David Wahler Releases MOSAIC, a Transformational new Album with Videos, plus, "SounDecor" a Series of Designer Playlists

Mosaic, the bliss-invoking new album by David Wahler

David Wahler, composer, designer, curator.

Mosaic is the sixth album in David Wahler’s catalogue.

In his sixth album, Mosaic, David Wahler blissfully melds classic new age melodicism with cutting-edge electronics and state-of-the-art production quality.

David Wahler reaches a new pinnacle in his artistry of crafting emotionally rich, serenely flowing, and gently rhythmic electronic music soundscapes…”

— Bill Binkelman, Wind & Wire / ZMR

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, June 5, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — In this day and age, it's refreshing to discover an artist who is living life on his own terms, and on his own timing…David Wahler is such a person. As early as age 7, it was clear that music would be natural part of his life, yet his artistic talent was not limited to music. Wahler enjoyed a successful Interior Design career as well, and today, all of his talents are converging in an exciting array of new music projects, a new album, and curated "SounDecor" playlists on Spotify. Mosaic is an independent release debuting on global radio this month, available both physically and digitally on CDBaby, and online at most music streaming platforms.

It was just a handful of years ago that Wahler retired from design and returned to his first love, music, embracing his dream of making music not just his career, but his life. Renewing his affinity for music and inviting it back into his life reignited his passion to create beautiful soundscapes; and his lifelong business experience is handy in elevating his music’s commercial and critical success. His first album, Antiquus, was released in 2009 to critical acclaim, followed by A Star Danced, Secret Dream, Spiritus and Becoming Bliss. With the 2018 release of his sixth album, Mosaic, David appears on the cusp of worldwide success, as he continues to craft melodic keyboard soundscapes, melding classic new age melodicism with cutting-edge electronics and state-of-the-art production quality.

When he returned to making music, Wahler's career took off in a major way. Antiquus set a record for highest charting debut album on the Zone Music Reporter chart; A Star Danced won ZMR’s Best Relaxation/Meditation album of 2010, and his 2015 Spiritus was nominated in the same category. If early reviews are any indication, then Mosaic is destined to be warmly embraced by programmers and DJs everywhere as it goes to radio this month.

“On Mosaic,” reviewer Bill Binkelman wrote “David Wahler reaches a new pinnacle in his artistry of crafting emotionally rich, serenely flowing, and gently rhythmic electronic music soundscapes that intermix new age music elements from the classic period of late '80s and early '90s with a more contemporary aspect and state of the art production quality…his trademark warmth and intimacy are apparent with every piano note and every application of electronic texture, as well as his meticulous attention to detail in layering all the elements present on every track."

Delving into the sound of the album itself, music writer Jonathan Widran notes that elements of “Afterain” are reminiscent of the calm moments of Michael Gettel’s 1992 masterpiece “River Run” while “A Promise To Keep” is the collection’s first acoustic piano driven piece, in the realm of the great works of David Lanz and Kevin Kern. It’s a soft-spoken meditation balancing trance-inducing low end chords and wistful melodies in the higher register, surrounded by a subtle synth ambience. That piece and the slow, easy flowing melody reminding us that we are “Heading Home” are classic-styled new age piano at its most engaging and thought provoking.

On a personal level, “Child of The Universe” can be enjoyed as a a dreamy, sensual swim through levitational ambience, a soulful flute melody and the angelic voices (courtesy of The Pacific Boy Choir) you might find in otherworldly realms. Wahler is at his most comforting and meditational on “August Cloud,” a full on dive into a murky swirl of slow, methodical synth and lighthearted piano passages that somehow gives way to fresh clarity, and “Fou d’amour” (which translates to “Crazy in Love”), a powerfully atmospheric expression of sensuality and romance. The harp flavors and happy bird songs throughout the sonic dreamcatcher “Elysian Dawn” prepare our hearts for heaven, and the operatic voice of an angel emerges at one point to bring our hearts home – if only temporarily.

Wahler’s titles can help listeners with the visuals, as in the globally conscious, gently whimsical, decidedly Asian flavored, “Sakura,” which is a Japanese cherry blossom, and “Lone Sky Night,” whose blend of synth melody, piano harmony and lush atmosphere is perfect soundtrack music for taking in the vastness of the cosmos. The artist closes with a question: “Why?” – so naturally, the tune is deeply moody and contemplative, offering no easy answers but an expansive amount of time for some deep mind bending.

When glancing back at a chance encounter with a woman who first took notice of his musical talent in playing by ear, Wahler muses, “I still think of that woman, years ago in that church meeting hall, asking me ‘Where did you learn how to do that?’ Perhaps now I would be able to answer her in all sincerity, ‘I didn't learn how to do it. It was a gift which was given to me by Spirit.’ My hope now is to share it with others and in so doing, transform our emotions and feelings and, perhaps, mindfully enrich our very existence.”

In brief, Wahler’s music creates a richly textured soundscape that invites stunning images of nature and deep space floats beautifully through the mind as it works its calming magic. It is perfect for relaxation, massage, yoga and meditation.

Visit DavidWahler.com to connect and explore the music, and to hear the new SounDecor series of design-inspired Spotify playlists, follow Wahler at: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2PyO4IRVbg2GIbTbWfZWrI

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David Wahler’s MOSAIC, a video by AquarielCharm

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