The Streetwear Industry is Upgrading to Artificial Intelligence

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1000 Talented Musicians X Artificial Intelligence = The End of Mass

NEW YORK, USA, September 26, 2020 / — Urbancoolab announces the official launch of its artificial intelligence-powered streetwear designer. The robo-designer collaborates with established and up-and-coming musicians, hip-hop artists, and content creators to create and sell their own streetwear capsules.

STiCH is the world’s first commercialized AI platform used for design. Urbancoolab has gone through over six months of cultural immersion of streetwear and has since advanced its technology using generative adversarial networks, consisting of two machine intelligences that work against each other to come up with creative designs. The fashion industry is undergoing a structural crisis. And with that in mind, Urbancoolab has put itself in a position to redefine how society consumes streetwear and the streetwear industry landscape.

There are four key industry problems Urbancoolab is attempting to solve:

1. The End of Mass: Every brand is looking for cultural literacy. In a fast-moving consumer climate, brands find it difficult to catch up or stay relevant. Established brands can do more in the way of collaborating with up-and-coming creators/designers to help diversify their artistic language.

2. The End of Long Design and Development Cycle: Brand-owners must manage startup costs ranging from pattern-making, sampling, production, packaging, and shipping, amongst others. Starting a streetwear brand not only eats up valuable time and money, there are also many unforeseen technical requirements. Urbancoolab sees the future of fashion as a compressed cycle, and as a result, distills the overall process into a fraction of both the time and cost from concept to collection in just four days.

3. The End of Inventory: Brand-owners must balance avoiding stock-outs, while keeping carrying costs low. In 2019, H&M reported that they had an inventory buildup of $4.3B USD in unsold merchandise. Urbancoolab’s on-demand model solves the inventory problem, while still being able to order small batches of cool, cutting-edge products.

4. The End of Fast Fashion: Urbancoolab’s rapid feedback model is introducing a more powerful Smart Fashion system. While Zara takes 21 days to introduce products based on market feedback, Urbancoolab can effectively turn around new designs based on market demand in less than 48 hours. To put this in context, Uniqlo has to make several one-million-piece-minimum order decisions everyday, Urbancoolab only needs to only produce one.

A Roster of Multidisciplinary ‘Coolaborations’

Urbancoolab is continuously signing up the next wave of tastemakers who are eager to push the streetwear market to new heights. Similar to any artist—regardless of discipline— UCL robo-designer, STiCH’s artistic capacity broadens with each new project it undertakes. Urbancoolab’s mission is to work alongside individuals stemming from a crosswind of creative fields in order to best expand its creative breadth, including those in music, fashion, visual arts, technology, sports, food and everything in between. To date, Urbancoolab’s roster of collaborators include:

Kiesza – Musician
MKLA – Musician
Keynes Woods – Rapper
Smif-N-Wessun – Rapper
11 LIT3S- Musician
Sandy Gill – Celebrity Stylist
Amar Stewart – Painter
Marco Melgrati – Visual Artist
Sean Price – Rapper
Liz Harlan – Model
Command Sisters – Musicians
Chris Crack – Rapper

Kiesza x Urbancoolab “Run Renegade” Collection

Award-winning electro-pop performer, Kiesza, is the latest artist to partner alongside the company’s AI platform. The eccentric singer’s second studio album Crave can best be described as a lively pop-infused playlist complete with splashy synths and sultry sonics running rampant throughout, proving to be a thematic anchor relevant enough to build a collection around. As a jumping off point, images created by Kiesza herself synthesized into STiCH’s own creative output, resulting in a set of graphics completely unique to anything else seen before. The end result is a comprehensive offering, spanning hoodies, long-sleeves crewnecks, T-shirts and track pants.

“There’s more in this picture than you may care to find, but it’s there if you go looking. I won’t explain what this means. If you’re on this road with me, you will most certainly find out. It’s a treasure map. It’s a riddle. It’s a question full of answers. It’s a journey. And more than anything it’s a story full of lessons,” Kiesza explains when referring to the imagery used throughout the capsule offering.

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