IRMIX Radio Top 20 Indie Countdown Weekending April 10, 2021

This Weeks #1 Single Belongs to Jyrice with Friendzone on #IRMIXRadio’s Top 20 Indie Countdown

Cin Diego This weeks #2 Single She Aint

Ann Patrice # 3 Single on IRMIX Radio

IRMIX Radio's Top 20 Indie Countdown Remains in the Friendzone with a New #1 Song

I feel seen and heard … #IRMIXRadio”

— Jyrice

DETROIT, MI, UNITED STATES, April 8, 2021 / — 20. Chris Milo Poisoned Love Milo Music

19. Catie Waters Crazy Cutmore Ent.

18. Erica Banks Buss It 1501 Certified Entertainment

17. Don King Jr. Booty Pop Don King Jr. Music

16. Megan Thee Stallion Body 1501 Certified Ent. LLC/300 Entertainment

15. Rawallty Big Talk Raw Melody Entertainment

14. Gordon City and Drama You’ve Done Enough Positiva

13. Cin Diego She Workin Stepin2theglow Publishing

12. Shadey Feed Upon My Broken Heart Gun Records

11. Intelligent Diva No Justice Intelligent Diva Music

10. Damon Hustle with a Purpose DQF Productions

9. Playboii Red Pose PbR Entertainment

8. DJ Jon Feat. Taffy New York WhiteLab Music

7. Tebe Zalango Yea Yea (to be continued) The Flow of the Nite

6. Martone All Through the Night (Duce Club House Remix) EEMG LLC

5. D.C. w/ PBX & Reba McEntire Survivor Platinum Level Production

4. KG Salone Feat. Memeish Follow Me Diamond Kingdom Entertainment

3. Ann Patrice Leave You For My Husband (Remix) Stepin2theglow Publishing

2. Cin Diego She Aint Stepin2theglow Pub.

1. Jyrice Friendzone Blue Records LLC

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# 2 Single on IRMIX Radio’s Indie Countdown Weekending April 10, 2021

Source: EIN Presswire