Classic Poster Auctions to Sell the Finest Known FD-26 Grateful Dead Skeleton & Roses Poster on Sunday September 27

The Finest Known Original 1966 FD-26 Grateful Dead Poster – CGC Certified as 9.9. A beauty of incomparable quality that is destined to set a world record price.

Famous and Rare AOR 3.116 Grateful Dead Hawaiian Aoxomoxoa poster. Signed by the artist, Rick Griffin.

Ultra-Rare 1968 Big Brother Janis Joplin Poster. The finest of only two pieces known to exist.

The Classic Posters Fall Rarities Sale includes the legendary and finest known FD-26 1966 Grateful Dead concert poster estimated at $100,000-$200,000

Whether buying or selling, Classic Posters and Classic Poster Auctions is the premier source for the finest in rare and vintage 1960's concert posters and Acid Test items.”

— Michael Storeim

EVERGREEN, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, September 25, 2020 / — Michael Storeim and Classic Poster Auctions are pleased to announce the 2020 Fall Rarities Auction, which will include over 300 lots of rare and desirable original concert posters and handbills from 1960's rock concerts promoted by Bill Graham at the Fillmore Auditorium, the Family Dog at the Avalon Ballroom, Russ Gibb at the Grande Ballroom in Detroit and many other important venues worldwide.

This auction can be viewed at Classic Poster Auctions and is currently open for bidding. Lots will close on Sunday September 27, beginning at 6pm MT.

Over 300 items in all price ranges are featured in this auction, including such famous rarities as:

– The finest original FD-26 Grateful Dead concert poster ever sold at public auction. Certified by CGC as 9.9. This legendary poster is destined to set a world record price.

– A signed Grateful Dead Hawaiian Aoxomoxoa poster

– A superb Miami Pop Festival poster featuring Jimi Hendrix; one of 3-4 known to exist

– The finest of only two known 1968 Big Brother posters featuring Janis Joplin

– A gorgeous original BG-105 Jimi Hendrix Flying Eyeball poster certified by CGC

-An ultra-rare 1972 Pink Floyd poster from the University of Denver

– A wonderful selection of high grade posters and handbills graded and certified by CGC, the world’s most trusted third party grading service

In addition to our famous quarterly auctions, the Classic Posters website has the world's largest selection of vintage 1960's concert posters and handbills from Bill Graham, the Fillmore Auditorium, Family Dog, the Avalon Ballroom, Grande Ballroom and many other venues. We specialize in and feature original vintage concert posters from around the world. Included in our catalog are vintage posters used to promotes concerts by Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Janis Joplin, the Grateful Dead, Big Brother & the Holding Company, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Cream, Jefferson Airplane, Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, The Who and many others.

You can view our current inventory offerings at

Mike Storeim
Classic Posters, Inc.
+1 303-903-9932
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Educating in a Pandemic

Faculty Members and Industry Supporters wearing Harris masks

TORONTO, ON, CANADA, September 25, 2020 / — Harris Institute opened for in-person classes on August 10, 2020 with a wide range of safety protocols. The reopening has gone smoothly and a number of our protocols may be of interest to other post-secondary schools.

Universities and colleges across North America are spending tens of millions of dollars on sanitizing their campuses. We have a system in place that ensures continuous sanitation at a moderate cost. At the entrance to all rooms students take disinfectant wipes and clean the areas they are using before and after use. All surfaces are continually disinfected with students taking responsibility for the safety of their environment. This has worked well, is relatively inexpensive and can be maintained indefinitely.

A number of faculty who are in the vulnerable age or health category are teaching from home to students in the classroom via Zoom. The modest cost of additional cameras in the classroom has enabled enhanced connectivity and students benefit from in-person interactions while keeping the vulnerable safe. This method will be used in the future for busy faculty members with travel commitments.

Relaxing and eliminating safety protocols will be more challenging than creating them. Governments are currently experiencing this. We have established a Health & Safety Committee comprised of members from each class. They will be responsible for deciding by a qualified majority (4 out of 5) changes in all the current protocols. Students will be involved in and take responsibility for maintaining their safe environment. I have witnessed over many years, starting with students creating our Academic Policies, that giving responsibility leads to responsible behaviour.

John Harris
President, Harris Institute

John Harris
Harris Institute
+1 416-836-5569
email us here

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Muvi Server Enables Secure Consolidation & Sharing of Media Assets in the Easiest Way Possible

Muvi Server Enables Secure Consolidation & Sharing of Media Assets

NEW YORK, US, September 25, 2020 / — Muvi Server, the media hosting and sharing platform from Muvi, the leading cloud services provider for audio and video, empowers businesses to easily and quickly import, upload, publish, manage and share media assets to a secure cloud-based repository. Launched earlier this year, Muvi Server made headlines for its instant deployability and viewer-centric intelligent content delivery.

Breaking the build-vs-buy conundrum, Muvi Server was notably ahead of its competition right from its inception for its platform-agnostic architecture and ability to deliver adaptive video and audio content across a range of devices and formats. With highly scalable cloud-based transcoding, Muvi Server simplifies the delivery workflow offering varied renditions of each source file in high-quality, consistently.

“Hosting 500k+ content from 700+ customers across different industry verticals, Muvi Server is the go-to hosting solution for video-first businesses”, quotes Saurabh Dey, Head of Marketing, Muvi. “Corporates, education, healthcare, fashion, e-Commerce sectors are adopting videos for both marketing and organizational communications purposes. Muvi Server integrates easily with third-party applications, and with its parallel ingestion architecture, businesses can reduce time and project costs for a faster go-to-market under the budget”, adds Dey.

Muvi Server also provides cloud-based ingest and transcoding through Ingestion API, enabling the fastest transcoding, fluent publishing, with the ultimate level of flexibility, extendibility, and control.

About Muvi:

Muvi LLC is a prominent product-based SaaS company based out of New York. The company provides a cloud-hosted streaming platform and end-to-end solutions for video/audio content owners, broadcasters, TV networks, and content aggregators to launch their own-branded, multi-screen, multi-format OTT streaming service such as Netflix, Prime Video, Spotify, Deezer, etc. that can offer both Live & On-Demand content and be delivered across Web, Mobile, and TV instantly.

The company has gained international recognition in audio/video streaming space and is trusted by 350+ clients in over 50 countries across territories including North America, Europe, Latin America, Middle-East, Africa, Australia, and Asia.

For more information on Muvi LLC, visit

Anshuman Das
Muvi LLC
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Streaming Media Server – Muvi Server

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Nene Musik Launches Phase 1 of Their Official T-Shirt Line Featuring La Bouche, The Mad Stuntman, Veronica & Biagio

La Bouche Official T-Shirt

The Mad Stuntman Official T-Shirt

Nene Musik Official T-Shirt

The Official Nene Musik T-Shirt Collection Is Available Online to Over 40 Countries

The pandemic has made it difficult for fans to attend music concerts or meet and greets. Fans still want to connect with their favorite Artists, TV/Film Celebrities and Sports Entertainers.”

— Ruben Dario Martinez

PORT ST. LUCIE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, September 25, 2020 / — Nene Musik, a thirty-year leader in the Music Industry has partnered with Music Industry Legends to launch Phase One of its official T-Shirt Line. The Nene Musik T-Shirt collection is now available online to over 40 Countries.

Phase One of this must get T-shirt line includes International multi-platinum recording artists:

La Bouche – known for their hits “Be My Lover”, “Sweet Dreams” and “Falling In Love”.

The Mad Stuntman – known for his hits “I Like To Move It, Move It” (As heard on the Madagascar hit movies, tv shows and video games) and “It’s Your Birthday”.

Veronica Jackson – known for her hits “Someone To Hold”, “Release Me” and “Outta Control”.

Biagio – known for his hits “Shaddap You Face”, “One Night” and “C’e La Luna”.

There are nine shirts in the launch including Official Nene Musik brand shirts to promote its business line aimed at music fans of all ages worldwide. The designs have been fashioned implementing the current trends of casual wear.

After this initial launch, Nene Musik will launch Phase Two (Fall 2020) featuring International multi-platinum recording artists, TV/Film Celebrities and Sports Entertainers:

Grant Fuhr – NHL Hockey Legend.

Richard Kline – best known for his character Larry Dallas of the hit TV show Three’s Company.

Sin With Sebastian – known for his hits “Shut Up And Sleep With Me” and “Golden Boy”.

Grupo Extra – Latin/Tropical Bachata greats known for their hits “Me Emborrachare”. “Hoy Se Bebe” and “Lejos de Ti”.

“We are super exited for this new venture with our exclusive clients. It is a difficult time in the world with the Covid 19 pandemic. The pandemic has made it difficult for fans to attend music concerts or meet and greets. Fans still want to connect with their favorite Artists, TV/Film Celebrities and Sports Entertainers. The Official Nene Musik T-Shirt line gives fans an authentic way to support the entertainment industry which is not doing well in today’s climate” says Ruben Dario Martinez (CEO of Nene Musik).

Phase Three of Nene Musik brand will feature additional International multi-platinum recording artists, TV/Film/Podcast Celebrities and Sports Entertainers with the aim of the company to gradually increase the number of personalities in this new collection.

About Nene Musik:
Nene Musik Productions, Llc. ( was established in 1989. Today, it is a boutique Artist Management and Consulting Agency that services Multi-Platinum Recording Artists, International DJ's and Celebrities. La Bouche, The Mad Stuntman, Grant Fuhr, Bruce Buffer, Dennis Rodman, Michael Buffer, Jenny Berggren of Ace of Base, Cascada, Frank Reyes, Milly Quezada and the production team Tune~Adik's are just of few on Nene Musik's client roster. Nene Musik's experience and commitment to excellence have earned them the reputation as one of the best Artist Management / Consulting companies in the World.

Ruben Dario Martinez
Nene Musik Productions, Llc.
+1 772-882-7029
email us here
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Markpain Music Producer Has A Word Of Advice For New Musicians Entering The Music Arena

Markpain Music Producer And Artist

The Real Markpain Music Producer And Artist

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA , UNITED STATES , September 25, 2020 / — Mark Pain Wilson is a veteran in the music business who has been giving advice to new comers in the music business that anticipate being successful and growing at what they love to do. Being in the music business takes strategy but most of all it takes a person to know themselves before they attack the music business. Mark explains that the music business or entertainment is not cut out for everyone. Entertaining people take a certain Je ne sais quoi ( something attractive ) that makes the audience interested in what the artists are doing. The music business is tough and it takes a tough individual to get through it. There will be times when you feel like you just want to give up and not want to go any further, but that is the time to say to yourself " you know what, if I am made to be in this business then I have to understand what comes with it" Mark has been coaching and advising individuals that want to be acknowledged in the business some fail and some have followed his guidance seeing themselves successful at their strategy plan.

When Mark entered the music industry the way artists were perceived was different. Those were the times when you had to literally go out publicly and expose yourself to some of the harshest critics. Making music and becoming that person of choice meant that there were many things that came with it regarding brutal discipline and looking the part of an artist. The internet and social media were not around to many of us who did not get an extra boost like today's times. There were no cell phones and you could not check on your status by just a red notification that came to your phone. When you walked into an executives office what was not perceived was that they were professionals that had been around the entertainment most of there lives. The notion that everyone in that office thought the same way we thought about music was a big misconception. There were no give me a second chances after your meeting it was either you had it or you did not. The executives would give you this cold stare with no emotions due to them not exposing what they thought about you. You never knew what the the outcome was until after everything was said and done. Most of the times there were no responses only " We will give you a call " if they thought you were worth it.

The times have changed and we have a new formula that helps individuals independently become who they want to be. Does that mean that everyone will make it ? No.. Does it mean that I can't make it ? No.. It literally means that because we have social media and the power of communication it still applies to who has what it takes to entertain the world. There are still businesses and companies who are looking for the next big entertainer but before they make those choices, they want to know that their investment is made wisely. Mark has been that liaison between the two helping artist who want to prepare themselves for the music business. Marks work and music experience includes Motown Records in which he was signed to the music Mogul Michael Bivins label Biv-10 Records. Mark has ghost written for Bell Biv Devoe and has travelled on tour with them domestically. Being on tour has given Mark plenty of insight as to what being on tour is and what it takes to keep everyone safe. The best way to learn about the business is being on tour. That will really challenge you and show the industry as well as your fans what type of artist you are. Mark still indulges in music and still puts out his own releases independently, while studying the new way of doing business in the digital era of music. Mark has removed himself from the management aspect of the business and chooses to continue his music production independently. You can find Mark on his social media pages where you can listen to his new releases and how he has challenged the music business.
Mark Wilson

Mark A Wilson
Real Hot Records
+1 702-245-9812
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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Rising Pop/Rock Artist Starliner Drops “Never Satisfied” Music Video

Music video for Starliner’s debut single is out now on YouTube

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, September 25, 2020 / — Starliner has now released a brand-new music video alongside his debut single, “Never Satisfied.”

The music video features a high-energy, rock-n-roll inspired performance by Starliner, including animated clips inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. The video is a fitting visual matching the energy and motivational theme of the song.

“Never Satisfied” has its foundation in rock music, but the synths, addictive melodies, and other pop elements included create a unique pop/rock blend. This single is just the first of Starliner’s upcoming releases, and has garnered attention from publications such as Thrive Global and Music Existence.

Formerly the lead guitarist for the band The Drugstore Gypsies, Starliner still has a lot more in store for his fans.

“I would like to just spread positivity,” he said in a recent interview. “I think people underestimate the power of a smile.”

The music video is available on YouTube, you can access it here. Also, be sure to follow Starliner on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on what he’s got coming out next.

About Starliner

Dillan Dostál, known by his artist name Starliner, is based in Houston, Texas. From a young age, he’s been glued to the guitar, gravitating towards rock music especially. He’s been touring in bands ever since. Most recently, he was a member of The Drugstore Gypsies, a touring rock band featured in publications like Rolling Stone. This year, he has several new music releases on the way, starting with the single “Never Satisfied.” Later this year, he’s also set to drop his first solo EP, 20/20.

Team AMW
AMW Group
+1 310-295-4150
email us here

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HIP Video Promo presents: Justina Valentine is an interstellar dweller in new music video “Lucky You”

Justina Valentine

Justina Valentine – Lucky You

Her image is splashed on the gleaming towers of her spaceport, and she strides and struts across the balconies under a starry-black sky

NEW YORK, NY, USA, September 25, 2020 / — If you’re a pop fan, you’re extremely familiar with astronauts and aliens. They float through some of the most famous pages in the songbook: rocket men, extraterrestrials, space cadets of all sorts, entertaining us with outsized fantasies of wild exploration and experimentation. The starry void stands for unlimited possibilities, the sky a blank canvas on which we can inscribe our wildest desires. If an astral traveler from planet earth met a sexy alien, what kind of explosive chemistry might they have? Justina Valentine thinks she knows, and she’s ready to show you. Her clip for “Lucky You,” her latest single, is pure interstellar fantasia. It’s a green-screen assisted trip to a city where anything can happen – a place where any sailor of the stratosphere would be lucky to find himself.

And there’s one thing that’s guaranteed on any trip with Justina Valentine: fun. For years, she’s been delivering a good time wherever she goes. She dazzled on TV screens nationwide as a regular cast member of the hit MTV show Wild ‘N Out, and became an MTV fan favorite appearing on TRL, How Far is Tattoo Far, Revenge Prank & hosting reunions for the Challenge, Jersey Shore, & Ex on the Beach. She has left audiences breathless touring across the country and she’s delighted listeners with a run of provocative, catchy, and immediately appealing singles such as “Strawberry Soda” “Damn”, “Voicemail” & “Candy Land” (which featured Fetty Wap): these are some of the most magnetic, vibrant, irresistible hits to come from the Garden State in this era. Substream praised her for her “star power,” Indie Hip-Hop dubbed her a “rhyme slayer,” and millions of fans call her a favorite and a female to follow, no matter what crazy business she gets into.

“Lucky You” is a head-nodding beat, a chant, a teasing hook, and an “oh my God” exclamation that’s a pure eardrum-tickle. The track radiates charisma and kinetic energy. It all feels like a dare. A song like this one requires an accompanying dance, and in the “Lucky You” clip, Justina Valentine delivers with a routine that’s simultaneously sexy and approachable. The star takes on all of the social roles available in her planetary paradise – she’s an interstellar doctor, a traffic cop, a space chef, and a short-skirted lunar seductress. Her image is splashed on the gleaming towers of her spaceport, and she strides and struts across the balconies under a starry-black sky. She’s the uncharted territory, and the astronaut is the space wanderer – there to gaze in awe and wonder at the world she’s created.

More Justina Valentine on her website
More Justina Valentine on Instagram
More Justina Valentine on HIP Video Promo

Andrew Gesner
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HIP Video Promo presents: Lauren Hulbert is a communicative storyteller in new music video "Gone In One" on Medium

Lauren Hulbert

Lauren Hulbert – Gone In One

Hulbert's effortless charisma is apparent in every frame she's in, and it's easy to see why she's such a site of interest

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, September 25, 2020 / — Watch "Gone In One" by Lauren Hulbert on Medium

Spellbinding. That's a powerful word, but it's really the only one that suits the talented Lauren Hulbert. The Oakland, California singer-songwriter has been leaving audiences breathless for years, enchanting listeners with her warm, winsome, highly personal combination of folk, alternative country-rock, and atmospheric semi-acoustic pop. Her shows are subtly dazzling, her recordings are softly gorgeous, and her screen presence is positively luminous. Best of all, she does it in a manner that isn't ostentatious in the slightest: Hulbert favors pure and unadorned folk arrangements that emphasize her thoughtful lyrics, her carefully-wrought melodies, and her radiant voice.

Perhaps it's because she's modest as she is, but there's not much footage of Lauren Hulbert making magic on the Internet as there should be. The clip for "Gone In One" ought to change that. It's Hulbert's first proper music video, and it presents her as the low-key folk-pop star that she is: an object of desire and a true believer in the power of love and music as well as a strong guitarist and a deeply communicative storytelling singer. Consider it a teaser for Superbloom, her upcoming set, and one that seems sure to spread her voice and writing well beyond the Bay Area scene where she's already cherished.

"Gone In One" builds on the aesthetic success of Beneath The Soil, the 2017 folk-pop project that established Lauren Hulbert as an artist with a distinctive sound and vision. Although it's a more muscular track than anything on Soil– for one thing, Hulbert plays the rhythm track on an electric guitar – its confessional intensity and its poise will be immediately familiar to the artist's fans. Her observational intelligence has sharpened, too, and the emotional specificity and plainspoken honesty of her verses have only been refined by time and practice.

That absolute candor extends to the clip for "Gone In One," which is as fair a self-examination as viewers could want from an artist who has always been willing to speak frankly to her audience. The video follows Lauren Hulbert through condensed versions of three relationships, none of which is quite right for her – and one of which threatens her autonomy. Hulbert's effortless charisma is apparent in every frame she's in, and it's easy to see why she's such a site of interest. But when the video stops, she's alone with her guitar on the same Oakland railroad tracks where she started, wiser from her experiences, self-possessed, and ready to face the future on her own terms.

More Lauren Hulbert on her website
More Lauren Hulbert on HIP Video Promo

Andrew Gesner
HIP Video Promo
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HIP Video Promo presents: Papi Shiitake and pal need more subscribers on OnlyFrens in new music clip "Enjoy the View"

Papi Shiitake

Papi Shiitake – Enjoy the View

Whether it’s eating their customer’s food as delivery drivers or messing around in the office, they constantly hop on to the next potential profitable gig

BROOKLYN, NY, USA, September 25, 2020 / — Young Tuxx is creating a universe called Papi Shiitake and he wants you to come along for the ride. Young Tuxx, also known for being the frontman of the Brooklyn band Best Behavior, has teamed up with co-writer/musical-conspirator Ryan Sieloff. The longtime friends might be separated by the entire country, but they incorporate East and West coast nuances on top of each other’s distinct styles. Young Tuxx tells stories of optimistic loneliness over Sieloff’s 60s inspired dreamscapes while their alternative-surf rock sways in the wind. There is no filter in their songwriting and no designated place to listen to their tracks; Papi Shiitake was created for the ebb, the flow, and the crest of the days that keep on passing.

We’re nearly seven months deep into this pandemic with no context of what’s to come next. The monotonous repetition of every day begins to morph into an endless loop, and we start to lose track of the months. Papi Shiitake’s newest music video, “Enjoy the View,” encompasses all of the quarantine tedium and the struggle to pay rent with his Muppet roommate (Lil Tuxx). Young and Lil Tuxx follow all of the advice in the money-making guide, but they fail horribly at each job. Whether it’s eating their customer’s food as delivery drivers or messing around in the office, they constantly hop on to the next potential profitable gig.

Busking on the street with a handy cardboard sign isn’t very practical – especially since Young and Lil Tuxx switch up their requests. First, they’re hoping for drink tickets, then some coupon codes, and of course, subscribers to their “OnlyFrens!” After they fumbled the sensual vibe of their live cam, they turn to the internet for its viral proclamation. And viral they went with their TikTok style dance routine that inspired world peace. The steadfast duo might’ve lost some subscribers on OnlyFrens, but they gained many followers worldwide.

More Papi Shiitake on Instagram
More Papi Shiitake on Twitter
More Papi Shiitake on HIP Video Promo

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HIP Video Promo presents: Snypa releases a golden new music video "All Night" on Hype Magazine


Snypa – All Night

SNYPA holds court at a colorful club, rapping with the sort of casual confidence that only the best-loved rap stars possess

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, September 25, 2020 / — Watch "All Night" by Snypa on Hype Magazine

Hip-hop came from America. Because of its massive popularity, though, it now belongs to the world. Practitioners in every quarter of the globe make hip-hop and incorporate sounds from their own traditions into the distinctive styles they develop. Many of the best hip-hop recordings of the last decade have been effectively extranational: they've united nations and styles under a single groove. "All Night," the latest single and video from SNYPA, is a track like that. The song works as a cultural centrifuge – it's simultaneously North American, tropical Caribbean, Euro-technical, and pan-African, all in three delirious minutes.

Its subject matter is universal, too. SNYPA is rhyming about sex, desire, and physical allure, and he's doing it in a manner that anybody can recognize. A song like this practically requires a sultry musical setting – something guaranteed to shake the dancefloor – and the artist has obliged with a beat that plays like a world party. He rides a beat that splits the difference between beach-bar island music and late-night, after-party reggaeton, and raps his words through a radical vocal filter that works as a pledge of allegiance to futuristic Atlanta rap. Then, midway through the song and the video, "All Night" breaks down and strips back, and SNYPA exposes a hand-percussion rhythm track that's daring and downright minimalist. All of these ambitious moves feel perfectly natural, synchronized, and seamlessly integrated, and SNYPA never seems to break a sweat. He radiates the conviction and absolute authority of a man who knows very well that he's got the skills and the impeccable flow to sound great over anything his producers hand him.

The clip for "All Night" is similarly poised. SNYPA holds court at a colorful club, rapping with the sort of casual confidence that only the best-loved rap stars possess. He's surrounded by beautiful women, but he never loses his cool or his artful detachment. In a nod to the globetrotting sound of the single, SNYPA and co-director The Picture Man includes a belly dancer in the video. (Naturally, it works perfectly.) The clothing, too, is positively exotic, balancing on the fine line between cultures and styles. One thing is certain, though: everybody looks terrific. The champagne is chilled, the lights flash, the alluring attendees mingle, the expensive automobiles wait outside, and this is a party nobody should miss.

More Snypa on his website
More Snypa on HIP Video Promo

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