James Haidak, Music Enthusiast, to Launch New Microsite Featuring Music Production Tips

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Individuals who would like to learn how to produce music, especially dance and electronic music, will soon be able to access a free online resource—a music-themed blog website by industry aficionado James Haidak.

Haidak said he is creating the website because as a longtime fan of music, he is passionate about sharing tips for mastering music production with fellow music lovers. Through the site, readers can specifically learn about the ins and outs of producing electronic music and dance music, which Haidak said he looks forward to bring to more individuals.

For instance, a blog on the website will offer a rundown on how to soundproof rooms or studios for music production. According to Haidak, background noise that people typically overlook on a daily basis can become extremely noticeable and annoying when heard through a condenser microphone. For this reason, he soundproofed his music production room by essentially turning it into a cutting-edge floating room inside a room using Diamant drywall layers, Rockwool insulation, and a frame made from wood. The blog will provide readers with a detailed blueprint for duplicating this effective design in their own music production spaces.

The website will furthermore highlight how the global COVID-19 pandemic has impacted music production. According to Haidak, the digital production of music actually accelerated during the pandemic, as more people had time to tap into their artistic sides while sheltering in place. During this time, many people used music to express the variety of emotions they felt during the Great Lockdown. They also used the pandemic as an opportunity to fuel innovations in the consumption and creation of music. In light of this, more music is expected to be produced virtually following the pandemic.

All in all, James Haidak said he is excited for the website to both inform and inspire readers to embrace and master music production on a whole new level in the months and years ahead.

James Haidak
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James Haidak

Source: EIN Presswire