New Yokr City's Rafi Barides is changing the music approach

You don't need a musical instrument to make music. That's the idea driving the work of New York City musician and producer Rafi Barides.

my ultimate goals is to ditch all the reins on creativity. I spent so long making what I thought everyone wanted to hear, and as soon as I let go things started to pick up for mr.”

— Rafi Barides

BROOKLYN, NY, UNITED STATES, February 24, 2020 / — A young and talented artist, able to blend noises into a complex musical piece, Rafi has already released four albums and three singles over the course of just two years.

Pushing the boundaries of music and pulling out notes and rhythms from everyday objects, from books to coffee jars, the music produced by Rafi Barides cannot be defined according to our usual stereotyped definitions.

Acoustic guitars blend in with spoons, piano arpeggios meet the flimsy sound of pages turning, and synths join the claps of hands. A strange combination of sounds and rhythms that result in some uniform, pretty solid work.

To accompany these bold musical choices, Rafi produces peculiar videos, often shot in unusual places, such as libraries.
Showing his skills as a musician able to play any random object around him, Barides has found a winning formula on the web. With thousands of followers on Instagram, commenting on his well-produced videos and tracks, he is on the path of becoming a social media star.

Success, however, didn't occur without struggle. The young artist had to face quite a harsh time in his severe private religious high school, where his creativity was often discouraged and misunderstood. To beat the depression and the anxiety deriving from this pressure, Rafi found comfort in creating. He started releasing music straight away, taking care of all the many aspects behind his production.

The result is some refreshing, innovative music. We can't wait to hear more from Rafi Barides and his strange musical instruments.

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