A Night of Excitement at the “Taiwan Beats” Showcase in Paris French Media and Companies Vie for Artist Cooperation

The Taiwanese representative team’s itinerary for the 2018 MIDEM record exhibition in Cannes, France included one last item.

PARIS, FRANCE, June 14, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — On the day after the end of the exhibition, the artists held their final “Taiwan Beats” showcase in Paris on June 9, local time. The three groups of Taiwanese artists: Eve Ai, Cosmos People, and DJ Cookie, performed at the famous Parisian concert venue, Seven Spirits, winning the hearts of music fans with their passionate music and fascinating performances. With over 600 tickets sold out and cheers of adoration from the lines of audience members, the artists gave enjoyable and heartfelt performances, marking a perfect end to this journey to conduct industrial business development and present Taiwanese music to the world.

With over 50 years of history, the most internationally representative music industry event in the world, MIDEM, officially opened on June 5, local time. Participation in MIDEM was arranged by the Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development of the Ministry of Culture, and planned and executed by GCA Entertainment. As a representative indicator of Chinese popular music, the Taiwanese team participated in the event with the intent to create business opportunities for the 1.5 billion-strong Chinese market and develop music in the international market. The objectives of this trip included: the establishment of a Taiwan Pavilion exhibition, conducting a commercial development conference for Taiwanese firms and an international forum, as well as two special “Taiwan Beats” showcase performances.

In addition to the intensive conferences with Taiwanese firms held at the MIDEM Taiwan Pavilion, another accomplishment worth mentioning is DJ QuestionMark’s handmade DIY phonograph record brand, Spinbox. His participation in the commercial conferences during last year’s MIDEM attracted considerable attention, and even aroused the interest of official MIDEM organizers. Therefore, this year, DJ QuestionMark was confident enough to set up his own exhibition to expand business, establishing a successful example of participation in MIDEM by Taiwanese firms. The international forum organized by GCA Entertainment this year, “Taiwan: the Gateway to Asia” invited firms and guests such as Han Chuang Culture and Art, DJ QuestionMark, and Bradley Chen, a lawyer. The director of GCA Entertainment, Ed Yen started off the forum by discussing the representative role of Taiwanese popular music in the Chinese industry. He stated that cooperation between Taiwanese popular music and international music and brands was the key to developing the Asian market. Bradley Chen, a Taiwanese copyright lawyer who was the only Chinese lawyer to be named among the top 200 lawyers in the world by renowned international legal consultation association WWL, described cases he had handled in the music industry, thus demonstrating the advantageous position of Taiwanese popular music brands in the Chinese community as well as the fact that the underlying economic strength is not to be underestimated.

The cooperative relationship with media outlets which was established over many years of Taiwanese participation in this French exhibition has led to the long-term observation of Taiwanese artists by major television and internet groups, as well as Gong Media, the official media partner of MIDEM. In addition to conducting interviews with the three groups of artists in Paris, the president of the conglomerate, André de Semlyen, specially visited Cannes and Paris to listen to the “Taiwan Beats” showcase, and even held a meeting with the artists after their performance. De Semlyen expressed great interest in cooperating with the Taiwanese artists to plan a program. Furthermore, the most famous French culinary institute in France, Lenôtre, also enthusiastically wished to collaborate with the Taiwanese artists in the promotion of culinary programs and activities. These activities and offers all demonstrate the fact that foreign media and corporations now hold different opinions and recognition toward the influence of Taiwanese artists compared to the past.

The “Taiwan Beats” showcase in Paris earned the passionate support of local residents as well as guests such as the minister of the Taipei Representative Office in France, Wen-Chien Ku, who attended the concert to cheer on the artists. The Culinary Institute Lenôtre sent outstanding Taiwanese students to present the artists with exquisite pastries made by the students in honor of their performance. Furthermore, the commemorative postcards of the three artists nearly sold out, clearly demonstrating the extent of the audience’s appreciation for their performance that night.

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