EquityBuild Finance Reveals How They Outsmart Scammers and Make Returns that Seem Too Good to Be True

Real Estate Investment Education on Using Scrutiny to Investigate Why Some Investors Feel Cheated by Their Choices While Others Make High Returns

PLANO, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, November 10, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ — EquityBuild Finance reveals how they pay double-digit returns on their low-risk, fully backed private mortgage notes. They give insight as to why notes that pay high interest rates aren’t a ripoff or too good to be true, and how EquityBuild Finance is able to pay such solid rates of return.

Private mortgage notes are an asset class that relatively few investors know about. EquityBuild Finance has decades of experience in real estate investing, and guides clients through the investment process, anticipating any issues or concerns.

“We get asked why would anybody turn to EquityBuild Finance as a funding source, since we offer such high rates to our investors, while other investments remain low,” said Shaun Cohen, vice president of EquityBuild. “At first glance it can seem like it could be a bad investment, that it’s too good to be true. We understand you're skeptical. Savvy investors are. That’s why we want to educate our potential clients to show them how we are able to pay such outstanding returns.”

There are two main reasons why real estate investors are willing to pay higher interest rates:

1) Access to Capital. Banks do not often make construction loans, and they are usually not willing to go to the trouble to lend on properties that require significant turnaround. Lending standards have become stringent between the lingering economic effects of the great recession and the increased regulation of financial institutions. EquityBuild Finance was created because of the need to fill that void.

2) Speed of Capital. Even if someone is able to get a construction loan, the transaction takes 45-60 days to process, and sellers seldom want to wait that long. Sellers typically sign contracts with buyers who can prove they have the cash to close quickly. EquityBuild Finance is able to provide that assurance and usually close a sale very quickly. This allows buyers to purchase properties that would have been sold to someone else, had they not had access to speedy capital.

Borrowers are often willing to sacrifice some of their future profit, through higher interest rates, rather than lose out on an opportunity completely. EquityBuild Finance carefully vets each borrower, along with each underlying real estate deal, to avoid any problems. This ensures that the property generates more than enough rent to cover the borrower's note payments, as well as all the property's operating expenses, and still return positive cash flow.

Hundreds of smart people have invested with EquityBuild Finance since the company began in 2008. So many of them are repeat investors, who spread the word to their family and friends about these double-digit returns. Go here to EquityBuild Finance or call 877-978-1916 to find out about private mortgage notes that are 100% backed with income-producing real estate.

EquityBuild Finance is committed to putting its extensive knowledge and unique Operational Mastery of the real estate investing process to work for regular people, maximizing their returns and minimizing their risk at every step. By doing this EquityBuild Finance helps its investors achieve financial freedom while improving neighborhoods and providing hard-working families with nicer, safer places to live.

Founded by father-son team Jerry and Shaun Cohen, this company gives people the freedom and time to pursue their passions with the people they love. EquityBuild Finance is ushering in a new era, making real estate investing more secure and reliable than ever. To find out more visit us at http://www.EquityBuild.com or http://www.EquityBuildFinance.com.

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