Michel Magne’s Moshe Mouse Crucifixion Album Resurrected by Thierry Wolf and FGL Productions

Moshe Mouse Crucifixion

Moshe Mouse Crucifixion

Michel Magne

Michel Magne

The provo album will feature the work of Magne and composer Roger Vadim, while featuring blues singer Artie Kaplan and lyricist Boris Bergman.

I decided to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of FGL Productions by reissuing of some the rare and cult musicals masterpieces.”

— Thierry Wolf

PARIS, FRANCE, January 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Thierry Wolf, chairman of FGL Productions, is pleased to announce the resurrection (on his label Play-Time) of Michel Magne’s famed album, Moshe Mouse Crucifixion.

Michel Magne was an experimental French music and film composer, most widely known for his adaptation of Jackie Gleason’s score to the film, Gigot, for which he received Academy Award and Golden Globe Award nominations. Magne’s famous recording studio, Chateau d’Hérouville, has supported the talents of Elton John, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Jethro Tull, Cat Stevens, The Bee Gees, and many others.

Recently, founder and chairman of FGL Productions, Thierry Wolf, has announced he has collaborated with renowned names in the music industry to resurrect Magne’s album, Moshe Mouse Crucifixion, which was released with indifference at the end of 1974. The album incorporates the work of two outstanding composers, united in one CD – the full Moshe Mouse album and Don Juan 73, which was composed by Magne’s old accomplice, Roger Vadim. The album is a reinterpretation of the myth of Don Juan, feminized in the guise of Brigitte Bardot.

“I decided to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of FGL Productions by reissuing of some the rare and cult musicals masterpieces,” says Wolf. “Moshe Mouse Crucifixion will be the first opus of this digging work, which has been produced with the invaluable help of Marie-Claude Magne, Michel's widow, and the author Boris Bergman. We have also produced a series of videos that respect the general atmosphere of this prophetic album. After nearly half a century of research, the untraceable original tapes of Michel Magne will finally be able to be heard by his public, who have many questions about this rare work.”

When they were together, Magne and Bergman wrote several songs based on the idea of fusion of cultures – all framed by themes with planning climates and powerful pieces peering at Carl Orff. One year after their collaboration on “Don Juan 73,” Bergman offered Magne lyrics that work like a modern tale, carried by the abrasive voice of New York bluesman, Artie Kaplan, the creator of the shattering Bensonhurst Blues.

Magne once said to Boris Bergman, “you see, Boris, when things are not going well, you have to be mystical. Write me something mystical.” As such, this is the starting point of the new resurrection and will include collaboration with Artie Kaplan and Bergman’s dad, who will be giving their voices using Yiddish language.

From this album, which also includes Michel Magne’s ascendant, Kurt Weil, emerges a song called “Prophets,” judged by Hip Hop historians as “Proto Hip Hop” of Eminem – half a century before one of the finest technicians of Rap.

This album, which is already part of the memory of music, is available today on CD and tomorrow on vinyl.

“If the castle of Hérouville went up in flames and Michel Magne could not bear to see their dream of a life go up in smoke, the remains his ultimate work are like a bizarre and perhaps prophetic testament,” Wolf concludes.

Moshe Mouse Crucifixion was produced and recorded at Magne’s famous studio.

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About FGL Productions

Founded by Thierry Wolf, FGL Productions is one of the leading independent lights of the European music industry for shows, synchronization, branding, digital and products distribution. Established in Paris in 1981, the company began concentration on the re-issue of major works from the popular music catalogue. Since then, it has become and active producer in many domains of music and its repertoire runs twenty-thousand master tracks, including worldwide hits.

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