The ChristGEO Media Group Inc. prepares for the launch of our new Christian show "Hollywood Inspiration With Auti Ali"

Christian Music

Hollywood inspiration will set its focus on spotlighting actors that are using their influence to help spread the Gospel around the world.

For The Love Of God”

— Auti Ali

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, June 19, 2021 / — The ChristGEO™ Media Group Inc., a Christian entertainment and educational company announces today its plans to roll out a new talk radio show called "Hollywood Inspiration With Auti Ali".

An amazing view on popular actors and actresses that are using their fame to encourage others in Christ. The show will drive its main focus on applauding those who have chosen to use their influence in a positive way. Helping to effect potentially millions of lives through their global stage. In addition the show will help encourage those that may be falling short of such a great responsibility. The key element is the fact that many of our superstar talents in the world are in an amazing position to uplift and promote Christianity.

Hollywood Inspiration with Auti Ali will give the loving "thank you" to the stars around the globe that are making a clear difference. Showing Individuals of all ages that Christianity is cool. Christianity is about hope, peace, love and forgiveness.

It is never to late for a mega star to make a positive change and use the gifts they have been given by God to make a difference.

Show host Auti Ali Says, The entertainment industry is often viewed negatively considering all the stories you hear about the “rockstar life”. However there are many A-list celebrities that publicly identify themselves as god fearing. Justin Beiber, Chris Pine, Nick Jonas to name a few. My show is going to shed some light on these celebrities navigating the industry and walking with Christ along the way!

The Show will primarily be broadcasted in the United States, Canada & Australia.

The ChristGEO platform allows Christians to connect and surround themselves with like-minded individuals to clear their hearts and minds from trials and tribulations that exist in the world. The common goal at ChristGEO™ is to help others continue their pathway of Christian living through music, social interaction and education that’s entertaining. No one ever said that Christians have to be boring?

Five core values remain intact: integrity, respect, transparency, collaboration and humanity, while continuing to be open, honest and accountable within our team and customers to provide fun enjoyable programming.

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Show Intro

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Bringing Authenticity Back to Rap and Hip Hop: The Much Awaited ‘Return of Da Yopp’

Jay Mydas

Jay Mydas

With rich and immersive Rap musical compositions, rising musical movement, Camp Yopp is driven to channel music for the greater good

CHICKASHA, OKLAHOMA, UNITED STATES, June 19, 2021 / — Without doubt, Camp Yopp is more than just music, it is an inspiring movement that is creating a better world, while also enlivening the lives of people, through the power of music.

Founded in 2018 by the eclectic and visionary, Joseph Dennis also known as Jay Mydas, Camp Yopp is an Artist Development Program located within the Oklahoma prison system. Designed to assist in decreasing the endemic gang culture and violence within prison institutions, Camp Yopp collectivizes the voices of talented rappers, singers, and song writers seamlessly.

In 2018 Jay Mydas was discovered by ReverbNation and his solo track, “Die Alone” rose to prominence, being handpicked by the platform’s senior curators. This development greatly surged Mydas, who went on to sign with Barry Coffin, Dennis Gelbaum, and Wendy Kay to have his unique compositions licensed for TV and film.

Now all set to capture listeners once again, the group is releasing a 21-track mixtape titled “Return of Da Yopp”, slated for release on June 19th, 2021. An original and moving soundtrack, the mixtape will reflect the electric skills of both local and non-local underground artists, marking their refreshing break through into the musical world. Marked by the versatile musical prowess of Jay Mydas and undeniable talents of rising artists, “Return of Da Yopp” is bound to become a therapeutic and exhilarating mix. Most importantly, the musical compositions being put out present a source of rehabilitation for incarcerated masses, inspiring people through the allure of music.

Check out Jay Mydas and Camp Yopp’s new releases and follow the links below and/or reach out via the contact information for interviews, collaborations, and promotional access.



Born in Jackson County in Oklahoma, Jay Mydas is the driving force beind Yopp Gang Music, and founder of the unique musical collective, Camp Yopp. Growing up surrounded by a deep and established culture of Gangster Rap and Hip Hop, Mydas was always inspired by the likes of local icons such as Eric B & Rakim, Epmd, Ghetto Boys, NWA, E-40, Spice1, and others.

In 2018, the budding artist began Camp Yopp as an Artist Development Program, and in the past 3 years he has worked with over 15 talented underground artists from different gangs across the states. An outlet for incarcerated MCs, Camp Yopp provides rising artists with a voice, while ensuring original and authentic Rap from those who love it the most.

Jay Mydas aims to continue using music to unite the people and assist Oklahoma’s talented underground artists. In the future, the growing artist wishes to establish the first successful Record label from behind the walls, namely “Yopp Records”.







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Pamela Jackson Comes in Hot with Game-Changing Single, “We Are America”

We Are America Available Now on All Major Platforms

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 19, 2021 / — “We Are America” adds a project based on love and hope to Pamela Jackson’s portfolio. The Christian music single was produced by Quinton Fashion and Jawuan Ford; rapped by Latarra Nicole and bass accompaniment is by renowned bassist Andrew Gouche.

“We Are America”, her latest single is sure to be radical throughout the music industry. It is full of energy, soul, hip hop, and inspiration with a powerful message of hope and resiliency.

“We Are America” was written to convey the current reality for African Americans. Pamela says, “this Juneteenth single is an encouragement to remind America that we [African Americans] too have a great part in the building of this nation. Our talents, ingenuity, ideas, and resiliency have helped to shape our country. I Am America, You Are America, We are America.”

When it comes to music, Pamela is influenced by Aretha Franklin's gospel and Marvin Gaye's prolific messages of social justice and reform. With her soft yet confident steps towards victory, Pamela is sure to make her mark in the music industry.

“We Are America” is available now on Spotify, Apple Music, and all other major platforms. Follow Pamela Jackson on Facebook for more information.

About Pamela Jackson

Bringing a fresh new wave of “music for the soul”, Pamela Jackson started as a church musician at the young age of 10. Perfecting her music style, Pamela has crossed the horizon to find the sound that suits her best. She has been a music writer since 2000, writing for international artists like Carolyn Traylor and Melba Moore. Pamela has earned a staunch and reputed name in the industry, with her unique music style and perfect understanding of sound and rhythm, which flows smoothly in the songs she creates. Her music is best described as Christian with subtle jazz, hip-hop, and soul feel.

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Patrick Ames Evolves Lyrically Potent Blues, Funk, Soul and Folk Sound on "The Virtualistics"

Cover artwork for Patrick Ames – The Virtualistics (album)

Patrick Ames as seen on his “Reawakened 2020” single cover art.

Jon Ireson, producer of “The Virtualistics” album and contributing musician.

The acclaimed songwriter's new album features 8 songs written during the pandemic. It's release is accompanied by the official music video for "Help People Up".

NAPA VALLEY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 18, 2021 / — Composer and writer Patrick Ames continues to evolve his lyrically potent signature cocktail of junkyard blues on the new LP, "The Virtualistics”, released June 16th on music platforms. The album contains 8 songs written during the pandemic by the Napa Valley-based artist, each one hopeful and resilient in its own distinct way. The album title was inspired by the nature of the recording style; although Patrick Ames writes the music and lyrics, much of his collaborations with producer Jon Ireson and backup singers Chana Matthews and Mikaela Matthews, have been virtual.

From the pandemic-inspired post-punk of "Second Wave" and "Essential Workers" to the funked up gospel rock of "Help People Up" and "Reawakened 2020" to the spacious, philosophical "Great Bunch of Molecules" and the bluesy, fun energy of "Rubber and Glue", "Songwriter's Block" and "You Make Me Scream", Patrick Ames and The Virtualistics display a tenacious spirit throughout.

About "The Virtualistics":
The Virtualistics. The band that never met. Remote collaboration is common but we never met during a difficult pandemic year. The four of us never practiced together. We didn't sing together nor did we pre-plan the final sound. We were virtual entities, duly recording our tracks on various home devices and sending them in for assembly. Those famous photographs of The Virtualistics, studious musicians playing on stage, hard working in the studio, those tired looks of a fifth take, none of that happened. We never sang or played together.

Amazingly, it sounds like we were together, un-virtually, I guess is the word. It sounds like a 9-piece band that is funkin' up the place even though we were half-depressed and struggled with work, virus, and bad politics. Half of the songs were released as singles mostly because I didn’t want to be depressed and fed upon that new release excitement every few months.

It's been a year of virtual studio sessions that require large leaps of faith when you're contributing to a song that isn't finished yet and sounded like a sketch. It's like that group game where everyone adds one line to the preexisting story going around in a circle and by the time everyone speaks the story is unbelievably creative and interesting. Start with a few lyrics, add a riff or two, start weaving in counter melodies, add some phat beats – each song went around the Virtualistics circle a few times.

All these songs were recorded during the pandemic by The Virtualistics. – Patrick Ames

Jon Ireson, Producer, says: Patrick Ames and the Virtualistics
I mixed Patrick's last album (Liveness) at the beginning of 2020 and by May he had more new material ready to be molded. Although the lyrical themes all come from Patrick, it definitely helps that we are on the same page politically/philosophically. As the tumultuous events of 2020 unfolded, the songs he was sending me about racial and social justice, trust in science, and the hard work of affecting positive transformation in the public square were echoing my own thoughts in real time. When the world goes haywire, music is there to make sense of it.

Album opener and lead single "Help People Up" will have an official music video release on June 16. The video was created by Blue Cafe Music.

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Patrick Ames – Help People Up (Official Music Video)

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New Album "UPBEAT AND ABSTRACT" by John Fulford Features Members of Fishbone and Face to Face

John Fulford's signature and soaring sound hooks fans of soulful symphonic storytelling

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES , June 18, 2021 / — Notable musician John Fulford, Executive Produced "UPBEAT and ABSTRACT," an album of wide-eyed intoxication expressly written for television & film, distributed through the music library of John Fulford Music.

The long-awaited album features compositions by Fishbone virtuosic lead singer Angelo Moore and punk-funk guitarist Mark Phillips. Other treasured talents who make appearances include Face to Face's Scott Shiflett, and renowned studio drummer Josh Freese, who's held the beat for Nine Inch Nails and 311 among many others.

To preview "Hot Dog On A Stick" from UPBEAT and ABSTRACT, the new album by John Fulford Music, visit

John Fulford Music provides a library of pre-cleared and custom music with more than 5000 tracks across hip hop, dramedy, tension, and rock genres. Songs appear on IT: Chapter 2, Breaking Bad, Orange Is the New Black, Basketball Wives, True Life, Happy Death Day, Shahs of Sunset, MTV, CBS, FOX, and more. To access music, visit

Following a trend that features many "name artists" who have gravitated to radio-quality, studio soundtracks to infuse music for cinematic sensations, John Fulford Music is a highly curated, rich library of sound, available for use and centered around the creator experience.

It's not hard to think about the weight of iconic musical soundtracks. Cinema masterpieces with spectacular sing-alongs include such hits as Star Wars, 007, The Twilight Zone, and many more. Video games also include iconic identifiers that most people would recognize, including Super Mario Bros. Pac-Man and Street Fighter.

Music represents the singularity of the story and helps deliver a more compelling experience to the viewer. While the visual side of filmed entertainment is essential, what would it all be without music?

Recognized as an integral, industry awards are presented to the best score and song, over multiple categories, every year. Many talented musicians work to give life to the sound of the stories movies will tell, including John Fulford, who composes music for television, motion pictures, and video games. His instrumentals appear in both reality shows and leading scripted series.

Born in the warmth of West Palm Beach, Florida, John Fulford relocated to Los Angeles in 2006, where he began writing songs for use in TV shows, Films, Ads, and Trailers. In 2019, John relocated to rural Florida to build a recording studio set on a 10-acre farm.

Notable work and career highlights include songs that appeared on hit tv shows Glee, Breaking Bad, films IT: Chapter 2, Happy Death Day, The War with Grandpa featuring Robert DeNiro and Christopher Walken, and Central Intelligence featuring Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart.

With an upbeat and energetic tone, Fulford's songs are also mysterious, abstract, and unique. Recently, he began writing vocal melodies for chart-topping KPOP groups such as Red Velvet and NCT127.

For more information, visit

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The three band members sat with guitars in hand in a meadow on a hill.

Alt rock-pop band, Sorry It’s Over release their debut music video, “Time Moves Slow”.

UNITED STATES , June 18, 2021 / —
Meet the hottest new Socal band, Sorry It’s Over:

California based alternative pop-rock band, Sorry It’s Over, have just released their newest single and debut music video titled; “Time Moves Slow”.

Bandmates Sam Adgate and Louis Petrella have been playing together since high school and their music expresses their Socal easy-going, good-time vibe.

Louis grew up jamming with his father and gained a fruitful education in classic rock music which he showcases in their productions. His extensive musical talents perfectly complement Sam’s captivating vocal ability and the two have gained some major attention since they first appeared on the music scene.

Time Moves Slow:

“Time Moves Slow” is the first song featuring Louis on lead vocals and he delivers a heartfelt and emotive performance. His raspy, slightly rock style vocals charm listeners and encourage them to join in with him when he sings: “time moves slow, when you don’t really want it to. Just know, I’ll be back soon as long as you stay near to me”.

This song has a happy and upbeat soundscape that inspires listeners to dance and skip around. But, the song is actually about heartbreak and how the loss of someone you love changes the world around you and makes everything, well… move slow.

The music video shows three sweet-natured, quirky young guys who could steal the heart of any young admirer. They project an image of wholesome, charming and adorable young men.

The opening scene of the video is reminiscent of The Beatles, as the boys stand with instruments in hand, nodding their heads from side to side.

Curious random images of blue skies, rollercoaster rides, Darth Vader, hula girls and gorillas flash across the backdrop. This accompanied by the bands geeky dancing is highly amusing and there is a definite tongue in cheek humour to the whole performance.

This fun music video and cheerful song will charm any music fan and if you like songs from artists such as Peach Pit and Green Day, then Sorry It’s Over will fit perfectly on your pop-rock playlist.

Listen to "Time Moves Slow" on Spotify and watch the music video below:

What’s Next for Sorry It’s Over?

The band are excited to announce they will be performing at The Viper Room, in West Hollywood on June 25th. This is their first live show since the pandemic and they hope to be coming to a town near you soon.

Follow and support this band here:

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Kickin' the joins Xfinity Series team Brandonbilt Motorsports at Nashville Superspeedway

The Kickin’ the logo is emblazoned on the hood of the No. 68 Brandonbilt Motorsports Chevrolet Camaro for the Xfinity Series Rackley Roofing 200 at Nashville Superspeedway. joins Brandbilt Motorsports as sponsor of the No. 68 Chevrolet Camaro for the NASCAR's Xfinity Series race at Nashville Superspeedway.

LEBANON, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES, June 18, 2021 / — Brandonbilt Motorsports and motorsports media outlet Kickin’ the, which is celebrating its 20th year covering NASCAR, have agreed to an ongoing partnership that will also feature the media outlet on the hood of the No. 68 Chevrolet Camaro in the NASCAR Xfinity Series Tennessee Lottery 250 this weekend at Nashville Superspeedway.

Following Brandon Brown’s sponsor pitch video going viral this past week on social media, the team was inundated with calls for potential partnerships but one of the first to reach out was Kickin’ the Tires. It didn’t take long before both sides knew this would be a great relationship.

“This weekend, I’m proud to welcome both Jerry Jordan and Kickin’ The Tires as well as Brandon Davis Music to our team for Saturday’s Tennessee Lottery 250,” said driver Brandon Brown. “Brandon Davis is a rising country singer-songwriter that has had some real breakout success over the last year. It’s really cool to be able to represent him and his music on our No. 68 this weekend and it’s going to be even more special to host Brandon and his family at the track for the race on Saturday.

Kickin’ The Tires is a multi-platform media company that is primarily focused on covering our great sport of NASCAR. They’ve been in the industry for almost 20 years and have always done an outstanding job of promoting the drivers, teams and their stories.

“It is an honor for Kickin’ the Tires to partner with Brandonbilt Motorsports for NASCAR’s return to Nashville Superspeedway,” said Jordan., who founded KTT in 2001. “And following the buzz from Brandon’s amazing creativity last week, how could we not join forces with them to celebrate our 20th year covering NASCAR?”

Brown has used social media engagement to not only garner some laughs but to also entice and interest sponsors to the sides of his competitive Xfinity team in 2021 and beyond.

With no easy routes toward success, Brown, 27, has become one of the brightest underdog stories in the Xfinity Series. Through just 14 races in 2021, Brown has already surpassed his career highs in top-five (two) and top-10 finishes (seven).

“I’m excited to be racing at Nashville this weekend for the first time in my career,” Brown said. “I feel like our team has shown some great success at Dover, which is also a concrete racetrack, so hopefully we can transition that same type of performance into Nashville this weekend.”

Entering the weekend 13th in Xfinity points, Nashville begins the team’s push to enter the series playoff run in just a few months’ time. If achieved, it will be the second consecutive playoff advancement in a row.

This positive attitude, mixed with his mutual core values of hard work and devotion, makes this partnership with KTT a natural.
“The values embraced by Brandonbilt Motorsports, Brandon Brown and his father Jerry Brown, align with the values I hold true and what Kickin’ the Tires stands for,” said Jordan. “When I first started covering NASCAR in 2001, it was because my mom and late-sister were huge fans of the sport and they got me into it.

“Brandon and his dad built their organization from the ground up with their own blood, sweat and tears as I was able to do with Kickin’ the Tires. There is no way possible that Kickin’ the Tires would be where it is today without the help of my wife and family and the dedicated writers and photographers we have on our staff. I am grateful to each and every one of them.”

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Wordswell & Avelar Team Up w/ Jordano Baby on New Single + Video for "Relief"

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, June 18, 2021 / — Bicoastal Hip-Hop act Landon Wordswell & The Don Avelar have released the first music video single from their soon-to-be-announced new studio album. The new single, titled “Relief”, sees the boisterous duo teaming up with Memphis-based Latin artist Jordano Baby, who takes turns spitting bars alongside Wordswell on the track. “Relief” follows in the footsteps of the group’s last single, “Royalty Pt. 1”, with lyrical content that focuses heavily on the ethos of perseverance in the midst of adversity felt by many in the current social, economic and political climate.

The new music video, which was produced by the duo’s longtime collaborator Lad Fury, sees the trio of Wordswell, Avelar & Jordano fluctuate between cooking up fresh flavors in the kitchen and revving fast luxury cars in the driveway.

Fans can watch the music video for “Relief” here. The track is available on major digital/streaming platforms as well.

Speaking about “Relief” and the music video, the duo shares:
“Jordano has worked a few tracks with Avelar in the past, so we brought him on for this one and just had a great experience flowing together. As soon as we felt the energy on this song, we knew immediately that it deserved something visual. Originally we had only rented out the kitchen you see in the video, but the owner got wise to what we were up to and was gracious enough to lend us the entire mansion for filming! Just goes to show how quickly something little can take off in a big way.”

Follow Landon Wordswell
Follow The Don Avelar

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New Album Helping the Healing Process for Vietnam Veterans

Warrior Songs – Album Cover

Scheduled for release in August this year is the third album of the Warrior Song Inc. effort, “The Last Thing We Ever Do: Warrior Songs Vol.3.”

USA, June 18, 2021 / — One of the greatest challenges for war veterans is their reintegration into civilian life. This is where the non-profit Warrior Songs Inc. steps in to help them heal from their war trauma through the creative arts.

“The Last Thing We Ever Do: Warrior Songs Vol.3” is a CD featuring 14 songs. These songs are based on the first-hand experiences and testimonies of veterans from the Vietnam War. Professional songwriters created the music and lyrics based on their touching stories, and the heartfelt songs are performed by professional studio musicians.

Copies of the CDs are made available free of charge to veterans and veteran non-profits, aiming to help them with their healing process. Besides the physical trauma seen in many veterans as a testimony to their years of serving their country, mental trauma is often one of the biggest stumbling blocks to their ability to function normally once more.

“This project was completed thanks to a huge participation from several people,” says Jason Moon, founder of War Songs. The testimonies of nineteen Vietnam veterans were transformed into songs by 21 songwriters. Remarkably, the CD was recorded by 81 studio musicians in 14 different studios scattered across five states in two countries – the USA and Vietnam. This joint project was completed thanks to the participation of a total of 109 artists, including 17 Vietnamese nationals.

“This album is about healing, but most importantly about reconciliation,” continued Jason Moon, an Iraq War veteran himself. Moon was personally plagued by severe PTSD after serving in Iraq between 2003 and 2004. Before his deployment, Moon was a songwriter and singer but found it difficult to overcome his mental anguish upon his return. This made it difficult for him to carve a civilian life. His difficult path to healing started to look brighter once he started meeting other veterans fighting similar challenges.

One of the songs on the album, “Seeds of Peace,” was written by Moon while on a visit to Vietnam in 2019. “Seeds of Peace” was inspired by a shared meal witnessed by Moon in Duc Pho. Present at the meal were former US and Viet Cong war veterans. This shared, and peaceful meal brought out strong emotions in Jason Moon.

Around the table sat a group of former enemies from 50 years ago. They had fought against each other in the very province they were now peacefully sharing a meal. The group of US veterans was led by Chuck Theusch, founder of Children’s Library International.

The recording of the song includes the vocals of Vietnamese children, and the song is about the importance of reconciliation as part of the process of achieving mental healing. The recordings were completed in Saigon and Da Nang under the supervision of the renowned conductor of the United Saigon Orchestra, Son Mach.

A release party for the third album in the series “The Last Thing We Ever Do,” is scheduled to take place at the Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Sunday, August 8, 2021, between 3 pm and 6 pm. Admission to veterans is free and the general public pays $10. Complimentary CDs are issued to all those attending.

Several Milwaukee and Wisconsin-based veterans service organizations will be present at the event to share more information. An exciting lineup is planned, and ten of the 14 acts that wrote and recorded songs for the CD will be present to present the songs.

“Women at War: Warrior Songs Vol. 2” won the 2019 Wisconsin Album of the Year. One of the songs on the CD, "Warrior Wings,” won the 2019 Native American Music Pop Song of the Year.

Since its founding in 2011, Warrior Songs has prevented 34 suicides among veterans suffering from PTSD. It has also provided free services to over 45,000 veterans across the country. This album was a tribute to women survivors of military sexual trauma (MST) from the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force and who served the country in Afghanistan, Iraq, Panama, and Vietnam.

Warrior Songs Inc. is based in Scottsdale and its mission is to educate, motivate and inspire war veterans to turn their negative experiences from PTSD and MST into feelings of reclaimed hope and deeper self-awareness.

Jason Moon
Warrior Songs Inc
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Official Warrior Songs Vol. 3 – Song Sampler Video

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John Waller Releases Parade, American Songwriter-Premiered Duet With Daughter, “What My Father Does”

John Waller-What My Father Does-Single Cover Art

John Waller and his 16-year-old daughter Sophee are pictured singing "What My Father Does."

John Waller and his 16-year-old daughter Sophee are pictured singing “What My Father Does.”

Father Of 10, Waller’s Upcoming Album, A Family Thing, Slated To Release This Fall

This uplifting anthem showcases a positive, all-embracing message and the pair combine fantastic vocals for a showcase of spirit”

— Parade

NASHVILLE, TN, UNITED STATES, June 18, 2021 / — Accomplished singer, songwriter, husband and father of 10 children, John Waller releases his Parade and American Songwriter-premiered “What My Father Does” single today at digital and streaming outlets everywhere. A rousing anthem leading into 2021’s Father’s Day weekend, the song introduces the recording and video debut of Waller’s 16-year-old daughter, Sophee Waller, and will be featured on Waller’s sixth full-length studio album, A Family Thing, slated to release this fall.

Teaming with longtime friend, radio personality and video director Bill Sammons, John and Sophee traveled to Rehoboth Beach, DE to record a live video performance of “What My Father Does” along with a full studio orchestra.

“This uplifting anthem showcases a positive, all-embracing message and the pair combine fantastic vocals for a showcase of spirit,” says Parade in today’s feature premiere of the video. “The video focuses all of this energy with a beautiful portrayal of love and support.”

“I’ve made quite a few videos over the years and I must say, this was the most enjoyable experience for me thus far,” shares John. “Just watching Sophee radiate on camera and getting to interact with her as my daughter and capture the real, true emotion of how I feel about her as my beloved child brought me so much joy! I think people are going to really fall in love with this song and particularly with my daughter Sophee!”

“With a voice that ‘makes most heads spin,’ the aspiring artist adds levity to her father’s vetted vocal strength,” says American Songwriter in its audio premiere of the song earlier this week.

“I’ve spent most of my life on the road with my dad,” adds Sophee in American Songwriter. “I love the scenes of it, and experiences I’ve had growing up. Being in the studio with my dad, it really feels like what I am supposed to do. And it was just a lot of fun, a good bonding experience for us.”

Building from an ethereal, piano-driven ambiance into a triumphant, powerful expression filled with a full string orchestra and anchored by father/daughter harmonies, “What My Father Does” poetically captures the inspiring truth of the gospel. The song and the entire new album revolve around God’s unequivocal and undeserved love. “My sins don't dismiss it, and my achievements don't warrant it,” says John. “I see that more clearly today than ever, and the freedom in that is overwhelming. It's how I love my children and it's how God loves His. It's what my Father does.”

The Waller family story, like most people's stories, is one of a constant trajectory forward but with hundreds of unexpected rabbit trails to places they never anticipated. One of those trails led the family to Ukraine where they adopted three siblings who are now an integral part of the Waller family. Other trails included moving the family across the country for a time in local church ministry that resulted in learning to slow down to catch up to God.

Now back in his hometown of Senoia, GA, Waller feels he is producing the best music of his life, and is writing lyrics that come from deeply personal encounters with God and time with family.

“It just feels different now,” says Waller. “I'm writing from a different place, and with a sense that God is really going to use this music to minister to moms and dads and families, like He has ministered to our family.”

The new song follows Waller’s first new radio single in over two years, “But God.” The song, initially released from Radiate Music this spring, will be featured on the upcoming album that will be released independently.

Known for such inspiring hit singles as “Crazy Faith” (featured in the hit box office film War Room), “While I'm Waiting” (featured in 2008’s No.1 independent film Fireproof), “As For Me and My House,” “Awakening (aka The Coffee Song)” and many more, Waller has continually used his gifts as a singer and songwriter to inspire, educate and encourage people across all walks of life.

For more information on John Waller and his music, visit:

About John Waller:
Georgia native John Waller first caught the attention of the Christian music community as frontman for the fan favorite, According to John (1996-2003). When the group disbanded, Waller moved to Colorado, helped launch Southlink Church and began writing songs that led to a signing a record deal with Beach Street Records/Provident Music Group. His major label solo debut, The Blessing (2007), earned a Top 10 "Faces to Watch” nod by Billboard while his follow-up, While I’m Waiting (2009), included the poignant title track featured in the Fireproof film, the No. 1 independent film in 2008. The music video to the title track of his As For Me and My House (2011) has received over 5 million views on YouTube alone while the title track of Crazy Faith (2015) was featured in the US News & World Report-lauded film, War Room. His most recent album and Radiate Music debut, Explosions of Light (2019), sparked the Christian radio Top 40 favorite, “Awakening (aka The Coffee Song).” While not in the studio finishing his latest album slated to release this fall, Waller can be found with his wife and 10 children residing near Atlanta, GA.

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John Waller feat. Sophee Waller “What My Father Does” Official Music Video

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