Dennis Mclaughlin: A Life of Vision

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Dennis G. McLaughlin III Dallas, TX

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Many visionaries need to gain insight from those who have gone before them in order to gain an upper hand in the business world.

The passion for helping United States veterans is why Dennis McLaughlin was the number one pick for this article.”

— James O'Cpmmer

DALLAS, TX, US, June 25, 2019 / — Many visionaries need to gain insight from those who have gone before them in order to gain an upper hand in the business world. This business world can be tricky without the ability to listen to those who have succeeded along the journey. The bottom line is that most visionaries think they have it all figured out. This pushes the visionary to want to speak instead of taking the time to listen to the good counsel around them. It is critical to obtain different points of view so that the outcome of a plan is solid and take into account a larger worldview.

The visionary of the week is Dennis G. McLaughlin III. Over the past 20 years McLaughlin pioneered new technologies and continues to advance the public and private sectors via growth and acquisition. The emerging technology, in the natural gas industry, remains a primary focus area. However, the passion for helping United States veterans is what drove Radah Media Agency to select Mr. McLaughlin for this article.

The Dallas, Texas music recording company, American Ark Record Co, is one of the visionary companies of Mr. McLaughlin. Soon the release of the song titled “Twenty-Two” will be available for the masses. The song is performed by Danny Griego (top 10 country music billboard charts artist) and KP Fitz. The focus of the track is a passionate depiction of the struggles that some veterans with suicide. There are 20 million United States Armed Forces veterans, 1.3 million service members and 800,000 reservists as of September 2017. On average twenty-two United States veterans and active service members take their own lives everyday. The goal of the song is a call to action for the masses to stand together and start a conversation with those who have given some much for the United States. The selfless service of Mr. McLaughlin for this endeavor is not for financial gain because the proceeds are going back to the veterans who are struggling with suicide.

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Twenty Two – Danny Griego and KP Fitz (Official Music Video)

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