LoRene', Recording Artist and Co-Author of Stardom Dreamer Releases New Instrumental Single Titled, Gratifying Grace

LoRene’ Gratifying Grace Single

Recording Artist and Author, LoRene'releases new instrumental song "Gratifying Grace"

It feels good to release another track after all that has gone on the last few years. This song is a thank you song to God for getting me through it all”

— Lo Rene'

NASHVILLE , TN, USA, February 24, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Recording Artist LoRene' co-author of "Music Business It's All About Music Right?", "Stardom Dreamers", and "Snatch Your Dreams" releases new instrumental song titled, "Gratifying Grace"; stores are currently adding the track to their inventory. It was officially digitally released February 6. While the CDs are being manufactured Lo-rene' fans can listen to a sample of her music and purchase online via many online venues such as Cdbaby, Spotify and so forth.

The song was written to God as a thank you for seeing her through some real tough years. "I titled the song "Gratifying Grace" because it is by the grace of God I am still alive after suffering with some serious medical setbacks. I wanted to thank God for finding me the help I needed" Lo Rene' said. Lo-rene' suffered from a rare disorder, subglottic stenosis, that causes the airways to close. After surgery the doctors have opened the airways to above normal and it has opened up the world again for her. " The hardest part is over, about 6 years ago I had the first surgery and have been fine since with some maintenance procedures. I have no problem with my breathing anymore. It was the scariest thing I had ever gone through, to not be able to breathe, but God got me through and so that is why I promised that my first comeback song would honor him. At first, I was misdiagnosed as having asthma and I knew it was something else because asthma medication made it worse. I encourage every one that has asthma to get checked for subglottic stenosis. Getting checked saved my life and if I can raise awareness to the disorder and let others know there is help for it, then that is one way how I can give back to God for helping me." -LoRene.

Lo-rene' music and books can be brought worldwide through Ingram distribution and other outlets.

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