Small town musician goes viral with his new hit single “Family”

Patrick Nelson also known as Mute Davinci

Mute Davinci’

Patrick Nelson aka Mute Davinci

Patrick Nelson, known to most as Mute Davinci creates an international buzz from a small town in the state of Tennessee.

"There are three classes of people: those who see, those who see when they are shown, those who do not see."

— Leonardo Da Vinci

CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2019 / — Chattanooga Tennessee, United States: We are honored to release the artist Mute Davinci and his new hit single “Family”. This release that directly lined up with plans of some other major industry artists had us all wondering, just where did this young man come from? The answer is something that we had to find out by interviewing Mr. Patrick Nelson or “Mute Davinci” as he goes by on stage.
Over the years we have been in contact with the young man, Mute Davinci has definitely grown as an artist, we asked him what the first song he had ever made was. His reply was to email us an absolutely professional mixed and mastered track in which he said no one had ever heard but himself. Personally, with the lyrics in the song, the friend that was on it, and what had happened shortly after it was completed I could undoubtedly understand why. He mentioned that he may release the song one day but he could no longer listen to it at this time. At this point, I could most definitely tell that this kid here had something on his mind bothering him, and I do mean bothering him. He was almost something I would consider emotionless as he spoke on the track.
This artist had inspired me already at this point, I had to step up my professional face and take off my personal one. The amount of adaptation and pure adult in the man captured me from this point forward as well. He completely grabbed the previous energy he had right back and continued like there was absolutely nothing that could slow him down. This release is to showcase his new track “Family” though, featuring another Chattanooga artist, this artists name is Matt Movin’, a long time entity within the local music industry.
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The song “Family” shows a lot of inspiration being pulled from artists like Future, Lil Wayne, Lil Baby, and J Cole in my opinion. The part of the hook that was most striking to me was “spin a block cut up laughing we damaged.” When asked about this, Mr. Mute Davinci stated that he meant no matter what he did while in the mindset he was previously stuck in, as long as he had his friends to go home and “kick it” with everything they had ever done was otherwise irrelevant. This meant whatever was on his mind at that time was virtually avoided with his family around him.
Every song by Mute Davinci has an element of surprise to it, trust me, just listen to his lyrics closely and you will be surprised at the pure lyricism he has versus this current generation of artists. He doesn’t just entertain his audience, he also provokes an almost visual element with his lyrics that he said was like “ painting a vivid picture or decoding something insane” hence the Davinci I’m guessing. This helps the audience connect with the artist in an entirely different way and it somewhat reminds me of the way a jazz musician, or maybe an old rat pack type artist would convey their music.
Mute has an outstandingly unique approach with “Family” stating that the plan of this song was for him to come from a “grown but wild” way of thinking on the hook, coming from an almost teenage “hot boy” standpoint in his verse, and Matt comes in with a later, “more mature” verse throughout the whole situation. Even though this song was made for the streets and the struggle I feel as if almost anyone could relate.
Mute has been recognized already on multiple major news outlets. Outlets including Google News, Yahoo News, Bing News, Local news such as his hometowns’ very own WRCB, Telemundo, and many many more. You can check Mute Davinci out on all major digital platforms today. He stated that the video he uploaded got over 35,000 views with independent social media promotion, in-person promotion, and promotion through one of his “peoples’” connections. Hilariously, when I asked who these people were he decided to say “I’ ma have to Lil Baby on Vlad you with that one and say exactly.” He wanted to let everyone know that all support is greatly appreciated and he encouraged supporters to go follow him on Instagram. Also, he wanted to let Instagram users know that if they recorded a story post-playing any of his music and sent it to his direct messages that he would give them a shoutout to his over 70,000 followers. Anyone who specifically recorded using Instagrams’ music feature on their story posts would receive a little something extra too. I’m still not very sure what he meant by that statement, he seemed very enthusiastic to me though. I would like to personally thank Mr. Davinci for his time. I would also like to tell the viewers of this article that going to listen to the new song “Family” is most definitely a must. Mute Davinci is currently unsigned, and seriously, I cannot begin to grasp why. This kid took over Google, local news, international news, piqued my interest within 5 minutes of conversation, and did all of this on his own, from a town otherwise labeled a classic within the music industry. I hope all of you have a wonderful day, links to the music will be placed throughout this article and below.
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