Shaka Banton New Single I Do

Shaka Banton Making Big Waves With His New Single I Do listen on your favorite platforms.

SAN ANTONIO, TX, UNITED STATES, July 7, 2020 / — Shaka Banton's story is of a strong hearted- person.Expressing his emotions and passion to save the world with his music,about down falls,love and the strength it takes to stand back up.Shaka say's music saved his life it gave him an open door out from the oppression in his environment.Shaka say's what makes him unique and different he can produce his own beats,song writer,publisher, with calibration's with & and a love for fitness and staying fit.Shaka say's he understands the importance of communication it brings people together and you can go higher.Shaka how do you want your fans to fell about your music,well l want it to be a healing to them.Shaka born in texas and raised in new york on long island with his mother father and brother.Shaka say's its amazing the support he's getting on his new single I Do released march 6 2020 he's all the rage on spotify.Shaka's music is available on all streaming platforms,spotify, google play, apple music, amazon music, tidal,,bandcamp,tictok and more.Shaka say's that he always new music would be his ultimate goal because its something that came easy to his nature.Shaka banton indie artist say's he's doing it on his own right now under his own imprint and if a major label comes along he would not mind because a artist needs that boost to start,with the right deal, i got a lawyer for that.Shaka's team are setting up shows for shaka already as soon venues open tickets will go on sale & any booking info can be sent to or call 210-587-5221.Shaka has his merchandise on his website and listen to this if you buy his merchandise you get free music that's right shaka will give you a free mp3 download of his music to you for free.Shaka banton the next to become a house hole name hip hop artist is ready to take the world by storm!check out his new single I Do on spotify it will change your life.Their is a lot of artist coming out but their is always that one rose from the concrete that shines better then the rest of them and that's Shaka banton his future shines bright,shaka say's his fans are the proof.

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