"A Cowboys' Life," Doug Adkins – Country Singer Songwriter New CD Release

CD Cover Doug Adkins titled "A Cowboys'' Life"

Doug Adkins “A Cowboys’ Life”

Doug Adkins with Guitar for "A Cowboys'' Life" CD Review

A Cowboys' Life Coffee Cup

A Cowboys’ Life Coffee Cup

Montana Country Artist Doug Adkins Releases New 15 Song CD Titled "A Cowboys' Life"

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES, August 4, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Doug Adkins' 10th CD titled “A Cowboys' Life,” is a fresh exhilarating welcome country musical experience for everyone who's ever wondered where did real country music go? Conveniently listen to all the songs in a shortened condensed YouTube video here: "A Cowboys' Life" from Doug Adkins

This 15 song CD, with its varying styles and energy give a dynamic listening country music experience! From Traditional and Americana Country to Roots Rock to Folk to Cowboy Music to Blues Country to Honky Tonk, it's all here and presented seamlessly as 15 songs masterfully weave in and out to create an exceptionally enjoyably good time. Recorded with some of the top Nashville studio musicians, Doug Adkins once again shows why he's gained so much worldwide respect as a Songwriter and Recording Artist. Unapologetic in his approach, Adkins takes the listener from the opening traditional country number “Stand for Something” to “Get A Little Drunker With Me Baby,” which is a humorous innocent take on a middle age couple meeting in a country club, dancing and noticing that they both don't have diamond rings on.

Next on the track list is “It Would Break Her Heart,” where Adkins humbly and honestly questions why thoughts of a past relationship still “linger in his mind, when there's nothing back there with her he could ever possibly yearn.”

The song “Billy Wants To Dance,” changes the mood immediately with it's upbeat driving fun story line of the view from being a “Front Man – Singer” on stage at a country bar and witnessing the humorous things you see from that perspective. From there it's back to the classic country sounds Adkins has become known for with the titles “Too Much Worry,” and “Hold On.” On these numbers, Brent Mason (guitars) and Scotty Sanders (Steel guitar) have put their unforgettable legendary signature sounds. The hard driving number 7 song “Country Certified,” is a nod to all the “Country Boys,” across the world, and shows an especially touching side in the 2nd verse with a tribute to Adkins' grandfather who used to break wild horses for a living before he passed on from Tuberculosis when the father of Doug Adkins was just 12 years old.

Number 8, a true cowboy ballad and the CDs' title track “A Cowboys' Life,” is just what you might expect to hear at any real country campfire or cattle drive riding the range across Montana, Wyoming, Texas, or Oklahoma. Next it's the banjo, steel guitar and country picking on the track “Jesse James,” that brings the energy right back into focus, which Adkins explains is actually an incognito relationship, self reflection song disguised with imagery of gun fights, riding your horse out on the prairie and knowing that tomorrow somewhere there “Must Be Something To Believe In.”

At this point the listener is wondering, where can we go from here, to which Adkins does not disappoint! As if to do a 360, “Tail Lights In The Mirror,” and “One Kiss,” take us back into the Americana Country – Roots Rock world with solid song writing and extremely well crafted themes. Then out of nowhere and certainly unexpected, we see a side of Doug Adkins most probably didn't know existed with his offering to his Church upbringings as he delivers likely the sleeper of the entire album, a song titled “Amen,” in which showing vulnerability and acceptance of ones own weakness in the human spirit become the strength of this song. Number 13, “Talk Of The Town,” is a sweet moving country number where the singer declares his appreciation for the type of lady that doesn't have to always “stand out in a crowd,” but is none the less the love of his life! Song number 14 “Please Stay,” may be one of the more interesting and revealing tracks where Adkins shows his vocal versatility and range when he decries “I don't wanna be another one of those guys, I don't wanna hear you say goodbye, this is as far as I thought I'd ever be, Please Stay With Me.”

The final listing, number 15 is a tribute to legendary Texas songwriters Ed and Patsy Bruce who both passed in 2021. The song, which was previously released by Adkins where he sang the lyrics Willie Nelson recorded were swapped out, replaced with the original lyrics Ed and Patsy Bruce wrote. The result is an upbeat, remixed and remastered version of the timeless classic “Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys.” Adkins does the song justice, and anyone who loves the classic version from Willie Nelson, will surely also enjoy the approach taken here.

Learn more about Doug Adkins and his new CD "A Cowboys' Life"
Listen to more music from Doug Adkins at dougadkins.com/music

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Listen To “A Cowboys’ Life,” from Doug Adkins

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Hall of Mirrors a Contemporary Circus Show Takes Flight In Miami

Hall of Mirrors Contemporary Circus Show

Hall of Mirrors

Hall of Mirrors Team

Miami Circus and Theatre Performers Team Up For Hall of Mirrors A Contemporary Circus Show by Les Ailes du Desir Foundation

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, August 4, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — If you love high-flying acrobatics, death- defying aerial stunts, and the beauty and grace of dance, you won’t want to miss Hall of Mirrors, a production of Les Ailes du Désir Foundation (LADD) on Thursday, August 5th at 6:30pm at Fantasy Theatre Factory in Miami.

This unique collaboration features award winning Circus artists Nicolas Allard, gold medalist of the Cirque de Demain, Silvia Dopazo from Cirque du Soleil and professional dancer Elisa Palermo. They are sharing the stage with LADD talented and pre-professional students at the Fantasy Theater Factory.

Hall of Mirrors is a series of multidisciplinary performances inviting the audience into a riveting mix of Circus aerial skills, physical theater, dance, contortion, music, acrobatics and moments of pure grace yielding to rushes of adrenaline to showcase the latest cross collaborative creation in support of LADD Foundation.

Come see this beautiful artistic creation! You will leave in awe!

Doors open at 6PM on August 5th for immersive entrance at Fantasy Theater Factory. For information email info@lesailesdudesir.org. or call 786–478–5891.
Show starts at 6:30PM. Tickets are available on Eventbrite.

Les Ailes du Désir Foundation
Les Ailes du Désir Foundation (LADD)
+1 786-478-5891

Hall of Mirrors

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Historic Los Angeles Venue, Maverick’s Flat, Reopens Under New Female Ownership As Private Events Venue Nina Roza

The Los Angeles landmark debuts as new private events venue with a luxe atmosphere perfect for any Los Angeles entertainment or corporate event

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, August 3, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Located in the Crenshaw district of Los Angeles, Maverick’s Flat once known as the “Apollo Of The West” has been hosting legendary events since its opening in 1966. Now, after just over 5 decades, this City Historical-Cultural Monument has a new owner and an updated new modern look. Named after its new female owner, the Nina Roza Penthouse at Maverick’s Flat is an exclusive private event space available for any exclusive occasion from set locations and weddings to wrap parties and artist showcases and more.

The spacious venue features both an indoor and outdoor event space as well as a bar, balcony, and a parking lot conveniently located on the property. The chic, minimalist décor creates the perfect backdrop for any type of event and adds an air of elegance. The venue has already hosted several unique private events including Music release parties, private corporate brunches, and even a set location for various up and coming productions. The beauty of the Nina Roza Penthouse is that if is easily transformed to accommodate each occasion.

About Maverick’s Flat

Maverick’s Flat already has a history for hosting incredible acts including Marvin Gaye, Earth, Wind, and Fire, and Ike and Tina Turner. Nina Roza gives guests the opportunity to hold events in the same historic building where these legendary acts once performed. From birthday parties to concerts, this venue creates a one-of-a-kind experience for attendees and hosts alike.

About Nina Roza Penthouse

Nina Roza Penthouse is woman owned private events venue located at 4225 Crenshaw Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. For further questions or to book an event at this exclusive venue, visit their website at NinaRozaOnTheStrip.com or call (213)277.7211.

For requests and press inquiries, contact Lynn Allen Jeter & Associates or (323) 420-6575 at lajass365@gmail.com

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King Cxshmere Pioneers as a Media Personality Striving to Bring Balance in the Independent Music Industry

We have to come together and build.”

— King Cxshmere

CHARLOTTE, NC, US, August 3, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — King Cxshmere (Cxshmere or Cxsh) born Anthony Grant, is a Charlotte, NC resident Media Personality/Journalist/Publicist/Love Guru/Artist that has been impactful in changing the way that others see and appreciate artists and music for over 10 years.

As a well known singer/songwriter in his city, best known for his powerful National Anthem performances at high profile stages, such as The Lupus Walk, CIAA and Walmart's Year Beginning Meeting and Grand Openings; King Cxshmere had connected with many individuals in the music industry that have helped shape his career in serving the independent market. King Cxshmere has helped and worked with many independent artists in his area with building their brands from the ground up. He is dedicated to music and the artists that truly find passion in its creation.

For a long time, Charlotte, NC has been known for having some of the most talented and skilled individuals to ever come into the city. However, the city also suffers from a well known crab-in-the-bucket mentality and lack of support when it comes to its own music scene. Although many DJ's and promoters reside in the city, it has not seemed to birth more successful career artists like DaBaby. But even before DaBaby arised, King Cxshmere set out to balance that deficit with his two online platforms that uplift and spotlight artists.

CxshMedia.com was established in 2019 as his "personal opinion" site where he drafts blog write ups on artists that he listens to from his Playlists: Cxsh List: Sativa & Indica on Apple Music and Spotify. BANMagazine.com (BANMAG) was established in 2012, as the original and more general approach, featuring interviews, stage performances and more, conducted and recorded by Cxsh. With the platforms gaining more and more traction, King Cxshmere has also built a solid network of other individuals with like-minded brands that support the independent artists and music scene. "We have to come together and build" is a statement recited by King Cxshmere and the many individuals in his network and abroad; assuring we all want the same thing and should work together to achieve it. Cxsh has prided himself in constantly connecting the dots with artists and personnel in the industry to get them to the next level.

King Cxshmere knows his city is full of talent and stars that should be displayed and put out for the world to see. His mission is to create and support an atmosphere of music driven events ran by music lovers. To support his mission, he started his own company, The Cxsh House, LLC to bring PR/Artist development services to artists and other entrepreneurs looking to build their brand. Also in this pursuit, Cxshmere practices Self-Love Coaching to help sharpen the minds of individuals suffering from anxiety and depression so that they can become wielders of their own power.

King Cxshmere has set the standard in togetherness and brand collaboration in his city and encourages others to join him in building a nation of powerful individuals that can sufficiently serve each other.

King Cxshmere's playlists and featured blog are available on CxshMedia.com.
Follow King Cxshmere on his growing journey and mission at @KingCxshmere on IG.

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Simplicity 26 Records Announces the Release of KLÖ’s Newest Single “Hit it Good”

Cover Art

On August 10th, 2021 KLÖ’s “Hit it Good” single hits digital retailers worldwide.

The title “Hit it Good” speaks for itself.”

— Matthew Clark (CEO of Simplicity 26 Records)

DETROIT LAKES, MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, August 3, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Early this year, Simplicity 26 Records announced a deal that was reached with Sunai Paradise Music to rebrand Haitian recording artist KLÖ. Their plan is to release a series of singles throughout the summer of 2021 that cater to the international music market and introduces her to new fanbases. (Simplicity 26 Records. April 12th, 2021). Detroit Lakes, MN Based Label, Simplicity 26 Records, Signs New Deal With Orlando, FL Based Haitian Artist ‘Klo’.

On July 10th, KLÖ’s first single “Luv’s So Good” was released along with the debut of the official music video.

The official music video for “Luv’s So good” reached over 30,000 views on Facebook. (Simplicity 26 Records. July 8th, 2021). Simplicity 26 Records Announces the Release of KLÖ’s First New Single “Luv’s So Good” Since Signing With Label. With this response, KLÖ’s team is excited to debut the music video for “Hit it Good” on her new Youtube channel @KLOVEVO at 6pm EST on August 10th.

August 10th is a big day for KLÖ; as not only is her single “Hit it Good” and it’s official music video being released; a follow up compilation album for her single “Luv’s So Good” featuring remixes from Kenny Summit of Good For You Records, Mike Dominico of Muted Trax, David Wiegand of M.S.L. Records, and Unspoken Notion of Simplicity 26 Records is also hitting digital retailers and streaming sites worldwide. Currently, the “Luv’s So Good” Remix Compilation can be found exclusively at JUNO Downloads. (Simplicity 26 Records. July 27th, 2021) Remix Compilation for KLÖ’s “Luv’s So Good” Single to be Released by Simplicity 26 Records.

“Hit it Good” was composed by Branley Midouin of Sunai Paradise Music and Laury Charles. Midouin along with Fitzreynold Cadet of Noldy Music and Simplicity 26, produced and arranged the single. Gabriel Laporte brought his guitar skills to the table and Myriam Estinval lent her voice as supporting background vocals. The lyrics; written by Charles, are that of an erotic fantasy of sexual attraction. One not any less revealing in the steamy Official Music Video directed by Protheus of Prostreamz; surely, outdoing its predecessor. “The title “Hit it Good” speaks for itself.” says Matthew Clark (CEO of Simplicity 26 Records).

The feedback for “Luv’s So Good” and “Hit it Good” has been so positive that a remix compilation album featuring unreleased remixes of both tracks; along with remixes of her next single, is currently in the works. New “Luv’s So Good” remixes featuring Eddie Hudson, DJ BobbyJamz, and M&Project can be expected on that release. Negotiations are still taking place for remixers of “Hit it Good” and the next single that is still “To Be Announced” later this summer.

An awe-inspiring singer, songwriter, and artist; KLÖ’s journey continues…


About Simplicity 26 Records

Simplicity 26 is an international independent record label. Simplicity 26 is a subsidiary under Selustive Notion International, based in Detroit Lakes, MN, along with sister companies Noldy Music Productions, One Beat Music Kenya, Com'ere Productions, Chronic Leaf Records, Phunky Phamous Entertainment, & Simplicity 26 Distribution. Simplicity 26 is ran by Executive Producer Matthew "Unspoken Notion" Clark, Engineer/Producer Eddie Hudson (Multi-platinum Award Winner), and Producer/Engineer Fitzerynold Cadet (Bass Guitarist for VAYB formerly known as Carimi). Some artist with signed works to Simplicity 26 are; Mike Dominico, Kenny Summit, M&Project, K-Nactif, Manny Rebel, Ella René, Mickey Orlando, David Wiegand, Ivan Lee & Friends, Mapozi Classic, Lizzie, & Rofence.

Simplicity 26 Records. (April 12th, 2021). Detroit Lakes, MN Based Label, Simplicity 26 Records, Signs New Deal With Orlando, FL Based Haitian Artist ‘Klo’. [Press Release] Retrieved from https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/detroit-lakes-mn-based-label-simplicity-26-records-signs-new-deal-with-orlando-fl-based-haitian-artist-klo-301266700.html

Simplicity 26 Records. (July 8th, 2021). Simplicity 26 Records Announces the Release of KLÖ’s First New Single “Luv’s So Good” Since Signing With Label. [Press Release] Retrieved from https://www.einnews.com/pr_news/545706591/simplicity-26-records-announces-the-release-of-kl-s-first-new-single-luv-s-so-good-since-signing-with-label

(Simplicity 26 Records. July 27th, 2021) Remix Compilation for KLÖ’s “Luv’s So Good” Single to be Released by Simplicity 26 Records. [Press Release] Retrieved from

Matthew Clark
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+1 713-471-7940
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Break Your Heart Cover

Song's Video Is an Endearing Story Focusing on Animal Rescue

artfully walking the line where jazz and adult contemporary meet, Kari Kirkland proves that she’s finally right where she belongs…”

— Jazz Times

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, UNITED STATES, August 3, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Singer Kari Kirkland’s debut album, Wild Is the Wind, was released in February of 2021 and immediately earned the former Ironman Triathlete competitor and flying trapeze and aerial bungee artist considerable critical acclaim. Jazz Times selected the album as an Editor’s Pick, concluding “…artfully walking the line where jazz and adult contemporary meet, Kari Kirkland proves that she’s finally right where she belongs.” JW Vibe noted the “pin drop purity and transcendent exquisiteness of (her) soulful yet ethereal vocals.”

“Break Your Heart" was released on June 21. This week, the track entered the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart at #30.

“I'm beyond thrilled to be on the A/C chart, “Kari exclaimed. “It's a true honor to be among such accomplished and respected artists, and I'm so grateful to the musicians and engineers who helped me create such an impactful debut album.”

Following closely upon the single’s release, a video for “Break Your Heart” debuted on June 25. Unlike the video for Taio Cruz’s original, which featured scenes from a male/female relationship, Kari’s video offers up a different perspective on having one’s heart broken.

‘When conceptualizing the video, I wanted to explore a different kind of "heartbreaker" scenario (rather than dating or being a ‘player’). I started expanding on the idea that we can fall in love so quickly and completely with an animal, even if (and sometimes because!) we're not expecting it,” explains the vocalist. “There had to be an element of a broken heart in the video, and my husband suggested the idea of finding a lost dog and eventually having to say goodbye. I'm a volunteer at The Palm Springs Animal Shelter, and I thought it would be an intriguing way to highlight animal welfare in addition to telling a really sweet story.”

The video was shot and directed by Bruce Feagle of The Creative Monster in Palm Springs. The script was formally written by Noelle Geiger.
“The dog in the video is named Sienna, and she is a rescued Pitbull mix,” continues Kari. “The cat in the video is our very own blind, toothless wonder, Sofie! The animal trainer / wrangler was Fernando Gustavson of Canine Ace and the facility used in the video is the Palm Springs Animal Shelter, who graciously allowed us to shoot scenes in their hospital wing and front entrance. “

It is rare that a debut album so effortlessly makes the crossover from jazz to adult contemporary, but even early reviewers noted the eventuality of exactly that happening for Kari. Now that “Break Your Heart” has, indeed, broken through to reach an even greater audience, Kari is primed to emerge as one of the success stories of 2021.

“Break Your Heart” is available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, and Apple Music.

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Singer/Songwriter dSteven Releases "Turning Me On"


dSteven’s debut release Love Is Waiting

Singer/Songwriter dSteven releases his 1st R&B single, funk/dance groove "Turning Me On" from his debut project Love Is Waiting. Available on digital platforms.

WASHINGTON, DC, US, August 3, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Coming out of the shadows and into the spotlight of the indie community, while targeting mainstream R&B, Powerhouse Singer-Songwriter dSteven introduces his 1st release, “Turning Me On” to radio from his debut album, LOVE IS WAITING.

dSteven’s head-bobbin’ groove is centered around a club scene, where a sensuous female catches the eye of the suitor…who passionately croons & pursues her.

It is no surprise that the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin had plans of recruiting the writing talents of this phenomenon’s penmanship. dSteven’s album, “Love Is Waiting” is soulful and passionate with hallmark touches of love, soul, tenderness, strength and declarations of faithfulness.

“Turning Me On” is musically and lyrically engaging, and is certain to raise the eyebrows of station programmers, music directors and DJ’s around the world! Available now on most digital platforms!!

Doug Hayes
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dSteven promo “Turning Me On”

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De'Semaj and Friends Perform at the Historic Venue, The Fillmore/ The Underground

De’Semaj performing Live

De’Semaj with friends Twin Nation and her dancers.

CHARLOTTE, NC, USA, August 3, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — De'Semaj was accompanied by friends Twin Nation and more to assist her performance at the Fillmore/The Underground. The location is known for housing some of the greatest acts to roam through Charlotte, N.C. and it always shows a sign that a star is present once on that stage.

De'Semaj is an independent artist residing in Charlotte, NC, a city known for a bubbling music scene with potential, but a crab-in-the-bucket mentality when it comes to the approach of the pursuit and collaboration. With a heavily saturated scene, artists must separate themselves from a noisy crowd and into a more diverse scene to stand apart. Hitting stages like The Fillmore/The Underground adds major notch under your professional belt and it's no wonder that the likes of De'Semaj has graced the stage for her gallery of performances. Just two weeks ago, De'semaj performed and opened up for the legendary Chrisette Michelle in Raleigh, N.C. and showing her progress in the game is only growing.

Stay tuned for the "Phases" Album dropping late this summer on all streaming platforms and check out her new music video "Intoxicated".

To stay up to date on De'Semaj, for booking info and to see where she's performing next, follow her on Instagram @Desemaj.

~ King Cxshmere

King Cxshmere
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Chicago Children's Choir Present Long Way Home, first-of-its-kind musical adaption of Homer's The Odyssey set in Chicago

Chicago Children’s Choir perform Long Way Home at Studebaker Theater in 2018

Long Way Home album artwork by Hebru Brantley

Chicago Children’s Choir | CCChoir.org

Chicago Children's Choir first full-length recording in 15 years. Long Way Home sets Homer's epic 24-part poem The Odyssey in modern day Chicago

Chicago Children's Choir saw an opportunity to use the unmatched power of music and fuse it with Homer’s timeless, beloved epic to deliver a message of hope, unity, and empowerment.”

— Josephine Lee, CCC President and Artistic Director

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, August 3, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Chicago Children’s Choir (CCC), a nonprofit organization that inspires and unites youth from diverse backgrounds to become global ambassadors through music, is releasing a new studio album, Long Way Home, the Choir’s latest full-length LP and their first full-length theatrical work since the acclaimed Sita Ram. Long Way Home, a reimagination of Homer's epic poem The Odyssey set in modern day Chicago, tells the story of Ody, a South Side poet who unexpectedly ends up on a magical journey home through Chicago's neighborhoods. The 34-track collection of original compositions will be fully available on all major streaming platforms starting August 17. Proceeds support Chicago Children's Choir’s mission to inspire and change lives through music.

Originally written for the stage, the Long Way Home production sold out five nights at Chicago's historic Studebaker Theater in 2018. The new studio recording captures the passion of the timeless tale while dealing with challenges of modern times and seamlessly integrates a range of home-grown musical styles, from blues to house. True to the album’s celebration of Chicago’s cultural scene, Long Way Home features custom artwork by Chicago-native Hebru Brantley.

“There’s never been anything like this,” Josephine Lee, CCC President and Artistic Director said. “This love note to the city that has nurtured our organization for 65 years is a testament to the global impact of Chicago’s peerless music scene—and the impact we’ve been able to have through it. Chicago’s youth and its musical culture are its greatest treasures. With this production, the Choir saw an opportunity to use the unmatched power of music and fuse it with Homer’s timeless, beloved epic to deliver a message of hope, unity, and empowerment.”

As with the theatrical performance, CCC collaborated with Chicago's award-winning hip hop musical pioneers Q Brothers Collective who masterfully brought the stage performance to the studio. Many of the original cast were reunited to record Long Way Home, and nearly 100 youth from communities across Chicago performed on the album.

“We’ve been using the hip hop musical form to tell captivating stories for over two decades,” said JQ of the Q Brothers Collective. “But Long Way Home is a one-of-a-kind fusion of Chicago’s wide-ranging musical styles. And what better way to honor a globally cherished story than by paying homage to the city we grew up in, while celebrating its own pioneers of musical genres whose influence can be heard in every corner of the world?"

In the spirit of the Choir’s mission to unite the world through music, the release of this exciting new cast recording will make the magic of Long Way Home available to listeners around the world while they work with the Q Brothers to re-stage the theatrical production in the 2022-2023 season.

Long Way Home tracklist:

1. Vocalo Intro

2. Good Morning

3. Freestyle

4. Famous

5. The Rhyme Book

6. Get 'em

7. Penny's Home

8. Turn the Page

9. The Plan

10. Deep Dish Intro

11. Deep Dish Express

12. Beware the Sirens

13. St. Sweetness Intro

14. St. Sweetness Church

15. The Super Soul Shuffle

16. The First Star

17. The Bottom of the Lake

18. Raise up Your House

19. Wolf Point Junction – The Second Star

20. The Alley

21. The Rat Race

22. The Third Star

23. Siren Song

24. Not the Fourth Star

25. Cy's Rib Shack

26. Muddy Cy's Blues

27. Jarvis

28. Long Way Home

29. Back in Ithaca

30. Get 'em Part 2

31. Oxygen

32. Home

33. Vocalo Part 2

34. Chicago Fire

About The Q Brothers Collective

The Q Brothers Collective (Creators, Writers, Composers) is internationally known for its hip hop adaptations of the classics. These productions include Othello: The Remix, Funk It Up About Nothin' (Much Ado), and Dress The Part (Two Gents). The collective has grown beyond founding members GQ and JQ, to include Jackson Doran and Postell Pringle. Together, Q Brothers Collective has written and composed Q Brothers Christmas Carol, Ms. Estrada (Lysistrata), Rome Sweet Rome (Julius Caesar), Long Way Home (The Odyssey), and more. Q Brothers can typically be found at Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits, performing and teaching kids to love rhyming as much as they do.

For more information about the Q Brothers, please visit QBrothersofficial.com or @qbrothers1 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About Chicago Children’s Choir

Founded in Hyde Park in direct response to the Civil Rights Movement in 1956, Chicago Children’s Choir (CCC) has grown from one choir into a vast network of in-school and after-school programs driven by one mission: to inspire and change lives through music. CCC has impacted the lives of more than 50,000 diverse youth throughout its 64-year history. Since its founding, CCC has focused on building programs that reflect the racial and economic diversity of Chicago. Eighty percent of youth served are from low-moderate income homes, with over 4,000 students annually participating completely free of charge. All singers in CCC programs receive some level of subsidy. High school seniors enrolled in CCC have a 100% graduation rate, becoming global ambassadors who carry on CCC’s core values in a wide array of professional fields.

Learn more at ccchoir.org.

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Animated medley of Long Way Home performed by Chicago Children’s Choir

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Things Are Coming Together – GHIC Music

Gods House International Centre Music, Bristol, UK

GHIC Music - Things Are Coming Together

New Release from GHIC Music

Story behind the music

I was also seven months pregnant with my son – which made the song even more applicable to me personally”

— Natalie Ipinyomi

BRISTOL, AVON, UNITED KINGDOM, August 3, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — In 2019 I heard the words clearly "Its coming together, bone by bone." Pastor Osien Sibanda, senior Pastor of my church, God's House International Centre (GHIC), had proclaimed. Following this, he (instagram: @osiensibanda) asked the worship team of the church (GHIC Music), to go and write a song and those lyrics seemed to stay with me for a while.

I prayed and asked God to help and a year later, when the leader of the GHIC Music team Temitope Ezobi (instagram: @temitopeezobi), asked us to submit songs for the GHIC Music project, the lyrics and music finally came. I honestly thought that the song would be very wordy and complex, but God had other plans! Goziam Okogwu (instagram: @goz_i_am), our producer also reassured me during our group writing session that the simpler the song, the better. The process in which we put the music, the harmonies and lyrics together was a good one, as we had all hands on deck making it a collective effort. I had a lot of help from Goziam and the team with regards to bringing to life the vision I had musically.

During the recording process, we decided to add another GHIC Music lead vocalist in the person of Sandile Nyandoro (instagram: @sandile_nya) and she did such an amazing job! She added more flavor and charisma to the song. It is worth noting that during the recording process, I was seven months pregnant with my son. This has made the song really special and more applicable to me personally – I knew that it was a timely declaration for all the things I was going through in my life at that point in time.

I really love the simplicity of the song and this is what makes the message more powerful. Its release is also truly relevant to the times we are in with the situation of the world attempting to get back to normalcy with COVID 19 after many have lost time, jobs and even lives. Through it all, this song gives the message of hope for the future and a word of encouragement for everyone to know that "Things are coming together".

Ayolabi Temitope Ezobi
Gods House International Centre
email us here

GHIC Music – Things Are Coming Together

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