An Interview with Nicole Brandon, Talented Actress and Motivational Speaker

Nicole Brandon, Talented Actress and Motivational Speaker

Dame Nicole Brandon – Actress – Humanitarian – Author – Producer – World Class Athlete


Q: Thank you so much for speaking to us today, Nicole. So where were you born?
A: Atlantic City, New Jersey

Q: What was your early life like?
A: I had the most unusual childhood of anybody I know. The day I was born, my grandfather had had a heart attack in Philadelphia, so my parents raced from the Atlantic City hospital to the hospital in Philadelphia. My family thought that if my grandfather knew that he had a grandchild, he would live, and he did until I was 12, so I guess I saved a life my very first day. I was only about two hours old and I was already in rescue mode.

Q: How do you feel that unusual story relates to how your life operates today?
A: I believe that I was born to do this work, and that’s just the way my life will always operate. I was molded and etched to help humanity.

Q: So, you sense that you’ve always had an idea of what your “mission” is. What would you say that is?
A: I am here as a bridge between the physical and spiritual world. I have the uncanny ability to understand how to be unlimited in a physical body. So that’s why I’m an actress, a trapeze artist, a contortionist, and a martial arts master. I have a physical body that has no limitations whatsoever, and I understand how to be here in absolute freedom and unlimited power, and I want to use that to help people, all people how to live in their bodies and to be free. Free of uncomfortability, free of pain, free of sadness, free of heartache, free of fear, free of constrictions, barriers, walls or hurdles and to trust their body and to trust themselves to reach, and to have it all.

Q: You are in the process of writing another book, and is the book you are writing in any way related to this divine mission?
A: It is, absolutely, and it teaches people to love in a way that they’ve never understood how to love before, and how to live with that newfound freedom. A baby is born, and they instantly cry, but the first physical motion any of us make is to “reach.” If someone leans in, a baby will automatically grab their finger. It is a natural, instinct to “Reach” When we stop reaching, we become out of alignment.

Q: Modern life has provided many people lots of anxiety and obstacles. Why are so many people in this modern world so out of alignment?
A: They think that they have, to control everything, instead of living freely. When we travel and look outside ourselves, we have a front row seat and a window to the world. What a view. What a life changer when you have clarity and vision, hope and dreams and when you can see what is happening in the world. That’s why it’s so important to meditate. To learn to mediate within the stress, within your busy life. When you can meditate in Times Square or in traffic, on the bus, or train or plane or in the middle of a chaotic world or busy day, that’s the gift. Learning to center yourself will bring so much joy to your life. Most people don’t have problems. Most people’s problems are actually – other people’s problems. When you live from a place of a grander perspective, your entire life changes.


Nicole Brandon is one of the most sought after speakers worldwide. She is a member of the prestigious “Transformational Leadership Council” and a chosen carrier of the “World Peace Flame.” Known throughout the world as an “Ambassador of Kindness” Nicole holds prestigious positions on World Peace Councils across the globe. Her Global Outreach and Humanitarian work has launched her on stages and forums around the globe, including the White House, The United Nations, Global Governmental Forums, Constitution Committees and Embassy’s throughout the World.

Nicole was also a Key-Note Speaker at “The Olympics” sharing her mastery of Sportsmanship and The Unlimited Potential of the Human Body and she was an instrumental speaker at “The World Cup” She has captivated the stages in 26 countries and for Fortune 500 companies across the world, mesmerizing crowds from 500 to over 5,000 people. In Los Angeles, Nicole has been recognized as an “Angel” in the “City of Angels” and The California State Senate honored Nicole with an environmental award “For Making California a Better Place to Live."

Nicole shares her knowledge, gifts and talents across the globe. Her acting, producing, books, videos, shows, hosting and live appearances keep her busy and ever excited to meet new people and to bring new projects and new and riveting material to the world. She owns and operates Nicole Brandon Worldwide, The Hotel Workout, Unlimited Living, A.I.M for Excellence and “Artistry in Motion” which is, of course, the way she lives.

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