IJI, Inc. Selects Tokenlab for ICO Management Services for Dropd, Its Revolutionary Decentralized Music Platform

Dropd is positioning itself as the driving force that will lead music into the blockchain age.”

— Vin Foresta, IJI, Inc. CEO and Founder

WASHINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES , October 6, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ —

Key Facts:
Tokenlab™ is a token-creation and ICO management services platform that runs on the Expanse.Tech™ blockchain.
• IJI, Inc., headquartered in New York City, NY, is creating an open source token (DROPD) on the Expanse.tech blockchain for use in digital music transactions.
• Unlike any other platform in existence today, Dropd 2.0 will allow users to curate, consume and promote music while being rewarded with DROPD digital tokens.

The Expanse.Tech Project today announced that IJI, Inc. will launch its ICO for Dropd 2.0 using Tokenlab, a decentralized ICO management platform created by Borderless Corp., Inc., on the Expanse.Tech blockchain.

IJI, Inc. first delved into the music business when it introduced Dropd 1.0 as a free streaming music app. It is currently available and in use worldwide. The launch of patent-pending Dropd 2.0 is poised to dramatically alter the infrastructure of the $47B dollar music industry, which is currently a closed system controlled by a handful of very powerful corporations. Despite huge advances in technology, the processes in use for music distribution, and for paying musicians and songwriters, isn’t designed for today’s digital world. Dropd 2.0 will address the technological inefficiencies and issues through the use of blockchain technology, smart contracts and social media.

“The music industry is perhaps one of the best examples of an industry that stands to be drastically altered by blockchain technology. The decentralization and socialization of the music industry has the potential to create the opportunity of a lifetime for many, as well as massively disrupt the status quo,” said Vin Foresta, IJI, Inc. CEO and Founder. “Dropd 2.0 is positioning itself as the driving force that will lead music into the blockchain age.”

In addition to offering streaming music and a built-in music player for on-device media, through the use of blockchain technology, Dropd 2.0 will introduce the ability for users to create profiles and request followers from their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Users gain “status” within the application as their followers grow. Dropd badges and DROPD tokens are also acquired for taking specific actions, such as purchasing and re-dropping songs. Artists have the ability to Drop songs to users and offer incentives when they re-drop to their followers, providing a new means to test-market and monetize their music themselves.

“The manner in which Dropd 2.0 will make use of its DROPD token on the Expanse blockchain is set to change the way we all consume music,” said Christopher J. Franko, Borderless Corp., Inc. CEO and Expanse Co-founder. “The concept of being able to use Dropd 2.0 to curate, consume and promote music, while being rewarded with DROPD tokens within the application, is truly revolutionary. I couldn’t be more proud for Tokenlab to have a hand in bringing this project to fruition through our ICO management services."

Once the ICO using Tokenlab is complete, DROPD tokens will be traded via the cryptocurrency exchanges and convertible to a variety of other currencies. They will also be able to be transferred out of the app to various other wallets.

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About IJI, Inc.
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Dropd – The Future of Music Distribution

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