Chart-Topping Rappers' Hottest New Pick: RaH TwoFive

RaH TwoFive, Photo Credit: Mario Marquez

RaH, Photo Credit: Gerard Victor, 2018, used with kind courtesy of the artist

Chart-Topping Rappers' Hottest New Pick: RaHTwo Five Reveals Secrets of Success to Hip Hop Artists

I want to tell other artists that you have to know yourself, believe in yourself, have good self esteem, have faith, know what you want, and not stop until you get it.”

— Rah TwoFive

MALIBU, CALIFORNIA, USA, October 16, 2018 / — Chart-Topping Rappers and many more have worked with one of Raps fastest rising new stars RaH TwoFive, who is one of the hottest new picks for some of the music industries biggest stars.

As reported earlier on ABC News, The Los Angeles based singer known on Instagram as RahTwoFive, or otherwise simply known as RaH, has racked up over a half-million new plays and growing, on the leading music streaming site SoundCloud. He has also recently launched an exciting new crowdfunding campaign, incorporating his official new fan club, at Patreon, here below.

RaH raps success against all odds, in his hot new song “Super Winner,” as seen in his official music video for the song also here below. RaH states that the song is about believing in himself, knowing he can achieve his goals, knowing that any obstacle will not stop him, and that in the end he will be a winner. RaH also urges other artists to have good self-esteem, have faith in God, know what they want, and don't stop until they get it. RaH adds, "You need to constantly redirect your focus to stay in the path towards greatness. At the same time, be fluid to new opportunities that arise at new levels that were previously unseen."

You can listen to Super Winner at the link here below:

As noted in his official biography, “Hailing from Detroit, RaH is ready to dominate not only America, but also the massive Indian Bollywood market, Europe, and the rest of the world as well. Speaking and singing in fluent English, RaH, who is of Indian origin, also speaks fluent Hindi, Punjabi, and even some Spanish.”

His biography also notes that ‘With the first three letters of his full name; “Rahul,” turning into his artist name, RaH got his nickname back in high school, which his friends used to call him. RaH states, “I think it’s cool, because it’s the name of the Sun God of Egyptian mythology, and I love the sun! My family and I traveled to Egypt around the same time I got the nickname, and it just stuck.”

RaH adds that he is really into fashion, and started a fashion label, and loves the colors and clothing styles in Egypt such as gold and turquoise. He also adds that he started reading and studying about Egyptian mythology, and really got into it.

With a love of music, and an array of musical influences, RaH stated earlier on ABC news that he is influenced by “People who are not afraid to express their true feelings, even if it’s controversial to the general public.” Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Drake, Usher, Diddy, The Weekend, and Billy Joel have influenced the young singer, adding that he is influenced by “artists who perform at a super-high level, and take their artistry beyond the music; into short films, and amazing shows.” Michael Jackson, he reveals, is probably his biggest influence, from his music, to his dance, to his fashion, videos, and more.

RaH is also heavily into dance and choreography, having joined a hip hop dance group in college, and also learning and performing the Punjabi style of dance from India. RaH says that he plans to include some of his dance work in some of his future videos.

As discussed earlier on Fox News, RaH stated that as teenager, he began to love singing, and released his first song at just seventeen, getting he says, “A really good response.” He then realized that music was something he wanted to seriously pursue. Now with nine solid tracks out, and two outstanding music videos to his credit for “Super Winner” and “Purple Tears” seen below, RaH’s passion is quickly paying off, with an impressive and rapidly growing fan base.

If having to label his music, RaH states that his “music is based in hip hop and R&B, but that it has a jazz, lounge, and pop feel to it, and wants to mix genres, not being stuck into any one style or genre.”

Advising other artists as his success grows, RaH encourages other singers and musicians, RaH reported earlier on NewsBlaze, “Don’t give up! Continuously perfect your craft by fixing your weak points. Believe in yourself more than anyone else, and know inside that one-hundred-percent for sure, you will reach your goals!” summing up his life philosophy, RaH says.

Further, maintaining his positive mindset, RaH says he is “intent on creating an immense, positive impact on the world through heart-changing art.” He credits his hope and faith with keeping him grounded, and optimistic. He reveals; “If I didn’t stay positive, there would be no hope. I feel my mission is to help lessen the division that exists in America and the world, and lessen this negativity on Earth, to really help people see and feel real love.”

RaH adds, “I can’t wait for you all to hear and see my new songs and see my videos. You can stay up to date on my Instagram, which will feature news of all the new releases. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! I love creating and sharing with you, and thank you for believing in me!”

Listen to Part 1 of the exclusive interview with Rah by the Hollywood Sentinel, here:

Follow RaH on his Official Instagram here below:

Visit RaH's Official SoundCloud here below:

Check out RaH’s Official Video for “Purple Tears” here below:

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RaH TwoFive; Purple Tears, Official Video

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Producer/Singer/Songwriter, Lisa Dawn Miller, Daughter of Legendary Songwriter, Ron Miller, Releases New Music, Website

“Here We Go” by Lisa Dawn Miller

“It’s My Turn to Fly” by Lisa Dawn Miller

“Summer Loving” by Lisa Dawn Miller

Star of Sandy Hackett's Rat Pack Releases New Music, "It's My Turn to Fly," "Here We Go" and "Summer Loving," Along With New Website:

No one can hurt you. If you believe in yourself and look around, you will quickly realize that it’s hard to be understood and accepted as a beautiful swan when you’re swimming in a lake full of ducks!”

— Lisa Dawn Miller

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA , U.S., October 16, 2018 / — LOS ANGELES –Producer/Singer/Songwriter Lisa Dawn Miller –daughter of famed Motown songwriter, Ron Miller –is launching a new website with three original songs, “It’s My Turn to Fly,” “Summer Loving” and “Here We Go.”

“One of my favorite stories is Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Ugly Duckling,’ Miller says. “There are a lot of messages in it but what I always took from it, and still do now, is the moment the ugly duckling realizes he is a beautiful swan. Although many will criticize and bully you and would have you believe you don’t fit in, no one can hurt you. If you believe in yourself and look around, you will quickly realize that it’s hard to be understood and accepted as a beautiful swan when you’re swimming in a lake full of ducks,” Miller continued.

“‘It’s My Turn to Fly’ was inspired by that incredible moment of self-empowerment when you realize that you are amazing and strong, as you prepare to spread your wings and take flight – and all of the excitement, wonder, fear, question, responsibility and triumph that goes with it,” Miller said. The new single is available on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify and at Miller’s new website,

Available also on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify, are “Here We Go” and “Summer Loving,” two additional releases by Miller.

All three tracks are available at Miller’s new website, along with photos, links to her entire music catalogue, and much more.

Lisa is the daughter of legendary songwriter, Ron Miller, whose classic hits include “For Once in My Life,” “Touch Me in the Morning,” “A Place in The Sun,” “Heaven Help Us All,” “Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday,” “If I Could,” “I’ve Never Been to Me,” “Someday at Christmas,” and many more. Lisa will be on SiriusXM Volume Channel 106 with Lou Simon on October 21, 2018 at 8:30pm (PT) to discuss her father's music and legacy.

Miller is the producer of the hit musical, “Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show,” currently in its 9th season. Its 2018-19 national tour includes performances at Pikes Peak Center, Tilles Center, Thrasher-Horne Center, Reynolds Performance Hall, Valentine Theatre and the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Center. Miller also stars as Ava Gardner in the show alongside her husband, Sandy Hackett (son of legendary comedian, Buddy Hackett), who stars as Joey Bishop and co-produces.

Lisa has written and produced numerous recordings and music videos for her children, 18-year-old actor/singer, Oliver Richman including, “You and I,” “Rise,” and “The Diagramming Club” and 12-year-old actor/singer, Ashleigh Hackett, including “On and On and On” and “Slay!”

Lisa has released several songs including “It’s Time,” “This is the Moment” and “Today,” also available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. She made her debut as a songwriter with her 2016 EP releases, "Hello You" and "My Turn Begins Today."

Miller has many projects in the pipeline, including the launch of two publishing companies – LDM Publishing LLC and Ron Miller Songbook Publishing. She is developing a new musical about her father entitled, “For Once in My Life” and a new musical comedy, “Growing Older.” She recently appeared at Motown’s Heroes and Legends Awards, performing her father’s song, “For Once in My Life” in support of youth in the arts.

For the latest news on Lisa, visit, on Twitter @LisaDawnMiller, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

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“It’s My Turn to Fly” by Lisa Dawn Miller

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Kathy Henkel of Sign of the Silver Birch Music Returns to CUTV News Radio in a Brand New Show

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 16, 2018 / — Writing about music has often been dismissed as “dancing about architecture,” but when an artist composes a poem to accompany a painting, the two forms share a dialogue with each other elevating both. This is the process of ekphrasis, one art describing or depicting another work of art, and it’s a highly sophisticated approach to composition in any medium, including music.

“I try to keep away from other music when I'm writing music. I’m very inspired by the visual arts and nature,” says composer Kathy Henkel. “In my music, I tend to be a reporter. It's typically something I've seen, like walking the Cornwall Coastal Path. I'm trying to recreate a feeling I felt at a certain moment, or capture a specific scene, and report on that through the music.”

Kathy Henkel is the founder of Sign of the Silver Birch, a music publishing company where she combines her two passions: composing and traveling. For 40 years Henkel has composed instrumental chamber music, art songs for voice with piano or harp, and much music for double-reed instruments, like bassoon and English horn.

“When I'm composing, I don't do anything else. Time doesn't exist,” says Henkel. “In grad-school days, I don't know how many times I started a soft-boiled egg, walked over to the piano for a minute, and before you know it, there’s an explosion in the kitchen, a burnt pan, and bits of shell and egg everywhere.”

Henkel first began composing in earnest when she was 16, resolving to write the great American musical. Henkel’s works have since been performed across the country, as well as in England, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Canada and Mexico.

“My music tends to be angular with rather jagged melody lines. I enjoy using quartal harmonies and melodies moving by fourths up and down the scale. I also like octave leaps, open fifths, and the occasional whole-tone scale passage in the manner of Debussy. I'm a contrapuntal composer; I like ideas working together or against each other. That's why I mostly write for two or three instruments or quartets because the players are sharing a conversation, working together as one,” explains Henkel. “In fact, I feel that a conversation among equals is one of the most important elements in my music.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Kathy Henkel in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on October 18th at 3pm EDT

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio

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Starpower Management CEO Bruce Edwin Offers Viable and Lucrative Projects at AFM

Image: Bruce Edwin courtesy of

Starpower Management Party with actor Mel Novak and Fashion Models courtesy of

Moira Cue, courtesy of Starpower Management and

Production Company Starpower Management will attend this years 2018 American Film Market, offering 10 new viable and lucrative film properties to investors.

Starpower Management recognizes The American Film Market as one of the most important events of its kind in the world.”

— Bruce Edwin; CEO, Starpower Management

MALIBU, CALIFORNIA, US, October 16, 2018 / — Starpower Management CEO Bruce Edwin is pleased to announce that his company will attend the 2018 American Film Market, offering 10 new viable and lucrative film properties to investors, in multiple genres.

More information about the offerings for serious investors can be found by contacting the company at +1-310-226-7176, or by e-mail at

One of the leading film industry events in the world, the 2018 American Film Market (AFM), begins October 31st, and runs until November 7th. During this time, more than reportedly 7,000 filmmakers, production companies, and financiers attend the annual summit in Santa Monica, California where they will network, finance, buy and sell motion picture packages. The AFI Fest is the official market partner of AFM, where some of the industry’s top new films screen that are available for purchase, distribution, and awards.

About Starpower Management

Starpower Management is a multi-million dollar motion picture production, management, publishing, and public relations entertainment company headed by film and music industry veteran and CEO Bruce Edwin. Recognized as one of the most powerful entertainment boutique companies in the world, the company represents over 10 billion dollars worth of deals in the areas of master works of fine art, literary property, runway and fashion models, celebrities, Grammy Award winners, entertainment companies, billionaires, and small businesses among more. More information can be found at the website

About Hollywood Sentinel

The Hollywood Sentinel official website of publishes “only the good news,” and features weekly and at times daily new content including interviews with stars and opinion leaders from all areas of the arts. The publication gives free help to those aspiring in Hollywood, and teaches “positive thinking,” avoiding traps of the ego, and “doing good for ourselves and others.” The current issue of Hollywood Sentinel features exclusive interviews with film and TV stars Tracy Reiner, Donny Most, 5 Time Grammy Award Winner Devine Evans, and New York Times contributing writer Nomi Prins, among others. The Archives version of the entertainment news site can be found at

About Bruce Edwin

CEO of Starpower Management, founding publisher of Hollywood Sentinel, Bruce Edwin Productions, and Hollywood Sentinel Public Relations, Bruce Edwin represents companies with dozens of Oscar Winning, Golden Globe Winning, Grammy winning stars, and famous Master Works of Fine Art in private collection, among more. Formerly representing Michael Jackson guitarist David Williams, he began his Hollywood entertainment career as a Reader for Lakeshore Entertainment and Production Assistant at the TV show EXTRA! Prior to that, he worked as a model and talent agent, booker, and scout. Prior to that, he self published his own music and film publication, distributed world wide by Tower Records, through which he interviewed and photographed many stars. Bruce holds a B.A. in film Production from Columbia College of Chicago, with immersive training on lot at CBS Studio City, and a focus on Producing / Cinematography, and Film History and Aesthetics. Visit:


Bruce Edwin has received written commendations from the offices of some of the greatest film studios, record labels, movie stars, and pop and rock stars on the planet, as well as numerous billionaires and charitable organizations.


A vegetarian for over 20 years, Bruce has been active for years in valuable causes for animal rights, human rights, and environmental protection. Deeply passionate about all areas of the arts, Bruce states, "Music, film, art, fashion, dance, beauty, nature; these are the things that give my life meaning and fill my spirit. The creation and celebration of art, beauty, and the spirit in all artistic forms is what I have dedicated my life to full time since I was a teenager. That has never changed. I am very blessed and thankful to do what I do for a living, and I thank everyone that has given me their business, their kindness, trust and care." Bruce resides in Los Angeles, where in his spare time enjoys all areas of the arts, swimming, mountain hiking, and martial arts.

Public Service Announcement

Starpower Management states that the only official and legitimate contact for the company founded in the late 1990's are the links in this official press release herein, the number of 310-226-7176, and those listings, contacts, and profiles headed by Starpower Management CEO Bruce Edwin. Any other entities or social media profiles using the companies names or language found online other than these listings herein are fake.

Charitable Work

Bruce Edwin wrote the report partly used by the California State Assembly for the last new law concerning model and talent agents, managers, and acting schools to help better protect children from sexual abuse. He has for years worked with both city, state and federal authorities in his provable successes in fighting child sex trafficking. He gives free advice to parents on keeping kids safe, and also free advice to teenagers and young adults on how to succeed in Hollywood and stay safe.

Free Help for Kids and Artists

Those seeking free advice on keeping kids safe in Hollywood, or any other free advice on success in the entertainment industry from a positive, moral perspective can call the companies public line at 310-226-7176.

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Bruce Edwin Official Video of Hollyweird Episode 1 starring Michael Lohan and Moira Cue

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Oakland Singer-Songwriter MIGHTY QUINN to Release Debut Punk Album MIGHTY QUINN & THE OAKLAND RONIN

OAKLAND, CA, USA, October 12, 2018 / — A singer and songwriter most famous for his work on the television show Scrubs, MIGHTY QUINN (aka Quinn Walker) grew up playing Rock, Funk, Soul, and Gospel, and he presently writes music and plays shows with his live Punk band, set to release their self-titled debut album MIGHTY QUINN & THE OAKLAND RONIN in stores and online worldwide November 2, 2018. The album will also be available as a Vinyl LP, and in true Punk fashion includes a ton of leftist political messages about social justice mixed with classic upbeat tunes about love, loss, addiction, depression, and a few pirate references.

MIGHTY QUINN & The Oakland Ronin will be performing together to celebrate the release of their debut album at The Uptown in Oakland, CA on November 2, 2018. In addition to the self-titled LP of originals, MIGHTY QUINN & The Oakland Ronin will be dropping digital releases of 10 different cover songs in the coming months – Punk versions of classic 60’s tunes like “Be My Baby,” “Runaround Sue,” “You Don’t Own Me,” and more.

In 2009, MIGHTY QUINN had his first big break as a solo artist with his debut single “My Road,” produced by Brian White and featured on the ABC television show Scrubs. Quinn followed this up in 2010 with his My Road EP. Since then, MIGHTY QUINN has been at work with Steve Wyreman (Common, Logic, Vince Staples, Rihanna, Richard Ashcroft), a guitar wizard and longtime friend who inspired Quinn to go Punk and hire the young rockers Geoff Saba, Joel Davidson, and Andrew Muhoberc for the initial rotating lineup of MIGHTY QUINN & The Oakland Ronin. The word Ronin describes samurai warriors who did not follow a specific political lord – essentially, guns for hire in ancient Japan, much like the guns for hire situation of the band.

MIGHTY QUINN originally brought on Joel Davidson for his Young Ninjas EP in 2013, and they have since worked together with Geoff Saba on a variety of projects covering R&B, Trip-Hop, acoustic Soft Rock, Psychedelic Rock, and of course Punk. Andrew Muhoberc is a hardcore vegan punk artist from San Jose who has designed a lot of the band art and knew Geoff from local music circles. Together they recorded MIGHTY QUINN & THE OAKLAND RONIN at Secret Bathroom Studios in Oakland. Quinn has fond memories of the process, saying “the best part of recording was when we would sing/shout choruses together as a group, usually on a separate day than instruments, and with the assistance of alcohol.”

When Quinn Walker was in high school and college he dreamed of being a Funk/Soul bass player. He studied Jazz, Hip-hop, and R&B, and was trained by a great Gospel bass player in Oakland. However, in college Quinn developed a muscle disorder causing tendinitis and carpal tunnel in both arms and wrists, effectively ruining his performance career. Quinn was devastated, but learned to sing, produce, and teach music to keep his playing minimal. He never intended to be a singer, but with his ability to play an instrument taken away, he was able to focus his energies through new channels.

Unfortunately, health issues and injuries have been a huge part of Quinn’s life and career, keeping him in physical pain most of the time. Despite this, MIGHTY QUINN has worked as a librarian, teacher, landscaper/gardener, and many other jobs. Working at UC Berkeley and other locations teaching Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and yoga helps address his pain and disability issues, and he is passionate about helping others with the same.

Quinn studied music at UC Berkeley and recording engineering at Future Rhythm, where he met producer and long-time collaborator Brian Lee White. They first worked together in 2008 as engineer/producers on Exposed, a Gospel record by Tiffani Marie. With over 15 years in the industry, Brian White has worked with thousands of artists, labels, and corporate clients worldwide including (Black Eyed Peas), Kelly Rowland, Christina Milian, Jabbewockeez, and MIGHTY QUINN. Quinn introduced Brian to the talented composer Brian Trifon of Trifonic, and they formed the company Finishing Move Inc. Together they have worked with the SF and LA Symphonies on several occasions, and written and produced music for films and video game franchises including Halo, Massive Chalice, and Google Tilt Brush. In 2013, MIGHTY QUINN explored some darker sounds with the Young Ninjas EP and music video for his track “Fear,” featuring members of the UCB Wushu team. The years following saw Quinn working with Dan Petersen, Steve Pedersen, and Christian Lewis of indie band Evaline for the Open & Shut LP.

For more information about MIGHTY QUINN please visit:

To pre-order MIGHTY QUINN & THE OAKLAND RONIN on digital services please visit:

To pre-order MIGHTY QUINN & THE OAKLAND RONIN on Bandcamp please visit:

For Press and Interview inquiries please contact Billy James of Glass Onyon PR:(828) 350-8158 or

For Booking inquiries please contact:

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Muvi takes World’s fastest deployable OTT Platform to NAB New York

Muvi LLC

Muvi at NAB NY 2018

Muvi, one of the pioneers in the OTT industry will be a part of the upcoming NAB New York. It will be housed at Booth N-534.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, October 12, 2018 / — New York-based technology company, Muvi LLC, is gearing up for the upcoming NAB Show 2018, scheduled to be held at The Jacob K. Javits Center, New York from 17-18 October.

The enterprise SaaS platform provider will be housed at Booth No. N-534 showcasing its acclaimed instantly deployable OTT platform that is earning raves for its state-of-the-art design and instant deployability. The end-to-end platform has struck the right chord among the OTT enthusiasts as it incorporates Video streaming (both live & on-demand), Audio streaming, and Merchandising at one place ensuring seamless cross-screen delivery.

Muvi’s award-winning OTT platform is the world’s only platform that offers broadcasters, content/media owners and distributors the ability to create, manage, deliver, and monetize ANY content on ANY platform using ANY monetization method, whether advertising, subscription or a transaction model.

“Traditional players and new streaming services must take bold action to become the next Hulu or Netflix before Hulu/Netflix become a pay-TV provider—and the platform is a defining factor,” advised Anshuman Das, CEO, Muvi.

The Zero Coding – Zero Upfront cost setup is all set to woo the NAB attendees next month who will converge to witness the groundbreaking innovations and powerful solutions to create, manage, deliver, and monetize content on any platform.

“Our product strategy is simple. Just listen to your customers. We could incorporate each and every request of our customers for their streaming app, all thanks to our highly customizable platform. With more than a hundred features in the arsenal, Muvi also boasts of unique features such as Playout, Visual Designer, and Easy Integration option that makes us stand out among our peers. All you need to have is quality content and stream right away!”- says Ankit Pandey, Head Business Development, Muvi.

Muvi will be exhibiting its OTT platform at NAB New York. Experience the revolution at Booth N-534. <<Schedule a Demo>>

About Muvi:

Muvi LLC is a New York based Technology Company behind the popular cloud based Multi-Screen OTT Streaming Platform – Muvi ( Muvi enables video & audio content owners to launch their own-branded Multi-Device Streaming Platform offering Live and on Demand Video or Audio content across Web, Mobile and TV at a click of a button instantly!
Muvi includes everything required to launch a Video/Audio Streaming Platform, from Cloud based IT Infrastructure, CDN, DRM, Online video Player, Transcoding & Encoding Engine, Subscriber Management & Billing Engines, Payment Gateway Integration, Marketing Modules, Analytics & Reports to front end apps for Website, Mobile and TVs, all out-of-the-box, fully managed, deployable at a click of a button, instantly!

To learn more about Muvi and its services please visit

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Borgore Peels Back Another Layer of Composition Mastery With 'The Firest' EP Release

Featuring New Tracks “Are You Sure Now?” And “On The Side (ft. Tima Dee)”

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, October 12, 2018 / — Borgore continues his reign as the boundary busting King with the release of ‘The Firest’ EP, which includes new tracks “Are You Sure Now?” and “On The Side (ft. Tima Dee)” in addition to the hard-hitting single “MOP feat. Gucci Mane & THIRTY RACK”.
It’s available now at all digital retailers via Buygore Records.

Get it HERE:

The Israeli-born, Los Angeles-based musician, producer, and DJ maintains a diversified discography with each release this year. With tracks spanning dubstep, electronic, big room, bass, jazz, and most recently trap, Borgore proves his expertise through fluidly merging sub-genres and pivoting between genres altogether.

“This entire year I've put out very different styles of music, that I haven't repeated. For this EP I wanted to continue that and show the diverse music I was creating. I don't like keeping myself or my music fixed in a certain space- I produce and release what I’m feeling or inspired by. “MOP” came at a great time as I hadn't released a hip-hop track in a while. I stuck to my core with “Are You Sure Now? – probably one of the heaviest bass tracks I’ve released. But “On The Side (ft. Tima Dee)” was very different, in a good way, and a bit pop-ier than what I’m used to.” – Borgore

Borgore is in the final stretch of his fall North American headline run, the “BGU Tour” with special guests GG Magree and Benda.

Buy tickets to the few remaining dates HERE:

Borgore is hailed as one of the most mind-melting dubstep artists of his generation, the classically trained producer, songwriter, and DJ's sonic evolution has been as enticing as his surreal multi-sensory show productions. Between countless sold out dates and festival appearances worldwide, he’s attracted A-list collaborators such as G-Eazy, Waka Flocka Flame, Miley Cyrus, Juicy J and more to join him on bold, brilliant, and bloody bangers. His unbelievable journey encompasses attending a prestigious music school in his native Tel Aviv, manning the drum kit for a deathcore band, and rapping. Additionally, he owns and runs his own Buygore Records.

Be on the lookout for more from Borgore very soon!


Stacie Sater
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Born Divine aka Davinci Making Power Moves

Born Divine a Artist CEO with Power Moves

Born Divine A Boss in the making

All artists sign up look for email in article

Live streaming Facebook ,Instagram ,YouTube etc

Wu Wednesdays Radio Show

Born Divine aka Davinci Making powerful moves and making his presence known in the entertainment industry.

Born Divine is now and the founder /creator of Indie Boom, which is a platform for the independent artists to gain exposure and sell their music. Vice President of PYN Record Label.”

— Skyler Stone

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, USA, October 12, 2018 / — (Born Divine) Is In The Running To Become A Nominee In The 17th annual Independent Music Awards

(September), 2018 – Homegrown talent (Born Divine aka Davinci) is among the artists and bands vying for a nomination in The 17th annual Independent Music Awards (IMAs), the influential platform for established and emerging artists from around the globe. If nominated [Wu Tang Affiliate & Protect Ya Neck Records Executive/ ie Hip Hop Veteran] could be among this year’s Winners announced during The IMA ceremony in the summer of 2019 at the Symphony Space Performing Arts Center in New York City.

The prestigious award honors artistry and innovation rather than sales or touring statistics in more than 100 Album, EP, Song, Producer, Video and Design categories. Each year thousands of self-released and indie label submissions from around the globe – in all styles of music – are evaluated by panels of recording and touring artists, programmers and other influencers to determine the Nominees.

Additionally, music fans can register at to vote for one Independent artist. Nominee in each Song and Music Video category; and earn points by promoting IMA artists to their social networks. To help (Born Divine) become a Vox Pop Nominee go to: (

Winning projects are selected by judging panels of iconic Artists [which have included Keith Richards, Tom Waits, Aimee Mann, M’shell Ndegeocello, Chris Thiele, Peter Gabriel, Melissa Etheridge, Snoop Dogg, Keith Urban, Buddy Guy, Ozzy Osbourne among many others], Programmers, Talent Buyers and other influencers throughout the Americas, Europe and Pacific Rim.

Artistry Has Its Awards

Now in its 17th year, The Independent Music Awards is the premier platform for self- released and indie label projects. Winners and Nominees are promoted to millions of music consumers and industry insiders via ongoing promotion, performance and distribution opportunities. And celebrated during The IMA ceremony and Independent Music Party industry conference in New York City.

Past Winners and Nominees include: Amy Lee, Pokey LaFarge, Macy Gray, J.D. McPherson, Killer Mike, Flying Lotus, Air Traffic Controller, Girl In A Coma, Fiona Joy, Masta Ace, John McEuen, Jackson Browne, And You Shall Know Us By The Trail of Dead, Team Me, among many others.

Submissions for The 17th annual Independent Music Awards accepted through December 7, 2018. Details and eligibility available at

Erica Robinson
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Run Down

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Bruz Newton Releases New Single “Bariki”


Bruz Newton and Exodus


KAMPALA, UGANDA, October 12, 2018 / — For Immediate Release
Contact: Black Market Records

Bruz Newton Releases New Single “Bariki

Black Market Records has announced the release of the new single from Bruz Newton “Bariki”. This new song brings gospel and dance music together with its spiritual lyrics and uptempo beat. This collaboration contains some of the most talented artists in Africa. Bruz Newton has been consistently creating music that has garnered a huge following. His dynamic dance moves have gone viral and created many challenges as others attempt to recreate his electric steps. Exodus is a multi-talented Ugandan star that has numerous songs of his own and he continues to gain fame with his distinctive style. Set to the solid production of Daddy Andre whose sonic sound has been sweeping through Africa, this song captures an undeniable vibe that is contagious.
This song is ready for the radio and accompanied by a video that showcases the cool coordinated dance moves that have made Bruz Newton’s choreography so catchy. Bruz Newton is backed by Black Market Records which is a global record label that has established a strong presence in Africa bringing light to the rich talent that this continent has to offer. This single will be available to all channels of distribution.

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Bruz Newton featuring Exodus “Bariki”

Source: EIN Presswire

Todd Rundgren Nominated to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Class of 2019!

ASHEVILLE, NC, USA, October 11, 2018 / — Todd Rundgren Nominated to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Class of 2019!

Spirit of Harmony Foundation Founder and President Todd Rundgren has been nominated to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The RRHOF is offering fans the opportunity to officially participate in the induction selection process. Beginning October 9 and continuing through 11:59 p.m. EST on December 9, 2018, fans can visit to cast votes for who they believe to be most deserving of induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The top five artists, as selected by the public, will comprise a "fans' ballot" that will be tallied along with the other ballots to choose the 2019 inductees.

Fans will need to login to vote. Voting is capped at one ballot per day.

Please click here for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's bio page about Todd.

For the SOHF webpage on the latest Todd news, please click here.

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Source: EIN Presswire