Short Indie Film “Poolside” Racks Up Awards at Prestigious International Film Festivals

Kinter Media


Dallas-based filmmaker delves into dark emotionality of lonely 1950’s high society woman in flick slated for distribution on Amazon Prime and Video on Demand

We loved how the story progressed, and the reveal was shocking, even with the hints that were given at the start and in the middle of the film.”

— Alex

TEXAS, DALLAS, UNITED STATES, April 11, 2021 / — After making his screenwriting and directorial debut, Dallas-based video production visionary Alex Kinter recently received a record 20 international laurels from the world’s most prestigious film festivals for his short independent mood film, “Poolside.” Among his increasing wins, he has been awarded “Best Short Film” by the Indie Short Fest (an affiliate of the Los Angeles International Film Festival), New York Movie Awards, and Andromeda Film Festival. The art house flick, which has also been selected for global festival premieres in Cannes, Prague and Milan later this year, is slated for mass distribution and streaming availability on Amazon Prime and Video on Demand.

A renowned multimedia producer and owner of Kinter Media, Kinter’s vision for “Poolside” centers on the character study of a troubled soul, and his desire to explore the underlying depths of fear, darkness and isolation experienced by his protagonist– a tormented 1950’s high society housewife juxtaposed against an idyllic American dream home. Alone at her indoor pool, she struggles to maintain her sanity and understand the distressing voices she hears whenever she’s underwater. “I wanted to create a movie that was transcendentally honest and human,” Kinter said. “The story touches on survival and what an individual deals with, both mentally and emotionally, to cope each day in the face of larger forces around us that influence our well-being,” he said. The film stars Anne Beyer, Giovannie Cruz, and Oscar Seung. “The house in the film represents existence and its different rooms hold different memories. I think audiences will have a unique experience through the lead character and her journey of self-realization,” he shared.

Though the film was initially completed and released in 2019, Kinter admits that the creation process was accompanied by a somber period of setbacks, delays and great loss. Erik Schuessler, his co-director and writer on the “Poolside” project, passed away before the film was released. From this reality, Kinter explains that “Poolside” has taken on a deeper, more symbolic meaning as he now considers the film a living tribute to his creative partner. “Erik was positioned at the heart of the project and brought everything to life with his passion,” he said. “The entire production team, cast, and crew are eternally grateful for his contributions, and through our film, we’re committed to keeping his memory alive,” he concluded.

A complete listing of selections, nominations, and awards for “Poolside” is included below:

Official Selections

Indie Shorts Awards New York – New York, New York
Indie Shorts Awards Cannes – Cannes, France
Prague International Film Festival – Prague, Czech Republic
Global Indie Film Fest – Glasgow, Scotland
Andromeda Film Festival – Istanbul, Turkey
Milan Gold Awards – Milan, Italy
Florence Film Awards – Tuscany, Italy
Nominations – Finalist

Lisbon Film Rendezvous – Lisbon, Portugal (In Consideration)

Awards – Award Winner

Indie Short Fest – Best Thriller Short, Jury Award of Excellence
Independent Shorts Awards – Platinum Award for Best Mystery Short, Gold Award for Best First Time Director, Gold Award for Best Cinematography, Best Film of the Month (Runner-Up)
IndieX Film Fest – Award of Excellence (Special Mention), Best Women Short
Art Film Awards – Best Short Film
Best Indie Film Awards – Best Indie Experimental Film (Short)
Andromeda Film Festival – Best Short Film
Milan Gold Awards – Silver Award for Indie Short Film
New York Movie Awards – Best Indie Short Film
Florence Film Awards – Honorable Mention for Indie Short Film
FILMHAUS – Honorable Mention Award for Indie Short Film

Additional details about “Poolside” can be found on the official film IMDb page here. Alex Kinter is available for media interviews to discuss his award-winning film, along with its ongoing film festival releases. To schedule an interview with the director, or to request a virtual screening of the film, please contact Joyce R. Forchion at

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Director of Video Production | Best Film Directors | Video Director

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Announcing World 1st Largest Ever Jazz Virtual 5K–Run/Walk/Ride Race During Jazz Appreciation Month

Jazz in Action on a Global Stage!

HIRAM, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, April 10, 2021 / — Jazz fans all over the world, some exciting news has just been announced by The Jazzsippers Consortium. They have launched one of the biggest virtual races of 2021, where people all over the world can take part in the Jazz Virtual 5K Run/Walk/Ride Race, With a Jazz music near me concept, you can participate from anywhere! They are allowing for anyone to take part in this Historical Event, that will ever be associated with Jazz History, it is being talked about as the Woodstock for Jazz!

The Jazzsippers Consortium decided to organize the annual virtual 5K Run/Walk/Ride Race event to celebrate the historical importance and cultural relevance of Jazz. Those who support the virtual event and register will receive a free T-shirt. They can choose the, I Love Jazz; The Jazzsippers Consortium Supporter T-Shirt; The Jazz Matter T-Shirt or The Jazzsippers Consortium Members T-Shirt. Prizes and Awards are eligible to only registered participants. The virtual race will take place between Sat April 17 – Fri April 30, 2021 and is open to anyone in the world who loves Jazz. Registration is open now Online at Race Sign-Up.

By spotlighting Jazz or Jass music in a new light as a young and vibrant healthy musical genre, and not one that is hanging on by life support it puts Jazz in a total new and invigorating light. The virtual race will not only promote the celebration of Jazz, but it will also promote the good work that The Jazzsippers Consortium does daily. Which helps to promote Jazz and encourage more people of all ages to appreciate Jazz and to take part in it, by helping in supporting Jazz based initiatives in promoting Jazz Appreciation; Jazz Awareness; and Jazz Advocacy. The Jazzsippers Consortium Group is laser focus on brining Jazz to the forefront and allowing Jazzsippers to work collectively in these endeavors.

A spokesman for The Jazzsippers said: “The Jazz Appreciation Month is a time for celebrating the Success and Importance of Jazz, but it is also to inform non-members, and members of their community about the amazing work they do, and can continually do collectively as Jazzsippers to Promote, Jazz Appreciation; Jazz Awareness; and Jazz Advocacy.” And, by making it an all-inclusive event, it provides the greatest possibility of coming together to meet on common ground issues, such as youth-based initiatives, entrepreneurial opportunities within the Jazz industry, and a slew of other, common ground initiatives. And to help in the development of strategic alliances that can be forged with non-members of the community worldwide.

The fun event is set to unite all Jazz lovers all over the world. There has never been a big Jazz event organized than this virtual race. With people walking, running, and riding, they can all show their appreciation for the Jazz music of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

It is important to promote Jazz and celebrate the likes of Miles Davis, Chet Baker, Herbie Hancock, and Sonny Rollins, as well as the big stars of today and the new breed of Jazz stars of tomorrow. By promoting Jazz, it allows more people to appreciate Jazz, especially the young who will help keep the appreciation of Jazz for future generations.

Between 2018 and 2019 Spotify told the Guardian that about 40% of jazz listening on the streaming website is done by people under 30, with the percentage holding steadily since 2014. This shows a great underlining of interest in Jazz by our youth. As an Industry, Jazz has to find ways to harvest this underlining interest.

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge” – Albert Einstein.

To learn more about the virtual race, and to learn more about The Jazzsippers, please visit their website:

About the Jazzsippers Consortium

The Jazzsippers Consortium is a collective group of Jazzsippers that come together with the objective of participating in liked-minded activities of pooling resources for achieving the common goals of Jazz Appreciation; Jazz Awareness; and Jazz Advocacy.

Media Contact

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The Jazzsippers Consortium
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Don Romeo-Machiavelli Noel’s New Single “GON/KILLUA” Is Out & Already Finding Its Way To #1

Out and available worldwide on every major online platform NOW!

BROOKLYN, NY, USA, April 10, 2021 / — After breaking serious ground on the roster of DLD ENTERTAINMENT LLC with the release of his DLD debut single “DND The Monster” at the end of 2020 – DLD’s premier artist and songsmith Don Romeo-Machiavelli Noel is set to take over 2021 with a brand-new cut called “GON/KILLUA”, poised to savage the charts and playlists this year on his way up to number one all over again.

“Show me the money & I’m gon’ EAT,” as the man will tell y’all direct – he’s consistently had his eye on the prize from the drop of day one and still stays hungry – his latest joint is pure

confirmation that every time Don Romeo-Machiavelli Noel steps up to the m-i-c, he’s got something verifiably real to say.
As unfiltered & raw, ruthless & rhythmic as listeners know him to be – “GON/KILLUA” reveals the X-factor in full-effect as Don Romeo-Machiavelli Noel serves up a set of skillful bars supported by the flawless production of C-Sharp of DLD Entertainment. The Don flexes his verbal finesse at max potential, armed with undeniably bulletproof hooks.

With the full backing & proud support of his collaborators at DLD ENTERTAINMENT LLC clearly bringing out the best in Don Romeo-Machiavelli Noel’s career to-date, he’s quickly become the artist he was always destined to be, and making massive moves that are shaking the walls throughout the music-scene. Track by track, he’s creating a genuine legacy – and “GON/ KILLUA” is yet another perfect example of all the elements that completely set him apart from the rest in the game & how he levels-up every single time he steps to the mic. From C-Sharp’s digitalized vibes, to supreme craft in his lyricism, and his signature fluid flow, the stylistic swagger of Don Romeo-Machiavelli Noel “GON/KILLUA” is proof he’s in a league of his own, destined to set the trends by always being light-years ahead of the scene.

Out and available worldwide on every major online platform NOW – Don Romeo-Machiavelli Noel’s latest cut “GON/KILLUA” is guaranteed to supply that good-good from the lefts to the rights – come get some.

Anthony Louis
DLD Entertainment LLC
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Unknown Mozart Manuscript To Be Auctioned

Mozart manuscript, 1783 (detail)

One of the most important Mozart discoveries of recent years will be auctioned in Berlin

BERLIN, GERMANY, April 10, 2021 / — One of the most important Mozart discoveries of recent years will be auctioned in Berlin on April 16. The autograph and manuscript dealer J.A.Stargardt is auctioning a recently discovered autograph music manuscript that has remained unknown to researchers until now. The sheet from 1783 shows on one side the complete first violin part for two orchestral dances, KV 609 No. 4 and KV 463 (448c) No. 1, and on the reverse side three drafts for the program of his famous concert of March 23, 1783, at the Burgtheater in Vienna.

The manuscript provides new insights into the genesis of the two dances, whose composition had previously been assigned to later years. Mozart's concert of March 23, 1783, took place under his own direction and participation in the presence of Emperor Joseph II; it became an artistic as well as a financial success and marked Mozart's establishment as a freelance musician. The drafts show Mozart's thoughts on the individual pieces, their order and the performers.

Since the mid-19th century, the manuscript has been in a German private collection. Now it will be auctioned on April 16 as part of J.A.Stargardt's autograph auction, with an estimated value of 140,000 euros.

Wolfgang Mecklenburg
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Artist Frequent-C Releases the High-Energy Summer Banger, Da Muzik, Featuring A.J. Entertains

Artist Frequent-C is dressed in a black white Adidas track suit and matching sneakers while squatting near a large speaker in front of brightly-colored graffiti street art in Atlanta.

Frequent-C “Da Muzik” Single Cover Photo

New Song is the COVID-19 Relief We Didn't Know We Needed

When I wrote, "Da Muzik," I couldn’t see what was ahead, but now I see why I wrote it and why it’s so important for us to celebrate despite what we have all been through.”

— Frequent-C

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, April 10, 2021 / — Artist Frequent-C is set to unleash a high-energy summer banger called, "Da Muzik". The song is a cross-pollination between old school and new school music with a fresh post pandemic backyard party feel. "Da Muzik" is set for release on April 14th, 2021 and features triple-threat performer, A.J. Entertains. "Da Muzik" has Frequent-C rapping over a syncopated beat that is almost a throwback to Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff’s, "Summertime".

The song written and produced by Frequent-C is his latest recording in more than 4 years. “The vibe for this track is just encapsulating what we are all feeling right now," says Frequent-C, "It’s getting back to being together, cook-outs, fresh air, family, friends and having a good ole’ time.” Frequent-C is also wearing multiple hats in the development of this project. He serves as the project’s executive producer, style and brand manager. “I’m excited because I get to wear many hats in "Da Muzik". I am an independent artist, so I have always been involved in my projects from the ground up, but this time, I’m trying new hats and I love it."

COVID-19 did not really slow Frequent-C down. In fact, during COVID, Frequent-C decided to finalize details around the project’s release. The song was already recorded with A.J. Entertains who is a professional actor, dancer and singer. The collaboration was complete, but COVID-19 delayed minor elements. Now, the song is ready as people are preparing to visit family, friends and embrace a new version of normal.

“Music has always been important to me, especially in challenging times. When I wrote, "Da Muzik," I couldn’t see what was ahead, but now I see why I wrote it and why it’s so important for us to celebrate despite what we have all been through. It’s time for us to smell the roses and enjoy "Da Muzik".” Timing is everything and the song will serve as a welcome reminder for people to enjoy the little things—like no longer living alone—together.

"Da Muzik" is available for download on the website of Frequent-C’s new company, Tinted Eyez Entertainment, LLC. The company is an actualization of a vision that Frequent-C has had for several years. Tinted Eyez Entertainment cultivates, celebrates and promotes a variety of artists in different genres, including music, film, television and digital media. It is named in honor of a friend whom Frequent-C lost to gun violence. They promised each other that they would carry on the legacy of producing amazing talent for the world to experience. Download a copy of "Da Muzik" now at

Kaliah Henton-Jones
Henton Jones Media LLC
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Alexander James Rodriguez Releases Uplifting Single and Music Video ‘We Are’

Alexander James Rodriguez - We Are

Alexander James Rodriguez – We Are

Teen pop-star Alexander James Rodriguez continues to shine brightly with his new single, 'We Are'

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 9, 2021 / — With light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, Brit-pop singer-songwriter Alexander James Rodriguez has released his uplifting single, and music video ‘We Are’ on all digital platforms.

The 13-year-old, who co-wrote ‘We Are’ at the height of the pandemic, kicked off 2021 by receiving the prestigious ‘Rising Star Award’ at this year's Hollywood Music in Media Awards, alongside music giants John Legend, Justin Timberlake, Diane Warren, and Kenny Loggins. The teen released 'Doesn't Matter To Me' in February, and is now adding the high energy single 'We Are' to his catalogue of pop tunes.

“My new single ‘We Are’ was very much born out of the pandemic. It was probably the hardest of all my upcoming songs to write and record, mainly because I wanted the song to touch the hearts of everyone,” explained Rodriguez. “The song is about finding your own light and to always be the shining star you are. I wanted people to feel happy and empowered to let their colors shine when they heard the song, and watched the music video, which highlights people loving life and having fun. I hope we achieved that.”

The music video for 'We Are' was filmed at Angels Point in Elysian Park overlooking Downtown Los Angeles and Dodgers Stadium, as well as the hidden underpass under South Grand Avenue where blockbuster films 'Terminator', 'Dark Knight' and 'The Soloist' were filmed, and on the steps of the iconic Walt Disney Concert Hall on Grand Avenue, Los Angeles. The additional footage was handpicked by Alexander to represent all walks of life.

‘We Are’ from Alexander James Rodriguez is currently out and available for download on iTunes and all digital streaming platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, TikTok, Pandora, DEEZER and more. Choose your music platform click the link:

For up to the minute news on Alexander James Rodriguez follow him on Instagram:

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‘We Are’ Official Music Video

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HIP Video Promo presents: Jane N' The Jungle try to leave their past behind in music video "Trouble" on Metal Injection

Jane N’ The Jungle

Jane N’ The Jungle – Trouble

True to the song, she's making a desperate escape. Bad news: she gets caught and interrogated.

PHOENIX, AZ, USA, April 9, 2021 / — Watch "Trouble" by Jane N' The Jungle on Metal Injection

There's a barbed wire tightrope that every heavy rock band has to balance upon: you can't lean too far into melody and give up that venom, but you don't want to tip over into a bludgeon-fest. Jane N' The Jungle not only walk that highwire with their eyes closed, they set it ablaze behind them. Catchy punk chops, thunderous amps, and powerhouse vocals courtesy of Jordan White set them far above their peers. Their collision of timeless rock' n' roll, '90s alt, and modern hard-rock call to mind chart-ruling gods from across the spectrum and across the decades, like Heart, Pat Benatar, and Soundgarden. With features on Spotify's Fierce Femmes, All New Rock, and Women of Rock Spotify Radio playlists, with profiles in Alt Press, Women That Rock, Loud Women, The Hype Magazine, it's pretty clear that Jane is about to become King of this jungle.

"Trouble" is a claws-out, killer rock waltz. Stop-start guitars and blistering leads set the stage for Jordan White's super versatile voice, subdued one moment, lashing out the next as each part demands. With Brian Dellis on guitar and Bryan Dague on bass, "Trouble" is a life-threatening stomp, one giant cathartic hook. And it's clear White had something pretty big to get off her chest. Here, she's looking to leave her past behind, shouting down all the people and presumptions that keep rearing their heads. Like their previous singles "Animal" and "Lucky 7," this was produced by Chuck Alkazian (Chris Cornell, Pop Evil, Tantric) at Detroit's legendary Pearl Sound Studios (Filter, RHCP, Asking Alexandria). Listen up – the title track off the Angel Rock Records release Trouble is definitely the kind you want to get into.

Directed, shot, and edited by Jim Louvau and Tony Aguilera, the video for "Trouble" puts the band's considerable charisma to work. The song was a group effort, co-written by all three, and this is a band, an us-against-them outfit; that all comes across in this performance clip. They plug in and rip in various industrial settings, where one wrong stage move might result in a tetanus shot. A story slowly emerges as White flees down the hall of a dimly lit warehouse. The surveillance feeds jump and cut out; we never see her pursuer, never learn why she's running. True to the song, she's making a desperate escape. Bad news: she gets caught and interrogated. A dark figure in a suit bangs his fist on the table – who does she think she is? Did she really think she could get away? Jane N' The Jungle, "Trouble," and everything this band is quickly accomplishing is all the answer you need, and it's the only answer he's getting out of her.

More Jane N' The Jungle on their website
More Jane N' The Jungle on HIP Video Promo

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2x Grammy Winner, Peter Kater, Announces New Album Release

Rapture will be released on June 4

2x Grammy Winner, Peter Kater

The new album, Rapture, is now available for pre-sale at Amazon and Apple Music.

The music reflects where I’m at and what I need to express to find balance and

— Peter Kater

BOULDER, CO, UNITED STATES, April 9, 2021 / — Two-time Grammy winner and fourteen-time Grammy Nominee, Peter Kater, is announcing the release of his new album, Rapture on June 4, 2021, with pre-orders available now.

Rapture is comprised of 12 new songs that are true to Peter Kater's brand; spectacularly beautiful piano-based instrumentals that are infused with strings, saxophone, flute, oboe, bass, and percussion. All the tracks were produced, engineered, and mixed by Mr. Kater. The music itself ranges from New Age to Jazz influences, with a spectacular cinematic feel to them. The theme of the album is based on love and the music demonstrates a deep emotional connection that listeners can experience through the music, highlighting Mr. Kater's ability to transform his sentiments through his writing and performance. "The music reflects where I’m at and what I need to express to find balance and wholeness,” says Kater.

Peter Kater is a German-American musician/composer and has recorded over 70 albums and has scored the music for over 100 television & film productions including 11 On and Off-Broadway dramatic plays. His albums, Dancing with Water (released in 2017) and Wings (released in 2019), both won Grammys in the Best New Age Album category. Mr. Kater's music has been featured in events from the Olympic Games to the Kentucky Derby to Wild World of Sports and many in-between. He has performed all over the world including the United Nations where he received the prestigious United Nations Environment Leadership Award.

Mr. Kater is a long-time supporter of holistic wellness and regularly hosts his 'The Art of Presence' retreats in various locations. "Being present with yourself and in your life is the single most healing, inspiring and transformative practice you will ever learn." – Peter Kater

Rapture is now available for pre-sale on both Amazon and Apple Music. In addition, the entire album is available to listen to at

Amanda Alexandrakis
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DEEPSYSTEM Is Back on the Scene With a Brand New Release: Heart Away

ROMANIA, April 9, 2021 / — DEEPSYSTEM is an artist and songwriter who focuses on creating music inspired by different genres, including electronic pop, hip-hop, and Latin, and Reggaeton. Recently, he released a brand new project titled Heart Away. This amazing studio effort stands out as DEEPSYSTEM’s peak creative work as the artist set out to embrace new sonic and creative challenges with ease. You will immediately savor the fragrance of this production, with a crisp top, and a softer texture as you reach deeper into the arrangement. The instruments collide together beautifully, and there is a lot of room to let everything breathe, like air bubbles in a perfectly expanded skyline. In addition to that, the zesty tone of the lead vocals is truly remarkable, adding a distinctive, yet subtle flavor that gives the material its distinctive signature.

With Heart Away, DEEPSYSTEM managed to take his creativity to new heights, and the quality of this production is truly astonishing. This release comes highly recommended if you do enjoy music that is melodic, yet fun to listen to in terms of energy. While many artists tend to stick to their comfort zone, this is definitely not the case for DEEPSYSTEM, who is always ready and willing to embrace new, exciting artistic possibilities with his music. Heart Away happens to be an excellent example of this, and a great introduction to DEEPSYSTEM’s astonishing musicianship. This song has a distinctive electro-pop feel in the introduction, but then it moves towards a deeper syncopated beat, which reminds me of Afro-Beat and Latin music. The song is catchy, diverse and fun to move to. You should definitely check this out if you are a fan of artists as diverse as Pitbull, Sean Paul, as well as The Weeknd, only to mention but a few. There is something quite special about this release, and DEEPSYSTEM is a true professional at what he does, channeling some of the best creative influences out there. Heart Away was written and produced by Socoliuc Andrei Marian. The song is also going to be available on as an NFT!

Find out more about DEEPSYSTEM, and do not miss out on Heart Away. This release is available on all the major digital streaming platforms and YouTube.


Andrei S.
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John Salaway Encourages Us to "Weather The Storm"

John Salaway (photo credit: Ben Neely)

John Salaway “Weather The Storm”

First Track from the Forthcoming Album "Salvation" Out April 30

NASHVILLE, TN, USA, April 9, 2021 / — Americana singer/songwriter John Salaway releases his first single “Weather The Storm” off of his new album Salvation coming April 30. A beloved member of the Nashville music community, which in the past year has endured a tornado, pandemic, bombing, and most recently devastating flooding, Salaway has weathered it all himself, all while creating new music and pivoting within the industry. Sending a message of hope and redemption, “Weather The Storm” is available on all streaming platforms today.

Written in the height of quarantine, in May of 2020, the song served as a beacon for positivity and hope. “Things looked bleak around the world and the music business was completely halted. We didn’t know when or how we’d be able to make music with others or when we’d be able to perform or see live music again,” Salaway shares. “I wanted to write something that uplifted and inspired people, to remind them not to worry and live in fear because we can and will get through the storm.”

A man of many hats, Salaway effortlessly transitions between his role as front man, producer, songwriter, and nationally-endorsed multi-instrumentalist with ease. “Weather The Storm” was produced in Salaway’s home studio where he played drums, bass, and guitar. Co-produced with Joshua Koskela, the track also features co-writer Craig Wilson on piano, Peter Keys (Lynyrd Skynyrd) on organ, Joey Fletcher on slide guitar, and harmonies from the artist Phantom Lady.

Demonstrating a pandemic-pivot himself, Salaway adapted to producing remotely for other artists at his production house Music First Productions Inc. as well as taking on the role of booking for Hop Springs in Murfreesboro, TN, one of the first venues to safely bring back outdoor live music.

He is a finalist in the revered Lightning 100 Music City Mayhem competition and will celebrate the release of his album Salvation with a full-band socially-distanced show at the City Winery on Thursday, April 29.

“In 2020 we all had to weather the storm. We all had challenges and hardships but it taught us a lot and made us stronger. Love is what helps us weather the storms and get through the hardest times in life.”

Tori Tullier
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“Weather The Storm”

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