Sound Designer Hollan Holmes Makes His Spotted Peccary Music Debut with Energetic Synth-based Soundscapes on MILESTONES

Milestones album cover

Hollan Holmes makes his Spotted Peccary label debut with Milestones, his seventh album of dynamic sequencer-driven synthesizer explorations.

 A photograph of sound designer and ambient electronic musician Hollan Holmes releases Milestones, his Spotted Peccary Music debut

Hollan Holmes releases Milestones, his Spotted Peccary Music debut.

Ambient Electronic Acoustic Music Label Spotted Peccary Music

Spotted Peccary Music of Portland, OR

Holmes transmits an engaging set of electronic compositions influenced in part by the Berlin School of synthesizer music, and traditional space music.

My love for the natural world around me, especially the Desert Southwest, is my greatest inspiration. The world of astronomy is also of great interest to me, it fuels my dreams and musical fantasies.”

— Hollan Holmes

PORTLAND, OR, USA, February 21, 2020 / — Acclaimed electronic musician Hollan Holmes makes his Spotted Peccary label debut with Milestones, his seventh album of dynamic sequencer-driven synthesizer explorations. Celebrating significant moments along the arc of time, Milestones is an energetic and passionate album that delivers a fresh and flawless take on the timeless art of synth-based soundscapes. Available worldwide at on February 21, 2020 from Spotted Peccary Music in multiple formats.

In an early review about the album, music journalist Robin James said that Holmes’ “hypnotic rhythms and extensive use of the sound-design capabilities of his instruments–with repeated pitch, filter or effects changes–create genuine spacescapes. Holmes is creating or discovering music using different tone qualities that breaks free from existing ideas.”

On Milestones, Holmes transmits an engaging set of ten impassioned electronic compositions influenced in part by the Berlin school of synthesizer music and traditional space music. Interweaving strains of melody and counterpoint slip gracefully through an intricate network of kinetic rhythms, pulsing tones and spiraling musical spaces on a mind-expanding journey from one spellbinding sonic landmark to the next. Shimmering and floating, dynamic patterns of sequencer-spun urgency eventually give way to lush atmospheres and glowing textures before taking one more giant leap into the next compelling sound immersion. The album liner notes reveal the use of Propellerhead Reason 9 and 10, and Presonus Studio One IV, as well as notes on additional gear details.

Holmes shares some of his vision for creating Milestones: “My love for the natural world around me, especially that of the Desert Southwest is my greatest inspiration. The world of astronomy is also of great interest to me and it fuels my dreams and musical fantasies.”

Holmes has already gained a reputation as a serious fine artist and graphic designer, skills that allow him to be instrumental in the visual design of his albums, in this case, working in conjunction with the label’s graphic design guru, Daniel Pipitone. Holmes says that his personal careers — graphic design and creating software synthesizer (soft synth) music — complement one another, energy from one feeding energy for the other. Self-taught in both disciplines, Holmes says the act of sharing his creations with the world brings him great joy, driving him toward new works.

Milestones was mastered by Howard Givens at Spotted Peccary Music NW, with additional mastering by Chad Kettering at Soniclayers Music. It is available for physical purchase in CD format and in 24-BIT AUDIOPHILE, CD QUALITY LOSSLESS, MP3 and streaming formats. The CD version of Milestones is in a factory sealed 6-panel gatefold package that includes all artwork, liner notes, and a 4-page booklet. Photography and digital editing by Hollan Holmes, design by Daniel Pipitone. See the unboxing video or enjoy the Facebook Experience here:

Please contact Beth Ann Hilton at Spotted Peccary Music with any media requests; via e-mail to

1 Transmitter 05:00
2 One Giant Leap 05:17
3 The Truth Laid Bare 05:44
4 Slipstream 07:02
5 West Texas Backroads 07:05
6 Bulletproof 06:21
7 Inner Sanctum 07:12
8 The Phone Call 07:10
9 Something Wicked This Way Comes 06:49
10 Ayyappan 07:19

About Hollan Holmes:
Born into a family of music lovers, Hollan Holmes grew up immersed in a wide variety of music from the ’60s and ’70s, and the family piano served to further feed his youthful thirst for the creative process of making and playing music. As a young adult, Holmes was fascinated by the wonder of synthesizers, and in the early ’80s his discovery of Jean Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream would forever inspire and inform his musical direction. When he wasn't playing pop music in various local cover bands, he experimented with his first synthesizer, a Moog Prodigy, creating his own compositions and exploring the limitless freedom of electronic music. Over the years that followed, Holmes' serious effort and careful introspection has resulted in seven albums of pure and inspired soundscapes. Always driven to create the music that resonates emotionally with the listener, Hollan Holmes has successfully added his unique voice to the traditional sound of the craft.

About Spotted Peccary Music:
Portland-based Spotted Peccary Music is North America’s finest independent record label with a focus on deep, vast and introspective soundscapes. For over three decades, the artists of Spotted Peccary have been on a mission to develop, produce, publish and release ultra-high-quality, deep-listening experiences that engage the listener and exceed expectations. Every release is carefully prepared in a variety of high quality formats from MP3 to high-res studio masters. Explore more than 160 titles and 45 artists at and

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Artist website:

Beth Hilton
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CD “unboxing” for Milestones by Hollan Holmes, releasing February 21, 2020, on Spotted Peccary Music.

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Hot Trends: Bob Baldwin's Newest Contemporary Jazz CD "Henna" Lands Among The Billboard Jazz Charts for His 14th Time

The 31st disc from Pianist/Composer Baldwin showacases his depth for harmony and arranging chops

The 31st disc from Pianist/Composer Baldwin showacases his depth for harmony and arranging chops

Bob Baldwin covered the Beatles on his 2018 release "Abbey Road and the Beatles".

Bob Baldwin covered the Beatles on his 2018 release “Abbey Road and the Beatles”.

Baldwin's disc #31 tributes the late George Duke & Joe Sample while maintaining his own soulful signature, a must-have disc for Contemporary Jazz fans.

Your actions speak so loudly, I can not hear what you are saying.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

ATLANTA, GA, USA, February 21, 2020 / — Pianist-Arranger Bob Baldwin's 31st release is a model of musical and sonic consistency, one that his loyal fan-base truly appreciates. "Henna" has a plethora of seasoned musicians from the smooth and contemporary jazz world, including Marion Meadows (sax), Tom Browne (trumpet), Ragan Whiteside (flute), Lori Williams (vocals), Nils (guitar), U-Nam (guitars), Walter Beasley (sax), Springsteen sideman Barry Danielian (trumpet), Brooke Alford (violin) and more. His business acumen is as progressive today as the late Ray Charles in his 1960's heyday as highlighted in the movie, "Ray". Some have even referred to the Grammy-nominated artist as the 'Ray Charles of Contemporary Jazz.'

"'Henna' is a organic project with lots of live sessions captured over the last few months, recorded in Atlanta, GA and New York City, where I spend a lot of my time," says the native Mt. Vernonite (NY).

MIDIman journeyman Baldwin began merging technology with music back in 1982 when engineer Wayne Warnecke, a friend of keyboard legend Bob James, gave him an IBM program by Roger Powell named Texture. That software helped to introduce a new musical technology process called MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface). He met James later that year at Minot Studios in White Plains, NY. "It was there where I saw people like Kirk Whalum working out tracks for his debut disc, or Rufus Thomas' daughter Vaneese, writing tracks for Freddie Jackson, or drum legends Lenny White and Omar Hakim laying down drum tracks with then-newbie Marcus Miller, and David Sanborn dropping his legendary sound on the latest Harrison Console. It was one of the most frequented studios nestled 30 miles North of the big apple. I wanted to be on the front-end of the technology and in the end, it paid off because it made it easy to document a solid and consistent musical journey."

The use of various Yamaha acoustic pianos as well as other Yamaha keyboards (his go-to electronic keyboard company) has been the core sound of his recordings from day one".

"Minot was a huge hotbed for well-established jazz and rhythm & blues cats who would hang out often, and I would sit back and watch the process unravel and let it all soak in," says Baldwin. The experiences with MIDI would help to lock him into a career that now spans five decades. His first project, "A Long Way To Go," was a MIDI production overload of keyboard and drum grooves, a moment in time Baldwin refers to as 'MIDI on steroids'. "I used as many keyboards I could find and filled every space with a note, bell and/or whistle. Those were fun times," says BB.

"A Long Way To Go" (Malaco Jazz) caught the ear of then-judge Roberta Flack at the Sony Innovators Award program in 1988. He was selected over the Detroit all-female band Straight Ahead, whose members included Althea Rene (flute) and award-winning violinist Regina Carter. "Looking back, I consider myself fortunate in squeaking my way to victory with the Sony program", says the Sony Innovator. Both Straight Ahead and Baldwin later inked deals with Atlantic Jazz, signed by Record Executive Sylvia Rhone. In 1990, his debut solo project, "Rejoice" was a continuum of his funky MIDIfied ways, featuring the aforementioned White, who fancied himself (anonymously) on the drum machine, the aforementioned Thomas and Browne, as well as Atlantic Starr members Porter Carroll, Jr. and Sharon Bryant.

More than a dozen record deals later, switching frequently due to label bankruptcies, closed businesses and his own firing of a half dozen labels due to what he identifies as "multiple label contract breaches, horrendously inaccurate royalty statement reports that never benefits the artist,", he now showcases almost all of his 31 recordings on the Orchard, a Sony Digital Music Distributor.

"Having independence from record labels is a big deal for me", says the 7-time SESAC music award winner. "Not having to sell off my music, or sell my soul for a check allows me to sleep real good at night. I may not have the zillions many other artists have, but as my dad would say, 'A slow quarter is better than a fast dollar anytime'. In the end, flaming out is not an option. I'll take the marathon route anytime. I sleep well."

"Henna" is gaining traction nationwide, and streaming comfortably on all platforms.

Upcoming shows:
Apr. 04 (Chicago) with Marion Meadows @ Smooth Chicago
May 22 (Annapolis) with Lori Williams @ Rams Head
May 24 (Washington, DC) @ Blues Alley
Aug. 14 (Atlanta, GA) @ Callanwolde Jazz on the Lawn

All Dates found at

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Bob Baldwin Channel

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THE FOLSOM PROJECT Releases Their Debut Cinematic Concept Album THE WOLF & THE SKULL

The Folsom Project - The Wolf & The Skull Cover

The Folsom Project – The Wolf & The Skull

Wolf's Skull Records Logo

Wolf’s Skull Records

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, February 20, 2020 / — From the mind of composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Romsam Malpica, a new way of presenting cinematic atmospheres through an audiovisual experience has been born under his moniker THE FOLSOM PROJECT. A mix of Orchestral Rock, Trap, and Trip-hop, THE FOLSOM PROJECT draws inspiration from Romsam’s experience with film scoring and dark sound design, which he explores on his debut cinematic concept album THE WOLF & THE SKULL, releasing online February 21 everywhere music is streamed and sold, followed by an official CD release on March 13, 2020.

THE FOLSOM PROJECT was conceived in 2015 while Romsam was studying music production for a year at Pyramind in downtown San Francisco, CA. Originally from Jalisco, Mexico, Romsam was inspired by his new surroundings, and he took the name of the street where his SF Music Academy was located for THE FOLSOM PROJECT.

It was here that Romsam Malpica began to develop the concept of an “audible action thriller.” The resulting debut album THE WOLF & THE SKULL is a soundtrack to the story he tells of a sick and troubled doctor in charge of a biochemical lab in the middle of the woods. The doctor works on the mysterious Folsom Project, which hides a dark truth. The story is told through the eyes of “The Wolf,” an animalistic creature that awakens in the woods with no memory and a thirst for vengeance, and explores The Wolf’s journey to unravel the truth about his past and stop the doctor at all costs.

The first single to introduce the album’s concept was “Dr. Schmidth,” which was released digitally in the summer of 2019 and is, as Romsam calls it, “the villain’s ballad.” Following that release was “Iceland,” the next single that explores a conversation between the secondary characters Ali and Bob, aka The Skull. Ali is in her mid-twenties and was abducted by the Project, while The Skull is a biogenetic scientist and the doctor’s partner.

These first two singles culminated with the digital release of The Wolf & The Woods EP, which featured the first five songs off the new full-length album. Romsam also designed visual elements across all the artwork and videos for the project to help establish the main color and tone of the album’s story, set amongst the dark imagery of the woods and featuring characters like The Wolf, The Lady in White, or The Skull with his mysterious yet unknown intentions.

Get a taste of the cinematic audiovisual experience provided by THE FOLSOM PROJECT and the new debut album THE WOLF & THE SKULL, releasing online February 21 everywhere music is streamed and sold, followed by an official CD release on March 13, 2020.

To order THE WOLF & THE SKULL on digital services please visit:

To order THE WOLF & THE SKULL on Bandcamp please visit:

For more information about THE FOLSOM PROJECT please visit:

For Press and Interview inquiries please contact Billy James of Glass Onyon PR: (828) 350-8158 or

For Digital Marketing please contact Jerome Forney of Independent Distribution Collective:

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HIP Video Promo presents: L.A. Bliss releases refreshing new "Stranger Love" music video on

L.A. Bliss

L.A. Bliss – Stranger Love

It’s not always easy, but putting your own worth first means finding the people who truly value you.

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, February 20, 2020 / — Watch the L.A. Bliss "Stranger Love" music video on

To outsiders, Los Angeles promises a particular kind of bliss: sun, sand, action, long and fast drivers on the freeway, art and music, romance, the sheer intoxication of hedonism, and abandon. Those who love L.A. are drawn to those blissful encounters. Yet everybody who really knows Southern California recognizes that there’s a dark side to each pleasure, and shadows in the brightest valleys. Lisa Chambliss – the pop singer-songwriter who records as L.A. Bliss – makes music that represents her adopted and beloved city in full. It’s immediate, delirious, and glamorous, but it contains dangerous undercurrents too. The thrill of going too fast, the pain of being loved more by a stranger than your own family, the danger of believing too fully: it’s all there.

Take “Stranger Love,” her latest single, and the title track to the project of the same name. With its rapid-fire chorus, its thunderous beat, its instantly memorable melody, and its honeyed support vocals, the track feels like a sonic manifestation of California sunshine. But it’s also a statement of autonomy and self-affirmation from a singer finding her way in the world and taking control of her life, as she learns to stop attracting the unhealthy relationships that feel familiar, and learns to attract healthier people. It’s not always easy, but putting your own worth first means finding the people who truly value you.

L.A. Bliss’s discography is full of tales of assertiveness in the face of obstacles, journeys, searches for self. In a way, she’s telling her own story. As a girl, like so many other small-town aspirants, she dreamed of making Los Angeles her home and the entertainment industry her destiny. She’s struggled, she’s persevered, and now she’s here. The Stranger Love EP will reflect her new relationships and her journey to be where she is today.

Video director Tinks Lovelace is another young woman with big ambitions and the talent to realize them. She’s part of a new generation of independent female filmmakers in Los Angeles who are determined to tell women’s stories without the mediating influence of male editors. In other words, she’s a perfect match for L.A. Bliss, who has also made her own way. Lovelace’s clip for “Stranger Love” video is a portrait of the pop singer in full summertime bloom: sunglasses on, wind in her hair, cruising the California coast in a white Volkswagen convertible. Yet she’s also quite literally ridding herself of baggage from past relationships – she carries a suitcase of mementos, letters, and photographs, and she’s ready to set them ablaze under the Malibu sun.

More L.A. Bliss online
More L.A. Bliss at HIP Video Promo

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The Best of New York Fashion Week February 2020

Malena Belafonte, Founder and Director of The Journey Fashion Festival during NYFW

Malena Belafonte in Dress by Richard Petit, Photo by Dennis Madigan. The Journey Fashion Festival

New York Fashion Week, The Journey Fashion Festival

Henry Picado Men’s, The Journey Fashion Festival NYFW, Photo by Keith Rogers

New York Fashion Week, The Journey Fashion Festival

E-Pluribus by Muriel Stockdale Grabe, The Journey Fashion Festival @NYFW, Photo by Dennis Madigan

The Journey Fashion Festival directed by Malena Belafonte put on a show that left a wake of glamour, awe, excitement and took top honors as a show production.

I loved it! This was beyond a fashion show. It was an extravaganza, on point, flawless! Non stop excitement and talent. This is how a show should be produced!”

— Alvaro – artist and painter

NEW YORK, NY, USA, February 20, 2020 / — New York Fashion Week is over and though it has been all over the place after the CFDA shortened the week from 7 days to 5 days in order to tighten up the attendance of international buyers and press, it seemed to have done the opposite. Independent show producers and many designers chose to circumnavigate the traditional ways of “The Shows” and looked for other ways to impress the seemingly unimpressionable.

The Journey Fashion Festival founded and directed by Malena Belafonte has long been ahead of the times with creative alternatives. Most recently the Vogue emerging designer awards seemed to have been extremely inspired by many of The Journey Fashion Festival’s fashion & performance elements from Ball Room dancers to STOMP. Malena Belafonte put on yet another impressive show that put focus on what it is all about, fashion and talent. In a spectacular venue, 60 Tenth Avenue, with models jumping out of up-lit bridge pillars that held up the actual Highline, in a top to bottom window lined block for all to see, designers showed their collections in a fashion extravaganza that included performers of all kinds. The Journey is not like any other show – always making a point and standing out with the mission to be exclusively inclusive – and this was truly a show of inclusion.

E-Pluribus asked the question, Where are YOU from? during a show that included all ages and inspired everyone to think about their roots while reminding us that before “Living in America” we all came from somewhere. Muriel Stockdale, the artist who created US flags inspired by every country and culture in the world, collaborated with Pink Pirate Agency and debuted a fashion collection that was awe inspiring while launching her web store Donald Earley, a fine artist, held a gallery exhibition that went hand in hand with fashion, inclusiveness and diversity. Sponsored by VCU ARTS Qatar, Earley, a former FIT graduate and New Yorker of African American decent, and now a resident of Qatar brought with him the essence of what The Journey is all about, fashion, inclusiveness, arts, diversity, spectacle, wonder, and heart.

Yeroc by Corey Woods, the King of Spectacles alias glasses collaborated with Kromagnon, and showed a masterpiece of a sun glass collection combined with Men’s and Women’s sustainable fashions. A highlight was when Joshua Ihila, a striking male model came out wearing shorts showing off his prosthetic leg, reminding everyone to go for their dreams. Henry Picado showed two collections that outdid each other. Este & Chlo, his wearable couture collection opened the show up to applause and Henry Picado Men’s had the audience gasping when a handsome collection of men walked the massive runway, fiercely wearing skirts, crowns, and trains.

Minan Wong showed a colorful collection that left no detail untouched. A glimpse into her new direction that was quite impressive while still holding on to what has made her a house hold name; quality, sustainability, fit and clean lines. L’Antonio showed an upscale collection of resort wear that rivaled Jackie Kennedy Onassis’s wardrobe. With a sound track that enforced the coexistence of classy and sexy, L’Antonio left no doubt as to what needs to be in everyone’s closet. Pearl’s Daily took everyone by storm and did a burlesque performance that only those who were present dare to talk about. DewBeeJammin by Leslie Felisiano showed an uber cool Hip Hop collection worn all the right ways and then some, while hip hop dancers made the spacious runway their playground.

The full Journey included a Chihuahua carried as a bag, children doing a Tic-Toc dance, and the audience was wowed by Alvin Ailey dancer, Hannah Richardson who did two impressive performances and closed the show with a Ninja dance off with no other than designer Corey Woods. Hair and Make up was done by Team Marcelo Costa, sound system by Sennheiser, famed artist Alvaro showed artwork, FIT Design Entrepreneurs Collaborative was represented along with Team Alex Salem, Mercedes Club, Savanna and others. This was truly an exceptional Journey.

The Journey Fashion Festival is directed and produced by Malena Belafonte.
Co-produced by David Belafonte
Hair and Make up by Team Marcello Costa
PR by Pink Pirate Agency

Michelle Zemi
Pink Pirate Agency
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Prog Legends Gentle Giant To Release First 4 Albums On Vinyl April 3, 2020

Gentle Giant's First 4 Albums

Gentle Giant’s First 4 Albums

ASHEVILLE, NC, USA, February 19, 2020 / — Gentle Giant is happy to announce the release of the first 4 albums on vinyl April 3rd.

After the positive response to the box set “Unburied Treasure” many fans asked whether the vinyl albums would ever be available. The band has responded and decided to make these albums officially available for the first time in decades.

The band’s first album “Gentle Giant” was first released in October 1970. Produced by Tony Visconti it marks the 50th Anniversary of the recording and live appearances of the band. Tony Visconti produced the follow up album “Acquiring The Taste” in 1971.

The band oversaw the production of the third album “Three Friends” in 1972 and was the first official release in North America. Strangely the N.A. version featured the artwork from the U.K. “Gentle Giant” album.

This album was followed up with their milestone album “Octopus” in 1972. Once again the North American artwork was different to the Roger Dean U.K. version and featured a dye cut Octopus in a jar.

Released on the Alucard label, the albums will be manufactured in 180 gram vinyl with the original gatefold artwork from the U.K.

The band hopes that their friends, followers and fans will enjoy these albums in their original form 50 years later!

For more information:
Instagram: @gentlegiantband

Press inquiries (North America):

Billy James
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Pianist Saleem Ashkar Joins InterHarmony Festival in Italy & Germany

Saleem Ashkar, piano, Guy Braunstein, violin, and Misha Quint, cello, perform Shostakovich: Piano Trio No.2 and Brahms: Piano Trio No.3 at InterHarmony in July

Saleem Ashkar, piano, Guy Braunstein, violin, and Misha Quint, cello, perform Shostakovich: Piano Trio No.2 and Brahms: Piano Trio No.3 at InterHarmony in July

Nikolaj Szeps-Znaider, violin, Misha Quint, cello, Saleem Ashkar, piano, to perform Brahms Trios at the Sulzbach-Rosenberg international Music Festival.

Nikolaj Szeps-Znaider, violin, Misha Quint, cello, Saleem Ashkar, piano, to perform Brahms Trios at the Sulzbach-Rosenberg international Music Festival.

Pianist Saleem Ashkar performs and gives piano masterclasses at InterHarmony Festival in July in Italy and August in Germany

Pianist Saleem Ashkar performs and gives piano masterclasses at InterHarmony Festival in July in Italy and August in Germany

After a tremendous performance with the InterHarmony Festival Orchestra last year, pianist SALEEM ASHKAR will join the InterHarmony International Music Festival

The Palestinian-Israeli musician [Saleem Ashkar] is a great poet on the grand piano.
His stream sounded clear and transparent, but not cool. His messiaen sensual and eruptive.”

— Marcus Stabler, Hamburg Abendblatt

DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA, USA, February 19, 2020 / — After a tremendous performance with the InterHarmony Festival Orchestra last year, pianist SALEEM ASHKAR will enter the chamber music scene during the InterHarmony International Music Festival in Session II in Italy and Session III in Sulzbach-Rosenberg, Bavaria, Germany. He will join Guy Braunstein (violin) and Misha Quint (cello) for Brahms and Shostakovich trios on July 23 in Acqui Terme, Piedmont, Italy. He will perform in an evening of Brahms Trios with Nikolaj Szeps-Znaider (violin) and Misha Quint (cello) on August 6. Ashkar will give a Piano Master Class in both sessions as a part Outstanding Masterclass Series at each festival.

Based in Berlin, the Israeli-Palestinian pianist has become one of the most in-demand soloists of our time. Saleem Ashkar performs regularly with such conductors as Zubin Mehta, Riccardo Chailly, Christoph Eschenbach, Riccardo Muti and Daniel Barenboim, and with many of the world’s leading orchestras, including the Vienna Philharmonic, the Staatskapelle Berlin, the Filarmonica della Scala, the Concertgebouw Amsterdam, the London Symphony Orchestra, the Leipziger Gewandhaus, the NDR Hamburg, the DSO and the Konzerthausorchester in Berlin.

Violinist GUY BRAUNSTEIN started performing as an international soloist and a chamber musician at a young age and was the youngest concertmaster of the Berlin Philharmonic. He has performed with the Israel Philharmonic, Tonhalle Zurich, Bamberg Symphony, Copenhagen Radio and Frankfurt Radio Orchestras, as well as the Filarmonica della Scala, Berlin Philharmonic, among others. He has collaborated with musicians such as Isaac Stern, András Schiff, Zubin Mehta, Maurizio Pollini, Yefim Bronfman, Daniel Barenboim, Sir Simon Rattle, Lang Lang, Emmanuel Ax, and Semyon Bychkov to name a few.

Russian-born cellist MISHA QUINT, has appeared with such celebrated orchestras as the New York Chamber Symphony, Brooklyn Philharmonic, the London Soloists Chamber Orchestra at Queen Elizabeth Hall, Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra, Moscow State Symphony Orchestra, Leningrad State Orchestra, National Irish Symphony, the Orquestra Sinfônica do Teatro Nacional do Brasilia. Quint is Founder and Music Director of IIMF. Recent and future highlights include concerts in Italy and Germany with Nikolaj Szeps-Znaider, Guy Braunstein, Alexei Volodin, Saleem Ashkar, Daniel Stewart, Oliver Weder, and Andrey Baranov.

NIKOLAJ SZEPS-ZNAIDER is the most celebrated performer of our time with recent and forthcoming highlights with the Chicago Symphony, Cleveland Orchestra, New York Philharmonic, Dresden Staatskapelle, and the Stockholm, Brussels, and Oslo Philharmonics. As a conductor, Szeps-Znaider is Music Director of the Orchestra National de Lyon and is Principal Guest Conductor of the Mariinsky Orchestra.

InterHarmony® International Music Festival takes place each summer in Acqui Terme, Piedmont, Italy, and Sulzbach-Rosenberg, Bavaria, Germany. It combines multiple concerts of world-renowned soloists and chamber musicians, at the same time providing intensive study programs for young musicians, helping them to climb the steps to world stages of classical music. As part of the Outstanding Guest Artist Series, participants will be brought together with some of classical music's brightest lights, who will perform and give masterclasses.

Caitlin McConnell
InterHarmony International Music Festival
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Saleem Ashkar performs Beethoven: Piano Concerto No.1

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Performing Artist KylieBear to Perform at Celebrity Kids Basketball Charity Game in Brooklyn this Weekend

Performing Artist KylieBear

KylieBear in Central Park

KylieBear performing at at Rise Above Cancer Event

Kids Celebrity Basketball Game Event Flier

Sponsored by KidsWanttoKnow and BabyDunkUSA, the " Rise Above Cancer " charity event will host live music, performances and games throughout the day

She was born to perform. She sings, she dances, she raps. It's unreal.”

— JamellNYT

BROOKLYN, NY, USA, February 19, 2020 / — Performing Artist KylieBear is set to perform this Saturday, February 22nd, along with many other well-known young performing artists and athletes, to raise money for cancer research.   The 4th annual Charity Basketball Game, "Rise Above Cancer", hosted by KidsWhattoKnow and BabyDunkUSA, will be held at PS 288 in Brooklyn, New York.

"I'm so happy I can sing and help people at the same time," said KylieBear, a young entertainer from New York City, who has consistently booked clubs, festivals and private events around the Tri-State area over the past 2 years.  

"She was born to perform," said Musician  JamellNYT.  "She sings, she dances, she raps. It's unreal."
Known on social media as @iAmKyliebear and @KylieBear323, she is heavily involved in the street dance and music scene in NYC, which has lead to her strong local following throughout the 5 boroughs. 

The performing artists are also scheduled to participate in the basketball events. 

"I can't believe they want me to play in the game too. But I'll do my best," said Kyliebear.

To learn more about KylieBear and her upcoming shows, follow her @iAmKylieBear on all social media platforms.  For additional information on the event hosts, follow @KidsWantToKnow and @BabyDunkUSA on Instagram.

Kate Mitchell
Music & Entertainment News Reports
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KylieBear performs Lights, Camera, Action – IAmKylieBear at Engine Room NYC – June 13, 2019

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Silvia Tancredi wears Fancs V - Photo by Roberto Borgo

Silvia Tancredi wears Fancs V – Photo by Roberto Borgo

Silvia Tancredi - Sterling Sound NY

Silvia Tancredi – Sterling Sound NY

Silvia Tancredi 1 – Photo by Roberto Borgo

Silvia Tancredi renew her collaboration with the famous italian jewels brand FANCS V.

MILAN, ITALY, February 18, 2020 / — Silvia Tancredi renew her collaboration with the famous italian jewels brand FANCS V.
Silvia says: "I'm very happy and proud to announce the renew of my collaboration with this great company and to wear their stunning creations! I weared for the first time their jewels for the shooting of "The Cage" – title track of the italian movie "Cam Girl", and I was really impressed for the design and the great quality of the products, and now they accompany me in every show. Thanks to Simona Elia to trust in me. Follow us on our social networks for all upcoming news."
After the release of "True Love", the first radio single of her new LP, Silvia is working for the second radio single, that it's releasing in march with the US label SMG Record & Media (distributed by The Orchard ).

Silvia Tancredi is a singer, songwriter and author.
After a broad career as a vocalist in the 2010 she releases her first solo album, "L'importante è crederci" (Edel): the sound of the eleven tracks coincides with her style and background: soul, gospel and pop.
This original sound is the strength of Silvia's music and it has attracted the attention of the specialized press.
In 2014 Silvia releases "The Cage", taken from the second LP “In Limine” (Edel): this song was featured in the movie soundtrack "Cam Girl" by the italian director Mirca Viola and related videoclip was shot in Time Square (NYC).
Since the summer of 2015 the link with NYC became stronger and Silvia come back for some gigs in Manhattan and in Harlem.
In the Autumn of 2018 she starts working on the new project, that’s projected on the new gospel and soul music sound and contemplate the presence of American Gospel Singers as Backing Vocals and featuring.
On April 2019 Silvia returns to US for the mastering of new LP in Sterling Sound and for some gigs in NY area and Pennsylvania.
“True Love” is the first single of this new work.

Movement, freedom and love: this is my music, this is my world.

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Music video by Silvia Tancredi performing True Love. (C) 2019 SMG Records & Media – VEVO

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O’cean Hill Brings Miami-Sensibilities and Abstract Swing to Christian Music with Debut Single

O’cean Hill, “Now Is The Time”

O’cean Hill

With the release of his debut single, O’cean Hill is bringing Christian music fans an infectious new sound and an entirely new genre he calls “Abstract Swing.”

Abstract Swing is a fusion of salsa beats, African rhythms & pop melodies topped off with a hip-hop swing.”

— O’cean Hill

MIAMI, FL, USA, February 18, 2020 / — With the release of his debut single, “Now Is The Time,” Miami-based singer/rapper, songwriter and producer O’cean Hill is bringing Christian music fans an infectious new sound, and an entirely new genre he calls “Abstract Swing.”

"Abstract Swing is a fusion of salsa beats, African rhythms & pop melodies topped off with a hip-hop swing” says O’cean. By using his Puerto Rican roots and the Afro-Caribbean influences that he was exposed to while growing up in Puerto Rico, O’cean wants to share his testimony with people that normally wouldn’t listen to Christian music. "Through my music, I want to be able to be a vessel that connects people with their own personal walk with God.”

O’cean comes from humble beginnings. Born in New York City and raised in the Bronx (down the street from future entertainment icon Jennifer Lopez) and Puerto Rico, his love for music awakened at the early age of four while watching television appearances by legendary performers like Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson. The power and the presence of these legendary entertainers heavily influenced the development of his musical trajectory. At the age of 12, O’cean started writing songs and by the time he was 15, he was already producing and arranging his own music.

While most artists get their start in small bars, coffee houses or clubs, O’cean’s first professional gig was as the opening act for New Kids On The Block at the Lynn Memorial Auditorium outside Boston, Massachusetts. Before long, he was opening for major acts such as The Commodores, Will To Power and Brenda K. Starr. He also was included as a featured artist for the 2005 Latin Billboard Awards Showcase, and soon found himself hosting and producing the MTV International series Da’Klick, where he interviewed the top Latin singers and rappers.

With a decided turn towards ministry, Ocean’s new music and high-energy live performances are filled with faith, culture and diversity. “I want my music to have a happy, fun, energetic vibe to it while still sharing my experiences through personal testimonies, and positive stories of others,” says O’cean. “That’s why when you listen to my new single, 'Now Is The time,' you will realize that it’s a celebration of faith and it will inspire people to let go of their past and focus and embrace the present.”

Recorded at Nashville’s Blackbird Studios (owned by country music superstar Martina McBride), “Now Is The Time" was mixed by GRAMMY Award-winner Sean Moffitt (TobyMac, Lauren Daigle) and mastered by GRAMMY Award-winner Joe LaPorta (Lizzo, Carrie Underwood). The single is available now wherever digital music is sold.

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