"For Life" actor Truck Hudson is campaigning on instagram to become a cast member on SNL

Truck Hudson

Actor Comedian Truck Hudson

Actor/comedian Truck Hudson is campaigning on instagram to become a cast member on SNL

Hey! These Impressions are great!!! Wow.”

— Fred Armisen

PORT JEFF STA., NY, UNITED STATES, August 2, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Actor and comedian Truck Hudson is campaigning on instagram to become a cast member on SNL.

Recently Truck Hudson's Impressions have been going viral on instagram. Millions of people have been viewing the hilarious videos on instagram. He's done Dave Chappelle, Charles Barkley, Will Smith, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Barry White, Donald Trump, and many more. Turns out Truck Hudson's childhood dream has been to be a cast member on SNL. His fans really believe in him and have been showing a lot of support. Hopefully Truck's dream can come to fruition really soon, that is if NBC and Lorne Michaels take notice of the budding star.

Truck Hudson’s acting Credits:

For Life (ABC)
Luke Cage (Netflix)
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix)
The Following (Fox)
The Skeleton Twins (HULU)
Board Walk Empire (HBO)
Are We There Yet ? (TBS)
Law And Order (NBC)
Flight Of the Conchords (HBO)

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Truck Hudson Hilarious Celebrity Impressions

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Orlando Peay featured in the movie Flint Tale and the original music soundtrack

Orlando Peay is establishing his brand in both the music and the film industry. This gentleman is building a cohesive system in the entertainment industry.

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 2, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — It's not every day that you find a new artist steps into the entertainment industry establishing their brand in both the music and film industry. Orlando Peay is definitely a young man to look for in the industry in 2020. Independent artists are coming to the industry today as entrepreneurs. They are obtaining the education, life experience, and on the job learning which helps them establish their own business. Orlando attended Full Sail University in Winter Park Florida which explains where he obtained his business marketing and audio production skills from. He has established his own business as the CEO of Hop Hip Records LLC utilizing these same skillsets which are added value to this brand.

Now Orlando is adding the role of actor, and music artist to his brand. Orlando is known for his role as Isaiah in the movie Flint Tale directed and written by Marc Cayce. Flint Tale is a story about disgraced former Police Chief Daniel Hartwell of Flint, MI, his cheating wife, Poppy Hartwell, and his two adult daughters, Destiny and Chasity during the aftermath of the Flint water crisis! The movie sheds light on the Flint Water Crisis which is still occurring today. For Orlando, who plays the role of a Uber Driver in the movie this is another open door of opportunity. The movie is an independent film, where the movie director Marc Cayce has opened the door for a young African American entrepreneur to make his break into the film industry as an actor and to also have another platform to debut his talent to the music industry.

This musician, actor, videographer, and entrepreneur has not 1 but 2 songs featured in the film Flint Tale. Foremost Entertainment will be releasing the original motion picture soundtrack for the movie in September. The soundtrack will feature one of Orlando's song's which is called " A Couple of Days". Orlando, is the performer, engineer, songwriter, and publisher for the song " A "Couple of Days". He tells us the song was written to motivate people to stay focused and that music is his life. As you can see this young man is definitely focused and that he wants to ensure that includes some of the essential things for setting the foundation for his music.

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Petula Clark – The Grammy Award Winner is Starting All Over Again with her Hit New Single

The singer rapidly rose to fame with her first single “Downtown” and collaborated with famed Charlie Chaplin on “This is my Song.”

Petula Clark is not only a great artist she is also a great lady in life. It is quite rare to find an artist of this dimension, whose heart remains so passionate for her artistic background.”

— Thierry Wolf

PARIS, FRANCE, August 1, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Petula Clark – The Grammy Award Winner is Starting All Over Again with her Hit New Single

The singer rapidly rose to fame with her first single “Downtown” and collaborated with famed Charlie Chaplin on “This is my Song.”

France – Grammy Award winner, Petula Clark, is pleased to announce she is “Starting All Over Again” with her latest new single of the same title.

Petula Clark is a Grammy Award-winning singer from Epsom, England, who rose to fame at the age of 9 – singing for troops stationed in England during World War II. Petula’s stardom rapidly accelerated when, after marrying French PR man, Claude Wolff, she moved to France and became a sensation throughout Europe – recording multiple titles in French, Italian, German and Spanish.

As a remarkably talented singer, Petula naturally garnered attention from some of the world’s most renowned songwriters. While still living in Paris, for example, English songwriter, Tony Hatch, visited her and presented his new composition, “Downtown.” The recording instantly became a worldwide hit, leading to a string of top ten records and taking Petula’s career to an international level. To date, Petula Clark has sold over 70 million records worldwide.

Being married to a French man, Petula Clark is perfectly bilingual. France holds a special place in her heart, not only because it is where she met her husband, but it is also where she met the illustrious Thierry Wolf – an heir to a count and General in Napoleon’s army.

Though Thierry’s name precedes him, however, Thierry is very well known in the music industry, acting as president of FGL Productions and impresario of the famous Russian ensemble, The Red Army Choir. Coincidentally, Thierry’s mother is one of Petula’s biggest fans, which spurred him to help produce the British diva’s major comeback on the legendary state of the Olympia in Paris.

"Petula Clark is not only a great artist she is also a great lady in life,” says FGL’s chairman. “It is quite rare to find an artist of this dimension, whose heart remains so passionate for her artistic background.”

To help re-launch Petula’s career, Thierry Wolf made the decision to produce a song for her, written by Swiss composer, David Hadzis, called “Starting All Over Again.” The singer wrote the lyrics with the events of September 11th in New York in mind, but Thierry decided Petula should record it during the global pandemic. Both Thierry and Petula hope the song’s lyrics are conveyed as a message of hope to younger generations affected by COVID-19.

“I wrote these lyrics to David Hadzis’s lovely melody and it came straight from the heart,” says Petula Clark. “We are all going through a challenging time and the future feels ‘on hold.’ We need each other more than ever, and we will, I believe, be stronger for this struggle. My love to all of you.”

Today, this artistic masterpiece has been nominated for a Grammy Award – an award the English singer has already won three times throughout her career.

For more information about Petula Clark, please visit https://fglproductions.com/petula-clark-new-single or download Starting All Over Again on Spotify.

About Petula Clark

Before the global COVID-19 pandemic, Petula Clark appeared in the new West End production of Mary Poppins, for which she has been nominated for an Olivier Award.

Petula has been living in Geneva, Switzerland for many years, where she originally met Charlie Chaplin who wrote one of her most famous hits, “This Is My Song.”

Contact Information

David Hadzis – FGL Productions

David Hadzis
FGL Productions
+33 1 47 07 02 02
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Cutty TV Launches The First Indie Countdown To Be Done In New Jersey

Cutty TV LLC Picture

Cutty TV LLC picture

Cutty TV Top 10 Indie Music Video Countdown 2

Cutty TV Top 10 Indie Music Video Countdown 2

Cutty TV LLC Logo

Cutty TV LLC Logo

Innovative Artist Development Company, Cutty TV, announces the launch of their Top 10 indie music video countdown first ever in New Jersey

EDGEWATER PARK, NJ, UNITED STATES, August 1, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Cutty TV has stayed true to the goal of giving real opportunities to talented acts while bringing them closer to their dreams as the company launches their Top 10 indie music video countdown. The new initiative by the NJ artist development company is the first-ever indie countdown to be done in New Jersey, helping to give independent artists a platform to reach millions of people in the region and nationwide.

“Our main goal over at Cutty TV is to help the small people grow! We know how it is to not have help so we want to be the help! Jersey We On!” – Cutty (Chief executive officer)”

The music industry has continued to grow over the years. Aaccording to a recent report published by IFPI, the global recording industry is currently valued at over $19 billion. One part of the business that has seemingly been neglected despite their immense contributions to the industry is indie artists. According to a report released by MIDiA and music label/distributor Amuse, the indie sector generated $643.1 million in 2018, representing a whopping 35% increase from 2017. However, a company, Cutty TV, looks set to give indie artists across the US the recognition and respect they deserve by giving them the platform to express themselves and get rewarded deservedly.

The company’s recent launch of Top 10 indie music video countdown further reiterates this goal. Cutty TV has also launched several promotion campaigns since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic and has brought in almost over 4 million impressions to indie artists working with the company. In recent times, Cutty TV has helped one artist to get his first 10K streams on his song, with two others improving their visibility on Instagram with more than 100k views.

Cutty TV also covers captivating and powerful indie stories on the blog – Jersey Watch, a blog created for indie artists to use for press and exposure, regardless of their location nationwide. The blog has become increasingly popular in recent times, getting more than 10k views in its first month.

For more information about Cutty TV and the company’s projects, please visit – www.weoncuttytv.com. Cutty TV can also be found across several social media platforms, including YouTube and Instagram.

About Cutty TV LLC
Cutty TV LLC was founded by an entertainment mogul, Cutty, to help independent artists build a successful music career. Cutty decided to start the artist development company to give the younger generation a different direction after his little brother (Jevon Robinson) went to jail at the age of 16.

Media Contact
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Cutty TV Top 10 Indie Music Video Countdown

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Ciro Dipagio brings back "Mike White" he is Picking Up Where He Left Off Before Prison in "The MobKing"

The Mobking

Ciro Dapagio

The MobKing

Talented content creator, Executive Producer, leading man, and streaming star Ciro Dapagio is set to star in the film The MobKing as Mike White.

You are either on my side , by my side or in mhy way.”

— Ciro Dapagio

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Talented content creator, Executive Producer, leading man, and streaming star Ciro Dapagio is set to star in the film The MobKing as Mike White. Dapagio, who is a rare combination of artistic talent mixed with ferocious street credibility, is scheduled to start filming The MobKing in 2020. “The MobKing,” is based on the life experiences of Dapagio and has been picked up by Wanda Halcyon Television, New Street Pictures to be filmed at Pinewood Studios.

Dapagio is also the Executive Producer and lead actor in films such as Silent Partners, Brass Knuckles, Suitcasing and Bound. Beginning his acting career in early 2018, Dapagio is already known as a leading man on TV and in movies as a tough guy who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.
Dapagio works diligently with his production team to create entertaining content. His persistence has generated millions of social media followers who have contributed to the success of each project that he has released.

Furthermore, Dapagio launched the The MobKing attire and gear for the lover of the series. This MobKing apparel features elegant cuts and chic, durable designs with excellent fashion taste for prospective buyers. The Mob King Apparel is a reliable and leading online store that separates itself from others with its high-quality clothing that meets the criteria of its sensitive customers offering high-quality clothing that is functional, comfortable, and trendy. First and foremost, it is of high quality and elegant design, and then customers will get a sense of fashion inspired by an award-winning series. To get The MobKing Signature Attire and gear at the best prices available, please visit https://kinggioapparel.com/

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The Mobking

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R&B-Pop Breakout Almondmilkhunni Keeps Her Hot Girl Summer Going With Confident New Single, "damnboy"

damnboy singe artwork

damnboy singe artwork

Out NOW: https://almondmilkhunni.lnk.to/damnboy

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, July 31, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Proving once and for all that she can demand it all and then some, Philadelphia singer Almondmilkhunni is back with a bold and sultry music video for her blazing new single, “damnboy.”


“I love the message of this song, because although it’s not something I have in my life right now—someone who doesn’t need to be taught how to love you—it’s basically everything I want to manifest for myself.” – Almondmilkhunni

“damnboy”—a dreamy wish-fulfillment of a song that begs for an equal partner and not a savior perfectly represents the 23-year-old singer’s years of hustle and hard work, the blood, sweat, and tears that she put into working in pursuit of making a successful, independent life for herself. Written by frequent Megan Thee Stallion and Pop Smoke collaborator Derek Milano, “damnboy” is a modern pop anthem for anyone looking to celebrate their inner boss.

The “damnboy” video, directed by Tyler Yee (A$AP Ferg, G-Eazy, Lil Yachty), follows Almondmilkhunni and her female partner-in-crime during their Thelma and Louise-style romp through the desert, complete with greaser cars, piles of cash, and seedy motels.

“I was presented with the option to have a male or female lead, and I thought it would be a really cool dynamic to have a song be lyrically about a boy but visually representing a woman/woman relationship.I felt like it was a cool representation of my bisexuality.”

“damnboy” comes on the heels of Almondmilkhunni’s “Cherry (Remix).” The original version of “Cherry” graced Spotify’s coveted “New Music Friday” playlist when it dropped earlier this year, and appears on her debut EP, Almondmilkhunni [via Electric Feel Records], a 7-song salute to the forward-thinking Latina’s humble roots and her bright future.

Though she’s only been releasing music for a year, Almondmilkhunni is already serving up silky ‘00s R&B wrapped up neatly in sleek modern production. Previous single “Bandana” cleverly samples Usher’s “U Remind Me,” which Billboard called a “swaggering kiss-off.” As Brain Bakery Magazine put it best, “Somewhere between Clairo and Doja Cat exists the energy and persona that is Almondmilkhunni.”

Notching over 2 million streams on Spotify, Almondmilkhunni is quickly becoming an undeniable force. With her self-titled EP Almondmilkhunni and “damnboy,” the must-hear singer is only just beginning her most powerful hot girl year yet.

To say Almondmilkhunni has somehow done it all already might be an understatement. The Philadelphia singer’s rapid-fire trip to the top has taken her from growing up in the church to putting herself through college by dancing/stripping, to turning heads with her bitingly funny viral social posts, to finally doing what she was always meant to do: flexing her true power as a pop-R&B disruptor. Emerging in 2019, her first two singles (“Grapefruit” [feat. Evander Griiim] & "Henni Heartbreak") racked up over 2M streams, and ultimately got her signed to Electric Feel Records.

FOLLOW Almondmilkhunni:

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Almondmilkhunni – damnboy (official video)

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DISCOVERED.TV engages Viener&Partners as Agency of Record for Global Communications and Marketing

Viener&Partners has been tapped as the Agency of Record to launch DISCOVERED.TV to the US and global marketplace.

With their energy, knowledge of tech, network and serious strategic mindset, we knew we would have the right partner to get DISCOVERED.TV up and out.”

— Charles Pankey, CRO, DISCOVERED.TV

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Viener&Partners has been tapped as the Agency of Record to launch DISCOVERED.TV to the US and global marketplace.

A globally connected digital platform and social network that generates revenue for filmmakers, musicians, and content creators. DISCOVERED.TV serves as a hub for people to find, connect, and collaborate with fans and like-minded creators all in one destination. The DISCOVERED.TV platform is free for creators and its compensation system is supported by global advertising revenue.

“We have been talking with the team at DISCOVERED.TV since they decided to embark on this journey (early 2019) – and could not be more excited to have the opportunity to make them a household name,” states Hilarie Viener, Founder of Viener&Partners.

DISCOVERED.TV’s content is focused simply and solely on providing entertainment. It is truly geared towards providing a pathway for emerging artists and untapped talent. No cat videos, no unboxings…this is real entertainment content, posted by the people who have created it. It allows fans, brands, entertainment companies and content Creators to find one another and collaborate.

The platform is supported by a global advertising revenue model. There is no cost to the viewer and the revenue is shared with the creator of the content.

“When we decided to build this platform in early 2019, one of the main considerations was that we wanted to make sure Hilarie (and her team at Viener&Partners) would be on board,” stated Charles Pankey, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of DISCOVERED.TV. “I’ve known Hilarie for a long time and knew with her energy, knowledge of tech, network and serious strategic mind, we would have the right partner to get this up and out. She has been an invaluable resource since day 1.”

Viener&Partners and DISCOVERED.TV did an unplanned test run in March 2020, just as Covid hit, with a “first to market” digital film festival event pilot for the Queens World Film Festival. “Thanks to some very quick thinking and the immediate response and activation from the team at DISCOVERED.TV – we saved the festival from being cancelled – at a time when every other live event was – by turning it from a live in-person event to a digital film festival. It was a tremendous success." states Viener. “That’s when I was more convinced than ever that DISCOVERED.TV had a very bright future.”

What makes DISCOVERED.TV different is that the content creators can monetize their videos from day one of being on the platform. There are no subscriber barriers, no need for the creator to buy advertising or boost their work and no long wait times to begin monetizing your videos. From the day the content is posted it can immediately begin to build an audience and generate revenue.

“Coming from the 'big agency' world, I can see how this platform will be very attractive to brands that want to reach this coveted audience,” states Viener. “It’s user-generated content – and from the early test results – we see how 'sticky' it is – people are really engaged – because they are authentically part of the community.”

Viener&Partners will be handling strategic brand planning, communications, marketing, media and public relations for DISCOVERED.TV


Viener&Partners, a global branding, communications and marketing agency based in Manhattan with experience working with over 100 brands, from Fortune 500’s to start-ups, in markets around the world. In 2016, the company launched two divisions; Brand&Culture, creating strategically sound partnerships between brands and non-profits/cultural institutions – and – Brand&Insights, a research-driven consultative approach to developing Go-To-Market plans and Growth Strategies, based on proprietary research, audience understanding and actionable insights.

For more information, please visit http://www.vienerandpartners.com

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Rapper Martyn Collabs With Dakari on Newest Hit, I Seen

I Seen Available Now on All Major Platforms

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Chinese rapper, Martyn, releases his latest single, I Seen, with Dakari, Billboard charted producer.

“I Seen,” an urban, jazz track, shares the true story of Martyn’s lifelong friend betraying their friendship and his trust. Between talking behind his back and trying to get with Martyn’s ex-girlfriend, the hurt runs deep.

Martyn’s love for literature trickles into the song, by creating a Fitzgerald or Hemingway vibe in his lyrics. While most of the song is in English, he brings his heritage into the song as well by singing the whole second verse in Chinese.

He brings his two cultures together through his music. Flowing between English and Chinese, both language and culture. Martyn certainly brings something new, yet familiar to the rap game. His Chinese verses flow seamlessly into and out of his songs as if they were fated to be there. There’s no mistaking, Martyn has a bright future ahead of him.

“I Seen” is available now on all major platforms. Follow Martyn on Instagram for future releases.

About Martyn

Born Yize Chen, Martyn, is from a small city in China. Growing up, the young artist learned about different cultures on the internet. His favorite was scrolling through hours of basketball and sneaker culture on YouTube. What he didn’t realize at the time was that he was also taking in hours and hours of hip-hop music. This is where his knowledge of English and his love for rap and hip-hop started. In 2019, he moved to New York City to study at NYU. Since then, Martyn has been investigating his musical talents; more specifically his strength as a rapper. He’s able to produce his own music and has started getting attention for doing so. Another aspect that separates him from other rappers is his incorporation of Chinese, his first language. Additionally, he has had the amazing opportunity to work with Grammy-winning producer, Anthony Kilhoffer, who has worked with Kayne West and Jay-Z; as well as Dakari, a Billboard-charting producer who’s worked with artists such as Halsey and G-Eazy.

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Ali Doukali Opens Up in Vulnerable New Single, Smooth

Smooth Available Now on All Platforms

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Pittsburgh-based artist, Ali Doukali, releases his newest single, “Smooth.” Ali recorded the track at ID Labs, a premier recording studio that has worked with the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, and Atlantic Records to name a few.

“Smooth” uncovers the betrayal Ali experienced from some of his closest friends and allies. As too many already know, trust can take years to build but it only takes seconds for it to be broken. Ali delivers real, raw lyrics about the vicious hate he’s received from those once closest to him. Listeners can hear the hurt in Ali’s rhymes, and hopefully, those who have gone through similar experiences can know they are not alone.

Ali makes a declaration with this song, saying that he will no longer be put down by the haters.

“I am a living legend. And I know most people may read this and immediately assume I am arrogant. But they will all see, my flow is unmatched, my bars are the highest standard around, and my energy is unmatched. Don’t bet against me,” says Ali.

“Smooth” is available now on all major platforms. Follow Ali on Instagram for updates on future releases or visit his website for more information.

About Ali Doukali

Although he often travels to Pittsburgh, Ali Doukali is an artist, songwriter, and author from Magnolia, NJ. After becoming a published author, he soon progressed into writing music. He continues to expand as he’s earned great respect in the rap industry. Ali’s first three videos debuted on YouTube all received over 100k views in a matter of months and continues to grow. He’s also been featured on Stereo Bangers, Billboard Sound, and many others. Ali’s single, “4 My Freaks in The Back,” debuted on Spotify’s largest shisha lounge playlist in August 2019.

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Emerging Indiana Group, Yelloh, Drops Latest Album, Yelloh Archipelago

Yelloh Archipelago Available Now on All Major Platforms

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Yelloh, an Indiana-based group, drops their hottest album yet, Yelloh Archipelago. This project follows their 11-track debut album, Kiswah Island.

Yelloh pushed the bounds of their creativity and production with Yelloh Archipelago. The inspiration came from the same push they give each other when creating music, an honest and thoughtful process in the name of perfecting their craft.

Although their debut album, Kiswah Island, has gotten some love on some streaming sites, Yelloh has spent more time refining their music to create their latest album. Yelloh Archipelago is a wonderful example of their development as artists. It’s about striving for success.

“Midnight Paradise,” an expected standout from Yelloh Archipelago, has an energetic beat and authentic lyrics.

Yelloh Archipelago is available now on all major platforms. Follow Yelloh’s members on Instagram, Liq and M33CHie da Vinci.

About Yelloh

Yelloh consists of two members, brothers, Liq and M33CH. Yelloh was formed after each brother saw the great potential in the other. They began critiquing each other's music before creating music together, which grew into the group they have now. Yelloh also performs live whenever they can. Even though they had separate careers prior to forming the duo, the brothers are eager for their shared careers to take off.

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