Possibility Playhouse Opens Saturday at Concrete Theatre, Washington

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VIP Ticket Holder Ice Cream Sundae

VIP Ticket Holder Ice Cream Sundae

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A Sweet Afternoon of Stories, Music, and Comedy and Ice Cream in Concrete, Washington

I saw the whole thing play out in my mind”

— Rebecca P. Murray

CONCRETE, WA, USA, September 15, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — What do you get when you mix the talents of three performers, a small-town historic theater, and ice cream sundaes? Something sweet and delightful and quite possibly, unforgettable. Actor/producer Rebecca P. Murray, author/playwright Nicola Pearson, and singer/guitarist Marcia Kester combine talents for an afternoon of uplifting entertainment. Possibility Playhouse opens its doors Saturday, September 18 at 2:30 pm with music, stories, comedy, and delectable ice cream sundaes for VIP ticket holders.

It all started with La La Land, a 2016 film starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. It's a movie about a woman who moves ahead with her one-woman show. Sadly only 11 people show up. The woman feels like a failure. But she learns success is not about the number of people who show up; it's about sharing your gifts regardless and believing that the right people will come.

Rebecca P. Murray, producer and 'Possibility Player' as she likes to call herself, watched that movie on May 17, 2021. The next morning she re-engineered a popular virtual show she'd created during Covid lockdown for the live theater.

"I saw the whole thing play out in my mind with all my virtual characters on stage," Murray explained. Moments later, she sat at her desk crafting an email to three other women, "I have a crazy idea. Let's talk."

Instead of a one-woman show, Murray imagined combining her talent with two others to create a three-woman show. The perfect venue would require the support of a fourth woman, Valerie Stafford, owner of the historic Concrete Theatre. Stafford was about to open the Act One Ice Cream Parlor adjacent to the Theatre.

VIP ticket holders enjoy front-row table seating and a hand-crafted, customized ice cream sundae presented at intermission. The show closes as the audience participates in an inspirational sing-a-long, and is invited to stay and engage with performers and fellow attendees.

Possibility Playhouse offers a unique afternoon of femme-centric entertainment for all ages and genders. For tickets and more information, please visit https://possibilities.bpt.me

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