The Herron Brothers to release new EP, "The next Ones, on Oct 25th

PIcture of the EP cover

EP Artwork

A picture of the brothers looking at flying puppets

A picture of the brothers looking at flying puppets

DERBY, DERBYSHIRE, UK, October 15, 2019 / — “That’s the next best thing I’ve ever heard” – Brenda Herron

Northumbrian siblings The Herron Brothers return with their first and only release for 2019, “The Next Ones”.

Following on from their debut album, 2018’s “The Last Ones Left”, and this summer’s 22 date UK tour, the EP develops upon the themes and styles of its predecessor.

“It's been a year since we put our first album out, but these songs feel like they could have been on it” says Paul, “each song, in its own weird way deals with hope for the future, not giving in”.
“But” interjects Steven, “we’ve somehow taken the same amount of time on four songs as we did on 12, which should mean, if my maths is right, that these songs are THREE TIMES the quality of the last lot.”

The current batch and accompanying videos are the culmination of a new 100% DIY approach, necessitated by an ever developing range of industry related skills, coupled with “unbelievable levels of skintness” that have resulted in “enforced self sustainability”. (“Very on-trend”, Paul mutters, tongue in cheek, as he types this press release)

“We’ve borrowed great studio mics and guitars from friends, built our own vocal booth in the flat we share, basically recorded mixed and mastered everything here” Steven explains.

“Visitors wonder why our living room wall is ‘Elf Green’, and it’s to shoot videos against, with a swish camera that will have to be sold pretty soon if we don’t start making some money” semi jokes Paul.

When asked if they’d like to repeat this completely homegrown approach for their next project the brothers reply in unison with a heartfelt, resounding, “NO”.

Having now completed their UK tour, Paul and Steven are looking forward to all the admin involved with promoting an independent release “like King Kong looked forward to each bullet whilst hanging off the Empire State Building”.

The lads have a strange encounter with some flying puppets in a clip from the forthcoming video for “Bent Umbrella”.

Praise for ‘The Last Ones Left’

“Groovy and uplifting” – ITSEZBREEZY
“Instantly catchy and imbued with a quintessential British charm” – Photogroupie
“There is not a weak song on this album” – LAmusicCritic
“Really good songwriting, great upbeat pop” – Getintothis
“Quirky ‘n’ clever stuff” – FabricationsHQ
“Charming, catchy, folky, poppy anthems” – Rocking Magpie


Watch a clip from The Herron Brothers summer 2019 York acoustic show here


Watch the video for Michael Palin here
Watch the video for Stuck In The Sun here
Watch the video for Don’t Let You Down here



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Michael Palin by The Herron Brothers

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