Dallas Singing Sensation K-Li Hooks is Burning Up the Airwaves and Touching Hearts ‘Tonight’

K-Li Hooks

K-Li Hooks



K-Li Hooks "Tonight"

K-Li Hooks “Tonight”

DALLAS, TX, UNITED STATES, August 2, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ —

From his deep mocha hue to his short twists and his magnetic smile K-Li Hooks has the audience in the palm of his hands. The Dallas artist K-Li Hooks has fans swooning from the Big Apple to Atlanta Georgia as he croons such heart-throbbing favorites like “Tonight”, “When I Touch You” and “Throwback Kisses.”

The D-Town native is making his mark in the music business with his classy vocals and thumping rhythms. K-Li Hooks is the grandmaster of love ballads with sweet tunes to put every couple in a romantic mood. With lulling lyrics like “My dreams comes alive when I look in your eyes!”, K-Li Hooks’ music is an instant classic. The soulful crooner wears his heart on his sleeve as he expresses his deep longing and need for the perfect love. K-Li Hooks is a lyrical poet, a master wordsmith on a musical bed of warm, inviting beats.

Singing to sold-out crowds from Dallas to Detroit, K-Li Hooks is bringing the house down with his thoughtful melodies. His amorous poetry is felt in every line of “Tonight” with lines like “The bond we have, I know we can’t loose.” It’s the perfect anthem for young lovers. In “Throwback Kisses” K-Li Hooks professes his undying love with “I’m not in to breaking hearts – you can have mine, for life.” In When I Touch You – K-Li says he has figured out the meaning of love “Love is Us. Love is You. Love is Me.” The theme of undying love, romance and unbreakable bonds keeps fans coming back for more.

His latest music video directed by Bingo and Sham for Luxe Film Works tells the story of one man’s journey to see the woman of his dreams. The beautiful, sultry songstress haunts him throughout the day and all he can think of is getting back to her. His latest single “Tonight” is available for download on Apple Music and Amazon Music.

For more information or to book K-Li Hooks contact him at music@k-lihooks.com

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Tonight by K-Li Hooks

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