Artist Intelligence - Music Analytics Platform

Artist Intelligence – Music Analytics Platform

ArtistIntell - the Power of Knowing

ArtistIntell – the Power of Knowing

The platform has launched for the music industry, putting the "power of knowing" in the hands of industry professionals & independent artists.

Serving major and indie labels, including artists, producers, managers and radio, we have long track record of identifying the hits that helped propel many great recording artists to superstar success”

— Larry Heller


The music analytics platform has launched for the music industry, looking to put the "power of knowing" directly in the hands of industry professionals and independent artists, at a cost affordable to all. Within 24 hours, any artist or music professional can learn the demographic profile(s) of a song or artist’s audience, along with the song’s hit potential across segmented subgroups. Offering in-depth survey-based song analytics, predictive reports and audience demographics, the Artist Intelligence (AI) platform is the culmination of 40 years of audience measurement, hit forecasting and algorithm development.

The platform boasts a simple self-service dashboard for conducting surveys and viewing analytics. The visually stunning interactive reports feature slick data graphics, displaying metrics such as purchase intent, recall and positive ratings, and segmented by demographic measures including gender, age range and ethnicity.

Founded by music research pioneer, Larry Heller, the methodology, algorithms and data warehouse utilized by ArtistIntell are derived from the efforts and proprietary I.P. of Music Research Consultants (MRC), the industry’s most respected Music Research company. MRC began conducting survey-based song studies in the 1970s, bringing it’s panel online in the 1990s. Since that time, MRC has grown into a bonafide music consumer panel, with members all over the world, supplying AI with tens of thousands of music reviewers. In addition, the ArtistIntell platform integrates directly with professional research panels, allowing AI's customers instant access to feedback from tens of millions of music consumers. Prior to the launch of ArtistIntell, major labels would spend upwards of $1,000 per song to conduct similar studies. The ArtistIntell platform has brought those costs down to as little as $99/ song, putting this powerful marketing tool within the reach of any artist or industry professional.

Larry explains, "Serving the major and indie labels, including artists, producers, managers and media companies, MRC has a long track record of identifying the hit songs that ultimately helped propel many of the greatest recording artists of the past four decades to superstar success."

Robert Zeas of indie artist Sonic Octane, one of ArtistIntell’s early adopters, said this about the reports: “We shared the ArtistIntell in meetings with former lifelong C-Level Executives at major record labels in New York. Their collective reception as to the credible insight and implications for future marketing, packaging and distribution helped us convince the room of our act’s viability and business acumen. We are grateful to have partnered with Music Research and eagerly look forward to our next round of testing!"”.

The ArtistIntell team has combined their unique experience and expertise to not only carry-on the legacy of the MRC system, but to reconceptualize predictive music analytics, delivering actionable business insights that create value for any music stakeholder, and can serve as a core component for selecting singles and developing artist marketing plans.

With instant access to real-time responses, this easy-to-use low-cost platform democratizes hit forecasting. Offering both a DIY and a full-service solution, Artist Intelligence enters the ring looking to increase audience exposure, further music careers… and have a little fun along the way.


For more information, contact:
Larry Heller // Artist Intelligence

About Artist Intelligence:
The MRC/AI audience reports have supported hundreds of platinum artist campaigns, hundreds of millions of album sales and produced four decades of top-charting hits. The diverse management team has expertise ranging across the music, technology, marketing and research industries, and consists of Larry Heller, Brin Moore, Darren Kramer, George Stiehl, and Tom Callahan. Artist Intelligence offers reliable information and sound insights to get ahead in a highly competitive marketplace.

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Artist Intelligence – Music Analytics and Hit Prediction Platform

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ONErpm Signs Long Term Multi-Album Deal With Elohim – New Music Coming Soon

Producer, Vocalist, Songwriter & Classically Trained Pianist & Mental Health Advocate Has Over 300M+ Combined Streams On All Music Services

LOS ANGELES, CA, U.S.A, August 4, 2020 / — ONErpm have announced that the music solutions company has signed a long term multi-album deal with Elohim, the L.A.-based producer, vocalist, songwriter, classically-trained pianist and mental health advocate whose intricately-produced songs have garnered and inspired listeners around the world. A new album from the artist will be released soon!

Through this new deal, ONErpm will be focusing on expanding her entry into the global market in order to truly create a catapult for Elohim’s music. Our focus here is to be a true ally for Elohim’s creativity and multiply the reach of her message.

“It was really important for me to find a team that shares and supports my creative vision,” says Elohim. “I'm very excited to have signed with ONErpm. I am looking forward to working with them and releasing new music very soon.”

“I’m so thrilled for ONErpm to be a part of Elohim’s journey. She has a message the world needs to hear and we are lucky to be a true partner in helping her do that” said Emmanuel Zunz, Founder/CEO of ONErpm.

"Elohim is the type of artist any A&R dreams to sign,” said Joseph Aldulaimi, ONErpm A&R. “She is a virtuoso musician, envelope-pushing producer, brilliant performer, and thoughtful songwriter. We at ONErpm are happy to work with such a creative force and can't wait to share this music with the world."

With over 300M+ combined streams on all music services, an ever growing fan base and a soon to be released album, Elohim’s music explores the beauty of human connection. Her musical styles span the gamut from inventive electronic and indie alternative to unabashed pop with her stunning live shows set against a backdrop of breathtaking visuals that create an extrasensory experience.

Elohim’s last EP Braindead was released in May, 2019, with music and subject matter that dealt with the themes of mental illness. Elohim donated proceeds from the sales of the EP to mental health initiatives in commemoration of Mental Health Awareness Month and is involved with the JED Foundation, a nonprofit that protects emotional health and prevents suicide for our nation's teens and young adults. Elohim’s music has been featured on the BBC Future Music Playlist and has she has been named “Artist To Watch” KCRW, Pandora and Tidal.

About ONErpm:

ONErpm is a redefining force in the new music economy and one of today’s fastest-growing music companies in the global marketplace. Home to more than 5,000 YouTube channels that collectively generate over 8 billion views a month, ONErpm is one of the world’s largest YouTube Multi Channel Networks (MCN) specializing in music. With offices and studios in New York City, Nashville, Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Bogota, Mexico City, Madrid, Moscow, Lagos and Kingston, ONErpm occupies a unique space between traditional record label and distribution company, leveraging proprietary technology, marketing, analytics and localized support to deliver business solutions to over 300,000 artists, music labels and video creators worldwide. For more information, visit

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Rapper Shon Flame Releases 1st Solo Project Since Prison Release

Musician Bounces Back From Prison Stint With New Self Titled EP

NORFOLK, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, August 4, 2020 / — Born Deshon Jefferson in Norfolk Va, Shon Flame is an American Rapper/Executive of TeamNorfolk Recordings, a label started with his brother William "PJ_TheSupastar." Convicted of armed robbery back in 2001, Shon Flame forfeited a deal he locked in with Spit Records/Def Jam. The tenacious rapper literally recorded and released music from prison and along with releases from the labels' roster artists, they generated millions of streams globally. Shon Flame effortlessly transitioned from actively co-managing his company from a jail cell via a phone and JPay, to an on site label boss orchestrating releases. Two weeks after being home, the budding executive secured a deal to have “What I Like" Ft- DaBaby by Rob J as the lead single for the labels new compilation mixtape"Sex Drugs & Trap Music 2."

The lyrisist has managed to not only play the market as far as his sound in the way that artists like Fabolous, Drake, J Cole and Jay Z have done as of late, but Shon Flame seems to take it to the next level with his self titled EP. Shon Flame EP is a 5 song introductory of his brilliant and relatable work. Highlighted by the infectious lead single “Headstone” , Shon Flame Ep is a solid record.

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Google Bans "Coronavirus Beatdown" Drum Instrumental Single by Eddie Edwards from Advertising on Google

Eddie Edwards Coronavirus Beatdown Single Banned

Eddie Edwards

Eddie Edwards Drum Instrumental

Google will not allow Anti-Coronavirus Instrumental Single "Coronavirus Beatdown" by Eddie Edwards, to advertise on Google

Google is banning "Coronavirus Beatdown" Eddie Edwards new Anti-Coronavirus Instrumental single from advertising on Google because of Political Correctness Insanity on crack”

— Mickey Michaels

NORTHRIDGE, US, August 4, 2020 / — Google Bans "Coronavirus Beatdown" by Eddie Edwards Download Single from Advertising on Google because of the "Coronavirus Beatdown" title even though it is an Instrumental about defeating Coronavirus. Google is apparently afraid of an Instrumental Recording whose official "Coronavirus Beatdown" YouTube Video is a public domain 1950s Lysol Commercial made by the songs producer for $0!

"Coronavirus Beatdown" is an original drum instrumental single written and performed by Eddie Edwards, founder of The Vibrators, England's Legendary Rock Band, distributed by CD Baby and Available at Amazon , Apple iTunes and other good online sites.

"Coronavirus Beatdown" was written by Eddie Edwards and MickeyO, Produced by Eddie Edwards, MickeyO and Pat Collier and Engineered by Pat Collier at Perry Vale Recording Studio in England.

The Vibators Debut album, Pure Mania, featuring Eddie Edwards on drums, is considered one of the 50 best punk albums of all time. The Vibrators single "AUTOMATIC LOVER" reached 35 in the UK Record Charts and also got The Vibrators on TOP OF THE POPS. Eddie Edwards was also the drummer for The Inmates known for their hit, "Dirty Water". The Vibrators behind Eddie Edwards are still going strong today.

Eddie Edwards drumming was influenced by Keith Moon, Ginger Baker, Jerry Allinson of the Crickets, Charlie Watts, Kenney Jones, Mick Avory and John Bonham. Musically, Eddie was influenced by The Kinks, The Who, The Rolling Stones and 50's Rockers Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry. Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent.

LICENSING and ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Anyone interested in licensing "Coronavirus Beatdown" for Film, TV, Commercials, Ringtones and more should email: HIFIHIFI68 At GMAIL DOT COM directly which will get you the fastest response

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Coronavirus Beatdown by Eddie Edwards of The Vibrators

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Zaffet Joseph Entertainment have created a first ever drive by experience for their company

Zaffet Joseph Entertainment

Zaffet Joseph Entertainment

Zaffet Joseph Entertainment- Wedding

Zaffet Joseph Entertainment- Wedding

Zaffet Joseph group

Zaffet Joseph group

Entertainment company have implemented a drive by for clients

USA, August 3, 2020 / — The globally known entertainment company Zaffet Joseph Entertainment have recently added a new feature to their company; a drive by. Founder and director of the company Joseph announced, “When the pandemic hit, it hit Michigan hard. We wanted to do something to keep the joy in people’s lives and celebrate important milestones. We decided to launch our drive-by zaffa! And it was complimentary to all who inquired. Everyone loved it and we brought so much happiness and joy to people. We made so many important milestones unforgettable! From a baby’s first birthday to grad school graduations.”

So far it has been a huge hit for the company, resulting in the drive-by being a long term feature for the business. Joseph has stated, “The complimentary drive-by zaffa is a small token of appreciation for all of our clients and everyone who has supported us and made us who we are today. We love to give back and spread happiness and joy!” The drive-by is a current feature that they have, since weddings and other big social events are postponed, given the current circumstances and the rule of social distancing.

Before the pandemic had put the world at a halt, Zaffet Joseph Entertainment were performing for all special events, totalling up to over 3,000 weddings. Their main base is in Michigan, but they have also accepted special requests from other states in the U.S and other parts of the world such as Australia and Turkey. Joseph has stated, “Zaffet Joseph Entertainment is passionate about making people happy and spreading joy with every performance. Our passion is to bring our clients the absolute best experience that our company can offer.”

Given the current circumstances, the company has cleverly thought of a fun way for people who have special days to celebrate to still be entertained. However, what they are usually famous for is the “Zaffa,” which is the traditional dance of the bride and groom as they enter the reception after their wedding. Zaffet Joseph Entertainment makes weddings fun with their over-the-top traditions of music and dance. They include drummers, percussionists, DJs, keyboardists, saxophones and more.

They offer different packages that provide different forms of entertainment such as a DJ or a band with a sound system, but the prices can vary. Joseph has stated, “We are young and known to have long lasting energy that can bring joy to our clients. We know when to be upbeat or mellow, given the circumstances of the special event that’s taking place.”

However, now they have vowed to bring entertainment through a vehicle to the home’s of clients, in order to keep the party going. They generally have flexible office hours and offer great customer service to clients, so that their special day is successful. It was a risky move given the current circumstances, however, it has brought them a huge success so far and they have adjusted to the COVID situation.

Joseph Toma is the founder of Zaffet Joseph Entertainment and is known to be a talented musician who is influencing the world with his diverse and unique approach to music and art. His passion for performing is what motivated him to open up Zaffet Joseph Entertainment for he wanted to create a positive impact in the world with the art of Zaffa.
Zaffa has been around for over 100 years, dating back to ancient Egypt. It is a tradition that is mainly carried out at weddings, with a musical march to the bride or groom’s house. The musical march would include people playing instruments such as bagpipes and drums, as well as belly dancers and men holding flaming swords. The musical march is carried on to the house of the bride or the groom, with a continuance of sounds and then a dinner.

However, Joseph has modernized that so that it is suitable to all special events that are carried out. He has stated, “The Zaffa has been a tradition for years! Zaffet Joseph Entertainment has revolutionized this industry, taking it past weddings and performing at any event in any area our clients want us to perform at!”

For more information and news, you can check out the website:

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Musicians host Cloud Concert, spreading love during the pandemic

Cellist Dr. Lucie Zhuxi Wang, First Prize cello adult winner of 2020 Muse International Music Competition

Korean cellist Dr. Jinsun Choi and Chinese cellist Dr. Lucie Zhuxi Wang

Pianist Dr. Xixi Xiang(Piano faculty at The Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing) Cellist Dr. Jinsun Choi (University of Cincinnati College) •Violinist Qun Dai (Central Conservatory of Music Symphony Orchestra, Beijing) John Sit (City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong))

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, August 3, 2020 / — Classical cellist Dr. Lucie Zhuxi Wang, in collaboration with a group of talented Asian artists from Beijing, Hong Kong, and Seoul, performed a Cloud Concert recently to cheer up international audiences during the world pandemic.

Entitled “Let’s Press ‘PLAY’ with the Power of Love,” the concert broke the rule of traditional live orchestral performance, which requires all musical dialogue, body movement, and eye contact among the artists to transpire in person. In the cloud, the communication is far more intuitive, but no less evocative. The aim of “Let’s Press ‘PLAY’” was to encourage people from every region and all walks of life to stay positive during the current global of covid crisis.

After vetting a lengthy, highly selective list, the artists—pianist Xixi Xiang (piano faculty at The Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing), cellist Jinsun Choi (University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music), violinst Qun Dai (Central Conservatory of Music Symphony Orchestra in Beijing), and John Sit (City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong) chose two pieces to showcase: Mendelssohn’s Piano Trio in D-minor and the Barriere Sonata for two celli in G-major. The Mendelssohn piece is a superb paradigm of the 19th-century Romantic period, its lyrical, sentimental, and cheerful second movement in particular. Unlike other complex Romantic classical compositions, this example rings out with clarity. The Barriere Sonata, written in the 18th century, is even statelier, more neat, and more mannered.

As the driving force of the online concert, Wang places a high value on the importance and usefulness of classical music during the time of coronavirus.
“Compared to other types of music, classical music can provide both spiritual pleasure but also academic value,” she explains. “There is tremendous literature and history surrounding it, which adds to its importance. During this particularly challenging time, classical music, I hope, can help with healing people’s hearts and souls.”

“I have been playing J. S. Bach’s 6 Solo Suites for Cello, which are perfect for me to play without concern for collaboration,” Wang told us. She points out that in both performance and in spirit, Bach’s creations serve as a kind of “bible” in musical format. For her, the most attractive element of the art form is that the audience and performers both can be empowered and refreshed by music, expecially Bach’s.

“Spiritually, this is exactly what we need during this difficult time,” Wang said.

Cellist Dr. Lucie Zhuxi Wang received her bachelor’s and master’s degree at the Manhattan school of Music and doctoral of music arts degree (D.M.A) at University of Cincinnati College – Conservatory of Music. She won first prize in the cello adult category at 2020 Muse International Music Competition and, as a result, was invited to give cello master class and guest artist solo recital at Sam Houston State University Music School.

To view the online concert, check out link below:

To contact the cellist Dr. Lucie Zhuxi Wang:

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Musical Performer Launches Podcast from Her Unique Platform – 'The Fabulous Life'

Podcast – The Fabulous Life

Tish Tindall – The Fabulous Life

Tish Tindall AKA The Fabulous TT chats to guests in her new podcast, The Fabulous life!

Every day ordinary people make extraordinary choices as they negotiate unpredictable pathways to the peak of their expectations, without ever taking the time to enjoy the view.”

— Tish Tindall

UNITED KINGDOM, August 3, 2020 / — Musical performer and co-director of Lossie Entertainment Academy Tish Tindall is using her unique platform to launch her own podcast, ‘The Fabulous Life.’ The multi talented star will talk to entertainment industry professionals and entrepreneurs about their life and careers in this heartwarming and upbeat podcast featuring music from The Fabulous TT and special guests.

“Every day ordinary people make extraordinary choices as they negotiate unpredictable pathways to the peak of their expectations, without ever taking the time to enjoy the view. Join me Tish Tindall at this panoramic viewpoint of astonishing personal & professional progress, as we find out why my next guest is living The Fabulous Life.” Says Tish.

The first episode will be available to view at the link HERE where you can pre register to listen live and then available on The Fabulous TT YouTube channel.

For more information Contact Tish Tindall at or

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Global Market Size & Share of Music Streaming Industry to Surpass USD 45,000 Million By 2027: Facts & Factors

Music Streaming Market

Music Streaming Market

Global music streaming market is expected to reach a value of around USD 45,000 million by 2027, at a CAGR of around 17.5% between 2019 and 2027.

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 3, 2020 / — Facts and Factors Market Research has published a new report titled “Music Streaming Market By Type (Live Streaming and On-Demand Streaming), by Content Type (Audio Streaming and Video Streaming), by Payment Mode (Free and Subscription & Ad-Supported), by Platform (Desktop and Smartphone), by Age Group (Between 16 and 24 years, Between 25 and 34 years, Between 35 and 44 years, Between 45 and 54 years, and More than 55 years), and by End-user (Individual and Commercial): Global Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis, and Forecast, 2019 – 2027”. According to the report, the global music streaming market was valued approximately USD 10,520 million in 2018 and is expected to reach a value of around USD 45,000 million by 2027, at a CAGR of around 17.5% between 2019 and 2027.

Streaming is a technology that is used to deliver content to desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices over the internet. Streaming transfers audio and video data along with other continuous data flow, which allows the recipients to begin to watch or listen almost immediately. Streaming music, which can be also termed as streaming audio, is a way of delivering sound or music without the requirement of downloading files from the web.

Request Free Sample Copy of Research Report @

Our Every Free Sample Includes:

COVID-19 Impact Analysis, A research report overview, TOC, list of tables and figures, an overview of major market players, and key regions included.

Escalating digitization & rising digital music acceptance to steer the market growth

Growing digitization witnessed across the emerging economies has resulted in a substantial reduction of music downloading as well as its storage. This is likely to proliferate the surge of the music streaming industry over the forecast timeline.

Moreover, an increase in the number of smartphone users has resulted in the massive expansion of the music streaming market during the period from 2019 to 2027. In addition to this, the rise in web penetration across the nook & corner of the world is likely to accelerate the market trends. Nonetheless, less availability of skilled workforce and shorter average lead lengths will impede the growth of the market over the forecast timeline.

Enquire more about this report before purchase @

(You may enquire a report quote OR available discount offers to our sales team before purchase.)

On-demand streaming to dominate the type segment over the forecast period

The massive popularity of on-demand music subscriptions is projected to spur the growth of the music streaming industry over the forecast timespan. The segment is predicted to accrue the highest revenue by the end of the forecast timeline.

Audio streaming to account for major content type segment share over the forecast timespan

The audio streaming segment, which accounted for nearly 56% of the overall market share in 2017, is predicted to make major revenue contributions towards the overall market during the period from 2019 to 2027. The growth of the segment can be credited to a large number of audio subscribers across the world.

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Smartphone segment to dominate the overall market surge over the forecast timeline

The growth of the segment can be attributed to the high penetration of the device across the globe that is likely to elevate the growth graph of the music streaming market over the forecast timeline.

Individual segment to make notable contributions towards the overall market revenue during the forecast timeline

The segmental growth can be credited to increment in the disposable income of the customers along with the large-scale acceptance of smartphones & laptops by the customers.

For More Report Details, Visit:

North America to lead the overall regional market revenue growth during the timespan from 2019 to 2027

The regional market growth can be credited to the growing popularity of online music in countries like the U.S. along with the availability of the resources providing modern music streaming services to the customers.

Key players involved in the music streaming industry includes, Inc., Apple Inc., Deezer S.A., Gamma Gaana Ltd., Google Play, iHeartMedia, Inc., Inmusik,, Netease Company, Pandora Media, Inc., Project Panther Bidco Ltd., Reliance Industries Limited, Rhapsody International, Inc., Sirius XM Holdings Inc., Slacker Radio, SoundCloud Limited, Spotify AB, Stingray Digital Group Inc., Tencent, TuneIn, Inc., Univision Communications Inc., VK, and You42 Radio.

This report segments the music streaming market as follows:

Global Music Streaming Market: By Type Segment Analysis

Live Streaming
On-Demand Streaming

Global Music Streaming Market: By Content Type Segment Analysis

Audio Streaming
Video Streaming

Global Music Streaming Market: By Payment Mode Segment Analysis

Subscription & Ad-Supported

Global Music Streaming Market: By Platform Segment Analysis


Global Music Streaming Market: By Age Group Segment Analysis

Between 16 and 24 years
Between 25 and 34 years
Between 35 and 44 years
Between 45 and 54 years
More than 55 years

Global Music Streaming Market: By End-user Segment Analysis


About Us:
Facts & Factors is a leading market research organization offering industry expertise and scrupulous consulting services to clients for their business development. The reports and services offered by Facts and Factors are used by prestigious academic institutions, start-ups, and companies globally to measure and understand the changing international and regional business backgrounds. Our client’s/customer’s conviction on our solutions and services has pushed us in delivering always the best. Our advanced research solutions have helped them in appropriate decision-making and guidance for strategies to expand their business.

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Comedian Truck Hudson releases animated sketch comedy Special

The Truck Hudson Show, An Animated Sketch Comedy Special

Comedian Truck Hudson releases animated sketch comedy Special

Funniest Animated Sketch Speciali ever seen!”

— Comedy Central Insider

PORT JEFF STA., NY, UNITED STATES, August 3, 2020 / — Truck Hudson has a new sketch comedy special streaming.

It's a much watch.

An animated sketch comedy special performed by actor and comedian Truck Hudson. Truck does celebrity impressions and creates characters. Standup, sketch comedy, & music. Featuring: Ian Edwards, Jordan Rock, Jim Norton, Ted Alexandro, Armageddon (of Terror Squad) Keith Nut (of Terror Squad). This animated sketch comedy film has been adapted from Truck Hudson's 2017 Sketch Comedy Album "The Truck Hudson Show". The sketch comedy album has millions of streams on Spotify, Tidal, and many other streaming platforms.
It can be seen on Amazon Prime.

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ZeptaGram awarded Best Music Rights Trading Platform 2020

Christina Löwenström, Johan Forsman Löwenström

Zeptagram Founders

In this digital age, taking control and ownership over something you have created is more important than ever before.

For creators, it’s an exceptional way to ensure that they are duly recognized for their hard work and creativity. Zeptagram is a decentralized platform where ip-rights can be tokenized in an easy way.”

— Technology Innovator Awards Jury

GOTHENBURG, VG, SWEDEN, August 2, 2020 / — Tokenizing assets is a great way to ensure that you earn money from the successful use of music. For creators, it’s an exceptional way to ensure that they are duly recognized for their hard work and brilliant creativity. Zeptagram offers that, pitching itself as a blockchain-based trading platform that was built by creators, for creators to tokenize their assets. The owner of a token earns the proportional part of all the income that a song generates when it is used in various formats, such as livestreams, films, or other such media. The distribution of that income is initiated smart contracts, but it all happens on the blockchain where data around who owns tokens is stored. Anytime a piece of music creates value, the funds it generates are shared amongst token holders.

Proper distribution of royalties is important in the music industry, ensuring that each and every creator responsible for some of the most famous songs in history get their fair share of the earnings. Zeptagram’s mission is to become the Nasdaq for music rights, offering composers and IP-owners a fair and transparent platform where they can easily and quickly monetize new or existing songs. Zeptagram is a new marketplace, where fans, rights-buyers, and brands can partner with artists on a song-by-song basis, making it possible for IP-rights holders to easily track and collect royalties through the blockchain. Never has been so easy for composers and artists to have the opportunity to make a living from the fruits of their labour, without unnecessary impediments that keep them from focusing on what truly matters: their music.

Strengthening the relationship between artists and those that appreciate their music is key, and must be done in a meaningful way where mutual benefits are derived. Zeptagram allows the artists to feel appreciated, and those who want to use the music are able to do so in a way that properly appreciates the artist behind it.

Zeptagram functions as a decentralized platform where music rights can be uploaded in an easy way. There is an e-wallet to manage royalties and artists can benefit from a publisher free of charge. As the world is becoming increasingly digital, the age of the creator is now and the need to protect those creators and see that they are properly appreciated is more apparent than ever.

Zeptagram is a firm believer in fairness and creativity, sharing and caring, and innovation and technology. Marrying all six together, the blockchain-based platform perfectly encapsulates what it means to be creative, fair, innovative, and appreciative when it comes to sharing the fruits of labour with the world. At a time where the trademark of Coca Cola is more valuable than the factories, intellectual property will undoubtedly become one of the most valuable commodities in the world. In the era of streaming services also, there is a gap between the music industry revenue and artist revenue due to a lack of an industry- wide system to track copyright owners and provide correct payments.

Zeptagram seeks to fix this with honesty and transparency, ensuring artists can be funded directly by their fans through a well-documented environment that allows payments to better reach artists for marketing, recording, and touring purposes. As intellectual property becomes even more valuable, the firm has its sights set on targeting gaming, trademarks, and manuscripts amongst others. Being a creator is a joy, and Zeptagram is putting the joy back into creating and being appropriately appreciated for it.

Christina Löwenström
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