Jst Sako brings you into his world through the release of his creative masterpiece, a 4 track EP titled “1Five20.”

JOHANNESBURG, GAUTENG, SOUTH AFRICA, November 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — As a retrospect of where his musical journey was born, Jst Sako brings you into his world through the release of his creative masterpiece, a 4 track EP titled “1Five20.”

Filled with sensational vocal performances and symphonic instrument arrangements met with the sound of the South African streets’ Amapiano log drum, Jst Sako drops his debut EP, “1Five20” which promises to bring a lot of heat to your summer playlists!

The 4-track project is an unparalleled art of great storytelling through heartfelt melodies and it is so-called, “1Five20,” named after the area code of Ekurhuleni’s township, Daveyton, which is where he grew up.

The EP expresses the four pillars that Sako stands for… love, faith, creativity and reconciliation. This is expressed quite impressively from track 1 to 4, giving the listener an experience of his total vulnerability through song.

The first track, “Nguye Lo” is a ballad set alight by a strong message of love and lyrical reassurances made over the well-collaborated fusion of Afro-pop, Amapiano and Soul. Sako has deemed it to be the perfect song for couples who have conquered many obstacles to remain strong in unity and eventually step in the name of matrimonial celebration towards the alter.

“Yintoni” is a song where Sako revisits a case of heartbreak, betrayal and uncertainty in life’s never-ending journey to acquire true love. The song sees the listener dancing to Sako’s pain as he relives a moment that brings us closer to his experiences in the game of love.

As we proceed to the third track, “Mporoma,” this is a street anthem penned for the summer playlist, a song that acknowledges the dance culture of Africa and affirms the fever of this Amapiano era.

An anchor to the project, “Khuleka,” speaks of Sako’s faith as he has embarked on a journey to realize his musical ambitions. With a combination of gospel, rap, orchestral instruments and the famous Yano log drum, Khuleka is written to elevate your spirit and warm your soul as you hustle to make a difference in your life and the lives of those close to you.

Stream/ download ‘1Five20’ on your preferred music service:

Join Jst Sako’s social community and interact with him on these platforms:

Twitter: @Jst_Sako
Instagram: @Jst_Sako
Facebook: Jst_Sako

Lindiwe Dhlamini
Jaylin Media Group
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Jst Sako- 1Five20 (Official Promo Video)

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Rapper Smallzz Tha Razor Sets to Release a Two-Track Single Titled "Speaker"

Soja & Damiduro, the 2 songs on a two-track single by Smallzz Tha Razor titled "Speaker," Afrocentric & of top quality are to be released globally on Dec. 3rd.

BALTIMORE, MD, UNITED STATES, November 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Soja & Damiduro, the 2 songs on a two-track single by Smallzz Tha Razor titled "Speaker," Afrocentric & of top quality are to be released globally on Dec. 3rd. SPEAKER is a project of two eccentric sounds by Smallzz Tha Razor. "The project was inspired by the reflexivity of self, factored by societal norms, & challenges that have met me as an artist," says STR. The title of both songs together (SOJA DAMIDURO) means "Soldier waylaid me."

Soja – This is the first track of the project & was inspired by the mind-blowing Amapiano sound by Daihard Beats. Soja won't fail to have you display your legwork A-game as STR took it easy & hard on the beat in a sensual manner. This sound will have you giggling, hyper, & groovy. "In all you do, no go dance jam soldier ooo"

Damiduro – Reflexing on how the journey has been over a decade of being an independent artist in an overly competitive Nigerian music industry, consistency, and versatility, STR felt the need to tell some of it on this groovy afro sound. "I am still perplexed seeing my self-growth as an indie-artist, and the fact that I have been blessing the world with my sounds for 10 years is something I am thankful for and that I see myself doing for a long time"

Oluwatoyin Adeyemi Ogunmuyiwa, AKA “Smallzz Tha Razor,” is a U.S.-based rapper/musician. STR as fondly called started singing at a very tender age, he decided to take music professionally in 2011 as an undergraduate student at Lagos State University, Ojo Lagos, and to date has been functioning independently. He has released great sounds with artists such as Bella Shmurda, Terry Apala, MohBad, the legendary 9ice, and a few to mention. Over the years, STR’s growth and consistency have been extremely inspiring as he keeps evolving and getting better on each track. He has two EPs to his name and many other rich singles in his discography.

Smallzz Tha Razor
STR Nation
+1 240-548-8733
email us here
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(Video): Smallzz Tha Razor – Soro Soke feat. 9ice

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Herbie Hancock will perform "Maiden Voyage" at the 20th TOKYO JAZZ Festival, with special guest appearances

Herbie Hancock

Herbie Hancock is performing “Maiden Voyage”

TOKYO JAZZ's artists

Ayaka Hirahara, Banksia Trio, BIGYUKI, Chihiro Yamanaka, Dimash Kudaibergen, Herbie Hancock, Makoto Ozone, Miho Hazama m_unit


TOKYO JAZZ presents an archive of dream collaborations and other gems

TOKYO JAZZ 20th, Japan’s largest jazz festival, started in 2002 with Herbie Hancock and is now in its 20th year.

I started thinking about “Maiden Voyage” because the flavor of that song is like traveling from one place to another and continuing to find new territories.”

— Herbie Hancock

SHIBUYA-KU, TOKYO, JAPAN, November 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — TOKYO JAZZ started in 2002 with Herbie Hancock and is now in its 20th year. More than 5,000 artists from Japan and around the world, from up-and-coming artists to legends who have contributed to the history of jazz, have participated in the event. They have all performed with the underlying theme of Under the theme of "Into a Future Beyond Borders and Generations." This year marks the 20th anniversary of the festival.

The in-person festival has been held online since 2020, with hopes of returning to a live festival in the future. Under the theme of “a musical trip around the globe," the festival will feature many artists from all over the world, from rising stars to legends, while introducing the archives of many iconic performances from the past.

The venue for this event is Blue Note Tokyo, a highly respected and upscale jazz club. November 28th is also the 33rd anniversary of Blue Note Tokyo, which opened in 1988. Tune in to listen to the colorful jazz performances straight from the festive atmosphere of Tokyo in winter.

The performing artists include Herbie Hancock, Makoto Ozone, Dimash Kudaybergen, Miho Hasama m_unit, Banksia Trio, BIGYUKI, Ayaka Hirahara, and Chihiro Yamanaka. The four-hour festival, which includes a tribute to Chick Corea, is available to stream for free on YouTube.

In addition, TOKYO JAZZ, has launched an archive site to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Watch performances by a variety of superstars and legends from 2002 to 2019 as many times as you want.

Check out some of the special events featured in this year’s festival.

[Special 1: A Tribute to Chick Corea]
Chick Corea passed away suddenly at the age of 79 in February of this year, so we’d like to present a memorial segment. In the fifty-three years since 1968, he visited Japan more than fifty times.
Chick performed a number of times at Tokyo Jazz over the years, always delivering the joy of music to everyone who listened.
Select past Chick Corea Tokyo Jazz performances will be introduced during the stream and available on the archive site.

[Special 2: Solo Performance by Herbie Hancock]
Herbie Hancock was TOKYO JAZZ’s music producer from the first festival in 2002 until 2005. On the occasion of TOKYO JAZZ’s twentieth anniversary, they’re delivering a special appearance themed around going on a musical journey. He’ll perform his famous piece, “Maiden Voyage.” Enjoy it along with an interview!

[Special 3: Dance and jazz collide on stage! DaBY×Banksia Trio]
It’s Tokyo Jazz’s first-ever collaboration with top-class dancers, featuring Dance Base Yokohama’s Kenta Kojiri, Masako Yasumoto, Masahiro Yanagimoto, Anna Irite, Kaho Kogure, and Saori Hala.
The dancers will do a session with Banksia Trio and make full use of the space in Blue Note Tokyo. The 20th Tokyo Jazz Festival will get a dynamic boost from this fusion of jazz and contemporary dance, so we hope you’re ready.

[Special 4: Musical Travels: Focus on Israeli Jazz]
Tokyo Jazz invites artists from all over the world. In accordance with this year’s theme of “a musical trip around the globe”, one of our focuses will be on Israeli jazz musicians.
Streaming and archiving performances by Avishai Cohen, Eli Degibri, Shai Maestro, and more.

[Special 5: The archive is now open]
The special website where you can see videos of Tokyo Jazz performances both past and present for free is now open for a limited time only—until March 2022. Simply register with your email address to enjoy these musical gems.

Into a Future Beyond Borders and Generations:
TOKYO JAZZ 20th – Sun, NOV 28th, 2021

Ayaka Hirahara
Banksia Trio
Chihiro Yamanaka
Dimash Qudaibergen
Herbie Hancock
Makoto Ozone
Miho Hazama m_unit
And more…

Schedule: Sun, November 28th, 2021 18:30- (JST) ,09:30-UTC)
Stream: TOKYO JAZZ YouTube channel
Price: Free
Planning/Production: NHK Enterprises

Naomi Tsunoda
NHK Enterprises, Inc.
Visit us on social media:


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Thank-you comments to YouTube and Omita for the world's first YouTube Game “YouTube Ice Cream Shop Game”

YouTuber Omita

Omita [ Omi Miyabina ]

YouTuber Omita

Omita [ Omi Miyabina ]

It is a hot topic in the news all over the world.

ITABASHI-KU, TOKYO, JAPAN, November 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — After YouTuber Omita started the world's first “YouTube ice cream shop game” which viewers can actually play in November 2021, the site was featured on TV stations in the United States and became big news in Japan as well as around the world.

The response was great. Many comments were received from all over the world in the YouTube comment section.

In the comment section, the following remarks of praise have been posted.
“I couldn't go out much because of the coronavirus. It's a lot of fun to be an ice cream shop clerk in this game. Many thanks to YouTube and Omita.”
“My children are fascinated with the screen when I play the game, so it is very helpful.”
“The clerks in the YouTube Ice Cream Shop Game are cool and cute.”
“This game is really fashionable and amusing.”
“Whoever thought up this game is a genius.”
“Pure relaxation.”
“This game is an ice cream sensation.”
“It's amazing that people can think up a variety of interesting games like this.”

The world's first YouTube game has become a hot topic in news and other media around the world. It has been well received because visitors actually feel like a male or female clerk working at an ice cream shop. They feel happy and very amused.

Takahiro Kobayashi
Jyunka Association
+81 80-2674-7603

YouTube Ice Cream Shop Game

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NFT Innovator Stevie Marco Explains Cryptocurrencies and the Song fi NFT Virtual Art and Music Exchange.

The time to give much love, respect and compensation to the Artist has arrived at Song fi.com.

The time to give much love, respect and compensation to the Artist has arrived at Song fi.com.

Reggae legend and honorary Song fi Artist Vibert Chang never got the financial compensation he was entitled to in an industry that abuses the Artist. "The solution is Song fi" claimed Vibert Chang to fans at a recent sold out show.

Reggae legend and honorary Song fi Artist Vibert Chang never got the financial compensation he was entitled to in an industry that abuses the Artist. “The solution is Song fi” claimed Vibert Chang to fans at a recent sold out show.

Ddendyl, an honorary Song fi Artist, was a sensation on the NBC show "The Voice" and where did that get her when it came to compensation? Not a dime.

Ddendyl, an honorary Song fi Artist, was a sensation on the NBC show “The Voice” and where did that get her when it came to compensation? Not a dime.

Stand up bass icon Buster Williams spent his life in the music industry.  "I am thrilled to be an Honorary Song fi Musician" said Buster who now sees a way to monetize his works over a lifetime.

Stand up bass icon Buster Williams spent his life in the music industry. “I am thrilled to be an Honorary Song fi Musician” said Buster who now sees a way to monetize his works over a lifetime.

The Founders of the Song fi movement and the Rasta Rock sound: Stevie Marco, Jimmy Dred, Vibert Chang, Junior Richards and Rico Richards prepare for the Song fi  global NFT launch.

The Founders of the Song fi movement and the Rasta Rock sound: Stevie Marco, Jimmy Dred, Vibert Chang, Junior Richards and Rico Richards prepare for the Song fi global NFT launch.

Song fi’s Cryptocurrency Blockchain and NFT Marketplace Launches February 14th, 2022. Limited Founding NFT’s and Lifetime Memberships Available now at Song fi.

"Song fi's Cryptocurrency and Blockchain infrastructure will change the world and make sure that the Artists gets their fair share and then some through the Song fi NFT Global Marketplace Exchange.”

— Stevie Marco

WASHINGTON D.C., DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, November 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — What is a currency? It is far more than just a banknote or coins, but rather a unit of storage to account for transactions and a means of exchange that is a universally accepted way of buying or selling goods and services. There are 180 current paper currencies across the world, as recognized by the United Nations. The British pound is the world's oldest currency that's still in use, dating back to the 8th century. In the ancient days, when the barter system was in place, anything from fruit and grains, to wool, precious stones and metals were considered currency. Then banks entered the picture to regularize currency payments which caused coins and printed banknotes to be created for a particular country, like US dollar bills, quarters, and dimes. The idea of banks began as long ago as 1,800 BC in Babylon. In those days moneylenders made loans to people. Later, in Greece and Rome, loans combined with deposits were introduced.

Now that the digital age has thrust itself upon us, traditional currencies are quickly becoming yesterday’s means of exchange for goods and services, as Cryptocurrencies are taking hold as a "fraud proof and transparent" global currency through the creation of the virtual Blockchain. Make no mistake, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain are not a passing fad, they are here to stay, and have now taken hold in the digital world.

So, what exactly is Cryptocurrency? It is just like a normal currency but in a digital form and accepted universally, unlike physical currencies that work only in a specific country. Cryptocurrencies don’t have banknotes, but they do have coins, in the virtual sense of the word. There is also one more term that is important to understand which is “Token(s)”. People often get confused between a fungible Cryptocurrency Coin and a Non-Fungible Token or “NFT”. It all starts to sound a little confusing but, it is very simple once you grasp the basics.

What is a Cryptocurrency Coin? A Bitcoin or Ethereum “Eth Coin” for example is a decentralized digital currency, without a central bank or single administrator, that can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer Blockchain network that is fraud proof and without the need for intermediaries. Cryptocurrency Coins are “Fungible Instruments” which means their value is a set price for all Cryptocurrency Coin owners. For example, one Eth Coin in the Ethereum Cryptocurrency is valued against the US dollar at $4079.71, and One Bitcoin is valued at $54,415.40 as of today November 26th, 2011.

A Non-Fungible Token or “NFT” is different because its value is arbitrary, like a work of original art. If you owned the Mona Lisa, then you could set the value of the Art and the resale price, just like you could set the price of your child’s first painting if someone was willing to buy the original. Now that you know the difference between a Fungible Cryptocurrency Coin and a “Non-Fungible” Token, enter the Song fi Cryptocurrency, NFT Blockchain and Global Marketplace powered by the Song fi MOS 21 Operating System designed by Artists, Musicians and a world class technology team.

The Song fi platform, and all its amazing creations, has been in development for many years and was designed “By Artistes for Artists and the World”. When you think of the Artist, you think of a class of amazing spirits that have been abused financially for centuries, going back to the court jester that would be thrown a pittance by those attending functions of the King on their way out. Beethoven was broke, as were Picasso and so many others who never realized financial success until they were dead and gone. Same with the boom of Rock and Roll in the Fifties and Sixties when the labels took all the money and left the Artist high and dry and broke again, except for a chosen few. Then came the internet and it looked like finally the Artist could connect directly with fans and make the money they deserved as creators of amazing art. No so, because in swooped Big Tech by way of Facebook, instagram, Google, YouTube, Spotify, and others like them, who abused and hoodwinked the Artist again, as Big Tech made fortunes while the Artist was again paid a pittance.

"Hear me now", proclaims Stevie Marco as he slams his fist on the table. "Song fi MOS 21, with its Cryptocurrency and Blockchain NFT infrastructure, will change the world and finally make sure Artists get paid the windfall they deserve. "Its a revolution long overdue and the world wants to support the Artist instead of Big Tech, so come to Songfi.com" says Stevie Marco, "We are the platform of the future".

Stevie Marco
Song fi LLC
+1 240-432-3265

The Star Spangled Banner Celebrates the Rise of the Artist – Jimmy Hendrix Style – Performed by Stevie Marco

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Chicks Who Rock Rhinestone Christmas

Some of the Chicks Who Rock Performers

Photo Credit: Zaymous

Chicks Who Rock Logo in Red

Chicks Who Rock Logo in Red

Fremont Country Club Logo

Fremont Country Club Logo

All-Star, All-Female, Live Music Performance
Ft. Las Vegas' Hottest Entertainers & Musicians

So much talent in one room! It's going to be an epic night you don't want to miss!”

— Julie Pyle

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, November 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Fremont Country Club with Producers Merry Adin, Jen Mrozik and Julie Pyle present Chicks Who Rock Rhinestone Christmas: A dazzling night of live music mixed with performance art from some of Las Vegas' finest female performers. From rock 'n roll to R & B favorites, Chicks Who Rock features a fun and eclectic mix to please everyone's taste.

Chicks Who Rock features artists who have performed in some of Las Vegas' biggest shows both past and present including Celine Dion, Blue Man Group, Fantasy, Mamma Mia, MJ One, Le Reve, Michael Grimm, MJ Evolution, Zarkana, Zumanity, Splash, Femmes of Rock, Zowie Bowie, Righteous Bros. and more.

The event supports empowering women and girls, which is why the B.E.A.S.H.E.R.O. Foundation has been selected as the charity recipient for the evening. One dollar of every ticket sold will be donated to the nonprofit organization. In addition, $20 from each high-top table sold and $200 from each VIP Booth sold will be donated to B.E.A.S.H.E.R.O. Foundation. The nonprofit will also be on hand at the event to distribute information about their work to end sex-trafficking in Las Vegas.

Guests are asked to bring a can of food to be donated as well in exchange for one free raffle ticket. Raffle tickets are also available for sale in advance or at the event. The raffle prize is an autographed guitar donated by Alex Grossi of Quiet Riot.

Tickets are available via Eventbrite and are just $11 in advance and $15 at the door. Contact for paid table reservations.

Chicks Who Rock Rhinestone Christmas is sponsored by 8 Ball Chocolate Whiskey, Deep Eddy Vodka and GHOAT Radio.

For more information, contact Julie Pyle at jaydemonroeproductions@gmail.com

About Chicks Who Rock:
Producers are Merry Adin, Music Director; Jen Mrozik, Choreographer, Julie Pyle, Promotion & Marketing; and Ava Berman, Venue Owner and Partner.
Core Musicians are Merry Adin, Bass; Shani Kimelman, Lead Guitar; Nannette Fortier, Drummer; Brenda Fitz, Keyboardist; Presley Acree, Guitar, Bass & Keys, and Marlo Zemartis, violin.
Additional Musicians are Aja Marie, Leona X, Sheila Cloud, Emily Sully, Sabrina Robertson and Courtney Lourenco.
Vocalists are Merry Adin, Jen Mrozik, Julie Pyle, Jamie Lynch, Cian Coey, Kyss Kyss, Cassiopee Lapierre, Mary Kryah, Robin Vincent, Megan Ruger, Toscha Comeaux, Victoria VOXX, Patty Januari, Paris Red, Cheyenne Adams, Nieve Malandra and Chondelle La Land.
Dancers are Sherise Sixx, Marina Nicole Fabila, Coralissa Delaforce, Cammie Griffin Tokunbo and Rochelle Patterson Walker.

About Fremont Country Club:
World-class live entertainment venue located at 601 E. Fremont Street in beautiful downtown Las Vegas. Owned by nightlife impresarios, Carlos "Big Daddy" Adley and his wife, Ava Berman.

About B.E.A.S.H.E.R.O. Foundation:
B.E. A S.H.E.R.O. Foundation’s mission is to provide resources needed to support, sustain and empower young girls and women under the age of 25 who have been abused, abandoned, and exploited. We accomplish this by bringing other agencies with similar missions together and being a resource center for these organizations.

Julie Pyle
Jayde Monroe Productions
+1 702-843-9068
Visit us on social media:

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Zaythemusic and Jayywallin Magnetize with the Latest EP "The Chosen Ones"

Zaythemusic and Jayywallin joined forces to excite and inspire fans with their latest EP, "The Chosen Ones," available on all platforms.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, November 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Brooklyn, New York-based producer Zaythemusic launches a four-track project titled "The Chosen Ones" in collaboration with the music artist Jayywallin. Inspiring and dynamic, "The Chosen Ones" is derived from the belief that Zaythemusic and Jayywallin were chosen by God to be great in the music industry.

Known for producing music meant to get your body moving and eardrums excited, Zaythemusic went to school for audio engineering and music production in 2016. Afterward, in 2017, he interned at New York City's top audio and visual production facility called Lounge Studios. Lounge Studios is a four-room professional recording studio that houses some of the finest recording gear and is home to the industry's finest recording and mixing engineers. The facilities feature the highest quality sound and offered Zaythemusic the perfect foundation and training that he has incorporated into the quality and sound of his music today. During this internship, his passion for music production heightened, and he was confident of his calling.

Versatile and talented, Zaythemusic and Jayywallin have cultivated an inseparable bond rooted in music and their sights set on the future. "The Chosen Ones" is an eardrum motivation designed to become an influencing and driving force encouraging all to pursue their dreams and believe they too are God's chosen ones.

"The Chosen Ones" is available on all major platforms, including Spotify. Fans can learn more about Zaythemusic and Jayywallin on their Instagram.

About Zaythemusic

Zaythemusic hails from Brooklyn, New York. While studying music engineering and production, he embraced music and pursued his passion with the belief that God picked him to showcase his talents. Poised to carve a path in the music industry, "The Chosen Ones" will inspire and command your attention.

Team AMW
AMW Group
+1 (310) 295-4150
email us here

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70’s Horn Band The Gringos, Release Their First Holiday Song, Holiday Away

Away from home

Away from loved ones

A sincere melody and a mature arrangement, blends the warmth of the Holiday’s with tempered feelings remembering those who will be away this year.

WOODLAND HILLS, CA, UNITED STATES, November 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — An interestingly fresh approach to holiday music by the 1970’s horn band The Gringos, and written by Alan Harkrader for his wife when the band was on the road and away for the Holidays. The band never got the chance to record the song before their breakup in 1980.

In 2006, Harkrader, got together with his long time friend and former manager, Grammy Award winning producer Billy Williams, to recorded the song, but never released it. When the Gringos finally did get back to recording again Holiday Away was the odds-on choice to be released for this holiday season. The band made a few revisions and recorded some additional tracks to give the song more of the Gringos sound.

This will be the second release for the band this month and their first Holiday song. Released on The Gringos own label, Leer Records, and published under the band’s recently formed Publishing house, Pack O’ Weddels Publishing. The Gringos have managed to release five new singles this year with even more new songs scheduled for release in 2022.


Lynn B. Tivens
The Gringos LLC
+1 818-943-5729
email us here

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New Christmas Song Release

The cover is a Christmas-present tag that says: to Donna (Voice) from Santa.  The title is in large text: "I Want a Doll"   Also, there's a feminine hand in the lower right pulling up on a ribbon to a present box.

Cover Art to the new Swing-Style Christmas song “I Want a Doll”

We think 'I Want a Doll' should be a big help this year 'to make the season bright.'”

— Greg Nathan

SPRINGFIELD, OREGON, USA, November 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Donna Courtell playfully sings "I Want a Doll," according to Greg Nathan, Owner/President of Soaring Music Publications, label for the new Christmas song. Ms. Courtell has been a champion of the Great American Songbook throughout her live-performing career. She is the only vocal artist to record "I Want a Doll."

Reed-man Paul Biondi has roots in Los Angeles, where he performed with some of the biggest names in the music industry. Mr. Biondi relocated to the Pacific Northwest many years ago. Since then, he has been prolific in his live-music appearances.

BMI award-winning songwriter Charles Nathan (1921-2012) wrote, "I Want a Doll." It is the second Charles Nathan song Soaring Music Publications has produced. The first was a title track to an album released in 2013. That song is from a staged musical written by Charles, "Where the Heck's the Plot?." The concerned song's title is "I'll Think of Something."

The arrangement of "I Want a Doll" enables it to become a video production. The presentation of the song will be as if it is a scene from a musical. The video is "in work," and although currently unfinished, the video's imagery is undergoing development.

The recording of "I Want a Doll" includes a seven-piece ensemble (including sleighbells) as the accompaniment, where Ms. Courtell is the eighth musician. Paul Biondi doubles on the recording, performing the clarinet and jazz tenor sax.

"I Want a Doll" is a spirited, Swing Christmas song with clever lyrics. You can hear the recording at the following link: 


Soaring owner Greg explained: "We tried to make the recording sound like it came from the Swing era. Even the cover art has a "retro" feel to it. It's an old song that's new because recently produced Donna is the only one who's recorded it.

If you like Swing and Jazz-tenor-sax, this recording is an 'absolute must-hear.' There are even sleighbells to get through to the 'tiny tots.' The track has a tremendous amount going for it, probably one of the best Christmas-music products ever to hit the market.

You can play "I Want a Doll" right alongside all the traditional Christmas biggies. "I Want a Doll" fits right in. I'm glad we did it, and I'm happy with the way it turned out. We think 'I Want a Doll' should be a big help this year 'to make the season bright.'"

Greg said it deserves to chart but needs everyone that loves it to share it with their people for that to happen. He said those people who share it can earn rewards from Soaring.

Please, click on the link below for more information on how to earn rewards for sharing a link to stream "I Want a Doll."


Kindly use the contact details below to request more information:

Greg Nathan
Owner / President
Soaring Music Publications


Greg Nathan
Soaring Music Publications
+1 541-870-2893
Visit us on social media:

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Blake B Opens His Heart Out About Battling Depression

Blake B, aka mixtapeblake, spoke up about his darkest experiences and how he battled depression to his followers and viewers.

I have learned to express love and spending time with loved ones is one of the best gifts you can give”

— Blake B, aka mixtakeblake

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, November 25, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Blake B, a Dallas-based musician and CEO/Founder of FeltGoodMusic LLC, has shared his entire life's most difficult phase with his fans. Blake B stated that shortly after establishing his position in the social media buzz, he lost his beloved son and felt as if his heart had been ripped out. Blake's 2018 has been a difficult year, as he lost a close buddy and a client soon after. Many followers believe that sharing one's secret requires a great deal of courage and they love him for this.

Blake B, aka mixtakeblake, has revealed his life experience in order to inspire others and encourage them to be strong in the face of hardships. Soon afterward, everything came crumbling down, as he also lost his team. Mentioning the lowest periods of his life, including the loss of his son, closest friend, and client, he refers to it as the "Darkest chapter of his life." The intention is not just to share his story, but also to motivate others to rise and persevere.
He was required to engage in self-therapy in order to regain his mental health. However, like any strong person, Blake saw the silver lining in the midst of the black clouds and was inspired to embark on one of his most ambitious projects to date, Music Therapy OG.

On speaking to the media, Blake said “No one can replace the loss of a child and best friend. My heart is always heavy, and I keep them in my thoughts always”.


FeltGoodMusic LLC is the parent company of the newly coined genre FeltGood. There is a Dallas-based label tucked away in the Bishop Arts District. Blake B's projects Monsters, Music Therapy OG, and many more will be published under the Label. Not only is Blake B an incredible lyricist and director, but is also a social media analyst, project/campaign lead manager, and an excellent network content manager. To learn more visit: https://solo.to/blakeb

FeltGoodMusic LLC
Cory Cox
Visit us on social media:

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