Sound Healing Symphony Debuts on Heart Alchemy Yoga's YouTube Channel

Sound Healing Symphony Sound bath

Sound Healing Symphony Sound bath

Crystal Bowl Sound Bath Sound Healing

Crystal Bowl Sound Bath Sound Healing

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Home of Sound Baths

Sound Healing Symphony Sound Bath, recorded live at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco debuts on Heart Alchemy Yoga's YouTube Channel

This is an extraordinary crystal bowl sound meditation performance, that will help people calm the mind, relax, rejuvenate and sleep deepr as well a reduce anxiety and worry”

— Darren Kramer

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, UNITED STATES, May 20, 2020 / — Saturday June 6, 2020 Heart Alchemy Yoga will launch an incredibly precious performance by the Sound Healing Symphony, recorded live at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, led by Guy Douglas. These artists are the most acclaimed sound healing group in the world.

Grace Cathedral is arguably the most beautiful and spiritual Cathedral in the United States. The Sound Healing Symphony transformed the cathedral into a temple of sound, bringing deep spirit and sonic textures that help listeners cultivate peace, relaxation and attain a meditative mind.

The Sound Healing Symphony is: Guy Douglas {lead singing bowls & gong}, Russell Feingold {digeridoo + Native American flute}, Sarah Glass {vocals and harp} Dan Neville {vibraphone}, Danny Goldberg {gong}, Simona Asinovski {crystal singing bowls + monochord} and Xenia Giolli and Celine Rezvani {gongs}.

This amazing one-of-a-kind recording was Recorded and Mixed Live by Jesse Mills – Elephant Ear Audio. with Photography by Anja Wolff Photography.

We are hopeful that this performance which is well beyond your average sound bath video will help millions around the globe, relax, meditate, sleep and reduce anxiety.

This is the fourth in the sound meditation series by Guy Douglas and Sound Meditation Presents.

"This is an extraordinary crystal bowl sound meditation performance, that will help people calm the mind, relax, rejuvenate and sleep deeper as well a reduce anxiety and worry”, said Darren Kramer Co-Founder of Heart Alchemy.

Guy is one of the world's top sound healing performers and leads a group of acclaimed sound healing musicians, performing their "Sound Healing Symphony" around the world. Their instrumentation features crystal bowls, gongs, tibetan bowls, chimes, ASMR and more.

The new video, being released on 6/06/2020 is a deep healing sound journey and features crystal bowls, gongs, indigenous flute and a variety of instruments to produce a deeply spiritual and relaxing texture. This video is certain to help viewers attain a meditative mind, provide anxiety relief and calm the mind utilizing deeo healing vibrations.

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About Guy Douglas:

Guy Douglas, Music director of "Sound Meditation Presents", has been working with gongs and other sound healing instruments for over 15 years.

He's been involved with the healing power of music his entire life: writing, recording, producing and performing. He believes in an the eastern philosophy of music that helps clear dormant pathways to open the heart.

Guy Douglas co-founded the original Conduit Center in 2008, the first center for sound healing on the east coast. He's also the creator of The Breathwork Sound Bath, The Gong Chair, Gong Flow Yoga and The Holistic Chamber of Sound.
Since moving to California, he's performed at hundreds of events, and gonged thousands of people- and loved every last one of them.

About Heart Alchemy Yoga:
About Heart Alchemy: The YouTube Channel, found at, allows yogis to take a wide range of online yoga at home classes, quarantine yoga classes, sound healing vidoes, yoga workout videos, tantra videos and meditation videos. The channel now features over 400 videos, 100,000 subscribers and is viewed in over 300 countries. Heart Alchemy's teachers have diverse backgrounds, providing a wide range of styles to choose from.

Heart Alchemy Yoga is the brainchild of renowned Yoga teacher Michelle Goldstein and digital marketing pioneer Darren Kramer who have both experienced the countless benefits of a heart opening yoga practice for many years. Heart Alchemy was created from a deep calling to share this experience with others, staying dedicated to keeping it intelligent, authentic and easily accessible. Contact Heart Alchemy directly for an interview

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Sound Healing Symphony Sound Bath

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