OG OMyth Manifests Something Beautiful

Certificate of Perseverance 7/30/2021

Certificate of Perseverance 7/30/2021

OG OMyth

OG OMyth

Manifest Something Beautiful

Manifest Something Beautiful

Manifest Something Beautiful is an independent entertainment company. Their goal is to send meaningful messages that resonate with their fans.

If you aren't trying to manifest beauty then what are you doing bringing about destruction? Join us on our never-ending journey to Manifest Something Beautiful”

— OG OMyth

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Coming from New York, more specifically the Bronx, OG Omyth grew up in the thick of the mix. Immersed in the culture of hip-hop from the place where it began. Starting off into graffiti, which led him to music, everything from the clothing to the lingo, he soaked up the game. The streets pulled him in, and his art was replaced with the all too familiar grind, which took him to spend a decade behind the concrete walls and cyclone fences that house so many stricken with poverty. Along the way, he met many men who shared the vision to build a better life and uplift the youth pulled into the streets. Manifest Something Beautiful was born. An independent entertainment company. Their goal is to send meaningful messages that resonate with their fans. Some of artists that make up Manifest Something Beautiful are: OG Omyth, Army Blaque, K Most, Skunk, Johnny Alkada, and Shawn Kain. That is why Designed Conviction worked with them to launch their first digital release “Certificate of Perseverance”. This project has great meaning and consists of seven songs, one of them being “Nobody Wins”.

Written and produced by OG Omyth and Army Blaque, Nobody Wins, is a heartfelt song that depicts a relationship of two lifelong neighborhood friends, OG Omyth and G-Mak, who became a rap duo. At some point life happened, and each had to maneuver life changes and familial responsibilities. G-Mak started a career in the workforce, while Omyth was put on pause with injury. Eventually OG Omyth began to create. Once he was ready to get things moving again, G-Mak was still otherwise occupied. OG Omyth began to question when their next project was coming, but he knew G-Mak was occupied mentally elsewhere. Fans assumed the duo were broken up, so Omyth made this song to relay that they were not in fact broken up but on a hiatus of sorts. The last project was titled Beats and Bars Premium Quality Volume 1, delivered on a mix-drive replacing yesteryears mixtape that fans favored, making them eager for more. Acclaimed as a classic by some, volume 2 was eagerly anticipated. OG Omyth could not provide this highly requested follow-up due to G-Mak’s current time and energy being occupied by his current career choice.

In the meantime, OG Omyth continued to work on several projects, always leaving room within the projects for G-Mak to add his gifts to the work. OG Omyth would do this by always prefacing his introduction with “one half of the legendary group OG Audio”, letting his partner and the world know he was awaiting his return and was ready for it. This one song of many from OG Omyth, earning a symbolic “Certificate of Perseverance,” would manifest itself as the title of this current EP.

About OG OMyth

OG OMyth is an emcee from the Bronx who started rapping in the early 90’s. His career path was abruptly halted by poor choices and street life. Said choices ultimately landed him a 9 ½-year bid in VA Correctional facilities.

Upon exiting the penal system in 2004 he reunited with a childhood friend, Skunk SK Oner, and began to work on music. SK was responsible for recording his first project ever; A mixtape which contained a series of rhymes written while in prison as part of a rap group called Prisoners of Conflict. He made a promise to fellow inmates that he would come home and name the project Wreck Yard Rhymes Vol. 1.

During this time, the commander in chief of the group, Lamar “Nature Boy DNL” Chapman committed suicide in 2005 which sparked the next project titled The Separation, which was a collection of dark songs that reflected his emotional state at that time, released in 2008. This release did not meet expectations presumably due its overly dark nature. At that time Omyth contemplated retirement over the next several years.

Then in 2012 he formed a group with G-Mak a.k.a Mak Laimbeer presently known as the legendary group OG Audio. Their first debut was a mix-drive titled Beats and Bars: Premium Quality Vol.1 in 2014. Its success was short lived due to the murder of Omyth’s first-born son in 2015 due to a domestic dispute involving his son’s mother and her new husband. Once again Omyth contemplated giving up, but instead used it as fuel and formed what the world knows today as MSB – Manifest Something Beautiful L.L.C.., alongside SK. Omyth then immortalized his son’s favorite self portrait as part of the company logo to intertwine his most beautiful manifestations.

MSB has now produced his latest project Certificate of Perseverance which is in stark contrast to the dark tones of his previous release. This project represents all that is possible when you stay the course, come to terms with your humanity embodying the phrase “each one, teach one” dropping gems to the youth and reminding us all that never is not an option for your dreams.

Cecilia Conley
Designed Conviction
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Certificate Of Perseverance “Live Freestyle Video” by OMYTH x TRAP HOUSE JESUS x SHAWN KAINE

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New Atomic Rooster Tribute Nuclear Bird “Tyrannical Megalomaniac” Now Available

Nuclear Bird - Tyrannical Megalomaniac Cover

Nuclear Bird – Tyrannical Megalomaniac

ASHEVILLE, NC, USA, July 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Nuclear Bird was inspired by the 70’s band, Atomic Rooster which was led by extraordinary keyboardist Vincent Crane who is also known for his signature organ work on The Crazy World of Arthur Brown’s “FIRE.” Tyrannical Megalomaniac was Vincent Crane’s nickname.

Drummer/songwriter, Mark Murdock was influenced by Atomic Rooster and other early 70’s progressive-psychedelic bands from England, recently composed a batch of original songs with the intent of capturing Atomic Rooster’s spirit musically, but also telling an interpretation of the band’s story.

Mark invited Atomic Rooster drummer, Ric Parnell to the recordings. “Ric gave the music that authentic Atomic Rooster feel with his exceptional drumming on five of the eight songs. Thrilled to have him on board,” says Mark. Ric shared some of those interesting stories of the band which were incorporated into the lyrics. Also, lyricist/music reviewer, Dmitry M. Epstein contributed on a few of the songs.

“There was also an attempt to invite other former Atomic Rooster cast onboard; Peter French, Steve Bolten, Carl Palmer, Arthur Brown and Preston Heyman to participate but unfortunately could not participate for various reasons – scheduling, conflict of interest and lack of studio access, to name a few. “Perhaps I’ll try knocking on their door on the next Nuclear Bird works,’’ laughs Mark.

Vocalist Tim Pepper not only captured a flowing vocal on the songs but did the concept cover art of a Quetzalcothus (dinosaur bird) playing a Hammond organ with a nuclear power plant burning in the background. Thus, the title Nuclear Bird, not to be confused with Brand X’s “Nuclear Burn.” Speaking of which, former guitarist John Goodsall played on two of Mark’s Cymbalic Encounters works.

Additional musicians who contributed to the tracks are guitarist, Ken Hall who played with Mark in Phoenix, Arizona from the 70’s who captured an authentic 70’s era guitar and Broadway drummer, Jon Berger who guested on drums for two songs.

Nuclear Bird “Tyrannical Megalomaniac” Track List:
1. Exposition of Fools
2. Tyrannical Megalomaniac
3. Addicted to the Water
4. Fascination with the Afterlife
5. The Revolving Door
6. The Harvester of Organs
7. Haunted Chords
8. Locked in a Graveyard

Music and Lyrics by Mark Murdock
*Lyrics on songs 6 & 8 by Dmitry M. Epstein

Mark Murdock – organ and drums
Ric Parnell – drums and percussion on songs 1, 2, 3, 7 and 8
Tim Pepper – vocal
Ken Hall – guitar
Jon Berger – drums on songs 6 & 8 *Ric Parnell- percussion on song 6

All compositions by Mark Murdock
Produced by Mark Murdock
Mixed and Mastered by Mark Murdock
Recorded at Off-Shore Studios, Tokyo and various remote locations
Artwork by Tim Pepper

Available as digital download: https://nuclearbird.bandcamp.com/album/tyrannical-megalomaniac

Press inquiries:

Billy James
Glass Onyon PR

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Jekalyn Carr Launches Jekalyn Beauty

Jekalyn Carr Launches “Jekalyn For Her”

Multiple Award Winning Singer-Songwriter To Release Debut Fragrance ‘Jekalyn For Her’ This Friday

ATLANTA, GA, USA, July 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Top-selling singer-songwriter Jekalyn Carr announces the launch of JEKALYN BEAUTY with the debut of "Jekalyn For Her," a fresh new fragrance for women.  

Available this Friday exclusively online at www.jekalynbeauty.com, "Jeklayn For Her" is the first product launch under the Black-owned JEKALYN BEAUTY brand. "Jeklayn For Her" is a romantic and feminine scent that exudes confidence. Perfect for any woman, "Jeklayn For Her," can be worn from the boardroom to the red carpet. The head-turning, show-stopping aromatic elegance is presented in this bold new fragrance for all seasons and any occasion.

"JEKALYN BEAUTY is another expression of my brand to help others. My plan is simple, there's something for everybody at JEKALYN BEAUTY," said founder, CEO Jekalyn Carr. "I'm a huge fan of fragrances. I've always loved to not only smell good, but I've always loved distinctive fragrances that makes me smell elite. So, I wanted to create a fragrance that helps women smell like a Queen at all times."

Join Jekalyn this Friday LIVE at 6:00pm EST on her Facebook and Instagram pages when she will celebrate the launch, chat with fans, share beauty secrets
 "Jeklayn For Her" is Available Friday, July 30!

Paul Wright III
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New Jersey native, Kh1 releases his highly anticipated single 'Timeline'

News Provided By
Fye Music Entertainment

LINDEN, NEW JERSEY, USA, July 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Mekhi Hayes aka Kh1, is a young Hip Hop artist from Linden, New Jersey, striving to deliver effective messages to his audience including but not limited to: love, pain, and societal issues. The clever and intelligent rhyme schemes used in his songs captivate an audience while taking them through a lyrical journey in the process.

Kh1 began his official rap career by posting freestyles on Instagram while gaining traction and respect from listeners following him on social media. Using social media platforms as a promotional outlet, he has gained recognition from producers and artists around the country searching for collaboration opportunities. His first single of the year “Rafters” was released on all major platforms and created a buzz, due to a poised and experienced cadence and message. While creating a new sound for East Coast drill music which included great lyricism. This lead to the next release of his song “Vibes”, paying homage to New Jersey club music and greats before him, Kh1 infused many styles in the song to showcase his versatility. Releasing more musical projects independently is the initial step to showcasing his true talent level to the world, resulting in a thriving musical journey.

His new single “Timeline” was released on all major platforms on July 1st and since has created a new level of audience recognition and impact the various amounts of people tuning in.

"We at Fye Music Entertainment would definitely expect greatness to be on the way and with Que, the growth should be exponential over the years to come." Fye Music Ent

Releasing more musical projects independently is the initial step to showcasing his true talent level to the world, resulting in a thriving musical journey. Kh1 is ready to make a change in the game with his passion for music. Be on the lookout for new releases!

For more updates on Kh1 follow him on social media below.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kh1official/

Kamyrn Perez
Fye Music Entertainment

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Krush Groove: A Story About Music Industry Creators & Their Search For Finance

Rick Rubin & Blair Underwood in "KRUSH GROOVE"

Rick Rubin & Blair Underwood in “KRUSH GROOVE”

Where do creators go to get financing? And who understands their business model?

Where do creators go to get financing? And who understands their business model?”

— DJ Parker

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, July 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Krush Groove is a 1985 American musical comedy-drama film based on the early days of Def Jam Recordings and up-and-coming record producer Russell Simmons, portrayed by Blair Underwood in his feature film debut.

DJ Parker, CEO of BoothLenders, says the movie still holds true for music industry creators today.

"The movie is about music industry creators, startup musicians, and startup labels looking for financing to take their music businesses to the next level. Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin needed money to sign talent to the label. Run D.M.C. had a hit song and was looking for the best record deal. Kurtis Blow, an established artist/producer is looking for financing. LL Cool J has amazing talent and is looking for a record deal. Beastie Boys, New Edition, and The Fat Boys are competing in talent shows. They are all looking for different types of financing. How is that any different from today? Where do creators go to get financing? And who understands their business model?”, says Parker.

DJ Parker is the Founder & CEO of BoothLenders, a fintech lender, providing music industry creators and small music businesses with debt financing.

“Today you have over 50 million music industry creators around the world looking for financing. In the movie (Krush Groove), when Russell and Rubin were unable to get a bank loan, Russell borrows money from a loan shark. These types of financial traps still exist for creators today.”

In addition to financial traps, major labels are the only financing companies in the music industry, record contracts have been unfavorable since the beginning, and traditional financing misunderstands creators.

“Most lenders lend to businesses they understand, right? And they usually specialize in an industry. At BoothLenders we specialize in the music industry. We understand the different businesses, business models, and the different types of financing needed across the landscape of the music industry. So for the 50 million music industry creators and small music businesses across the world, in need of financing, we are the solution they are looking for”, says Parker.

“When you talk to the customers they all need different things but their core desires are the same. They want a career financial partner. Not just in their music lives but their personal lives as well. Our tech looks at the big picture and maps out a career financing path for each individual. Everyone is unique and they all need a tailored solution. And that’s what we provide at BoothLenders”, DJ Parker.

Learn more about BoothLenders

DJ Parker
+1 818-312-1350
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Financing Creators

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Loaded Events Schedule Awaits Visitors To South Carolina’s Hammock Coast This Fall

The many virtues of the Hammock Coast are on full display during the autumn months when temperatures are idyllic, and the events schedule reaches a crescendo

PAWLEYS ISLAND, SC, US, July 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Even as South Carolina’s Hammock Coast enjoys the heart of its always-popular summer season, travelers in search of a good time are already turning their attention to the area’s packed fall events calendar.

The many virtues of the Hammock Coast are on full display during the autumn months when temperatures are idyllic, and the area’s events schedule reaches a crescendo. Among the events expected to attract travelers from across America to Georgetown County this fall are:

Pawleys Island Festival of Music & Art Celebrates 30 Years
Entering its 30th year, interest in the Pawleys Island Festival of Music & Art continues to soar. The 16-day festival will run from Oct. 8 through Oct. 23 and feature Thursday, Friday and Saturday night concerts, all of which will be held outside, allowing fans to enjoy shows in a safe environment. From Motown and a Chicago tribute band to a trio of tenors and country music, the PIFMA has something for everyone. Ticket prices range from $35 to $55.

Wooden Boat Show Is One Of The Top Events In The Southeast
The 32nd annual Wooden Boat Show, which will be held Oct. 16 and 17 on the waterfront and along Front Street in historic Georgetown, is the area’s most popular event, attracting people from throughout the East Coast. Declared one of the top 20 events in Southeast, the Wooden Boat Show will feature wooden boat exhibits with more than 140 classic boats displayed on land and water, children’s model boatbuilding, knot tying, maritime art and crafts, food and music. A special attraction will be Saturday’s Wooden Boat Challenge when teams of two race to build a rowing skiff within a 4-hour time limit and then test their boats for seaworthiness in a rowing relay on the Sampit River. During the festival, vendors also line the streets of the historic town, which was named by USA Today as “America’s Best Coastal Small Town.” Admission to the show is free.

Family Fun Highlights Atalaya Arts & Crafts Festival
Featuring nearly 100 talented artisans, the 46th annual Atalaya Arts & Crafts Festival provides aesthetic beauty against a background of stunning coastal scenery inside Huntington Beach State Park. Set for Sept. 24-26, attendees can enjoy fine art, quality crafts and local food, along with performances by some of area’s finest musicians. The three-day festival is hosted in Atalaya, the former home of Archer and Anna Hyatt Huntington. The Moorish-style winter home and sculpture studio was built during the Great Depression by the New York philanthropists. Admission to the three-day festival is $15 per adult (age 16 and older) for a multi-day pass. Admission may be purchased at the festival gate in the park. Go to www.AtalayaFestival.com for a complete event run down.

Good Times, Good Books Take Center Stage At Kaminski House
Family Fun & Literacy Day at the Kaminski House Museum, a multi-generational event, will take place Oct. 23 at 1 p.m. Held on the lawn at historic Kaminski House, the event will celebrate literacy with storytelling and readings, in addition to featuring children’s games, crafts, pumpkin face creations, a healthy foods tent and a spirited pumpkin patch. Admission is free.

Special exhibits at Brookgreen Gardens
Brookgreen Gardens, the 9,100-acre sculpture garden and wildlife preserve in Murrells Inlet, is one of the Hammock Coast’s crown jewels. In addition to the everyday brilliance of the gardens and sculptures, there are two exciting special exhibits this fall.

SANKOFA: The 14th annual African-American Fiber Art Exhibition actually opened on July 3, but it will continue its run through Nov. 25. Curated by Cookie Washington, this annual juried exhibit showcases works in fiber created by African American artists from across the country. The 14th installment of this traveling exhibition features fiber art pieces from 23 artists who were challenged to create a pictorial fiber artwork interpreting the Adinkra symbol of Sankofa and its associated proverb to “reach back and get it.” The Sankofa images are a reminder to use the wisdom of the past to aid one in the present moment. The artists were asked to include one Sankofa in each artwork. The exhibit will feature 27 pieces of art, including three dolls and 24 quilts/wall hangings. Exhibiting artists include Aisha Lumumba, Carolyn Brackat, Torreah “Cookie” Washington, Janette Holland, Edith Gross, Joyce Daniels, and Renee Fleuranges-Valdes. The exhibit will be on display in the Lowcountry Center Auditorium daily from noon – 4:30 p.m.

Thomas Schomberg: Memories of 9/11 opens on the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attack on the United States and runs through Nov. 7. Brookgreen will exhibit Schomberg’s series of sculptures portraying the feelings of horror, anguish, and loss following the events of the attacks on America involving the World Trade Center towers, the Pentagon, and United Airlines Flight 93. Schomberg says, “This column series I have been focusing on over the last several years is a collection of metamorphic figures that can be best described as individual vignettes of emotion. Each sculpture, encompassing one to four figures, is the embodiment of separate and unique emotions. …These works are giving me a unique opportunity in my career to thoroughly explore the human condition as influenced by historical events.” The exhibit will be on display in the Rosen Galleries daily.

For more information about these and other events, visit www.HammockCoastSC.com.

About South Carolina’s Hammock Coast

Georgetown County’s casual charm and Southern hospitality earned it the nickname Hammock Coast. Adventure and relaxation blend together in perfect harmony, like the flowing and ebbing of waves on the county’s famed beaches. With six communities – Garden City, Murrells Inlet, Litchfield, Pawleys Island, Georgetown and Andrews – comprising the pristine coastal area between Myrtle Beach and Charleston, visitors can experience South Carolina’s Hammock Coast like never before.

For more information about the Hammock Coast, visit www.HammockCoastSC.com.

Chris King
Kingfish Communications
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Multi-Award Winning Documentary Filmmaker, Angelena Bonet, Wins 'Best Inspirational Film' at the Venice Film Awards

Angelena Bonet - AACTA Awards

Angelena Bonet – AACTA Awards Red Carpet

Angelena Bonet - Best Inspirational Film

Best Inspirational Film

Official Movie Poster - Change The World

Change The World

Australian documentary filmmaker, singer-songwriter and humanitarian has won 'Best Inspirational Film' award for her biopic documentary in Venice, Italy.

Modeling in Italy was such a highlight but does not compare to creating my film. Touching hearts, using my voice and inspiring others to rise above their own adversity is what truly matters to me!”

— Angelena Bonet

SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, July 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Australian singer-songwriter and documentary filmmaker, Angelena Bonet, has won ‘Best Inspirational Film’ for her documentary “Change The World” at the Venice Film Awards. Bonet’s biopic short film, which she produced in its entirety, has won 160 film festival awards worldwide. The inspiring film just screened in Tokyo, Seoul and is now currently screening at the 4th Dimension Independent Film Festival in Bali, Indonesia. She has been the recipient of many special awards including the 'Humanitarian Award' at The Jane Austen International Film Festival and the ‘Human Spirit Award' at the DOCS Without Borders International Film Festival in The Bahamas.

A former Australian Supermodel, Angelena has produced this short film, a feature film tetralogy, six music videos and two docu-web series thus far, which have all received numerous International Film Festival Awards. Experiencing two personal tragedies was the catalyst that lit the fire that drives her. She describes her work as “a labor of love” and so fulfilling on a deep level. Her documentaries chronicle her life to the present day, which she has produced, directed and edited in their entirety and self funded. Her soulmate and fiancé of three days, Erick Deeby, suddenly and unexpectedly passed away in August 2007. He had written and recorded instrumental pieces of music for her between 2005 and 2007. Bonet then wrote the lyrics and melody to his music after his devastating death and during her time of deepest grief. Then on May 26, 2012, she was a victim of a violent attack and was kidnapped and gang-raped but miraculously survived the attempted murder in Melbourne, Australia. Suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a consequence of the heinous crime, orchestrated by someone that she knew and trusted, she is now ready to share her story. The music she co-wrote with Deeby has become the soundtrack for her films and also won numerous 'Best Original Soundtrack' awards worldwide.

As a global ambassador for women and girls, Angelena is a voice for those who cannot speak, or those struggling to heal. Angelena recently released "Change The World" on YouTube to make it available to everyone for free. She realises that many women and girls who could benefit from her voice and be inspired by her journey may be at a financial disadvantage and wanted to help them and not expect anything in return. Domestic violence has risen exponentially since the Covid-19 global pandemic began and many victims are in lockdown with their abusers. Angelena hopes to reach those women and give them hope and assure them there is light at the end of the tunnel and they are definitely not alone or forgotten. Now empowered by the crime that almost took her life, Angelena is a warrior in the fight to end violence against women. With a fierce commitment to helping victims heal and take back their life, she brings to bear a multitude of talents, wisdom and personal experience. Only from the depths of her despair and darkest days has she truly found her voice and the courage to share about her experiences and to speak out. After surviving the life-changing crime in 2012, Angelena wanted to make a difference in the world and shed light on issues humanity is yet to resolve and generally swept under the carpet. Violence against women has been a hidden disease in every culture since time immemorial and was already a silent global epidemic before our current global pandemic began.

Before the #MeToo movement had begun, Angelena chose to go public with her story and decided to create her production company, Crystal Heart Productions, in Toronto in 2014. She had the intention of interviewing women and girls all around the world and from all walks of life for an online talk show Heart Of The Matter, and thus allowing women’s voices to be heard. She then included interviews with women's rights leaders such as President Obama's Women's Equality Advisor Tina Tchen, Tony award-winning playwright and activist Eve Ensler, CEO of Canadian Women's Foundation, Paulette Senior and Australian Journalist, Tracey Spicer, to name a few in her sequel Angelena: Heart Of The Matter which has won numerous film festival awards worldwide. Bonet has also served as the Australian Ambassador for World Mental Health Day, an official blogger for OXFAM, a public speaker at V Day One Billion Rising Organization events, a current member of the RAINN Organization Speaker Bureau in Washington D.C. and also raises awareness and funds through her non-profit organization, Crystal Heart Foundation. Her mission is to support charities that are in alignment with ending of violence against women and supporting survivors’ recovery from PTSD and has also created a non-profit web series "The Angelena Bonet Show". She sends a powerful message of self-love and healing through her documentary films as well as her singing, songwriting, public speaking engagements and her non-profit work. Based on her life experiences and connections with people from all walks of life, Angelena tells us “it is crystal clear to me that love and forgiveness really are the keys. They can and do conquer all”.

From Australian supermodel to multi-award winning documentary filmmaker, singer-songwriter, actress and humanitarian her message is one of peace, love and unity…

Angelena Bonet
Crystal Heart Productions
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2021 New York Festivals Radio Awards Announces Finalists

Finalists Include the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, BBC, CBS Radio, ESPN, HarperCollins, Penguin Random House, RTÉ, Westwood One, SiriusXM

Once again, this year’s Finalists in addition to appealing to their own listeners, also impressed the Grand Jury with their mastery of the audio medium. ”

— Rose Anderson, VP/Executive Producer, New York Festivals Radio Awards

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, July 28, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — New York Festivals® Radio Awards has announced the 2021 Finalists.

The 2021 Radio Awards Grand Jury of creative media professionals and content creators from around the globe selected Finalists based on production values, writing, creativity, direction, achievement of purpose, and audience suitability. Entries achieving Finalist status will advance to the next round to determine gold, silver, and bronze trophies.

“Once again, this year’s Finalists in addition to appealing to their own listeners, also impressed the Grand Jury with their mastery of the audio medium. Across all genres, they proved that radio – the original social medium – is robust and thriving. From podcasts and audiobooks to sound art and breaking news, these talented storytellers bring the world together and engage in real time,” said Rose Anderson, VP/Executive Director, New York Festivals Radio Awards.

Global broadcasters led the way including the 2020 NYF Broadcaster of the Year, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and RTÉ Ireland, 2019 Broadcaster of the Year. Additional prominent broadcasters moving on to the medal round: BBC, CBS Radio, Bloomberg, Radio New Zealand, Westwood One, SiriusXM, ESPN, and National Radio of Argentina.

For 2021 new categories were unveiled across all genres to shine the spotlight on Social Justice. Finalists include: “How fracking could threaten Australia's Paris target” (Australian Broadcasting Corp.), “Black Lives Matter: From Protests to Police Reform” (Westwood One), “Say Their Name” (DCP Entertainment), “Birds Eye View” (StoryProjects)”, “Racism Within” (SBS Australia), “Substantial Helen” (Bioneers Radio Series), and “Barack Obama, White Supremacy and Grace” (BBC Radio 4).

Audio Book listening saw an uptick in 2020 and a robust number of compelling Audio Book entries featuring celebrity narrators advanced including: HarperCollins Publisher’s “Mary Poppins Comes Back”, read by Academy Award winner, Olivia Colman and “The Hobbit, By J.R.R. Tolkien” read by Andy Serkis. Penguin Random House titles moving on to the medal round include: “A Life on Our Planet” read by Sir David Attenborough, “To the Lighthouse” read by Rita Wilson, “Imaginary Fred” read by Ciarán Hinds, and “Judge Dredd: America” read by Joseph Fiennes. Other Finalists Include: “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” Almost Tangible and “Händelser vid vatten / Backwater” Sveriges Radio. View the complete list of 2021 Finalists.

Podcast Finalists include “Where Is George Gibney?” and “I'm Not A Monster – from BBC Panorama & FRONTLINE PBS” (BBC), “30 for 30” (ESPN), “Unlocking Bryson's Brain” (CBC), “Nut Jobs: Cracking California's Strangest $10 Million Dollar Heist” (Audible), “Billie Was a Black Woman“ (ViacomCBS), “The Battersea Poltergeist” (Bafflegab Productions), “Weightless” (DMC Studio Argentina), My Home Town (Kevin Burke Productions), “The Long Lonely Lake” (Colorado Public Radio), “The Secrets In Us” (Loftus Media), “Driving the Green Book” (Fresh Air Production), ”Foundering” (Bloomberg), “Scales of Change: A Field Guide to the Dragons of Climate Inaction” (Future Ecologies Media), “Alligator Candy” (USG Media), “On a Mission" Season 3: To the Ends of the Earth” (NASA/JPL), “GIANT” (Spotify), and “The Debrief with Major Garrett” (CBS News Radio).

Documentaries give a voice to unique points of view, shine the spotlight on real-life events past and present, inform, educate, and captivate. Finalists include: “Fight of The Century” (TBI Media), “Digging For Fire” (RTÉ Radio 1 Extra),” Black Culture, Civil Rights and Change” (BBC Radio 4), “Stuff The British Stole” (ABC Radio Australia), “Voices from Antarctica” (Radio New Zealand), “The Sounds of America” (BMP Audio), “Love, to find beauty everywhere” (ORF), “My Favourite Things” (Curtains for Radio LTD.), “The Anti-Vax Files – BBC Trending” (BBC World Service London), “Bob Dylan: Verbatim” (Zinc Media), “In The Studio – Patrick Woodroffe: Lighting The Stars” (Magnum Opus Broadcasting), and “Belarus : Once upon a time in the revolution” (France Inter).

Entertainment entries advanced. Drama Finalists include: “No One Ever Asked Me That” (RTÉ Radio 1 Extra), “Miss Julie, from the balcony of ICI Première” (Radio-Canada/CBC), “The exorcism in Eksjo” (Sveriges Radio), “The Keith Urban Playlist Series 2” (TBI Media). Music Specials moved to the medal round: “The Lyric Concert – John Lennon Special” (RTE Lyric FM), “Musicals: The Greatest Show” (TBI Media), “Get Back: The Beatles in Britain” (Somethin Else), “War & Peace and Rock & Roll” (BFBS Radio), Family Rhythms” (We Are Grape Ltd.). Mini Series entries achieving Finalist status include: “Blockbuster: The Story of James Cameron” (Epicleff Media), “Roll Over Beethoven – A Sitcom from Old Vienna in Nine Acts” (Swiss Radio & Television), “Tous les chats sont gris” (Radio-Canada/CBC), and “Journeys In Sound” (Nemone Metaxas). View the complete list of 2021 Finalists.

Breaking News, features, and investigative reporting captured events as they unfolded, revealed the truth about provocative topics, and unearthed critical facts from around the globe. Entries moving on to the medal round: “Road To November” (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), “The Great Post Office Trial” (Whistledown), “Century of Sound” (CBS News Radio), “Guyon Espiner” (Radio New Zealand), “Snapshots from Black America” (BBC Radio 4), “Maradona. The Last Idol” (National Radio of Argentina), “America in the Morning” (Westwood One), and “Latin American corruption in times of Covid-19” (Voice of America.)

The Radio Awards receives entries from radio stations, networks, and independent producers from over 30 countries around the globe. The mission of the competition is to honor the achievements of the men and women who make up the global audio storytelling community.

To view the complete list of the New York Festivals Radio Awards Finalist Visit: 2021 Finalists.

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Blues-Rock Guitarist Chantel McGregor Releases “The Shed Sessions Volume 1 & 2”

Chantel McGregor - The Shed Sessions Volume 1 & 2 Covers

Chantel McGregor – The Shed Sessions Volume 1 & 2

Chantel McGregor Photo by Howard Rankin

Chantel McGregor

ASHEVILLE, NC, USA, July 28, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Critically acclaimed Blues-rock guitarist Chantel McGregor is releasing 2 new albums titled “The Shed Sessions Volume 1 & 2.” The first volume (acoustic) has been available for a few weeks and the second volume (electric) will be released August 2nd and is now available for pre-order.

“March 2020, the world changed and the everyday things that we normally did became a dream, the world went into lockdown, the pause button on life was hit, and we stayed at home.

So, I was sat there one night in my shed thinking to myself ‘what can I do to make lockdown seem a little bit brighter?’ After a while it came to me, ‘why not do a live stream so that I could stay in touch and connect with my lovely fans, they could connect with each other, and we all have a little bit of fun and music during a pretty gloomy time?’

At the time, I didn’t know that it would become a weekly thing, but the first session was so much fun that I thought I’ll do another one the following week, and then the week after that, and it became a weekly gig, ‘The Shed Sessions’!

5pm every Saturday was the hour every week where I could perform my music, have a bit of banter and catch up with friends on the live stream. An hour of music and humour to remind everyone that one day things will be fun again and live music will still be there!

A lot of people asked if I would record an album of the sessions, so I started thinking about what to record. There were so many songs to choose from!

At the start of lockdown, I was living in the North of England, so the sessions were just acoustic guitar and vocals, but when the government said you could move around more freely, I moved to the South of England and started collaborating with Jamie Brooks on keyboards, which meant that I could feature my electric guitar and a bit more improvisation. Because lockdown was still restricting studios being open, both albums were recorded at home, using a wardrobe as a vocal booth and then sent off to Wayne Proctor to mix and master.

The two albums are incredibly different, so it seemed appropriate to do two albums, one acoustic and one electric; ‘Volumes One and Two.’”

Chantel McGregor – July 2021

Chantel McGregor has been performing live gigs since the age of 12, schooled at a music college and achieved a First Class Honours Degree in Popular Music. Along with her current band members, Colin Sutton on bass and Thom Gardner on drums, they form an awesome power trio playing an eclectic mix of blues based tunes, composed by Chantel, ranging from traditional blues numbers complimented perfectly by the purity of her singing voice, to a much more raunchy blues rock style. And boy, can that girl play guitar! With several complicated solos she proved that she can shred with the best of them as her and her guitar became one.

To purchase: www.chantelmcgregor.com/store

For more information: https://www.chantelmcgregor.com/

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Vandi Lynnae Announces New Single ‘Dancing Through The Rain’

Vandi Lynnae

The new single will be released on Friday, July 30th, 2021.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN, USA, July 28, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — LISTEN AT https://vandilynnae.hearnow.com/dancing-through-the-rain

Following in the footsteps of her own songwriting inspirations, pop singer-songwriter Vandi Lynnae announces her new single ‘Dancing Through the Rain.’ Her previous release ‘Marinate’ was a honest, heartbreaking ballad, and ‘Dancing Through the Rain’ captures all the words we never said. The single will be available on all platforms on the 30th of July 2021.

Reminiscent of the ’90s ‘Dancing Through the Rain’ is the perfect soundtrack for a romance film, with its vintage-sounding production and sentimental lyrics. Electric and acoustic guitars build the formation of the track, driving the song alongside traditional drum beats and atmospheric strings that create the perfect pop combination. Vandi Lynnae’s celestial voice brings pure clarity to the song, especially as the chorus opens up. The single really highlights Lynnae’s vocal talents, showing off her impressive vocal range, soaring high above the instrumentation. Another essential element of the song is the heartfelt storytelling. ‘Dancing Through the Rain’ was inspired by multiple experiences, from Lynnae’s relationship with her sick aunt to the broken bond with her estranged father. These connections gave Lynnae a chance to reflect on her true feelings. Interweaving her own emotional struggles with the heartbreaking non-fiction movie ‘Clouds,’ she felt inspired to write; and ‘Dancing Through the Rain’ soon came to life. The poignant line ‘I hope you’re happier today’ brings a sense of hope and optimism to the song.

Vandi Lynnae finds her inspiration within all walks of life. From personal experiences to the fictional world of books, film and poetry, to the beauty of nature, Lynnae is always questioning the world around her. With a thirst for knowledge, Lynnae is eager to explore even within musical styles, listening to all genres from medieval chanting, Italian opera, to screamo rock bands. Her eclectic taste creates the perfect union for her own songs. Her biggest musical inspirations come from a host of powerful female songwriters like Sarah McLachlan, Tori Amos and Alanis Morissette.

As a classically trained vocalist, Vandi Lynnae’s musical background is impressive. Her past releases have been featured on the David Bowers Radio Awards Show with Bon Jovi, interviews with Kiss Fm and Lifoti Magazine, and appeared on YouTube’s Musical Interlude. Lynnae’s voice has been a part of several projects, featuring as the lead singer in bands, Omnivore, Riding Roughshod, and Bye Girls, all drawing from different genres. Her vibrant past has also seen her star in musicals, operas and theatrical productions. On the horizon for Lynnae is a lead role in the upcoming film ‘Secret Admirer’, written and directed by Jamey Hiles, so it comes as no surprise that Vandi Lynnae’s music is so cinematic. ‘Dancing Through the Rain’ will have listeners absorbed in this vivid and emotive story of her own.

VANDI LYNNAE LINKTREE: https://linktr.ee/VandiLynnae

Bobbi Bye
Vandi Lynnae
+1 317-384-5574

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