Thousands expected to participate in Global Coherence Day 2020 to “Pulse the Planet” with heart-centered coherence

Global Coherence Day 2020,  August 1st

Global Coherence Day 2020, August 1st

Featured Presenters, Global Coherence Day 2020

Featured Presenters, Global Coherence Day 2020

On August 1st, we will generate waves of heart-centered coherence to Pulse the Planet throughout the day with love, compassion, courage, gratitude and more

When a system is far from equilibrium, islands of coherence in a sea of chaos have the capacity
to shift the system to a higher order.”

— Illya Prigogine

SANTA CRUZ, CA, USA, July 28, 2020 / — To support this intention, we will host three 2-hour virtual Coherence Pulse Sessions.

Each session includes inspiring music, coherence related content and a synchronized global coherence meditation.

The day's presenters, organizations and heartists include: Nassim Haramein (Resonance Science Foundation), Rollin McCraty (HeartMath), Claudia Welss & Teresa Collins (Global Coherence Pulse), Unify, Coherence Hotspot, ARK Crystal, and the Soul Salon crew: Jess Magic, Tru Osborne, Erika Rose Santoro, Jenna Lee Prince, Kita Kavisic, Afreeka, and more!

Event Sponsors include: Global Coherence Pulse, Heartmath's Global Coherence Initiative, AwakeTV Network & Unify.

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When you register you will receive access links to all LIVE sessions and session recordings.

During the Global Coherence Day event, we will open registration for a month-long Global Coherence Pulse Experience, where we will continue to explore, practice, embody and pulse heart-centered coherence into the field together throughout the whole month of August.

Registration for both events is free. Donations will be encouraged throughout the month.


Global Coherence Pulse Experience
Building Islands of Coherence
Live Session Dates: Saturdays – August 8, 15, 22, 29

We will consciously choose to be an Island of Coherence and experience together how our choice to cultivate a state of sustained heart-centered coherence impacts our own health and well-being, as well as the health and well-being of the planet and the whole of life.

Featured presenters include: Gregg Braden, Marshall Lefferts, Jude Currivan, Rollin McCraty, Claudia Welss, Kimberly Carter Gamble, Jess Magic and more. A full intensive schedule will be posted on August 1st.

Registration for the Global Coherence Pulse Experience opens on August 1st.
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Take the Practice Deeper

During the intensive, participants will be invited to join the collaborative research study (in partnership with HeartMath Institute and (GCI) Global Coherence Initiative) by downloading the Global Coherence APP and getting an optional HRV sensor to measure your personal coherence.

Using the Global Coherence APP and optional HRV sensor, we will collect some real-time feedback on the size and location of our “coherent island” and the individual and collective coherence levels reached during our sessions and throughout the month.

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