American Association of Suicidology Releases "Media as Partners in Suicide Prevention" Toolkit

I’m thrilled that our continued relationships between media and suicide prevention professionals has resulted in such an action-oriented resource.”

— Colleen Creighton, AAS Executive Director

WASHINGTON, D.C., UNITED STATES, December 21, 2018 / — The American Association of Suicidology (AAS), in partnership with The Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and Ohio University’s E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, has released an updated, comprehensive, and evidence-based set of recommendations for media organizations and journalists who report on suicide and suicide prevention activities – Suicide Reporting Recommendations: Media As Partners in Suicide Prevention.

“Our team set out to create a resource that values the perspectives of journalists, those with lived experience related to suicide, and mental health professionals. In practice, this document is meant to increase a journalist’s awareness of suicide reporting elements that lead to authentic, meaningful, and responsible stories,” said John Ackerman, clinical psychologist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and suicide prevention coordinator at the Center for Suicide Prevention and Research.

This unique set of recommendations was developed to expand the guidelines in existence, as well as to increase access to an ever-growing, critical resource. The purpose of the toolkit is to provide media professionals with application-based recommendations while also providing background context on the development of why the individual components are important for consideration. The content is meant to empower journalists in their roles as partners with suicide prevention professionals.

“I’m thrilled that our continued relationships between media and suicide prevention professionals has resulted in such an action-oriented resource,” said Colleen Creighton, AAS Executive Director. “The high-profile suicide deaths of this summer and continued media attention to suicide prevention have exemplified the need for evolving thought and understanding to approaching the public about this public health issue.”

A key component of this toolkit is its inclusion in the development process of the voices of those who have survived their own suicide attempts or continue to experience thoughts of suicide. This effort was significantly amplified by the perspectives and experiences of suicide loss survivors and journalism professionals.

For the Media: Responsible reporting on suicide, including stories of hope and resilience, can prevent more suicides. Please visit the Suicide Reporting Recommendations for more information.

About AAS: Founded in 1968 by Edwin S. Shneidman, PhD, AAS promotes suicide as a research discipline, public awareness programs, public education and training for professionals and volunteers. The membership of AAS includes mental health and public health professionals, researchers, suicide prevention and crisis intervention centers, school districts, crisis center volunteers, survivors of suicide loss, attempt survivors, and a variety of lay persons who have in interest in suicide prevention. You can learn more about AAS at and

Colleen Creighton
American Association of Suicidology
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Storks star comedian Stephen Kramer Glickman's Night Time Show Podcast raises $30k for Childrens Hospital Los Angeles

Storks star, Comedian Stephen Kramer Glickman and his Night Time Show Podcast raises $30k for Childrens Hospital Los Angeles


— Stephen Kramer Glickman


Los Angeles Ca- This past weekend The Night Time Show at the Hollywood Improv , hosted by Storks star Stephen Kramer Glickman, Matt Walker, Mike Black and Mike Glazer held their annual star studded Holiday Special and live auction Benefiting Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

For the past three years, comedians Stephen Kramer Glickman, Matt Walker, Mike Black and Mike Glazer have hosted The Night Time Show podcast at the Hollywood Improv, but this past Saturday was a special charity event produced by New York actor and philanthropist Chad Jones. Hundrends of toys were donated and a live auction was held that raised $15,150 at the comedy club. The live auction was hosted by Gabriel Butu-Boyle who has raised millions of dollars at Christie's auction house. Highlights of the live auction included a samurai sword signed by Randy Jackson, roundtrip tickets on a private jet courtesy of Jet SuiteX, a dinner with male supermodel Fabio, one of a kind statues from Funko toys, a Jimmy Kimmel Live VIP experience and more. With a matching donation from Credit Unions for Kids the total donation was $30,300.

The evening featured on stage interviews with celebrities including Jon Heder from Napoleon Dynamite, Emmy Winner Nolan Gould from Modern Family, and the star of the Golden Globe nominated film Crazy Rich Asians, Jimmy O Yang. The evening culminated in the entire audience being given Krispy Kreme donuts.

About The Night Time Show
The Night Time Show podcast can be found on iTunes, Google play, iheartradio, Soundcould and everywhere else podcasts are found. The next LIVE podcast is at the Hollywood Improv February 16th for Valentine's Day. Read more about the show at and you can find more information about actor Chad Jones at
323-366-2796 or

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Guitarist Markus Reuter Releases First Christmas Album

Download the album for free!

ASHEVILLE, NC, USA, December 21, 2018 / — Poly-disciplinary musician and touch guitarist Markus Reuter has just released his first Christmas album – a free, limited-availability-period recording of five traditional Christmas songs (each of which has been given Markus’ distinctive loop/solo/soundscape treatment). As with much of Markus’ music, the pieces are accessible and enjoyable while concealing hidden depths. Beneath and behind Markus’ soulful touch guitar renditions of the original melodies, billowing detailed soundscapes are built on re-examinations and explorations of the pitch series of each tune. Listeners can enjoy the simple snowfall, or choose to tunnel deeper into the ice kingdom. A parallel universe… strangely hypnotizing.

The album is available for free download from between 17th and 31st December 2018 (and is available long-term as a free 5.1. surround sound version from

For more information:

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The Earth Harp: The World’s Longest Stringed Instrument Will Be Featured at NAMM 2019.

William Close performs on the Earth Harp.

-William Close Will be performing throughout the day on Saturday, January 26 and
Sunday, January 27, 2019 in Anaheim.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, December 20, 2018 / —

William Close is at it again! The creator of the Earth Harp, the world’s longest playable stringed instrument, will be stringing another tall building. This time in Anaheim as part of NAMM’s (National Association of Music Merchants) colossal musical instrument trade show in Anaheim, California.

William Close, the LA-based inventor who first came to prominence on NBC’s TV Show, America’s Got Talent, holds the Guinness World Record™ for the Largest Stringed Instrument. Close has travelled all around the globe with the Earth Harp stringing it across canyons, cathedrals, theatre balconies, bodies of water and more.

The NAMM Show is an annual event in the US described as "the world’s largest trade-only event for the music products, pro audio and event tech industry". It’s only fitting that the world’s largest trade show will feature the world’s largest stringed instrument. NAMM is held every January in Anaheim, California, US at the Anaheim Convention Center, and is one of the music product trade shows in the world. The event attracts numerous famous musicians, many of whom are endorsed by exhibitors and come to promote their own signature models and equipment.

On Saturday and Sunday, the Arena Plaza will feature the Earth Harp, reaching from the balcony of the ACC North building to the Plaza. The harp will be played live by its creator William Close, who tours the globe with his instrument which has been seen in Singapore, at Burning Man, and even strung across a canyon near Chicago. The Earth Harp was featured at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, at festivals in South America, Australia, throughout Europe and the Netherlands and other choice locations. Close has travelled well over a million miles with the Earth Harp.

William Close will be on hand to offer educational facts about the incredible stringed instrument including the science behind it, how it was constructed and how it’s played. Live performances are set throughout the day for the instrument that includes strings extending hundreds of feet in length.

“I’ve attended NAMM as a patron. I enthusiastically looked forward to the wide array of musical instruments and accessories that were presented at this one-of-a-kind trade show. I look forward to attending as a performer and I’m thrilled to be showcasing my best-known invention, the Earth Harp at NAMM,” said William Close.

William Close & the Earth Harp Collective is an internationally renowned ensemble that combines the creative forces of artists, musicians, composers and choreographers. The stunning centerpiece of the instrumentation-The Earth Harp-is just one of the many new and cutting edge instruments in this dynamic show. With a resonating chamber on stage and illuminated strings suspended above the audience, any performance space is instantly transformed into a musical instrument, creating the ultimate multi-dimensional concert experience.

For more information about the Earth Harp and William Close: Contact Mike Mena at 310-913-0625 or

Mike Mena
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Holiday Cheer Prevails At the Scientology Information Center Despite Stormy Weather

The Church of Scientology Choir performing Holiday favorites at the Scientology Information Center on December 14th at the Community Holiday party.

It was a beautiful and warm experience – in all meanings of the word. It put me in the Holiday spirit.”

— Bonnie Wright, concert guest

CLEARWATER, FL, US, December 20, 2018 / — On Friday December 14th the community braved the elements to attend the Holiday Party showcase at the Scientology Information Center in downtown Clearwater, Florida.

Community celebrations follow centuries of tradition where people come together to celebrate important and meaningful times of the year. The Scientology Information Center in downtown Clearwater continued that custom with its Holiday party; rain and wind were no deterrent to the merry-makers.

Opening performers, the Church of Scientology Choir dressed, in Victorian attire sang Holiday classics including Winter Wonderland and Feliz Navidad with piano accompaniment. Performer Joe Yazbeck and guitarist Greg Smith joined in with an array of songs from Santa Claus is Coming to Town to White Christmas.

“It was a beautiful and warm experience – in all meanings of the word,” said Bonnie Wright, concert guest. “It put me in the Holiday spirit. I really enjoyed it.”

To learn more about the Scientology Information Center and future events please contact Amber Skjelset at (727) 467-6966 or email The Scientology Information Center regularly hosts cultural events and open houses. The Center is open every day from 10am-10pm, providing answers to common questions about Scientology through four multi-media stations.

The Scientology Information Center:

The Scientology Information Center, located in the Historic Clearwater Building in downtown Clearwater, opened on July 11, 2015, and currently houses a gallery of audiovisual displays with some 400 videos. The Center is open to all and provides a self-guided tour showing basic Scientology beliefs, Churches around the world, ongoing social programs and the life of L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology’s founder. The Center offers tours to the broad public and civic leaders; holds concerts, theatrical performances and receptions for the community; and opens up the use of its conference room to social, civic and non-profit groups. For more information on Scientology, visit or the Scientology Network on DirecTV channel 320, or streaming at or apps at appleTV, fireTV and ROKU.

Pat Harney
Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization
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Rift Keeper Press Release Kit

ISTANBUL, TURKEY, December 20, 2018 / —

Rift Keeper Description
Rift Keeper is a roguelite platformer featuring rpg elements with a fast paced combat for PC.You play as the Rift Keeper, protector of the rifts that acts as a gateway to the other realms. After the Red priests summon you to the town, you learn that the rift keys have been stolen.You must uncover the ill intentions behind this; find the keys and whoever stole them before it's too late.

Rift Keeper Story
Rift keepers are the protectors of the rifts that acts as a gateway to other realms. They are warriors who are trained by the Red priests who were once Rift Keepers. When the Rift Keepers get old enough and lose their strength, they become Red Priests to teach the ways of the Keeper mother, study and learn more about the Rifts.Red priests and Rift keepers are the servants of the Keeper Mother whose the only light in the void that illuminates the true path for the Keepers and the arch-enemy of the Void and the Void God himself, Xal'Sheth.

•Over 120 weapons & items. Upgrade your equipment throughout the game. Loot, trade and buy better gear.
• 30 handcrafted dungeons.
• Dynamic difficulty system.
• Fast-paced action gameplay.
• 3 powerful bosses.
• Synthwave/Electronic Ost album.

Melee Weapons: There are 4 different melee weapon sets that the player can find and use. The main weapon is the Chain, it's a traditional Keeper weapon according to the lore and will always be with the Keeper. Halberd is a different one with a long reach and usually with higher damage output. There's also one-handed swords with usually higher damage but a shorter reach. The last one is a combination of sword and a shield, offering the player a chance to block some of the incoming attacks.

Ranged Weapons: There are five different ranged weapon sets that the player can use. Four of them are spells(Fire, Storm, Frost, Void) and the other one is a crossbow.

How the items work in Rift Keeper: As stated before there are over 120 items in Rift Keeper. They work as they usually do, you find a trinket you equip it and you gain the benefits of that trinket.
But there's one catch in Rift Keeper while giving player certain bonuses (damage, health or movement speed) most of the items also take something from the player. For example; you might have found a weapon that can crush your foes with devastating damage but on the downside, it can drain and lower your health.

Dungeons: There are 30 handcrafted dungeons, each of them offers unique look and atmosphere and crafted with care. There are also 3 different dungeons for the boss battles.
Dynamic difficulty system: As you progress throughout the game, enemies around you will also get tougher. Their health will increase by 1.25x while their damage output increases much more.




Frymore is an independent development studio founded by two friends. We've developed and released our first title in Firewood in 2017, an adventure game with horror elements.We are currently working on a project called “Rift Keeper”, a roguelite game with RPG elements. Under the name of Frymore, we are just two friends who always have a big desire to improve ourselves and our games.

Efe (programmer) and Yanki (artist/composer) has known each other for 5 years. While they were both busy on their solo projects,
one day they decided to work together and began developing their first adventure game "Firewood". Firewood was a short project and it took about 5 months to complete. This was the first project they worked on for PC,and it went successfully in development and satisfied the team at the sale period. After the release of Firewood, they started working on a new project,a roguelite platformer with RPG elements called "Rift Keeper". Rift Keeper was a much bigger project compared to Firewood in all aspects and it took about one and a half year to complete for the team. Rift Keeper also had a booth at GIST2018 (Gaming Istanbul 2018) and WePlay Expo 2018. The game's ost artwork also selected for the DreamHack Atlanta and Sweeden's art gallery.

Logos&Key art

Fact sheet Team
Release Date:January 14,2019 Efe Ürün-Programmer
Platforms:Steam(pc) Tuna Yankı Aslan-Artist/Composer
Publisher:Maple Whispering,Frymore

+90 5515521733
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Rift Keeper Trailer

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Guitar Legend Jason Becker's New Album “Triumphant Hearts” Receives Rave Reviews Worldwide!

Jason Becker is a musical phenomenon!

ASHEVILLE, NC, USA, December 20, 2018 / — Guitar legend Jason Becker released his eagerly anticipated new album “Triumphant Hearts” on December 7, 2018. The album has been receiving amazing reviews around the globe!

“It feels so good that people are experiencing the music in a deep way. When I was writing the album, it was what my soul needed, and I hoped others would feel the same. To see that people are feeling my heart is the greatest gift any artist could ask for.” – Jason Becker

Watch the album's trailer:

Jason Becker's story is one of brilliance, talent, determination, adversity, and, ultimately, triumph. A child prodigy on guitar, Jason rose to prominence as a teenager when he was one half of the legendary rock guitar duo Cacophony (with his great friend Marty Friedman). After wowing audiences all over the world with his amazing guitar chops and deep compositions, Jason auditioned for—and got—the gig with David Lee Roth, following in the huge footsteps of Eddie Van Halen and Steve Vai. He wrote and recorded the DLR album “A Little Ain’t Enough” and was poised to take over the rock guitar world when a nagging pain in his leg was diagnosed as ALS, or Lou Gehrig's Disease, a debilitating and fatal condition with a life expectancy of maybe five years. Maybe.

That was 29 years ago.

Jason did indeed lose the ability to play guitar, walk, talk, and breathe on his own. But he never lost his will to live or his desire to create music. Communicating through a series of eye movements with a system developed by his father, Jason spells out words as well as musical notes and chords. He imparts his musical vision to his team who then can input the notes into a computer, edit the parts to his exacting standards, and then generate charts for session musicians. It is through this amazing process that Jason composes his profoundly beautiful music, rich in melody and counterpoint, brimming with emotion. His inspiring music and life story have been the subject of countless news articles, magazine cover stories, and an award-winning documentary, “Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet.”

Not only is Jason not dead yet, he's busier and more prolific than ever, as evidenced by his latest release, Triumphant Hearts. The album's 14 tracks showcase Jason's gift for melody and his deep knowledge of classical composition and orchestral arrangement. Many of the guitar parts are performed by a who's-who of 6-string gods including Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Neal Schon, Steve Morse, Paul Gilbert, Joe Bonamassa, and many others. And, in what will absolutely delight his fans, Jason's amazing guitar playing—recorded in the '80s and '90s—graces several tunes.

Jason Becker is unquestionably the sexiest man alive, but he's also the most positive, upbeat, and inspiring man alive. “I really feel lucky,” says Jason. “I am surrounded by loving people, and I can still make music.”

Here's what the press have raved about Jason Becker's “Triumphant Hearts”:
“Jason Becker is Beethoven for the 21st Century. Listen to how he composes each song. Each delicate note has purpose. Every instrument ebbs and flows throughout each piece. Each guitar lick enriches the depths of each intricate movement. It makes sense that this isn’t a rock album. It’s a classical album. One I hope that will be around long after I’m gone.”
“This is an album I never thought would happen, a brand new album by guitar maestro Jason Becker. 'Triumphant Hearts' is exactly what it says on the tin. Triumphant. It's an album full of stunning music composed by a genius musician who has to score the opus note by note. This is quite simply a magnificent record that spews emotion.”
“If there is one thing that gets high marks for originality, it is a musical genius, a prisoner of his own body, writing a love letter to the world using only his eyes, and the love and support of his family, fans, and friends. The album really has something for everyone, with exceptionally beautiful composition, heart, soul, and even some good old burning it up on the fingerboard. he has given the world a masterpiece and a message of love and triumph.”
The music on 'TRIUMPHANT HEARTS' is all about the beauty of life and the dignified treatment of one another – the essence of humanity.”
“Jason Becker is a musical phenomenon.”
“It shows Jason Becker as the talented guitarist of his youth, but also a composer of exceptionally high standards. A picture may paint a thousand words, but music says things that words never can and 'Triumphant Hearts' manages to say it all. It's humbling, emotional, inspirational and filled with the brilliance of Jason Becker.”
“'Triumphant Hearts' by Jason Becker is a testament to the unyielding spirit of an artist driven to create. No matter what the challenge or hardship, a true artist's life force is ignited and fueled by their work. You cannot help but be inspired by these compositions and admire the composer for the sheer joy he brings to us through them.”
“'Triumphant Hearts' makes a joyous statement about Becker's enduring creativity in the face of incredible adversity and the fact he is still a major catalyst to his contemporaries. You will be rewarded by an album that taps into one of the most remarkable musical spirits of the modern rock era.”
“Years in the making, yet well worth the wait. This album is an audible journey through the brain of one of Rock's finest ambassadors conveyed by those who loved him and the few who are capable of translating such majesty into recorded music. Showcase his compositional skills through mesmerising arrangements and gorgeous atmospheric storytelling.”
“Jason Becker will always and everywhere continue to influence guitarists and musicians around the world. His personal story will be an inspiration for millions of people.”

To purchase:

Label Media Page:

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Mally Mall Produced Projects Continue to Carry Massive Momentum within the Music Industry

Mally Mall Produced Projects Carry Momentum — Arms Around You Collab Hits 100 Million Streams in First Week Rae Sremmurd Projects Yield 5 x Platinum Singles

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, December 19, 2018 / — Arms Around You, the posthumous collab with XXXTentacion and Lil Pump, with vocal assists from Swae Lee and Maluma, produced by three-time Grammy-award winning producer Mally Mall, co-produced with JonFX and Skrillex continues to break records taking the number 2 spot on Billboard mid-November. The single hit 100 million streams in its release week and its video, dropping just a month ago racked up 7 million views in less than 10 hours of debut. The Arms Around You lyric video has 64.5 million views with the Official Music Video posting over 70 million views in less than 30 days.

The hit-making music producer had this to say about the Arms Around You project, "Again, I continue to feel so incredibly blessed to be a part of this collaboration. Nothing but love and gratitude to XXXTentacion's Mother Cleopatra. As I have said before this young talent has an omnipresent spirit and I truly hope we have made him proud."

Earlier this Summer, two of the Rae Sremmurd Mally Mall-produced singles, Power Glide and Guatemala received certified Platinum status – Power Glide going Platinum 3 times and Guatemala 2 times, the latter being featured on the TV sound track of the popular cult classic, The Purge.

Mall's produced single, "Motto" featuring G-Eazy and Lil Uzi Vert on David Guetta's double LP "7", is poised to go Platinum, while Mall's back-to-back studio projects will yield an array of high profile releases early in the New Year:
a Jason Derulo song, “Last Night” featuring Quavo, Young Thug, Gucci Mane and Offset; French Montana's Jungle Rules 2, which Mall is Executive Producing; and projects featuring Saweetie, DJ Paul, 360 Mafia, Gunna, Jeremiah, Swae Lee and PnB Rock.

Mally Mall is repped by Gordon Dillard of Maverick Management in Beverly Hills, CA.

Born and raised in Northern California of Brazilian/Egyptian heritage, Mally Mall started his music career working with industry veterans Ant Banks and Rick Rock. Influenced by the Bay Area music scene, Mall has unequivocally helped to shape the landscape of the music industry today working with a ‘who’s who’ of artists ranging from Drake and Justin Bieber to The Weeknd and 2 Chainz.

Cheryl Lynch
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Through Preevel, inSight Helps Teens in Recovery


Preevel, inSight

Knowing where to turn in a crisis can be a difficult time for families. At Preevel, we are proud to help teens in recovery through inSight.

GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 19, 2018 / — For over 25 years, inSight has been providing mental health and recovery assistance to teens in Los Angeles. As a CARF certified organization, inSight uses music to change the lives of teens around the country.

We are incredibly proud to be CARF accredited. The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities is an international not for profit organization whose mission is to provide organizations with the tools needed to help those in the behavioral health field, especially those focusing on child and youth services and recovery programs.

With a belief in pursuing excellence in all things, inSight works to help teens and their families work through challenging times and learn how to deal with pain in a meaningful way throughout their lives.

Through Preevel, inSight programs are intensive outpatient options for teens and young adults between 14-20 years of age suffering from mental health and addiction tendencies. At inSight, many families have no idea where to start and often feel alone when faced with these tough circumstances. Based on the core belief that adolescent issues can be treated through a holistic approach, focusing on every aspect of a persons life, inSight focuses especially on the emotional, psychological, spiritual, family, academic and biological factors.

Through Preevel, at inSight, we take an individualistic approach to therapy programs, focusing on the unique aspect of each patient, ensuring that we are able to help our patients make a full recovery and also better understand the nature of their illness and how to treat and manage it, while focusing on living fruitful and fulfilling lives.

When inSight was created, there were very few programs designed around recovery and mental health in Los Angeles. As time went on, inSight developed a reputation for addressing the chemical aspects of co-dependency, self-harm, mental illness diagnosis, and dual symptoms.

At inSight, we believe in providing a safe setting for all patients. Our newly renovated property is situated in a beautiful villa, becoming a safe haven for teens around the country to discover themselves, find inner peace and launch their lives into the world with a sense of belonging.

Through Preevel, inSight believes people belong in community with each other and we gain strength through the support of others around us. While every family chemistry and story is unique, we encourage all of our families that visit us, that through peer to peer support groups, the world we become bright and more hopeful.

Through our unique approach to outpatient therapy, your child will live at home, and come to inSight 4-days a week for 4-hours a day to start treatment and a path to a more fulfilling and complete life.

Although life may seem complicated, and mental health and recovery insurmountable obstacles to climb, through Preevel at inSight, we can offer hope and a brighter future for your child. To learn more, click here.

Chris Hinman
Web Presence, LLC
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Indian Billionaires Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal Congratulated by RahTwoFive on Marriage

RaH TwoFive, photo credit: Gerard Victor, 2018, used with kind courtesy of the artist

RaH TwoFive, photo credit: Diego Ramos

RaH TwoFive, photo credit: Mario Marquez

RaH Two Five Congratulates Indian Billionaires Isha Ambani, and Anand Piramal on Marriage

Congratulations to you Anand and Isha on your great wedding! I think that it is really cool that you had Beyoncé there!”

— Rah TwoFive

MALIBU, CALIFORNIA, US, December 19, 2018 / — Hip Hop Singer Rah TwoFive, America's favorite new rapper of Indian origin, who can rap in fluent English, Hindi, Punjabi, and even some Spanish, made a point to congratulate today India's own Isha Ambani, and Anand Piramal on their marriage, and their wedding which happened this month in Mumbai. Isha is daughter of Nita and Mukesh Ambani. The brides' father; Mr. Ambani, is son of the late Dhirubhai, founder of India's reported 60 billion dollar Reliance Industries. The groom; Anand Pirmael, is son of billionaire Ajay Piramal.

The reported seven day double-billionaire family wedding party took place for over one-thousand guests in Udaipur, Rajasthan State in India, with Beyoncé reportedly providing musical entertainment. The billionaire wedding was also reportedly attended by Hillary Clinton, as well as other local Indian billionaires. According to the December 11, 2018 issue of Forbes dot com, "billionaires Kumar Birla and Sunil Mittal," as well as "steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal, metals magnate Anil Agarwal and billionaire banker Uday Kotak," were along in attendance, among many more.

Rah TwoFive states to the bride and groom; "Congratulations to you Anand and Isha on your great wedding! I think that it is really cool that you had Beyoncé there!" Rah adds, "I would love to come over to India sometime there and meet you." As noted in his official biography, “Hailing from Detroit, RaH is ready to dominate not only America, but also the massive Indian Bollywood market, Europe, and the rest of the world as well. His biography also notes that ‘With the first three letters of his full name; “Rahul,” turning into his artist name, RaH got his nickname back in high school, which his friends used to call him. RaH states, “I think it’s cool, because it’s the name of the sun god of Egyptian mythology, and I love the sun! My family and I traveled to Egypt around the same time I got the nickname, and it just stuck.”

RaH adds that he is really into fashion, and started a fashion label, and loves the colors and clothing styles in Egypt such as gold and turquoise. He also adds that he started reading and studying about Egyptian mythology, and really got into it. He is working on some new pieces now.

Living in Los Angeles, RaH says, “There are so many creatives and big thinkers here. They understand my artistic approach to life, so it’s easy to form a good team for my creative projects. I also love the weather and scenery here.”

With a love of music, and an array of musical influences, RaH states that he is influenced by “People who are not afraid to express their true feelings, even if it’s controversial to the general public.” Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Drake, Usher, Diddy, The Weekend, and Billy Joel have influenced the young singer, adding that he is influenced by “artists who perform at a super-high level, and take their artistry beyond the music; into short films, and amazing shows.” Michael Jackson, he reveals, is probably his biggest influence, from his music, to his dance, to his fashion, videos, and more.

RaH is also heavily into dance and choreography, having joined a hip hop dance group in college, and also learning and performing the Punjabi style of dance from India. RaH says that he plans to include some of his dance work in some of his future videos.

Now with nine solid tracks out, and three new music videos to his credit for "Fire," “Super Winner” and “Purple Tears,” RaH’s passion is quickly paying off, with an impressive and rapidly growing fan base. If having to label his music, RaH states that his “music is based in hip hop and R&B, but that it has a jazz, lounge, and pop feel to it, and wants to mix genres, not being stuck into any one style or genre.”

Recently returning back to L.A. from a visit to Miami to work on a new music video, RaH says he plans to release a new 10 song album later this month, which he says will be an R&B album, with a Christmas song. RaH encourages other singers and musicians, and reported earlier on NewsBlaze, “Don’t give up! Continuously perfect your craft by fixing your weak points. Summing up his life philosophy, RaH states, "Believe in yourself more than anyone else, and know inside that one-hundred-percent for sure, you will reach your goals! This works for me!" RaH says.

Follow RaH on his Official Instagram here below:

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Rah TwoFive: Super Winner, Official Video

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