Papa's Select, Big Sur Extracts Offer Solution To Vaping Crises At WEEDCon

Robby Krieger at WEEDCon West cannabis expo June 2019

Robby Krieger at WEEDCon West cannabis expo

Papa's Select cannabis concentrate alternative to vaping crisesextracts

Papa’s Select cannabis concentrates at WEEDCon

Vaping alternative with Big Sur Extracts cannabis concentrate at WEEDCon

Big Sur Extracts cannabis concentrate alternating to vaping

Doors Guitarist Robby Krieger to Play WEEDCon B2B expo with Special Guests

HOLLYWOOD, CA, USA, November 5, 2019 / — WPI – With the cannabis industry growing at 30-50% annually, the current vaping crises is threatening to tarnish an otherwise bright future for cannabis. The vaping crisis, still a mystery, has coincided with the rise of illegal vapes with vitamin E and other additives, vape flavorings, tobacco products and cheap foreign manufacturing. With the goal of smoking less and ingesting a stronger quantity more quickly, smoking a cannabis extract is like doing a shot instead of drinking a beer. Just like with alcohol, there are several types of cannabis extracts.

For those who wish to enjoy concentrates, without vaping, we have extracts made with solvents and extracts made without solvents, or concentrates. On the extracts side, Big Sur Extracts makes an extract called “Sun Drops” with a honey like texture and a delightful taste. Kaizen makes Mandarin Cookies (which was so pure it looked like a 1 carat diamond) and Forbidden Bunnies (pure THC crystals) both live resin extracts measuring 81% THC that are extremely pure and potent.

On the concentrate side (solventless extracts with no residual solvents), Papa’s Select makes a multi-award winning concentrate called Papaya Live Rosin which is a concentrate from fresh frozen cannabis flowers. Papa’s Select also makes an ice water hash called Peanut Butter Breath that is also made without the use of solvents and is a must try in the concentrate realm.

Competitions like the WEEDCon Cup are the reference point for the discerning consumer looking for insight as to which of the myriad of products to try. WEEDCon Wonderland and the WEEDCon Buyers Cup is judged by professionals in the cannabis industry and is considered the standard for cannabis cups.

The next WEEDCon will take place in Hollywood, CA in January and guests will enjoy music with The Doors Guitarist, Robby Krieger, 80 exhibitors with specialty areas including Farmers Market, a Dab Networking Area, A Taste of Cannabis, a Health and Wellness Area and the WEEDCon Buyers Cup awards with celebrity judge David Crosby. WEEDCon exhibitors and guests are also raising 1,000 toys and gifts for orphans, foster and homeless children this holiday season at

Exhibitors at WEEDCon will include Greenstone Distribution, Nabis, Genius Products, Palomar Craft Cannabis, Honey Dew Farms, Sol Spirit Farm, Cali Life Cannabis, Hush, Lola Lola, Top Shelf Cannabis, Greenshock Farms, Big Sur Extracts, Beezle Brands, Papa & Barkley, Sunderstorm, You Dreamt, California Dreamin’, Kushy Punch, ILO Vapor, Nuvata, Toast, Chef Matt, Sensi Magazine, Edibles List, The Packaging Company, New World Packaging, Bud Boys CBD, The Good Stuff Tonics and Sun Brand.

WEEDCon Wonderland event in Los Angeles offers education speakers and product demonstrations. Consumers can learn about and try legal products to help alleviate a multitude of ailments affecting the human condition. Visit

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