GEM-thejewelofthepopworld “The Light Within” Album Press Release

GEM has been working on her new album “The Light Within” for a few years now, and now it is finally time for her message of light to
Illuminate this planet…

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, May 28, 2020 / — It was years ago in South Beach, Miami-when it all began for native New Yorker Krissy Morrow aka GEM. Miami would-from that day on- always be the city that continuously pulled her back throughout the years of her journey; like an unseen force upon her spirit. Maybe it was palm trees, the sun, the promise of a brighter future, or maybe just the pure magic that makes Miami deserve its moniker as “The Magic City’. Maybe it was the ocean waves calling from afar; a siren beckoning her back to reach her dreams. Whatever it was and has been, Miami is where the path began…and Miami is where the doors all opened now for GEM in 2020…

After all, Miami is where GEM first met her music family- the ones who stand with her to this day. She met her manager Dimitry Mignon-part of the Wyclef and the Refugee Camp family with his brother Joseph Mignon (Sak Pase) Records with Wyclef jean. Dimitry was and is a known person in the industry to this day- with deep ties to Def Jam Records amongst many other labels, music industry executives, producers, and artists including recording artist Jimmy Cozier.
GEM went back to New York shortly after that. She began doing even more songwriting to instrumentals at Dimitry’s apartment in Brooklyn. It was at this time that she met Jimmy Cozier, and Wyclef Jean, and would spend hours with everybody at the Refugee Camp Office on fourteenth street in Manhattan. Dimitry realized the true depth and innate talent that GEM possessed. He was absolutely amazed at her beautiful voice, her ability to convert transcending lyrics to music, and the high spectrum of emotion that she projected into every note she sang.

However the transition to unknown struggling artist to burgeoning superstar, celebrity did not happen overnight. GEM had to pay her dues; go through the many ups and downs that every real artist has to experience. Dimitry was always her mentor and manager, but she worked with countless others in the industry. From working with Larry Campbell and Chris Trevett (Max Martin, Mutt Lange, Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys) at Jive/Zomba Records both on 25th street in Manhattan to when they went under the Sony/BMG umbrella at 550 Madison in Manhattan. From flying back and forth to California to work with esteemed producer Dito Godwin (Gwen Stefani, No Doubt, Motley Crue, Kiss) and also music and film producer Kenol Policard (Madonna’s Ray Of Light” album , Rihanna, etc.) The list of the producers, labels, artists , A&R’s, executives, amongst many others that she has worked with is quite extensive at this point. Through it all, GEM truly learned what it really took to be a superstar. She writes sparkly, catchy songs, but her lyrics tell of something much deeper than what is seen on the surface. They have a message; a portal, perhaps even to another dimension that shows what is yet to come. It is a cry – through GEM’s pain- to unite humanity together once and for all, to leave all the darkness behind, and to join together in our darkest hour.

We live in a world right now where everyone is filled with fear and uncertainty. GEM is here to spread her beautiful message of light and love and positivity across this planet. She was given this talent for a reason, and she is not giving up no matter what. GEM has a mission on this planet and as we say in the industry "The show must go on". Us musicians, performers, actors, comedians, singers, writers, producers, directors; we are all part of the amazing solution to our planet's problems. GEM is part of that solution. She has to shine her light- especially now in these dark times. It is said that timing is everything. Time has been the one certainty that has shaped GEM’s journey through life. Her time is now here… her mission is almost complete… Ladies and Gentleman, …With no further interruption, I introduce you to GEM and her amazing original album- “The Light Within”…

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