardless of what job walks in the door. DRMeter MkII truly is the one meter for all of us.”

The affordably priced DRMeter MkII is available from MAAT and select pro audio distributors for US$129. Images, specifications and additional information including a QuickStart guide and videos are accessible at MAAT dot Digital on the web.

MAAT Incorporated is built on the belief that higher accuracy, enhanced workflows and less visual fatigue are hallmarks of better quality. MAAT is derived from “Mastering Academy Audio Tools,” reflecting the deep connection and practical wisdom derived from years of practical experience. MAAT’s reliance on hard science and in–depth research balanced by extensive listening redefines audio tools for professionals worldwide.

©2018 MAAT Incorporated. The MAAT logo, DRMeter, DROffline and DRMeter MkII are trademarks of MAAT Incorporated. All other company and product names are trademarks of their respective owners.

Oliver Masciarotte
+1 (415) 997-8324
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DRMeter MkII Overview

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Chris Lowden and Jeff “Toad” Higginbotham Announce Launch of Country AF Radio From Las Vegas

(Pictured left to right: Jeff Higginbotham and Chris Lowden) Photo credit: Jim Shea

LAS VEGAS, NV, UNITED STATES, February 21, 2018 / — Stoney’s Rockin’ Country’s Founder Chris Lowden and Marketing Director, Toad, announced today that they are launching a radio venture from ground zero at Stoney’s Rockin’ Country on the Las Vegas Strip. Country AF Radio will be headquartered at Stoney’s Rockin’ Country Town Square 6611 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Suite 160, Las Vegas, Nevada 89119.

“It’s been a long time coming and I’m excited to announce the launch of Country AF Radio to serve our valued Las Vegas market while having a strong national presence. Our mission is to have a 65 percent terrestrial presence while focusing 35 percent on great country music and exposing the new music of worthy emerging artists,” declares Lowden.

“Country AF Radio is an extension of our country music ventures in Las Vegas as we enjoy growing our professional relationships in Nashville and the country music industry-at-large. Being able to introduce our customer base to even more music, both new/emerging and established/well known is the goal! We have always taken the outside of the box approach and this is just another example of the forward thinking we all have at Stoney’s. We are excited not only for this launch but to reprise our role producing the ACM’s Party for a Cause festival in April while continuing our aggressive programming of live national acts here at Stoney’s Rockin’ Country. We hope to further provide an oasis for country artists and industry pros alike doing business on the West Coast,” Toad concludes.

About Stoney's Rockin' Country

The World-Famous Stoney’s Rockin’ Country is Las Vegas’ premiere destination for locals and tourists who are looking for a boot-stomping good-ole-time with line dancing, mechanical bull riding, beer pong, pool tables and more. Located at Town Square, Stoney’s Rockin’ Country is a 19,000-square foot high-energy nightclub that features a 2,000-square foot dance floor and boasts a capacity for 1,000 fans to enjoy live national country acts. The venue’s state-of-the art Alcons sound system, matched with the industry’s leading DJs, provides a world class listening experience. Doors open at 7 PM and line-dancing lessons begin at 7:30 PM. Stoney’s is located at 6611 Las Vegas Blvd S, Suite 160, Las Vegas, NV 89119.

Brittany Madsen
Stoney's Rockin' Country
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WASHINGTON, D.C., USA, February 20, 2018 / — Andrew W.K. has been named Person of the Year by the American Association of Suicidology (AAS), honoring his life-affirming music and work, which promotes celebrating all life has to offer. AAS will present the 2018 inaugural Person of the Year Award at the 51st AAS Annual Conference, the largest gathering of suicide prevention professionals, students, attempt and loss survivors, and clinicians in the United States, taking place in Washington, D.C. April 18 – 21, 2018.

The inaugural Person of the Year Award will be presented to Andrew W.K. due to his consistent and powerful use of positivity to improve the lives of those who hear his music. “Andrew’s message resonates with the field of suicide prevention in that he encourages people to use their capabilities to create a life worth living,” said Julie Cerel, PhD, President of AAS.

The purpose of the AAS Person of the Year Award is to recognize large-scale impact as it relates to the suicide prevention and mental health community.

"Words cannot adequately convey my astonishment at having been selected for this unique recognition. I'm grateful to the American Association of Suicidology for the incredibly valuable work they've done for so long, and continue to do now, when it's needed more than ever,” said Andrew W.K.

“My story is a familiar one: from a young age, I felt consistently uneasy in the world, and thus began an ongoing search for something to quell the sense of wrongness inside of me. I was lucky enough to discover a life's work which not only transmuted my darker tendencies into something brighter and more deserving of my energy, but also allowed me to amplify and share that quest with others. In my mission to find joyful meaning in life, I never imagined my rock and roll destiny would become a source of inspiration for those who also dwelled in the shadows. To reach into the abyss and somehow make contact with the unknown is both terrifying and miraculous, but even more terrifying and miraculous, is to reach into yourself and somehow make contact with your fellow man. It's in this quintessential form of contact – this primal physical and emotional connection – that the Truth about life must surely be found. This is our challenge – to see if we can find the other person inside of us, and us in them, and to let this process of enlightened discovery open our hearts, and purify our minds."

"I'd like to humbly accept this award on behalf of all the people who work everyday at forging this sacred human bond. I'd like to accept this award on behalf of music itself, and on behalf of the mysterious life-force feeling I simply call 'partying.' I'd like to accept this award on behalf of every person who has struggled and overcome, and struggled and fallen – for I have been both. I'd also like to accept this honor on behalf of every person who's lost someone – or lost themselves – to seemingly insurmountable darkness. In a world of confusion, distress, and extraordinary challenges, there are few efforts more worthwhile than devoting oneself to the raising of the collective human spirit. If any of our work can contribute to this vast emergency – this crisis of joy – then may the Party Gods grant us ever more strength, so we may all help make the world a partier place."

“Andrew W.K. has brought so much hope and joy to so many people through the power of his music, lectures, and writings” said Colleen Creighton, Executive Director of AAS. “He has empowered individuals to find a positive path forward. Therefore, we are pleased to name him our inaugural Person of the Year for the incredible impact he has had in transforming lives throughout the world.”

Additional awardees at the conference will include lawmakers, researchers, academicians, suicide attempt and loss survivors, and mental health advocates.

For the media: We urge members of the media to share suicide prevention resources in all of their reports. Responsible reporting on suicide and the inclusion of stories of hope and resilience can prevent suicides. You can find more information on safe messaging around suicide here.


About AAS: Founded in 1968, AAS promotes suicide as a research discipline, public awareness programs, public education and training for professionals and volunteers. The membership of AAS includes mental health and public health professionals, researchers, suicide prevention and crisis intervention centers, school districts, crisis center volunteers, survivors of suicide loss, attempt survivors, and a variety of lay persons who have in interest in suicide prevention. You can learn more about AAS at

Colleen Creighton
American Association of Suicidology
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Child prodigies in luxury girls dresses + boys suits by THE SMALL GATSBY at Golden Note music award in Vienna

Soley Buml, Filip Trifu and Anja Druml with The Small Gatsby's Teresa Zimmermann and Anita Dorner and IMF Chairwoman Leona König

Soley Buml, Filip Trifu and Anja Druml with The Small Gatsby’s Teresa Zimmermann and Anita Dorner and IMF Chairwoman Leona König

Child prodigies Filip Trifu and Soley Bluml at Steinway&Sons B-211 wearing The Small Gatsby

Child prodigies Filip Trifu and Soley Bluml at Steinway&Sons B-211 wearing The Small Gatsby

Europe's luxury kids brand THE SMALL GATSBY is collaborating with highly talented child musicians and actors as testimonials, building on Vienna's art tradition

You can feel the radiation of talent – its mind blowing. We are honored to clad these fine young souls in garments that emphasize their character and talent.”

— Teresa Zimmermann

VIENNA, VIENNA, AUSTRIA, February 20, 2018 / — One of the Europe’s most talked about luxury kids clothing brands THE SMALL GATSBY is again supporting highly gifted children in music and arts by joining the International Music Foundation, who is awarding the Golden Note scholarship on March 11 in Vienna. After robing British child prodigy Alma Deutscher (11) for the premiere of her first full-length opera and actress and violinist Allegra Tinnefeld (11) for New Year’s Concert, the high end clothing brand has produced this year’s announcement film, dressing three awarded talents in finest cloth. Soley Bluml, Filip Trifu and Anja Druml are playing an Impomptu by Viennese composer Hugo Reinhold anno 1881 on a Steinway&Sons Grand Piano B-211 at Steinway House Vienna, showing their immaculate talents.

CEO Teresa Zimmermann’s Brand Strategy and Designer Anita Dorner’s creations have put THE SMALL GATSBY repeatedly into the headlines for high level testimonial appearances. The art of creating garments, which are both stage worthy and, as Anita Dorner says „skin worthy“, suitable for the typical movements of children and those of musicians gives THE SMALL GATSBY a very unique positioning among luxury kids clothing brands for girls formal dresses and suits for boys.

„It’s miraculous,“ says Teresa Zimmermann, „watching a child play at such a virtuous level. You can feel the radiation of talent event through a picture, more so on a video, and if you see them in person, its mind blowing. We are honored to clad these fine young souls in garments that emphasize their character and talent.“

This year’s Goldene Note concert will take place at Wiener Musikverein on March 11th, where selected talents between five and fourteen years will be accompanied by members of Vienna’s University of Music and Performing Arts. The most gifted children will be honored by the distinguished committee: the violinist Julian Rachlin, Peter Goetzel of Vienna Philharmonics, pianist Paul Gulda and violinist and composer Aleksey Igudesman.

The announcement movie has been captured by appraised Vienna film production company Brix Productions, who has teamed up with The Small Gatsby once more to create outstanding moving pictures that show their garments in an artful atmosphere.

The Small Gatsby's luxury designer clothing is available online at for worldwide shipping.

Teresa Zimmermann
The Small Gatsby
+43 660 5940057
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Luxury clothing brand THE SMALL GATSBY presents die GOLDENE NOTE

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Canal Digital Taps Xstream’s OTT Enabling Technologies for Streaming and TV Everywhere Growth

Canal Digital harnessing Xstream’s end to end OTT platform MediaMaker to grow its streaming business and TV Everywhere service across the Nordic markets

Canal Digital’s contract renewal is another ringing endorsement of Xstream’s compelling streaming technologies”

— Michael Rasmussen, CEO, Xstream

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK, February 20, 2018 / — Leading OTT and TV Everywhere enabler Xstream A/S today announces that Nordic streaming and TV Everywhere service provider Canal Digital has renewed its business relationship with Xstream enabling the continued use of its OTT cloud technology and managed operation services in the Nordic markets.
The contract renewal enables Canal Digital to further grow its business within the Canal Digital and Telenor customer base across the Nordic markets.

“For many years, Canal Digital has enjoyed a strong business relationship with Xstream and its OTT enabling technologies have been the platform behind our streaming services,” says Henke Erichsen, CIO and CTO at Canal Digital. “With more and more viewers preferring to watch content anytime, anywhere and at any device, the video-on-demand (VOD) market is enjoying continuous success across the Nordic’s and the time is now right to scale-up our subscriber base using Xstream’s MediaMaker platform.”

“Canal Digital’s contract renewal is another ringing endorsement of Xstream’s compelling streaming technologies,” adds Michael Rasmussen, Xstream’s Chief Executive Officer. “Canal Digital is focused on growth and our two companies will continue to combine our expertise to ensure customers have the best viewing experience at all times and on any device.”

Canal Digital was established in 1997, its primary purpose being the distribution of television programs and conducting activities related to broadcast and entertainment. Canal Digital brings over 140 TV channels and rich streaming themed video content to Nordic households.

More than nine hundred thousand households across the Nordics currently choose Canal Digital as their primary entertainment platform.

About Xstream A/S
Xstream is a leading enabler of over-the-top (OTT) TV and video on demand (VOD) services. Today, we work hand-in-hand with world-leading telcos, cable operators, broadcasters, clinics, governments and media companies enabling them to deliver sparkling content to selective anytime-anywhere viewers around the world. Our award-winning Xstream MediaMaker™ cloud platform is recognised in the industry for its rich and customizable monetization capabilities, fast deploy time and by its unique, fully adaptive and automated content ingestion process. The scalable end-to-end MediaMaker cloud provides all solutions required for a profitable OTT TV and Video business: Ingestion, Monetization and User-experience. It contains a suite of unmatched individual services including multi-device video clients, multi-DRM and context-aware multi-CDN. The MediaMaker cloud combines managed service with pay-as-you-grow pricing to optimize customers’ ownership costs. Our current customers include companies such as Altibox, Balaji Telefilms, Canal Digital, Mayo Clinic, Spark New Zealand/Lightbox and Star Media group. Xstream is headquartered in Copenhagen. Visit


Hugh Paterson
Whoosh PR
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The launch of the exclusive Marquis Jetset Concierge

Marquis Jetset Concierge

On Demand charter

Taking private jet charter to new heights with personalized services to private aviation

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, February 19, 2018 / — PRESS RELEASE

Contact: Marquis Jetset Concierge


Phone Number: 8002107772
For Immediate Release

Marquis Jetset Concierge Offers the Authentic Jetset Experience with Exclusive Concierge Services
“Marquis Jetset, the provider of concierge services worldwide, offers bespoke curated travel arrangements exclusively to its private aviation clients!”

Los Angeles, CA – February 13, 2018 – Marquis Jetset, a premier provider of luxury lifestyle management & concierge services, offers a private membership exclusively for their discerning jetset clients. Both the owners of private jets and the avid jetset travelers who love the flexibility of ‘on demand charter” services known to many as “pay to fly” can take advantage of this membership.
The company says, “Marquis Membership is an extension to the current business model of on-demand charter but takes the luxury a leap forward by offering world-class lifestyle management services.”
The company’s super elite team of trained travel advisors, who have acquired sufficient round-the-globe travel experiences, handle every facet of this service. From handling private jet arrangements to offering bespoke travel itineraries, recommendations and bookings for luxury hotels and restaurants, priority access to pubs, bars, nightclubs, events and more, they skillfully curate customized lifestyle experiences for the clients.
“We have created programs that are personally curated to provide the kind of experience people are looking for. We do this by planning, researching and developing curated travel experiences”, says the company.
One of the several challenges faced by the travelers is that their journey is often fragmented. From booking a private charter to searching for hotels, restaurants, pubs and more in a given city, it’s pretty tough to keep the travel spirit up amidst all these hassles. By combining the luxuriant private jet experience with concierge services, Marquis Jestset aims to make the journey of their clients as stress-free as possible.
According to a Company Senior Lifestyle Advisor, “As a marquis member, private jet travelers can enjoy exclusive jetset lifestyle privileges and make their journey more pleasurable.”
In order to offer its clients the best-in-class private jet experience, the company has partnered with a leading charter company that provides the premium aircrafts with the highest safety rating. Marquis Jetset has also collaborated with one of the most exclusive and luxury resorts, hotels, and private villas around the world that cater to the jetset clients holding this exclusive membership. In addition to that, the clients also get the privilege to enjoy a private arrangement in hard to score restaurants, private membership clubs and more.
With all these perks, Marquis Jetset is truly the only bespoke private jet concierge service provider. The idea to personalize the overall travel experience of jetset clients is certainly one of the most exciting new arrivals in the private aviation industry.
Currently, the exclusive access to Marquis Membership is available by invite only and the company is not charging anything for it. This means the members can enjoy all these elite benefits and indulge in the experience to build a solid and loyal relationship of a lifetime at no additional cost.

The company says, “This exclusivity is because we prefer quality clients who can benefit from our catered services and extended network, and obtain access to luxury voyages. Moreover, it will allow us to cater the needs of our members far better than catering a large group of members at the same time.”
You can learn more about the company’s services and get a quote on your next private charter by visiting For direct booking, you can also visit

About Marquis: Marquis Jetset provides a superior solution for travelers looking for a luxurious, on-demand private jet charter experience and premium concierge services. By combining private aviation with bespoke concierge experience, the company aims at simplifying and enriching the travel experiences of clients. Marquis Jetset has partnered with various aviation firms to bring the best premium quality aircrafts to the clients. It has also collaborated with luxury, high-end restaurants, hotels, bars and pubs to offer customized concierge assistance.

For more information about, visit the website:

Ric Davis
Marquis Jetset
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Afrobeat Artist Ziggee Boy Enjoys Increasing Success of His Dancehall Hit “Bad Gyal”

Photo by Derrel Todd

Photo by Derrel Todd

Designed by Eddie Harris

He’s a music mega talent: Songwriter, Artist, Producer, and Engineer

Ziggee Boy has a unique, signature sound and, creatively, he has a lot to offer the world in the Afrobeat, Dancehall, Afropop music space.”

— Art Powell, co-CEO, Sky's the Limit Entertainment, LLC

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, February 19, 2018 / — Growing up in the West African country Sierra Leone and moving to the United States as a 16-year-old in 2010, Mohamed Kamara dreamed of success in the music industry. After years of honing his artistic abilities as the Afrobeat songwriter/artist Ziggee Boy (IG: @ziggeeb) and music producer/engineer K1ng W1n, Kamara’s dream is turning into reality with the success of his debut single “Bad Gyal.” Sky’s the Limit Entertainment (STLE, IG: @skysthelimitent) released Bad Gyal, distributed by Tuff Gong International in December 2017, and the song’s official video in January 2018, and fans have been showing their appreciation for Ziggee Boy as the latest Afrobeat sensation ever since. The song and its video, that features STLE’s Billboard charting Pop singer/songwriter Eddie Jones (IG: @Justeddiejones), has earned thousands of digital streams and more than 60 thousand YouTube views to date.

Bad Gyal co-producer Art The Great (IG: @artthegreat_), who’s also Sky’s the Limit Entertainment co-CEO (Art Powell), anticipates continued and massive success for Ziggee Boy. “Ziggee Boy has a unique, signature sound and, creatively, he has a lot to offer the world in the Afrobeat, Dancehall, Afropop music space. He is immensely talented and soon will be known as one of the most celebrated writers, artists, and producers of his genre,” said Powell.

Bad Gyal is available on Spotify, iTunes, TIDAL, Amazon, and other major digital music platforms.

Stephanie Powell
ASP Management/Sky's the Limit Entertainment
email us here

Bad Gyal Official Music Video with Ziggee Boy, featuring Eddie Jones

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Midwinter Fest in New York City – Sunday, February 25 @ 3 PM

NorSou Artists Feb 25

The North/South Chamber Orchestra celebrates winter with a free admission concert featuring music by Josh Henderson, Ching-Chu Hu, Max Lifchitz & David Maves

Max Lifchitz led his North/South players at Christ and St. Stephen's Church in a program of four imaginative recent works. Each piece had something to draw the listener in.”

— New York Times

NEW YORK, NY, USA, February 19, 2018 / — The North/South Chamber Orchestra celebrates winter on Sunday afternoon February 25 performing a free-admission concert featuring four listener-friendly works by American composers.

Soprano Elizabeth Farnum will appear as soloist while Max Lifchitz – the ensemble's founder – will be on the podium.

The program will feature recent compositions by Josh Henderson, Ching-Chu Hu, Max Lifchitz and David Maves.

The event is part of the Composers Now Festival. It will take place at the intimate and acoustically superior auditorium of Christ & St Stephen's Church (120 West 69th Street) on Manhattan's Upper West Side. The free-admission event will start at 3 PM and end around 4:30 PM. The auditorium is ADA accessible. No tickets or reservations needed.

The composers will be in attendance and will introduce their works to the audience. Composers and performers are available for interviews and media events. They may be contacted through our office.

Since its inception in 1980, the North/South Consonance, Inc. has brought to the attention of the New York City public over 1,000 works by composers hailing from the Americas and elsewhere representing a wide spectrum of aesthetic views.

In addition to presenting a yearly concert series in New York City the North/South Chamber Orchestra maintains an active recording schedule. Its activities are made possible in part, with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs; Women's Philharmonic Advocacy; the Music Performance Trust Fund; and the generosity of numerous individual donors.


Josh Henderson is a multi-faceted artist active as cross-genre violinist, and composer. A graduate of the Cincinnati Conservatory he has composed music for various chamber ensembles as well as for dance and film. He has also served as music director for Damien Escobar (the Emmy winner of Nuttin' But Stringz) and has performed at a number of events across the globe including a performance at the 2013 Hip-Hop Inaugural Ball hosted by Russell Simmons and honoring Barack Obama.

Henderson states that his Dragon Dance is a "showpiece for string orchestra that incorporates funky jams providing the performers with ample opportunity to showcase their virtuosity."

An Iowa City native, Chung-Chu Hu studied at Yale and the University of Michigan and now teaches at Denison University. The press has described his music as "breathtaking, richly textured with incredible tender luminous harmonies." He has written music for several short award-winning films including a soundtrack to Charlie Chaplin's 1925 version of The Gold Rush for symphony orchestra.

Hu explains that "as an Asian-American composer, music of both my cultures are present in Spheres of Influence. The work begins with an anticipatory fanfare growing organically out of a single pitch. The middle section features longing melodies on various instruments representing the eventual parting between a parent and a child. The third section is relaxed, showing the need to "let go" and trust the impact of our influence."

A dynamic figure in America's musical life, Max Lifchitz was born in Mexico City and has lived in New York since 1966. Active as composer, pianist and conductor, he was awarded first prize in the 1976 International Gaudeamus Competition for Performers of Twentieth Century Music held in Holland. The San Francisco Chronicle described him as "a stunning, ultra-sensitive pianist" while The New York Times praised Mr. Lifchitz for his "clean, measured and sensitive performances." The American Record Guide referred to him as "…one of America's finest exponents of contemporary piano music."

Lifchitz's Brightness Aloft is based on the lilting melody Xicochi Conetzintle — the theme of a 17th century motet written by Gaspar Fernandez in Mexico. A beautiful villancico (or Christmas Carol), the text of the motet is in Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs. A lullaby, its title can be translated as "Sleep, O my Child" obviously referring to baby Jesus.

David Maves served as Composer-in-Residence for the College of Charleston in South Carolina, for over 30 years. His catalogue includes symphonies, concertos and an opera based on Federico GarcÍa Lorca's Bodas de Sangre (Blood Weddings).

His song cycle The Captive was inspired by John Donne's poem Lovers' Infiniteness. Maves states that the work is envisioned as "….the poet's lover reading the poem aloud with wonder; in awe, deeply moved, and yet perhaps a bit frustrated as conditions pile up as the poet attempts to construct an imaginary but air-tight intellectual edifice within which the lovers are inextricably bound to each other — forever."

Soprano Elizabeth Farnum will appear as soloist for this work. She has been praised for her "lovely soaring soprano, great agility and beautiful tone." She has performed at Lincoln Center, the Library of Congress, London's Institute for Contemporary Art, the American Academy at Rome and the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. Her various interests have led her to performances on Broadway, at the Metropolitan Opera, and to five continents on tour with diverse ensembles, including early music groups Pomerium and the Waverly Consort.

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The North/South Chamber Orchestra plays Maves’ No Nonet

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Music Recording Market 2018- Global Industry Analysis, By Key Players, Segmentation, Trends And Forecast By 2023

Music Recording – Global Market Demand, Growth, Opportunities, Manufacturers, Analysis of Top Key Players and Forecast to 2023

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, February 19, 2018 / — Music Recording Market 2018   


Music Recording Market Global Report 2018 from The Business Research Company provides the strategists, marketers and senior management with the critical information they need to assess the global music recording market.

Where is the largest and fastest growing market for the music recording? How does the market relate to the overall economy, demography and other similar markets? What forces will shape the market going forward? The music recording market global report from the Business Research Company answers all these questions and many more. 
The report covers market characteristics, size and growth, segmentation, regional and country breakdowns, competitive landscape, market shares, trends and strategies for this market. It traces the market’s historic and forecast market growth by geography. It places the market within the context of the wider Media market, and compares it with other markets. 
• The market characteristics section of the report defines and explains the market. 
• The market size section gives the market size ($b) covering both the historic growth of the market and forecasting the future. Drivers and restraints looks at the external factors supporting and controlling the growth of the market. 
• Market segmentations break down market into sub markets. 
• The regional and country breakdowns section gives an analysis of the market in each geography and the size of the market by geography and compares their historic and forecast growth. It covers all the regions, key developed countries and major emerging markets. It draws comparisons with country populations and economies to understand the importance of the market by country and how this is changing. 
• Competitive landscape gives a description of the competitive nature of the market, market shares, and a description of the leading companies. Key financial deals which have shaped the market in recent years are identified. 
• The trends and strategies section highlights the likely future developments in the market and suggests approaches companies can take to exploit this. 
• The music recording market section of the report gives context. It compares the music recording market with other segments of the Media market by size and growth, historic and forecast. It analyses Expenditure Per Capita, The Music Recording Indicators Comparison.

Request for Sample Report@       


Markets Covered: Film And Video; Music Recording

Companies Mentioned: Universal Music Group, Sony Music, Warner Music

Countries: Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Spain, Russia, UK, USA and Australia.

Regions: Asia-Pacific, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, South America, Middle East And Africa

Time series: Five years historic and forecast.

Data: Ratios of market size and growth to related markets, GDP, Expenditure Per Capita, The Music Recording Indicators Comparison. 

Data segmentations: country and regional historic and forecast data, market share of competitors, market segments.

Sourcing and Referencing: Data and analysis throughout the report is sourced using end notes.

Complete report details @

If you have any special requirements, please let us know and we will offer you the report as you want.

Table of Contents:

1. Music Recording Market Characteristics

2. Music Recording Market Size And Growth 
    2.1. Historic Market Growth, Value ($ Billion) 
      2.1.1. Drivers Of The Market 
      2.1.2. Restraints On The Market 
    2.2. Forecast Market Growth, Value ($ Billion) 
      2.2.1. Drivers Of The Market 
      2.2.2. Restraints On The Market;

3. Music Recording Trends And Strategies;

4. Pestle Analysis 
    4.1. Political 
    4.2. Economic 
    4.3. Social 
    4.4. Technological 
    4.5. Legal 
    4.6. Environmental;

5. Music Recording Market Customer Information;

6. Music Recording Market Regional And Country Analysis 
    6.1. Global Music Recording Market, 2017, By Region, Value ($ Billion) 
    6.2. Global Music Recording Market, 2013 – 2021, Historic And Forecast, By Region 
    6.3. Global Music Recording Market, Growth And Market Share Comparison, By Region 
    6.4. Global Music Recording Market, 2017, By Country, Value ($ Billion) 
    6.5. Global Music Recording Market, 2013 – 2021, Historic And Forecast, By Country 
    6.6. Global Music Recording Market, Growth And Market Share Comparison, By Country

7. Music Recording Market Segmentation 
    7.1. Global Music Recording Market, 2017, Segmentation By Type, Value ($ Billion) 
Record Production 
Music Publishers 
Record Distribution 
Sound Recording Studios 
    7.2. Global Music Recording Market, 2013 – 2021, Historic And Forecast, Segmentation By Type, Value ($ Billion)


Music Recording Market Competitive Landscape 
19.1. Company Profiles 
19.2. Universal Music Group 
      19.2.1. Overview 
      19.2.2. Products And Services 
      19.2.3. Strategy 
      19.2.4. Financial Performance 
    19.3. Sony Music 
      19.3.1. Overview 
      19.3.2. Products And Services 
      19.3.3. Strategy 
      19.3.4. Financial Performance 
    19.4. Warner Music 
      19.4.1. Overview 
      19.4.2. Products And Services 
      19.4.3. Strategy 
      19.4.4. Financial Performance

Reasons to Purchase:

Reasons to Purchase: 
• Outperform competitors using accurate up to date demand-side dynamics information. 
• Identify growth segments for investment. 
• Facilitate decision making on the basis of historic and forecast data and the drivers and restraints on the market. 
• Create regional and country strategies on the basis of local data and analysis. 
• Stay abreast of the latest customer and market research findings 
• Benchmark performance against key competitors. 
• Develop strategies based on likely future developments. 
• Utilize the relationships between key data sets for superior strategizing. 
• Suitable for supporting your internal and external presentations with reliable high quality data and analysis 
• Gain a global perspective on the development of the market. 
• Report will be updated with the latest data and delivered to you within 3-5 working days of order.


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