Taiwan Celebrities are singing in the Majestic Beach, with romantic atmosphere everywhere arising from the Cannes MIDEM.

The Taiwanese local performance, 8-Generals color paints have been well presented on the stages, with their face painted.

The best performance group of 25th Golden Awarded

The performance of DJ QuestionMark has brought a spectacular idea to the audiences.

The 51th session of MIDEM of 2017 has officially opened on June 06, 2017 locally.

CANNES, FRANCE, June 12, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — The three bands with different characteristics, The Chairman, Mixer, DJ QuestionMark have their first performance of “Taiwan Beats” at the Majestic beach prepared by MIDEM. The face-to-face double staged design were performed by the three Taiwanese groups with the newly elected new celebrities by MIDEM by each side, and the event was performed in rotation achieving the climax on the third day of the event. The beautiful fine sands along with the breeze have attracted more audiences coming for admiration and MIDEM this year with “Taiwan Beats” has also created a whole different outlook from the past indoor activities.

Organized by Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development, MOC(hereafter short-formed as MOC) and GCA Entertainment(hereafter short-formed as GCA) have planned the activity on June 08 for 2017 MIDEM. The Taiwanese team has organized an indoor activity of “Flash Mod Meeting” and other forums, “Taiwan Beats” seems the very highlight of this trip. Cannes, France not only have the most famous film festival globally, the other tourism attraction is the beautiful beach along side with it. The beautiful harbor with the luxuries cruises are reflecting with each other, adding further romantic sensibility on MIDEM. The Taiwanese attending three groups are formulated by boy singers. Under such muscularity, it seems a huge challenge when the romantic beach performance atmosphere is yet designated this year. This seems another interesting scene with the presence of “Taiwan Beats”.

The performance site on Majestic beach is quite spacious, with double stages design along with the beach facing each other. The white fine sands amidst the stages, with the sides layered with wooden sheds, which could accommodate people for food and beverages, creating leisure and relaxing atmosphere for the audiences.

“Taiwan Beats” starts at 8pm at night, and the opening was initiated by the best performance group of 25th Golden Awarded, Mixer. The long-haired boy Sheng Hao not only has a superb voice, but also with outstanding self-confidents, bringing about additional luminous light at the nearly deemed night Cannes beach. The team member were all excited to call their family members when they knew they were representing Taiwan heading to Cannes for such excitement. This overseas trip with special kind of mission has extended to the performance day. Although there were mostly overseas audiences at the performance, but the Chinese words were still very much welcomed and there are people handing out their name cards, wishing to make further contacts. We strongly believe that this shall be a day of remembrance with fruitful results.

The second group, The Chairman is a much senior group, under the concept of “the more localized the more globalization”, in which the local Taiwanese culture should be blended into the music and performances. The Taiwanese local performance, 8-Generals color paints have been well presented on the stages, with their face painted. We were not sure if the local authenticity could be well understood by the French engineers. There were few songs that were not communicated properly with too much dry ice and wine-spray, so when The Chairman has their performance started, there were huge sounds from the fierce firecrackers, when the performers were faintly discernible. The Taiwanese style is yet to be understood by the foreigners, however, the interesting sensitivity were still accepted by the applause.

Lastly it was DJ QuestionMark, DJ QuestionMark have visited Europe frequently. When traditional DJ mixer was expected, the performer had his flute out performing Jazz solo, with a whole bottle of Champagne. When people thought he would be drunk on stage, he invited the audiences for a toast, and poured the Champagne into the crowd so everyone could enjoy together! This unexpected surprise has brought about a fresh new idea with additional amusement. The performance of DJ QuestionMark has brought a spectacular idea to the audiences.

“Taiwan Beats” is performed by the three celebrities, not only bring about the absolute romance, but spectacular and individualize charisma from the Taiwanese culture. After all these years of international music attendance, it is confirmed that the Taiwanese celebrities have gained their global recognition, with more acceptance on the performance style.

Cannes “Taiwanese night” have come to the end at the night of June 08. And the Taiwanese performance team are heading to the next stop. There shall be more information on 2017 France MIDEM, and updates on GCA entertainment facebook (facebook.com/gca3nt), l. Please go on line for more updates.

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