Aprilann Releases Dark Piano Ballad Toxic Air, Perfect for your Breakup Playlists

Aprilann, singer/songwriter, is pictured in a sunny outdoor photo

Aprilann, singer/songwriter, takes a sunny break from a studio session

USA, October 14, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Aprilann’s vocals slice through the music on this new moody track, hit you where it hurts, and showcase this up-and-comer as not only a powerful songwriter, but a powerhouse vocalist who shouldn’t be overlooked.

The third single comes off her upcoming EP which is being debuted one song at a time, and gaining more buzz with each release. A slow and steady approach is paramount for this independent artist who’s doing things on her own terms after a recent departure from her management team.
April says, “This song is about the inner battle you face when trying to break a bad habit. For me it was a relationship, but the song means even more to me now than when I wrote it because it can be applied to a lot more than just a romantic situation. ”

Coming off the streaming success of recent singles Bad Friends and 8th of November, which are still gaining daily strength, the Daytona Beach native is thankful to have been able to lean on music during lockdown. “Writing and releasing this music during isolation has been a bright spot I never imagined, and I hope I’m able to give someone relief from the world’s craziness with my songs, even for just a few minutes. ” Aprilann’s got a few of her own favorite artists on repeat like Cyn, Terror Jr, Upsahl, and L Devine, who all inspire her songwriting.

The music is honest, relatable, and as always, full of one liners you might want to use for your next fight with an ex, “You say you want me but it's very hard to tell” and “This very quickly went from heaven straight to hell” or “Constant complaining, it’s so damn draining loving you.”

Don’t miss Toxic Air, and follow this promising artist @aprilannland for more ambitious pop bangers coming next month.

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Source: EIN Presswire