Singer Jonathan Cilia Faro Debuts 'GIRAMONDO' The Wanderer

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Photo by: Robert Isacson

Photo by: Robert Isacson

photo by: HolyradStudio

Powerhouse tenor Jonathan Cilia Faro releases his new single Giramondo on July 10th a song you will not forget. People are calling it the new Con te Partirò.

NASHVILLE, TN, USA, July 9, 2020 / — Powerhouse tenor Jonathan Cilia Faro drops his new single 'Giramondo' on Friday, July 10, 2020. The soaring ballad, written by Paolo Marioni, showcases the luster and immensity of Faro’s incomparable voice, and invites the listener to accompany Faro on a global voyage that explores the emotions of family, travel, and human connection.

In English, Giramondo means “to wander.” JCF’s performance draws on his beliefs and discoveries as an artist-wanderer exploring the globe. Says JCF, “Doing an introspection, an artist promises to continue this mission: moving towards those who want to live. Music surrounds us, it never ceases to amaze us, and it gives strength to all of us who are unwilling to surrender.”

The song, a blend of rich operatic vocals and melodic pop, conveys a sense of both grandeur and intimacy. It recalls the best classical-contemporary stylings of artists like Josh Groban and Placido Domingo. Some of the Italian lyrics loosely translated to English, include: “I’ll travel until I find the meaning of love, searching for the one who is searching for me,” and “As I wander and the world spins like the carousel of time, I will wrap my voice around the world.”

‘Giramondo’ transports listeners to an array of destinations, and conjures the sense of magic and possibility around every corner. JCF’s performance embodies the power of transcending time and place as one comes to realize that “no matter how far away you roam, you are never far from home.”

To accompany the song, director Simone Tittaferrante created a moving montage-filled music video exploring the seven cities where JCF works. Each location features an ornate carousel that represents the circle of life. The video intercuts scenes of cityscapes, crosswalks, cafes, airport terminals and the deluge of passing people who fill the world and intersect with each others’ journeys.

Tittaferrante paints a picture of the loneliness one encounters, even in the midst of shared experiences, and conveys a traveler’s yearning for a sense of home, even as he comes to appreciate life’s small moments. The video lets viewers see an artist's father relive the story of his relationship with his son who travels for art. The father trusts that one day, sooner or later, he’ll welcome a surprise reunion.

JCF continues, “Music is movement, life and freedom. Time and experience are our teachers. It’s necessary to walk the streets of this world, among people, living happily and giving happiness to those who are willing to listen to your words. Life leads me to unexpected places, but my love for music always brings me home.”

'Giramondo' features pre-production and arrangements by Franco Poggiali, with Peppe Arezzo on strings, Gary Wallis on drums, Alex Meadows on bass, Emanuele Giocondo on piano, and Alex De Salvo on guitars. The mixing and choruses are by Serena Marioni.

'Giramondo' is released by JCF’s record label, NewArias Entertainment’s BFD/Sony/The Orchard, and will be available online and through all major streaming services on July 10.

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Giramondo ( The Wanderer)

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