Global Peace- This is a New Time for More Elite Ways.

Stay Plugged in with the Actress/Pop Star of Global Peace

I've been told "Fantasy!" my whole life…but look where we are now.”


LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, February 10, 2019 / — Primadonna with Primadonna Global Mission//Entertainment (PGM//E) has something to say to the world.  She says, “ It's a gentle push upon her right now” The rising motion picture actress and Trance/pop star understands there’s a “New sense in the air and it's very… well let's just say, peaceful!!" She feels it's time to inform you about where things are currently, as a society and globally speaking.  She states she has "Reached a point where she knows it's time to induce her work in motion pictures and with that comes Global Peace." 
Primadonna aka Lieu*Lieu Star suggests that crime- and by crime she means the "lack of",  should be the main focus right now. "No longer should there be murder, destruction or theft.  If it's truly a time of peace, which I think most of us should detect in the atmosphere, then all should contribute to ensure this peace.” She states, “If a criminal chooses to kill, steal or destroy in this time, the appropriate measures should take place. A life behind bars. It may just be the best thing for each criminal anyhow." Very determined, she finishes by saying she “Understands hearts need to be changed. That’s the underlying reason for crime.” For her detailed (no crime list) go see, to her Media page.   

Furthermore, yet on the same note regarding crime, she boldly speaks, "There should be no more murdering/butchering of animals (all animals, fish, foul, land and sea creatures/rodents/insects/etc…). These murders must stop!! Why? Because this is a time of Global Peace.” She realizes that people will see this as a mere dream but she states, “It’s a simple thing to do."  See here for extra wisdom keys.

More modern in nature at this point the actress speaks, “There should be a new system for our food. There needs to be an innovation  that the entire world can get fed with.  It should be rich with fortifying nutrients, that should last the whole day.  It should be a gift to the less fortunate."

The last viewpoint Primadonna gives has to do with the EU and who should rise to prominence there.  She said-  "Concerning the EU's place in this world and who should achieve prominence within their system, I feel it should be Alexis Tsipras from Greece. He has been the mark in getting Greece's debt to a suitable mark and in the most rapid fashion, he's helped Macedonia regain its rightful name status and possesses the gifts required for such a position as EU head.  These gifts pertain to economy, leadership, charisma, strictness, charm and an easy flow throughout performing his global duties." 

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Source: EIN Presswire