Cibelle Levi worked on a campaign that showcased diverse beauty

Lucy Hale- Cibelle Levi Photographer and Art Director

Lucy Hale- Cibelle Levi Photographer and Art Director

Kiana Alexis- Cibelle Levi Photographer and Art Director

Kiana Alexis- Cibelle Levi Photographer and Art Director

The 28 year old international photographer art directed and photographed a diverse beauty campaign

LOS ANGELES, USA, July 28, 2020 / — Los Angeles based renowned Photographer Cibelle Levi has recently worked on a photoshoot campaign that showcased diverse beauty. Due to the current pandemic, there was social distancing during the set, which means that she worked with a smaller team for a worldwide campaign shoot. Cibelle stated, “It was beautiful that it was toned down to a smaller team, because I myself am a personable and intimate photographer.”

The campaign showcased 5 women from different backgrounds and viewpoints, coming together to tell a story. “I created a comfortable space, a family space, when we were shooting. It was super relaxed from the beginning when we were doing the briefing and they were getting to know each other. I was able to encapsulate who they were as people, by taking a moment with each model to get to know her.” Cibelle claimed. The international photographer had made sure that everyone would feel comfortable on the set and even took a break to get to know a model better, in order to make her feel confident. Cibelle stated, “One of the models at first felt shy and timid, but after I took some heart-to-heart time with her, she emotionally connected and was able to shine through with confidence. I love capturing the beauty within my subjects and I always welcome all characters and feelings on the set.”

Cibelle strives for diversity for her photoshoots and has always had a diverse group of friends in her life. She stated, “Diversity is important to me. When I shot the beauty campaign with the 5 models, they were the most beautiful, diverse group of models. This is one boundary I do hold, and I deny all jobs that don't beautify shape and color.” Cibelle has a Persian background and grew up understanding her community and heritage. She is known to always be fascinated about different cultures and lifestyles, which is why she always connected with her clients greatly.

Cibelle explains, “I have traveled the world through my photography career, all of Europe, to Asia, Egypt and the Middle east. I have enjoyed my experiences around the world.”

The 28 year old photographer is also currently expanding her creative space, for she is currently working on a couple of pilots for tv series. She is taking still imagery for billboards that will soon be featured across the country. “I am excited for the new project that I am partaking in and I loved working on the beauty campaign, because it was a beautiful, intimate session.”

Her work is routinely featured in magazine publications such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and Glamour. In the past she has worked on the red carpet for many award ceremonies such as the Emmys and Grammys, as well as fashion runways across the globe. She has furthered her reputation in beauty with hires directly from Laura Mercier and Tom Ford Beauty, and has even traveled to his private island in Bora Bora to photographed Francois Nars, the founder of the beauty brand NARS. Cibelle has stated, “I have beautiful friendships with my clients, which is why I am always loving each unique campaign that I do.”

Cibelle Levi grew up in Los Angeles, but studied business, finance and entrepreneurship at Boston University. She was happy that she graduated with a business degree, it had taught her how to connect with her peers in a respectful environment and to develop ideas. Her first creative studio was in Boston, after she had graduated from university. She taught herself the basic techniques of photography by taking photos of random subjects, your average Joe on the street. Soon after when she moved back to LA, she was adamant in continuing her career as a photographer, by personally connecting with people and reaching out to huge photographers for shadowing.

Her success peaked as a photographer, within months of her dedicating herself to her work full-time, in the summer 2015 with Singer Songwriter Kristina Bazan. Cibelle stated, “As I traveled with Kristina, my work, mainly portraits, grew the likes of industry icons like Olivier Rousteing and Elie Saab.” Soon after that she was mainly focusing on beauty and fashion runways for she had a ton of clients that wanted to work with her. She has worked for Balmain, Valentino and Dior. With Dior Beauty, she was a consistent photographer, travelled to Grasse France for their perfume, and Paris routinely to photograph their beauty ambassadors.

You can expect to see Cibelle level up in the tv and music scene. With shoots lined up for big time artists, and billboard releases on various shows, her role as an art director is heightening, and inquiries are scaling.

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