The “WFLA” Scores a Huge Touchdown with continued growth of their Women’s Professional Football League.

Women Football League Association

Debra Antney of The Antney Group Takes Next & Owns the ATL Amazons

LOS ANGELES , CALIFORNIA, US, May 28, 2020 / — Entrepreneur and mega entertainment manager, Debra Antney is now a player in the Women's Football League Association with her new position as owner of the Atlanta Amazons. When asked what she knew about the sport that would make her a credible owner. The CEO of Mizay Entertainment and The Antney Group replied, "The same as the rest of America. Football is captivating. It keeps us interested from the PeeWee gridiron to the Superbowl level. The WFLA is a whole other dimension bringing a new dynamic to an already exciting and established game. It's an elite league which will become recognized as the first ever women's pro organization to implement full tackle in its play."

Antney also added that her ambition, and relentless drive in every venture she undertakes will propel her through her initial learning period, until grasping the necessary knowledge about the sport. "I'm trying to understand an RPO or run/play option, but more importantly how I can use my experience from entertainment and television to increase fan participation, and viewership for not only my team (The Atlanta Amazons) but the entire league as well."

Debra Antney, also known as Ms. Deb, knows a thing or two about television and entertainment. She's been the management force behind notable stars such as Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane, French Montana, along with her own son Wocka Flocka Flame. Antney is also the executive producer of two hot WE cable network shows, “Growing Up Hip Hop” and “What The Flockas”.
Business guru, power broker and visionary CEO/Commissioner of The WFLA, Lupe Rose had this to say about the Atlanta Amazon's owner.

"She is eastside bad ass to my westside bad ass, and the two of us bad ass women working together on the same playing field is going to set women's football on fire."
Lupe Rose wants to be on the record, and for the fans to know, the WFLA is the only organization of its type to develop and execute equal pay for equal play. There will be an eastern and western conference for the league, and while the female athletes tackle their opponents on the field, she promises that her and Debra Antney will increase what they've been doing for decades. They will tackle women's inequality, while seeking gains for female athletes in football as they have in other areas off the field.

As a final note, Debra Antney was asked what she envisions for the future of the sport? "A hundred years from now I'd like my name to be mentioned right up there with Lupe Rose for being instrumental in paving the way for full tackle women's football." The WFLA definitely scores its first touchdown for introducing the world to an innovative female football league!

The WFLA will become a Women’s National Football League, an Elite Women’s Football League that will be recognized as the first-ever Women’s Football Organization to execute the full tackle sport like no other Women's Professional organization has delivered, with compensations to match.

The Women’s Football League Association (WFLA) is the first Women's Professional Football sports organization to execute and develop professional women’s football with equal pay for equal play. The WFLA scores while introducing its first Women’s Football League Association with both Western and Eastern Conferences. The WFLA is designed to create the largest and most competitive Women’s Professional Full-Tackle Football League in the world. The league introduces the first-ever Professional Football League for Women, fighting for Womens Equality, and gains recognition in its fight with introducing the only Women's Pro Football League.

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