Hackistan Is Paving The Way For Entertainment Cyber Security Experts

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The elusive and prolific young celebrity cyber security expert is up to major things

BEVERLY HILLS, CA, USA, September 23, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Hackistan is a cybersecurity expert and crypt currency enthusiast. He specializes on the offense and defense of cyber attacks. He is currently working on ethical hacking, penetration testing, reverse social engineering, cryptography, etc. in order to prevent attacks on information systems. However, while Hackistan is mostly known for his expertise in the field of cyber security, he is also well known for his relationships with music artists, brands, and celebrities. Hackistan is currently working on a project that will help artists stay safe online. He started studying cyber Security 10 years ago, getting involved through online gaming culture. Online gaming social medias attract all types of people; however, for some reason, many hackers, modders, or digital nomads flock to and thrive in the digital gaming communities. It was 10 years ago when Hackistan encountered the first ever "hacker", who was nothing more than an online lobby modder, yet Hackistan was fascinated, and that fascination grew into nothing short of an obsession. Now the cyber-sec enthusiast is preventing being doxxed, DDOS'd, and hacked; and is now educating brands and celebrities first hand about risks and danger of lax online security. This year the online provocateur is also working on a music industry based cyber security system that will keep would be targets safe. Hackistan is 21 years old, and currently working as an upscale cyber security advisor/specialist primarily catering to celebrities and music artists who either are targets of online attacks, or have been in the past. Some of the notable celebs Hackistan is currently working with include:

Producer Tay Keith, DJ Mustard, Earl on the beat + many more…
He's worked with artists like Lil Yachty, Lil Durk, Blocboy JB, Soulja Boy, and Migos.

While primarily operating behind the scenes, online Hackistan posts to his Instagram, where he is seen with countless celebrities including Future, Oh Gheesy, and Da Baby. What makes Hackistan so valuable to these people, is his in-depth expertise of cyber-securities issues, and experiencing countering and preventing them. While the young savvy security specialist is chasing to keep his personal life private, Hackistan's fans are posting online, saying he is becoming more and more relevant everyday. His unique and valuable skills combined with his celebrity Rolodex, are much proof that the media will be hearing a lot about Hackistan and his up coming endeavors.

Hackistan can be found on Instagram @Hackistan

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