The sound of Love

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What is waiting

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Conceptual art you must see

When a girl tells her story, she is but only an idea”

— Eira Medero

GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN, July 1, 2019 / — Uncover the story of love.

The theorethical artist Eira Medero, is now on track to release a debut album and we can’t wait to see it.

In the great and epic tale of love, now is the time to see what it means to be sought in an ever changing tale.

With a modern take on beauty and a story many find to be the hard to imagine, miss Medero is now depicting the fame and ambiance of a seductive new way of lustful sound.

After living the life of a socialite in Shanghai, adoration found its way to a new concept.

“The love I came to sense and feel, was not only an emotion, it was the sound of reality. Sometimes dark, filled with envy, always crazy”

Calling for more, the idea of creating music for those who really like to listen, and more to it see, came after a night out with beckham and his crew.

“We poped up and called ourselves Angels of destruction”

Invited to play with the sphere, and pertain to interest of the more devious manner, the choice was clear.

“I was and ever will be the thing you want to expect”

Today the miss Medero, is known and considered for her allure and beauty. No one truly knows what she is up to, but is eager to know.

So the last question we all are wondering, where and how can we see her tell of this and when?
The answer is short and elegant, subtile and cute.

I know mine, do you know her?

Be part of funding the project and like us, uncover the intricacies of sound and allure.

Eira Medero
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Source: EIN Presswire