Bobby Blakdout releases Highly-Anticipated 2021 Debut EP

Bobby is dropping his latest EP via his label Blak'd Out Records

I am fascinated by the complexity of the human mind, Ancient Arts and Controversial philosophies ”

— Robert Lindsey aka Bobby Blakdout

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, September 26, 2021 / — The DJ and producer Bobby Blakdout, legally born Robert Lindsey, hailing from Long Island, New York, has unveiled teasers for his new EP! days before he will also be releasing a book

Reboot'D showcases the evolution of Bobby Blakdout's sound and production. The EP delivers even more electrifying sounds for the fans that were left wanting more and there is truly something for electronic music lovers of all tastes and is comprised of 4 tracks.

Furthermore, Bobby Blakdout had the special opportunity to showcase his new book which has already reached the Amazon Best Sellers list while on "Pre-Save"

With the recent release of his EP and his debut book titled, Brand'D, Bobby Blakdout's fans are sure to enjoy this new music to carry them into late-festival season. With such an eclectic release, singles from Reboot'D will surely be seen on mainstages throughout this year and next. As for the DJ and producer, Bobby Blakdout has no sign of slowing down in the months to come.



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Bobby Blakdout’s Latest Single “Rituals”

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Local artist KING SRQ a.k.a. Shahid Avraham is taking the Industry by Storm

The singer/songwriter is about to release new music for the first time in more than two years. But he acts like he never stopped.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 26, 2021 / — Shahid Avraham exudes confidence.

The athlete-turned-musician sits cross-legged on a pillow in his home studio. His right arm is in a cast — the result of Jet Ski injury — but he never once addresses it.

He simply greets his guests with a left-handed shake, sits down and slips on his headphones to perform a few songs from his upcoming album, “Some Real Quality.”

Once he starts talking about the new music, his brand of the same name — SRQ for short — and his community outreach initiatives, his self-assurance does not waver. He hasn’t focused on his music career for the past couple of years, but that doesn’t matter. He knows he’s going to succeed.

“I feel like we’re about to put out a raging ball of fire when we put this music out (Sept. 4),” Avraham says. “And while we’re blowing up we’re going to show people how we did it our way. I’m trying to show people you can do anything you put your mind to if you stay focused.”

When did you get into music?

I was 12 when I first started. My training was listening to music and watching music videos, but it’s funny because I didn’t have an interest in taking it serious. My half brother acted and sang in church, and he was my first introduction to the arts, watching him. I’ve been around arts and entertainment for my whole life. But I was also playing basketball and moved to Florida (from Trenton, N.J.) at 15 to go to IMG Academy. And I was the only student to not go play collegiate or professional sports.


I was interested in other things. After high school, I started throwing parties when there wasn’t any nightlife scene going on for the 18-25 demographic. Not for one color of person, all shades. This was St. Armands Circle 15 South (Ristorante) from 10 to 2 a.m. on a Friday or Saturday night. It was iconic, and it started to gather an audience. Soon I was managing local talent. When I met (Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe Founder and Artistic Director) Nate Jacobs I veered into wanting to produce a show. He said that I was creative and that I had a natural talent. I ended up getting a role in a show called “Marvin Gaye: The Man and His Music,” and I stuck with it.

Why did you decide to pursue music seriously?

I couldn’t run from it even if I tried. I tried to manage local talent and we couldn’t figure it out, so I decided to do music myself. I’m proving now to myself that I was the one making it happen all along. I realized I could do music full time.

Why were you interested in the business side of music?

There’s always been a business side of me. I have always seen myself owning a record company someday. I’ve gone to Revolt Music Conference, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs’ music conference, and I met him three times. After listening to the panels and meeting industry professionals I took classes online and got a music business certificate through Berklee College of Music.

How would you describe your style?

Fusion. I’m a hip-hop kid, number one, that’s what I’ve come up through, but my mom was always playing soul music — Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston.

What artist inspires you?

Sean “P. Diddy” Combs. He’s the best and I want to be the best, so that’s the guy I targeted to help me be the best.

What’s the latest on your music and business?

I think for the first time in my life I can say I’ve been completely focused on music, which has been the biggest triumph for me. I’ve spent the past three months in somewhat isolation — not leaving the house much and expressing myself and what I’ve been through the past few years.

What was the first step?

I purchased studio equipment for my house because I feel most comfortable recording there. I carved out seven songs we feel are most usable and I shared those songs with what was supposed to be the first 10 people to comment on a Facebook post, but then turned into 150 people because a bunch of people wanted to hear it. I asked what they thought of it, and the majority of them thought it was dope.

You said you took a long break from music. Why did you get back into it?

I was going through something and I felt as though this content was what I know I needed to create. Finally, in May I sat my behind down and started focusing, which was a personal turning point because it had been a long time coming — about two and a half years ago I put out a song called “Status.” It got a couple thousand plays, but then I had to go do real life, so I had to drop the music. Then back in February I put a 1-minute video out for “Status,” and people thought it was a brand new song because I introduced it to a brand new audience. But I was just trying to see if anybody would react to it. It got 15,000 views on Facebook, so I decided to put together a full project.

I just want people to listen to it. I sat down and made this in my creative space and made what I felt like making. That in itself is enough for me. I did what I wanted to do how I wanted to do it. Now I’m handing it to you and hopefully you’re going to listen to it. Hopefully it inspires you to do something you want to do.

This is not a place you make yourself known. I find these gaps where you can create or spark change in a culture or a city where it’s just not that popping yet. It (Sarasota) is lacking a lot, and there’s a lot more to come. I firmly believe that what we’re about to do is going to shift the culture of Sarasota because they’re going to get to see one of their own rise.

You’ve told me you also want to help younger members of the community. How?

I’m going to identify some talent that I know that I can train and develop and get my Berry Gordy on with. Sarasota is ready for a renaissance, and I think with the energy we have, we can bring that about. I think it’ll benefit a lot of people. We’re opening a recording studio in the fall. From there, hopefully we can sign some talent and take them on the road with us. I’m going to kick down some doors for a lot of people in a town where artists probably thought they could never become artists.

What makes you confident you’ll succeed?

I’m cool, number one, so people are going to listen to my music. And I think I can get them (young people) to direct their focus past my music and realize there’s an alternative for them after high school. I just want to be out here being a light and doing my thing. I’m not saying I’m Jesus. I’m chilling, but I like doing things like he liked doing them. He was out here giving, but he wasn’t talking about it.

What can people expect from this new album?

The album has a lot of underlying themes, and one cool thing for me is that I discover new ones every day. It’s looking like it’s going to be around 16 songs, and it’ll show a lot of versatility. It addresses youth, energy and culture, and it’s definitely an honest portrayal of that coming from one of Sarasota’s own. It’s definitely going to make some noise. You have to take a chance on this to really get it. You have to get lost in it and have fun with it. Some stuff is serious, some stuff is comedic. Some stuff is true and you might not have wanted to hear it. But it wasn’t made that serious — it was just about time Shahid put something out.

Shahid Avraham
King SRQ

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World Book of Records honors Mohan Chinnasamy

CHENNAI, TAMIL NADU, INDIA, September 26, 2021 / — World Book of Records (WBR) awards "Certificate of Commitment" to Indian singer-songwriter Mohan Chinnasamy. World Book of Records is one of the leading organizations in international certification. Its primary objective and goal is to Records, Honour, Listing and appreciate, authenticate and adjudicate events which can be termed as activities of world standard. Since its inception in the year 2017 it has spread its wings and it is working with global presence in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia. It is but noteworthy to mention that the activities and the events under the banner of WBR have been possible due to the painstaking, laborious, diligent contribution of volunteers, executives, adjudicators of team WBR.

On knowing Mohan, He is the one of the finest singer from Chennai. He predominantly sings on Tamil songs. He pens for his own songs.

In 2019, He released an album called "Puzhudhiyilirundhu" which means "From the Dust". Some of the famous songs such as “Neer Sonnal Ellam Aagum” and “Udaintha Paathiram” crossed more than 1.5 Million+ views across YouTube, and all his songs from his album streamed more than half million over Spotify, YouTube music and Apple music. Also, he has more than 25,000+ subscribers on YouTube.

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Okorie "OkCello" Johnson Releases New Album "Beacon"

OkCello has released the album BEACON on ZMI Records

I hope this album, Beacon, is like a “Bat Signal” to all of us Atlanta creatives now and in the future, calling us to use our powers to birth the world we know, we want, and deserve.”

— Okorie "OkCello" Johnson

ATLANTA, USA, September 25, 2021 / — Atlanta based recording artist Okorie "OkCello" Johnson has released a new record entitled Beacon. The record dropped today on select platforms and will be available on streaming platforms worldwide.

Beacon marks the third release from the celebrated cellist-songwriter and looper-improviser. With 11 tracks, six full songs, and five musical interludes, this work is a sonically luscious and conceptually ambitious exploration of music’s power to impact our “now” and give birth to desired future realities.

In songs like “These are the Days" (which contains a nod to the theme to Norman Lear’s “All in the Family"), “Conjure,” and “Beacon,” OkCello firmly attempts to use sound as an invitation for the listener to imagine the life and world they want. In the song “Elder Roots & Tree,” OkCello’s composition almost seems to mimic the process of an idea’s growth, starting in the still, fertile soil of his rich, drone-toned prelude and followed by the mature flourish of the melody from Paul Robeson’s song “Trees” into full harmony by the song's end. In the albums two upbeat, dance tracks – “Um Boom Boom Bap” and “Click” – OkCello creates songs whose buoyant, jubilant rhythms invite the listener to celebrate the joyful possibility that seems embedded in all of his pieces.

An addition to this album, not found on the previous two (Liminal and Resolve), are interludes: conversations, monologues, and poems, scored by his musical sketches. In these we catch glimpses of his relationships with his daughters, with uncertainty, with new love, and again with the power of dreaming desired futures into reality.

Not quite classical, not just jazz, not walled off from his audience, and not so serious that he can’t laugh at himself, particularly in his vulnerable office as father to daughters – this album Beacon has enabled OkCello to make an honest, emotional, authentic, and musical piece of art that is also creative and confident. Through his jumping through genre, style, and sensibility – look for the hidden track! – OkCello has perhaps spoken to a broader category of music, one we all need in these complicated and trying times: the genre of hope.

Beacon was recorded and produced by Okorie "OkCello" Johnson, mixed by Marty Kearns, with additional mixing by Julian Tillery and mastering by Larry Anthony.

Listen to OkCello's new record Beacon at YouTube Music –

About ZMI Records
ZMI Records is an independent label focused on global music and a division of ZMI Rights Management Ltd , a transatlantic content production and rights management company. ZMI Records is distributed by INgrooves, a world leader in music distribution and technology, and part of Universal Music Group.

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Um Boom Boom Bap · Okorie Johnson

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Electric Violin, Vocal Master L. SHANKAR Unwraps His First Ever Holiday Album

L. Shankar - Christmas From India Cover

L. Shankar – Christmas From India

L. Shankar - Christmas From India Packshot

L. Shankar – Christmas From India

L. Shankar - Christmas From India Packshot

L. Shankar – Christmas From India

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, September 24, 2021 / — Celebrate the holidays this year with a little international flavor, courtesy of one of the most widely revered violinists, vocalists and musical geniuses who has collaborated with everyone from Frank Zappa, Peter Gabriel and U2 to Bruce Springsteen, Madonna and many, many more – Indian-born L. Shankar. Known for his incredibly dexterous playing and his unique singing voice, Shankar has earned accolades from across the musical spectrum and has been recruited to perform live for the world’s most demanding talents. Now, Shankar brings Christmas From India, a brand new set of recordings where he recreates some of the most treasured holiday classics with the sound of tablas, sitar and, of course, violin and vocals to craft a Christmas album like no other. The album also includes 2 original compositions written by Shankar, “Christmas Time” and “Saviour.”

Shankar had this to say about the project, “It was a thrill and pure joy to work on my new album Christmas From India. It brought back fond memories of working on the music for both of the Jesus movies, first with the legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese and Peter Gabriel on ‘The Last Temptation of Christ’ and then with Mel Gibson and John Debney on ‘The Passion of the Christ.’ Christmas From India is like a third chapter.”

Today, Shankar brings the Christmas joy a little early, sharing his gorgeous take on the ‘80s Band Aid classic “Do They Know It’s Christmas.”

Stream/download “Do They Know It’s Christmas”:

Christmas From India will be available on all digital platforms as well as on CD in a digipak!

Order the CD/vinyl:

Pre-order/pre-save the digital:

1. Jingle Bells
2. All I Want For Christmas Is You
3. The First Noel
4. We Wish You A Merry Christmas
5. O Holy Night
6. Do They Know It's Christmas?
7. Deck The Halls
8. O Christmas Tree
9. Christmas Time
10. Silent Night
11. Joy To The World
12. Last Christmas
13. Saviour

For more information:
Official Website:
Official Facebook:
Official Instagram:
Official Twitter:

Press inquiries:
Glass Onyon PR
Billy James
PH: 828-350-8158

11041 Santa Monica Blvd #703
Los Angeles CA 90025
Facebook @Cleopatrarecords
Instagram @cleopatrarecords
Twitter @cleopatrarecord
Youtube @Cleopatrarecords
Soundcloud @cleopatra-recs
Dailymotion @Cleopatrarecords
Vimeo @cleopatrarecords
Spotify @cleopatra_recs
Linkedin @cleopatra-records

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Head Fake's Michael Baker releases a nod to new wave and personal growth with his latest solo project, "Hasten Mercy"

Head Fake's Michael Baker gets personal with his latest project, "Hasten Mercy," available on major platforms.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, September 24, 2021 / — Michael’s latest project, "Hasten Mercy," is available on major platforms. Using retro synths and modern tools, "Hasten Mercy" is the newest project from Head Fake member Michael Baker. Created around the question of whether it is possible to refocus his musical energy after years of pursuing a path more traveled, the EP is sure to enamor and inspire listeners.

Known for being an enigma, Michael’s latest EP expands 80's music infusing pop and country influences. Limited to three songs and written and recorded in a burst of creative output, "Hasten Mercy" highlights the musical influences that shaped Michael's lyric-driven melodies.

"Hasten Mercy" is available on major platforms and can also be streamed here.

About Head Fake’s Michael Baker
Married and uncertain of his future, a young Toronto native, Michael ignored the advice of his musical mentors and headed off to law school, eventually landing in New York City. With a young family and 18-hour workdays, music found its way into his home by singing his young daughters to sleep and exposing them to various genres and styles. Oozing originality, "Hasten Mercy" is destined to create waves by highlighting influences of the '80s such as The Smiths and Stone Roses without changing the essence of his origin.

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LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, September 24, 2021 / — Multi-platinum hit-making trio Cheat Codes, popularly known for their smash single “No Promises'' (feat. Demi Lovato), are turning out new music at record pace by releasing their third single off of their highly anticipated album Hellraisers, PT 2. Hurricane features Alt Pop Favorite Tyson Ritter of All American Rejects. Coming off their Country-Pop crossover single, “Never Love You Again” with Little Big Town and Bryn Christopher, the chart-topping artists are back to showcase yet another dimension of their musical talents with their newest collaboration. “Hurricane” is available now on all digital streaming services.

“Hurricane” is a perfect alt pop single that combines rock, and pop influences into one. Co Written by Grey and Tyson Ritter the song has a new fresh vibe that will have you listening on repeat while dancing with friends.

“This is the last single we are releasing before Hellraisers Part 2 comes- we knew it would be tough to follow our collabs with Travis Barker and All Time Low but we feel like we raised the bar here. We grew up listening to Tyson and All American Rejects so having him on our record is a huge honor and Grey have always set the standard for the highest level of production so its been great to work with those guys say the Cheat Codes.

“We wrote this song with our good friends in the middle peak of Covid over a zoom call and to us it kind of felt like the anthem of our return back to normal life. Like just going out and being crazy with our friends again like old times. We were super hyped on working with cheat codes and Tyson on this cause first of all Tyson is an absolute legend and we grew up screaming his songs in the car. And cheat codes have been killing it for ages and we’ve always loved their approach to dance music say Grey."

Tyson Ritter adds “There’s something about when the right song appears at the right time… in the past when I had written for my band The All-AMERICAN Rejects, there was always this feeling in the room, or I’d see a ladybug climbing up a window drape telling me to press record and capture what I was writing. Hurricane fell into my inbox like that. When I first listened to the demo, what struck me was the beautifully delivered vocal by Grey, and frankly I heard it and said to myself “can I sing this song?” There were nuances to the vocal that I knew I couldn’t re create, yet i felt something pulling me, daring me to approach it. I guess that was the lyric, “maybe they’ll name a Hurricane after us”. To me it was iconic, never before being muttered in song, and that was the allure. Beneath it, a story of a road that was checkered with self sacrifice, lost ways, and a broken heart kind of reflection. Yet in the chorus there was a harkening back to the yesterday’s that we all could find as glory, for me it tasted like a field party red Dixie cup poured out of a the bed of a pickup truck, smelled like CK1, and felt like young love heartache. I cherish those days, and that this song embodied the journey from then to about a year ago for me. It made me compelled to do it. I’ve never sang like this in verses before, and to change, adapt with time to dare myself, was liberating. Grey are incredibly talented songwriters, Cheat Codes are illustrious troubadours in an ever evolving dance music landscape, for me, it was everything right at the everything right time to be a part of it. And you never know, maybe they will name a Hurricane after us.”

Cheat Codes released the first part of their debut album Hellraisers, Pt. 1 in May. The highly anticipated release featured tracks such as the lead single “Lean On Me (feat. Tinashe),” “Stay (feat. Bryce Vine),” “Do It All Over (feat. Marc E. Bassy),” and “Hate You + Love You (feat. AJ Mitchell).” The name of the album, “Hellraisers,” was the nickname given to the group by their late manager, Michael Theanne, who passed away over a year ago, describing their playful and adventurous lifestyle. The album itself has three parts – each part has a distinct sound influenced by each member. This first part is focused on Trevor’s pop-leaning sound, while the second part will be focused on KEVI’s hip-hop flavor, and the third part will be focused on Matthew’s dance-influenced sound. The album was followed by the official music video for “Lean On Me,” the Hellraisers, Pt 1 Remixes album featuring electronic dance music artists Morgan Page, Michael Calfan, and more, and the country-influenced “Never Love You Again” with Little Big Town and Bryn Christopher.

Simultaneously trafficking in electronic, pop, hip-hop, and alternative at the same high speed, the Los Angeles trio Cheat Codes remains an inescapable force throughout popular culture. Their total stream tally eclipses a staggering 6 billion plays. Maintaining a prolific pace, they’ve steadily amassed a diverse discography, including the platinum Pop Radio Top 5 smash “No Promises” [feat. Demi Lovato], the gold-certified “Feels Great” [feat. Fetty Wap & CVBZ], and gold-selling breakout “SEX” with Kriss Kross Amsterdam. Speaking to their international impact, “Only You” [feat. Little Mix] soared to #1 on Pop Radio in the UK, while they received dozens of platinum certifications in 20 countries. Not to mention, Liam Payne, Kim Petras, Wiz Khalifa, and Sofía Reyes all jumped at the chance to collabo on rate, and they did remixes for Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith. Igniting clubs worldwide, their 2019 level 2 EP yielded the #1 Dance Radio hit “Who’s Got Your Love” [feat. Daniel Blume] in addition to “Ferrari” [feat. Afrojack] and “Be The One” [feat. Kaskade].

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Rupam Sarmah brings Chanting and Healing Energies from Around the World with the Power of Music

AUM - Music for the Soul

AUM – The Divine Sound | Rupam Sarmah

AUM – The Divine Sound | Blessings to Humanity | Music for the Soul

We put all our hopes or trust into matters – everyday objects, all our problems can be solved by machines, money, power, and we neglect our inner values. Do not neglect your inner potential.”

— Dalai Lama

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, September 24, 2021 / — "AUM – The Divine Sound" – The Chanting and Healing Energies from around the world, over 7000 years old; Rupam Sarmah collaborates with Grammy® winner George Kahumoku, Jr., Kevin Mackie, Brian Vibberts, Cindy Paulos, Dr. Tom Vendetti, Michael Romanowski, Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Padma Shri Sumitra Guha, and many others from around the world. The New Age album, AUM – The Divine Sound, will be released on Sept 24.

Rupam worked on this project remotely and in-studio during COVID. Rupam composed and recorded over three years hundreds of instruments to blend ancient mantras, chants, and words of wisdom.

A-U-M symbolizes the sound of the Universe. The musical compositions bring Chanting and Healing energies such as Dalai Lama temple chants, ALOHA Blessings, Veda, Upanishad, words of RUMI, Native American Chants, Tibetan Chants, Lord's Prayer, etc. The music of AUM helps in meditation, yoga, and healing of our minds through beautifully arranged tones and elevated vibrations as music therapy. Yoga and meditation are a connection to understanding our inner soul instead of looking outside for everything. Happiness is a personal choice; it comes from within. Rupam's research about Neuroscience and Music Therapy is currently ongoing at Disability institutes and Brain Research centers, documenting early intervention in pain relief, autism, and depression. The right kind of Music helps one relax, refresh, and reorganize the neurons in the brain. Music is a form of sensory stimulation. Rupam's earlier music project, OMKARA, took the science of music to the chakras – the seats of our energies – to inspire healing and balancing of our mind and body.

AUM – ALOHA Blessings (pre-release) includes three tracks of 30 minutes – Blessings to Humanity, Rays of Euphoria, and Epiphany of Oneself. The full album contains sixteen tracks of 154 minutes of music, each representing healing mantras and cultures worldwide. The music meshes the chanting, Classical Ragas, Western music, and world Instrumentation creating the healing vibes – Music for the Soul.

"With the sounds of AUM, we have brought new age and world music a large step forward. It is a unique experience of Eastern and Western music, based on roots of our culture and ancient mantras yet with forward-thinking creations of sound. My work reflects the message of Oneness, Humanity, Peace, and Love," says Rupam.

• Blessings to Humanity
• Rays of Euphoria
• Revitalizing Wisdom
• Spreading Joy
• Healing the World
• Thundering Love
• Epiphany of Oneself
• Shivoham in Soul
and eight instrumental [meditation] tracks

Dr. Rupam Sarmah is originally from Assam, India, and currently living in California. Sarmah is a humanitarian, singer-songwriter, sound engineer, filmmaker, and computer scientist. He has directed award-winning films, composed songs in various languages and film scores for over 20 years receiving international recognitions, such as Guinness World Records, #1 on Billboard World music chart, Human Rights Award, UNESCO Center for Peace – Cultural Ambassador.

With a theme, Ability in Disability, Rupam's recent narrative feature film, One Little Finger, made history with a cast of over eighty persons with disabilities. One Little Finger is not just a film; it's a movement to promote inclusion and diversity to break the barriers of stigma in disability. The film is available on Amazon, Apple, Google, and other OTT platforms.

"AUM creates the depth of rich sound that lifts you to higher dimensions with the power of music," says Rev. Dr. Cindy Paulos.

AUM – The Divine Sound will be available in Stereo and Dolby Atmos® in iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Tidal, and other platforms. To learn more about the project, please visit

Kevin Mackie
One Little Finger Global Foundation
+1 215-432-4510
Visit us on social media:

AUM | Blessings to Humanity | Dalai Lama Temple Chants

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Film Director Dave Wooley Discusses the "Dionne Warwick: Don’t Make Me Over” Documentary Film

Dave Wooley, co-director/writer/producer of “Dionne Warwick: Don’t Make Me Over”

Dave Wooley with Dionne Warwick

TORONTO, ONTARIO , CANADA, September 24, 2021 / — At the recent Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) held through September 9th -18th, 2021, the documentary, “Dionne Warwick: Don’t Make Me Over”, which chronicles the life and career of the Grammy Award winning singing legend, won the "First Runner Up" honors in the documentary category of the TIFF People’s Choice Award. Ms. Warwick was also bestowed with the TIFF Special Tribute Award for her longtime career and work.

The documentary was a labor of love for its producer, writer and co-director Dave Wooley, who also co-authored Ms. Warwick’s autobiography, “My Life: As I See It”. “Working on Ms. Warwick’s documentary is a dream come true,” explains Wooley. “It took me five years to produce this film. While a project like this will have its ups and downs, especially given the time it took to complete the documentary, to see the movie come to fruition and most importantly, for Ms. Warwick to receive such accolades during her lifetime is gratifying and made it all well worth it".

The audience reaction to “Dionne Warwick: Don’t Make Me Over” at the Toronto International Film Festival amazed both Wooley and Ms. Warwick. “We received two standing ovations after the documentary was seen and the audience continued to cheer on afterwards,” Wooley says. “Keep in mind that the First Runner Up honors in the festival’s People’s Choice Awards are voted by folks in Canada who viewed the movie. We were competing against great films produced by major distributors so the competition bar was high".

This is the first theatrical documentary feature film based on the life of the singing legend. "I wanted to focus on how Ms. Warwick has been a transformational leader,” according to Wooley. “Her followers have become leaders. She has been on the forefront of change in culture throughout the decades. We focus on her work and commitment to Civil Rights in the 1960’s – especially when she and other folks of color toured the South during that time. Then we move on into the 1980’s and 1990’s with the AIDS epidemic and her ambassadorship on the US commission to address this matter, which led to Ms. Warwick prompting then-President Ronald Reagan to speak on the issue. And now here we are in 2021 and Ms. Warwick is a game changer on social media as the ‘Queen of Twitter’.”

The film marks Dave Wooley’s directorial debut.

The next stop for “Dionne Warwick: Don’t Make Me Over” is the Montclair NJ Film Festival on Saturday, October 23rd 2021 at 4 pm ET. The event is open to the public and tickets go on sale Friday, October 1st –

For media inquiries contact Double XXposure –

Angelo Ellerbee
Double XXposure Media Relations
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Grammy Nominated Kenny Dope and Wheeler del Torro Release New Song, ‘The Sun Will Shine (Kenny Dope Remix)’.

‘The Sun Will Shine’ Remix

Artist Wheeler del Torro

'The Sun Will Shine' Shines Bright

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, September 24, 2021 / — House music legends Kenny Dope and Wheeler del Torro are here with the remix of their new song ‘The Sun Will Shine Again.’ Released September 3rd, this song lights the dance floor on fire.

The original track, produced by Wheeler del Torro, proved to be a hit back in February. Then Kenny Dope, one half of Masters at Work, put his impressive spin on it. Influenced by a Latin – tinged beat accompanied by big chords, expressive xylophone stylings And plenty of irresistible syncopation. The buttery smooth vocals bring in the soul and help make this a timeless tune that will unite all dance floors.

This song is the sort of life-affirming, feel- good house sound the world needs to hear right now.

You can stream the song here, and check out Wheeler del Torro and Kenny Dope at their socials below!

Wheeler del Torro:

Kenny Dope:

Bsquared MGMT
+1 4242725782
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