MIDEM International Record Exhibition Supervisor made attendance at the Taiwanese celebrities performance in Paris

Mixer ambitiously willing to launch into the international market

The Chairmen-“the more localized the more globalization”

DJ QuestionMark have already gained their global recognition

The Chairman, Mixer, DJ QuestionMark are to perform another session of “Taiwan Beats” in well known theatre, Le Trabendo.

PARIS, FRANCE, June 13, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — The three Taiwanese performance groups that have performed in 2017 MIDEM, after the performance of “Taiwan Beats” on the June 08, 2017, there is yet another mission on the way at Paris.
The Taiwanese groups have their fruitful rewards from this trip, and have been well reconginzed by the Franch Cultural Affair Minister Office, Cannes Major. The Flash Mod congress that attracted more than hundreds of people’s attendance have flared up the Taiwanese booth in Cannes. The “Taiwanese night” have been rewarded with great effect, and were happily welcomed by both general audiences as well as the music professionals. And the performance tonight at France have officially come to a perfect ending to the Taiwanese representative team.

Organized by Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development, MOC(hereafter called MOC), executed and performed by GCG Entertainment(hereafter called GCG) have worked extending from the performance target of the Taiwanese group, entailing the propagation of the Taiwanese Chinese pop music, as the primary recognition to the European and US audiences. In order to elevate the performance quality of the Taiwanese celebrities, this performance was well collaborated with the French recording company, Groupal, working on well-known performance locality renting, reception specification, ticket box propagation and performance execution, working towards a proper standard, so the celebrities could well focus on their performances. The hard works have also gained well satisfied performance result and recognition.

Tonight’s Taiwan Beats have a simple photo call media press opening before the performance, to celebrate the Taiwanese celebrities’ well success opening. The French renown French food and desserts hospitality school have their own Michelin-3-starred restaurants, Le Note Group have customized a hour layered of huge cake, their team have also prepared exquisite food and the very famous French dessert macrons to surprise all the coming attendees. Although the Taiwanese team have finished their MIDEM international exhibition mission, but the highest supervisor, Alexandre still went to Paris to attend this session of Taiwan Beats, signifying the importance and significance this event means to him. The whole photo call have come to an beautiful ending at the point of decorating fire on the cake with a whole group photo taken.

There is also a minor adjustment for this program’s sequence. DJ QuestionMark has one up the stage to invite all the audiences to have their champagne toasted, flaring up the atmosphere. Later with the jazz music played by the flute, in connection with all the famous music from different ethnic groups as well as ancient or modern music. The Chinese pop music was themed with “Justice Pao” and “The Smiling, Proud Wanderer”- they are both oriental music, further added with military elements, and the military words were also added to add more surprise color. Mixer has his new erao innovation with creativity are all high valued, the lead singers has a high strong vocal with his cool and long haired style. During the performance, it has also mixed with a few games in the interim period, with a slight cool image, adding a tincture of friendliness, with an extension on a huge potential in the Chinese pop music team.

The Chairmen performed at the last with the purpose to make an important impression, not only visually or in terms of music style, it is the most unique team. The 20 years of experience in Taiwan with more than 10 records of experience, awarded with ‘Golden Award” has numerous local Taiwanese music blended, with the famous 8 Generals costumes, masks and the performance momentum have created another spectacular side of mystery, and the kind and local dialogue words havela so created another layer of humor side. They are performed with sounds of an co, to finish off this year’s performance.

Out of the three Taiwanese groups, DJ QuestionMark have already gained their global recognition, with the young Mixer ambitiously willing to launch into the international market, The Chairmen has its concept of “the more localized the more globalization” with more frequent performances, knowing the Taiwanese celebrities are working without boundaries, extending the unlimited potential to propagate the Chinese music globally. It is undoubtedly that the international recognition of Taiwanese music is growing. With more exposure on the global platform, the Taiwanese celebrities will be working towards global success.

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