Popstar Aaron Paul – HIGH BAR NYC – Adam Sands PRESENTS ItsFASHIONdahlings – Aug14th 2019 | Photography by Deez Filmz | APMusicENT 2019.

Popstar Aaron Paul, “TheImageGuru” Montgomery Frazier – HIGH BAR NYC – Adam Sands PRESENTS ItsFASHIONdahlings – Aug14th 2019 | Photography by Dave Warren Images | APMusicENT 2019.

Luciana Pampalone, “TheImageGuru” Montgomery Frazier, George Wayne, Aaron Paul, Marsin Mogielski & Walter Greene shine on Red Carpet at Three Olives Rose, Tiki Disco Event – Aug15th 2019 | Photography by Dave Warren Images | APMusicENT 2019.

Jean Shafiroff At Social Life Magazine Cover Launch Party at RJD Gallery in Bridgehampton, NY | Photo by Dave Warren Images | APMusicENT 2019.

Popstar Aaron Paul & Visual Artist Luciana Pampalone Attend Social Life Magazine Cover Launch Party at RJD Gallery in Bridgehampton, NY | Photo by Dave Warren Images | APMusicENT 2019.

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 19, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Aaron Paul, former front-man and Lead Singer of the Top 10, chart-topping British boy-band, "Worlds Apart," an Arista Records/Simon Cowell discovery, has continued to spread his colorful fabulous fun personality around the country as a solo artist, now simply known as Aaron Paul, and has released his new music video for his latest single, "FASHION" #itsFASHIONdahlings at a public screening, hosted by NYC premier promoter Adam Sands on Aug 14th, 2019 at High Bar, New York, New York.

With a new album (DANCE) in the wings, and armed with a fierce duet collaboration with legendary MTV Fashion Director, Montgomery Frazier "The Image Guru" @sohomuse, to collaborate on a new song he wrote, "FASHION" #itsFASHIONdahlings. From there, the two produced a guerilla/docu-style music video, directed by emerging NYC videographer/director Bryan Griffin, and edited by renown film editor Eddie Nichols.

Frazier, "The Image Guru," added his voice, fashion/pop culture expertise/access and oratorical prowess to Aaron's song. Frazier became Co-Creative Director/Producer on this project. His vocal raps injected such NY iconic social/pop-culture arbiters/luminaries such as George Wayne, Michael Musto (VillageVoice/W) to the roster of many other NYC pop icons, celebrities and "tastemakers," like Vogue Empress Anna Wintour, with homages to heiress/fashion icon-global DJ and entrepreneur Paris Hilton, and other references to fashion model Karli Kloss, designer Cristian Siriano from the rebooted "Project Runway" and "Pose's" Prince of Poseurs, Billy Porter.

The fashion pair screened their exciting new music video fueled with enough fashion and music to titillate and satisfy every taste bud in the packed house. Attended by an high energy crowd and many of NYC social scene and nightlife. All gathered at this hip Manhattan rooftop soiree to watch this very anticipated and much talked about video release. Dressed in his British flag countrymen ensemble, with red tartan pattern pants, shin-high laced Dr. Martins boots, with British flag toe tips. A man and rock star true to his UK roots Aaron continued his flamboyant persona, and own unique style, and finished his look by adding a black net mini tutu over his waist, which certainly was a crowd delight and a topic of conversation that fed fashion-conscious guests, which included fashionista's Pamela Morgan, Deborah Twiss, Ben Mindich, Walter Greene, Lisa Holte, Carmon ColanBronxink, Jannie Wolfe, Shelly Bromfeild, Avadora Mimouni, Ivonne Camacho, Ebby Antigua and actor Andres James Bleidner.

The intimate meet and greet party lived up to its Adam Sands PRESENTS #itsFASHIONdahlings promoted expectation. All the attending dahlings celebrated and posed for photos with the music and fashion stars of the night, as nyc celebrity photographers, Dave Warren, Rob Klein and Derrick Richard Holmes (Deez Filmz) snapped away with their focused lenses.

July 17, 2019 – The next stop on Aaron's #itsFASHIONdahlings tour schedule, was just a hop, skip and a jump away from Manhattan. On the lavish Roosevelt island, Who knew? Held on top of the brand new Tata Innovation Center at Cornell Tech rooftop was the magnificent private exclusive Disco Tikki event hosted by the Three Olives Rose drinks company. Lit up by neon pink lights, this event brought out many of NYC social butterfly's. With guests such as George Wayne, Contributor @VanityFair, longtime fashion writer Walter Greene, Visual Artist Photographer, and Downtown darling Luciana Pampalone, and Hampton's Access TV show host and magazine editor, the very dashing Marsin Mogielski. Again dressed to thrill, Aaron Paul in a black chic fishnet ensemble, with a black feathered vest, complete with a black fedora. Joining him again this night was the always very stylish Montgomery Frazier in an army green loose body jumpsuit, cropped short to his knees and completed with an urban hip fitted cap. There is a reason why he is "TheImageGuru". Both executed the rooftop with complete ease and charisma, as they posed for photo selfe's with guests, while chanting "#itsFASHIONdahlings" for their new music release social media campaign.

Aug 17th 2019 BridgeHampton NY – The Hampton's, New York is no stranger to attracting the who's who of NYC social scene and beyond, every weekend. And the new kid on the block, pop singer Aaron Paul was no exception. Dressed in bright pink flared pants, a leopard print jacket, pink sequinned pointed toe cowboy boots and all topped with a wide brimmed multi-striped straw pink and white hat. His fashion glam rock star look was just the perfect choice to mingle at a Hampton's summer reception. Attending the Social Life Magazine cover launch party for Jean Shafiroff at RJD Gallery in Bridgehampton. Surrounded by beautiful art, the always ever so graceful, elegant American, author, socialite and philanthropist Jean Shafiroff, held court at the exquisite gallery, as guests sipped on refreshing summer cocktails and nibbled on mini tasty bites. Guest included Marsin Mogielsk, Luciana Pampalone, Dave Warren, Congnac, Alie Mitchell, Missy Hargraves, Scarlett Magda, Ruth Miller, Maria Fishel, Alex Lerner, Maggie Del, and many more.

Both as colorful and stylish as each other, both shined so bright in a room full of fabulous faces, Aaron Paul and Jean Shafiroff bonded over fashion and their mutual friend Montgomery Frazier "The Image Guru" and their recent music video release. During their bonded chatter, they compared shoes while both posed and beamed for the cameras. Aaron Paul was all smiles and went home with a signed personalized autograph by Jean Scafinoff on her beautiful shelf cover copy of Social Life Magazine. Now That's #FASHIONdahlings.

All that fashion rolled into one weeks work. Aaron Paul and 'TheImageGuru" Montgomery Frazier #itsFASHIONdahlings campaign and tour schedule continues with various upcoming TV performances and many more events too attend, including NYFW, that is all so close this September 2019. You can watch their exclusive new music video FASHION #itsFASHION available now on YouTube (See YouTube link below).

FASHION #itsFASHIONdahlings – Music Video YouTube Link

Other collaborators for their music video include New York fine art/photographer Luciana Pamapalone and celebrity pop-culture photographer David Warren and photographer Richard Derrick Sticks Holmes. Also included were urban tailored Voguers Gage, Lestat, and DejaVu, as well as hot, John Wick III-featured actor and model Gio Delavicci.

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