Country Singer-Songwriter Robert Romero Dedicates Song to Medical Professionals Thwarting COVID19 on Nurses Day

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO, UNITED STATES, May 6, 2021 / — Albuquerque, New Mexico Singer-songwriter Robert Jude Romero dedicated his latest music release, “Earthbound Angels,” to essential front-line medical professionals helping their patients fight Covid19. He was inspired by his daughter and son-in-law, who work as nurses in San Antonio, Texas, and have witnessed first-hand the plight of Covid19 patients.

“Earthbound Angels” is a natural response to how medical professionals have endured an onslaught of patients stricken with the coronavirus and Covid19. Essential medical professionals, doctors, nurses, and first responders have sacrificed so much to ensure their patients’ safe recovery during the ongoing pandemic. His song clarifies the need for supporting medical workers on the frontlines. The song acknowledges them for all they have done for their communities in this country and worldwide. Essential frontline workers have to make sure they don’t take the stressors and negativity of the day back to their home, and this is not an easy task. Many nurses, his daughter included, have had the most challenging undertaking of informing individuals that their loved ones have passed. “Earthbound Angels” is written for the traditional Country genre. However, the appeal of this ballad is universal. The song acknowledges the hardships and tenacious perseverance of nurses, doctors, custodians, and others working in the medical setting during the Covid19 pandemic.

Robert believes in people and empathizes with the tragedies and triumphs nurses and doctors have witnessed during the pandemic. He understands how tirelessly they work and how tired they are after each grueling workday. Robert himself works at a hospital and understands first-hand what goes on in the high-stress medical setting that has undertaken an added layer of strife and stress.

Robert’s mission has positively impacted the medical community. He has received a lot of praise and positive feedback for the song. The overwhelmingly positive response has given Robert new appreciation.

In addition to penning “Earthbound Angels,” Robert will be taking action for a greater impact. Robert has partnered with nonprofit Heal As One. This organization is dedicated to combating Covid19 in underserved communities. Heal as One assists communities, particularly the African-American community, affected negatively by Covid19. The organization is building community awareness to slow the spread and provide treatment options to Covid19 patients. Heal As One started when the founder Paul J Laroche’s brother Dr. Vladimir Larouche became sick with Covid19. The results from his efforts to help his brother recover sparked a movement to assist others trying to heal from Covid19. Heal As One believes in saving lives, a swift recovery, education, destigmatization, and preventative approaches. Robert is proud to dedicate his time and efforts to promote Heal As One and raise awareness and funding to do their excellent work.

With the understanding of the unique challenges faced by both medical professionals and their patients suffering due to the coronavirus and Covid19, Robert doesn’t hesitate to bring attention to their situation and offer assistance. Creativity inspires and brings about hope. Adversity can build strength. Robert uses his great love for music and pairs this with advocacy for real-life heroes and heroines.

“There is currently a gap between today's modern country music and traditional country. That space is being filled by some songwriters and artists, old and young – because it all comes back to the simplicity and honesty of 'traditional' country.”

There was a great George Strait/Alan Jackson song, "Murder on Music Row". With all due respect to them and the writers (Cordle and Shell), it wasn't so much a murder – it was a Self-Inflicted Wound! An inside job. But, I believe, slowly but most assuredly – real country music is coming back. Because It will always get down to 'Three chords and the truth.'

“The past year has pretty much grounded most touring and gatherings from huge concerts to smaller venues and dive bars. But, it has also created the solitary creative environment where pain and suffering are reflected through music and the arts. Which led me personally to write Earthbound Angels. Also, an uptempo boot-scootin' potential line-dance song: Drinkin' Job, which I co-wrote with a great Nashville writer and friend, Marc Alan Barnette. It's about working from home with very little in-person social contact.”

Robert Jude Romero is an inspiring traditional Country music singer-songwriter based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is a talented creative collaborator, hospital employee, and dedicated advocate for coronavirus and Covid19 patients and the medical professionals who work diligently to save lives. He takes a chivalrous approach to music and gains inspiration from the people in his life that he views as heroic. Robert’s extensive experience in the music industry has helped him create original music for years. His music has been a beacon of hope for many. Robert’s music inspires and motivates while being excellent to the ear. Followers of Robert Jude Romero’s music career will appreciate his music-making skills, community service, and advocacy.

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Veteran Bay Area Female Rapper Thug Misses Brings Her Energy To The Hip Hop Scene With New Single ''99 U Ain't 1''

CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 6, 2021 / — Women struggled to get the proper recognition on the hip-hop scene for a long time. The style, the grit and the continuous output of amazing music by female rap artists made everyone turn their heads. This last year especially, even during a pandemic, women dominated the charts and kept doing so. Their determination inspired the ascension of many other talented artists.

Veteran Bay Area Rapper Thug Misses is doing just that. Raising her daughter by herself, she’s balancing her career and family life seamlessly. While the pandemic might have slowed some down, it pushed her to work even harder, leading her music to become even more successful than ever before.

Showing the world that girls and women can do anything they set their mind to, she is a one woman show, writing, recording and mixing most of her work. Her sound is a combination of hardcore rap with an underlaying touch of smooth sexy sounds. Her lyrics are unapologetic and potent, just like herself.

“I’m really expanding myself and digging deep into my art to push the boundaries of my music. I'm stepping out of my comfort zone’’ she says.

Throughout the last year, she worked on new facets of her art and the fruits of her labour are finally ripped and ready for the world to taste.

Her new single, 99 U Ain’t 1, is a gritty rock ‘n’ roll rendition of Jay Z’s 99 Problems, but with a twist. This song features her along with Hitta Slim (from Sick Wit It Records, the mastermind behind the hit song Jackhammer) and Mistah F.A.B. (owner of Dope Era clothing line and the genius behind the hit song NEW Oakland and Super Sick Wit IT).

Produced by Jason (JG) Gilbert with Eargazm Music Group, it brings a new kind of energy to her discography.

“2020 was the year to really find myself as an artist, studying my craft and rebranding myself. 2021 is the year of takeover!” comments Thug Misses.

With over twenty-five monthly streams on music platforms like Spotify, her career is just beginning. Her charisma along with the depth that she brings to her lyrics reaches new audiences effortlessly. She is raw. What you see is what you get. She is Thug Misses and is ready to take over the world with full force.

Black and Latina, she embodies sex appeal and is the voice of the new self-made woman.

Follow Thug Misses on her Spotify, Instagram and other socials here.

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Rafael Marrero & Company y la cantautora cubana Lena Burke establecen colaboración conjunta

Lena Burke, portavoz de campaña de subsidios federales para pequeñas empresas

Lena Burke

Rafael Marrero

La reconocida firma de gestión empresarial y la distinguida artista unen esfuerzos para ayudar a empresarios afectados por el COVID-19 y urgidos de capital.

Ahora, con esta subvención de la SBA para el sector del entretenimiento en vivo y el de los restaurantes, unos y otros podremos retomar nuestros proyectos, y salir adelante en mejores condiciones”

— Lena Burke, cantautora cubana

MIAMI, FL, UNITED STATES , May 6, 2021 / — La firma de asesoría empresarial Rafael Marrero & Company anunció hoy el inicio de una colaboración conjunta con la cantautora cubana y ganadora del Grammy Latino Lena Burke, a propósito de los recién lanzados programas de subvenciones federales para locales de entretenimiento en vivo, así como para restaurantes y establecimientos afines afectados por el coronavirus.

«Aparte del peligro que el COVID-19 representa para la salud y la vida de cualquier persona, veo con tristeza y preocupación cómo ha afectado al mundo del espectáculo. Al igual que yo, mis colegas del sector del entretenimiento, como cantantes, actores, bailarines, representantes de artistas, grupos musicales y otros que nos movemos en este medio, hemos sido golpeados económica y emocionalmente. Muchos empezamos el 2020 con planes de presentaciones en vivo y, de un día para otro, nos vimos obligados a cancelar todo cuando declararon la pandemia», dijo la también actriz y presentadora de televisión.

Radicada en Miami, Burke no solo ha sufrido en carne propia el impacto del coronavirus en el mundo del espectáculo, sino que también ha visto cómo el COVID-19 ha perjudicado al sector gastronómico. «Miami se caracteriza por su movida artística y nocturna. Está llena de restaurantes, clubes, bares, cafeterías, puestos de comida… Todos ellos tuvieron que cerrar intempestivamente. Ahora, con esta subvención para el sector del entretenimiento en vivo y el de los restaurantes, unos y otros podremos retomar nuestros proyectos, y salir adelante en mejores condiciones», puntualizó.

La Subvención para Operadores de Locales Cerrados (SVOG) y el Fondo de Revitalización de Restaurantes (RRF), fueron recién lanzados por la Small Business Administration (SBA) para ayudar a estos sectores, ocasión en la que, una vez más, Rafael Marrero & Company estará asesorando a los pequeños empresarios.

«Como siempre, seguiremos ayudando a los emprendedores que se acerquen a nosotros. La pequeña empresa es el motor impulsor de nuestra economía, por tanto, no solo apoyaremos su crecimiento, sino que también gestionaremos su acceso al capital en momentos tan difíciles como estos», señaló el Dr. Rafael Marrero, CEO de la compañía.

Sobre la colaboración con la cantautora Lena Burke, dijo sentirse muy entusiasmado con su participación en estos esfuerzos, pues ella no solo se identifica con los obstáculos que ha enfrentado su sector, sino que, además, es una persona con una trayectoria impecable, muy querida y admirada tanto en el ámbito artístico como en la comunidad latina en general.

El asesor financiero resaltó, además, que su firma consiguió el respaldo de la Cámara de Comercio Hispana del Sur de la Florida (SFLHCC) mediante su presidenta, Liliam López. «Con el apoyo de la SFLHCC, trataremos de que resulte beneficiado el mayor número de empresarios hispanos pertenecientes a estos sectores».

La SVOG está recibiendo solicitudes desde el 26 de abril, mientras que el RRF quedó abierto este 3 de mayo. Todos los potenciales beneficiarios de ambos programas están invitados a participar.

Acerca de Lena Burke

Lena Burke es una cantautora cubana, músico, ganadora del Grammy Latino, actriz y presentadora de TV, descendiente de las artistas míticas de la canción cubana Elena y Malena Burke. En 2003, conoció a Alejandro Sanz, quien fue el artífice de su consagración musical. Cuenta con 4 nominaciones al Grammy Latino, alzándose con el gramófono al “Mejor Álbum Vocal Pop Dúo o Grupo” por su tercera producción musical como parte del trío “Alex, Jorge y Lena”.

En 2007, protagonizó la película La Mala que le valió el aplauso de la crítica especializada. En junio del 2020, fue seleccionada como Governor del Capítulo de la Florida para la Academia Americana de la Música que otorga los Grammy. En febrero del 2021, fue seleccionada como animadora invitada del show de TV “De Noche y en Compañía” que se transmite desde Miami, domingos a las 8 P. M., por AméricaTeVé, Canal 41 y ROKU.

Acerca de Rafael Marrero & Company

Con sede en Miami, Rafael Marrero & Company es una consultoría de gestión enfocada en asesorar a emprendedores sobre cómo hacer negocios con el Gobierno de los Estados Unidos. Con el Dr. Rafael Marrero a la cabeza, la firma ha sido reconocida en dos ocasiones por la revista Inc. como una de las 500 empresas privadas de mayor crecimiento de los EE. UU. y como una de las 50 mejores compañías de cultura empresarial.

Acerca de la SFLHCC

La Cámara de Comercio Hispana del Sur de la Florida (SFLHCC) es una organización sin fines de lucro surgida hace 25 años con el fin de brindarle a sus miembros diferentes vías para establecer contactos de negocio y relaciones comerciales. Con más de 1500 miembros, y bajo la dirección de su presidenta, Liliam López, es considerada como una de las cinco principales de su tipo en los Estados Unidos.

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Lena Burke acerca de las nuevas subvenciones de la SBA para restaurantes y locales de música

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CSG Pain’s New Album, “A Deadman Walking,” to be Released in May

CSG Pain

CSG Pain

Record was inspired by tragedy in the artist’s life

RALEIGH, N.C., USA, May 6, 2021 / — The message of hip hop artist CSG Pain’s new album, “A Deadman Walking,” is to never give up and always keep fighting. It’s a creed that CSG Pain, whose given name is Akkean Johnson, has learned to live by. Featuring soulful and powerful lyrics, “A Deadman Walking” is inspired by the difficult times the Muskogee Oklahoma-born artist has lived through.

CSG Pain’s brother was killed on his fifteenth birthday. CSG Pain quit school before finishing ninth grade. He did earn his GED and went to Washburn University in Topeka, even making the dean’s list a few times. His family had moved to Kansas when he was young.

But the lure of the streets was strong and CSG Pain soon had a record—a police record. He continued to perform, sharing stages with pioneering artists Tech N9ne, DJ Unk, Lil' Flip and more.

CSG Pain eventually settled down, began a relationship with a friend he had known since fourth grade, and worked in a warehouse to support his family. She was eight months pregnant when she committed suicide in November 2021.

“This broke me more than anything ever has,” CSG Pain said. He had already lost his mother and his brother. “Now, when I finally think I have the family I always wanted, it was taken away so fast.”

“A Deadman Walking,” recorded at Patchwerk Recording Studios in Atlanta, was borne out of this pain. “Depression, suicidal thoughts, all of these emotions and heartbreak led me to this journey. This journey to make my dreams come true because she always believed in me. And now I have created this album. I recorded an album that is full of emotions and timeless music that I know will empower many people. And maybe even save a life or two.”

After meeting CSG Pain, international author and speaker, Dr. Jo Anne White, the host of POWER Your Life radio and television shows, called him “a beautiful soul” and said he was one of the most fascinating young men she’s had the pleasure of meeting.

“I always knew that I was one of the greatest to ever make hip hop music, but I wasn’t always ready to do what I knew was necessary for an artist such as myself to get seen or heard,” said CSG Pain, who also writes for other artists and produces records.

It took tragedy, but CSG Pain has made an album that is designed to uplift and is fast, catchy, modern and cool and incorporates a message that is deep and powerful: keep fighting and never give up.

“A Deadman Walking will be released in mid-May on CSG Pain’s CSG label. CSG stands for Central Side Godswork. CSG Pain has been promoting the album since November, traveling throughout the south and Midwest, visiting Atlanta, Cleveland, Dallas, Raleigh, North Carolina and St. Louis.

Follow CSG Pain on Spotify and YouTube and on Instagram, Facebook and on Twitter at @csgpain.

Visit for more information or to purchase “A Deadman Walking.” The album can also be purchased on iTunes and Amazon Music.


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HIP Video Promo presents: Kendall Spencer boasts about his hustle in new music video "All In"

Kendall Spencer

Kendall Spencer – All In

In every angle, every animation, and every stance, Kendall Spencer is in command of his direction and your attention.

FLORIDA, USA, May 6, 2021 / — Independent artists have complete autonomy over their careers, which means many feel like every step must be calculated. While that is true for Kendall Spencer, he doesn't hold himself to such a stringent agenda. He's a firm believer in the "just do it" model, and he enthusiastically encourages others just to put out their music without hesitation. He's a forward-thinking creator with a traditional hip-hop approach. He's not one to rap about false lifestyles with superficial coatings; Spencer's approach is genuine and personal narratives are centered. Originally from South Georgia, this now-South Florida local guarantees that what you see is what you get. His newest release, The Total Package, is a statement piece and a promise that Kendall Spencer always delivers. No matter the role, he'll always provide 100% commitment. He's a rapper, and damn straight, you're getting more than what most can provide.

Realistically, the only person you can truly rely on in life is yourself. While many see that as an unfortunate truth, Kendall Spencer uses that fact to propel himself farther into his aspirations. In his new music video for "All In," the artist states point-blank, "The grind don't stop," and by the catalog of attainments that back him, it's clear the hustle never ceases. He is the only subject for the camera to focus on because he truly is the main attraction. Spencer boasts about his drive and the shaping it took for him to get to this mindset. Early on, he was taught to work hard and only depend on himself. After encountering many fake people who only have their own interests in mind, the self-sufficient creative knows that he is the only one capable of improving his life. Blue and red hues gleam over the rapper, and he can be found inside a video game or standing tall over the camera. In every angle, every animation, and every stance, Kendall Spencer is in command of his direction and your attention.

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HIP Video Promo presents: Oceanator walks through a desolate neighborhood in new music video "I Would Find You"


Oceanator – I Would Find You

The only time we see other people is when we see strangers' faces flashing every now and then throughout the video.

NEW YORK, NY, USA, May 6, 2021 / — The current state of the world – the state it's been in for the last year – is enough to make anyone feel depressed and isolated. But every now and then, a beam of light will shine down and remind us that things aren't so bad, and a lot of the time, it's in the form of music from the new indie rocker Oceanator. Oceanator AKA Elise Okusami is the beam of hope we've all been waiting for. Ever since she was nine years old, the New York native has been a talented and dedicated musician. She even got her brother involved when they formed their own band when Elise was only in 4th grade. Since then, she's barely slowed down. Her unique indie-rock, grunge-pop sound has consistently been deeply moving and challenges just about everything.

The full-length debut album from Oceanator, Things I Never Said, has been eerily consistent with the pandemic and what the world has been like ever since last year. The latest track, "I Would Find You," is one of those clairvoyant songs you can find on the album. "I Would Find You" is an upbeat single with just the right amount of synthesizers to make it feel fun and poppy. Behind all that poppy music lies lyrics that even Elise herself even found eerie. The song asks what would happen if the world ended and if the sun never rose. If that were to happen, she knows what she would do, and that's making sure her loved ones are safe and make sure everything ends up okay somehow. It's a desperate kind of love story in an apocalyptic world that hopefully we never have to experience.

The clip for "I Would Find You" opens with a crackling car radio as Elise is driving through the dark. Throughout the video, we follow her as she walks through the snow-covered neighborhood. It's your typical suburban neighborhood, but there's something off – there are no people. The streets and the inviting houses are all empty. The only time we see other people is when we see strangers' faces flashing every now and then throughout the video. There's a mysterious vibe that can be felt and the only way to find out what happens next is just to keep watching.

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HIP Video Promo presents: Yevae lightens heavier themes with warmth and playfulness in new music video "Wings"


Yevae – Wings

It takes courage for Yevae's character to break away from a man who isn't right for her, but once she takes wing, it's clear she's destined for better places.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, May 6, 2021 / — A dance floor is a place of release. Euphoria, transcendence, abandon: club music elicits all of these feelings. Yet because of the heightened emotional state that the best dance-pop encourages, listeners are often wide open to persuasive, empathetic messages. Ukrainian-American singer-songwriter Yevae has done a lot of hard thinking about how to move the crowd, and she's put those observations into practice on a series of dizzying disco-pop singles. She's also determined to take things deeper than many artists are willing to go. Through her writing, she's confronted issues of trust, betrayal, mental health, healing, self-determination, and autonomy, and through her videos, she's brought those visions to life with clarity and conviction.

That project extends to her latest songs. "Wings" and "I Run To You" are both sleek, delightful club confections, smartly performed, beautifully sung, and designed to drive the dancefloor into delirium. But they're also pieces of confessional pop with powerful, clear-eyed lyrics meant to resonate with anyone facing a personal challenge. Remove the propulsive beats and the shimmering synthesizer, and present these songs on an acoustic guitar, and they could fit snugly into an intimate coffeehouse set. This is the secret key to Yevae's success and her profound connection with her growing audience: she may encourage her listeners to dance, but she also feels their pain.

The new singles build on the success of "Stand For Yourself" and "Free Me," two recent releases that firmly established Yevae as a master of contemporary dance music and a fighter for social justice and personal liberation. She's paired both "Wings" and "I Run To You" with gorgeous music videos that reinforce their serious themes and, at the same time, make the warmth and playfulness of her personality manifest. The clip for "Wings" confronts the struggle for control within a romantic relationship – but it's also quite funny, and Yevae's lively, fully embodied performance sweetens the heavier overtones of the narrative. The video's tone is broadly fantastic: we see Yevae and her boyfriend on a whirlwind date, and the sudden, unexpected transitions between scenes reflect the rush of romantic love and the feeling of destabilization that a bad relationship can engender. It takes courage for Yevae's character to break away from a man who isn't right for her, but once she takes wing, it's clear she's destined for better places. The rapturous "I Run To You" clip accompanies a slightly older song – the single was released in 2020. But its messages of perseverance, suicide prevention, and attentiveness to the psychological state of those we care for are, sadly, always timely.

Also check out "I Run To You"
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Join us for CHANGE

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, May 6, 2021 / — KQM GLOBAL LLC is a Las Vegas based organization that will be hosting three major live concert events in 2021 to benefit The KQM CHANGE FOUNDATION. All KQM events will benefit children who have lost a parent or guardian to crimes of hate. 100% of net proceeds from each concert, including live concert ticket sales and pay per view, will benefit hundreds of children, by providing life mentorship, through everyday life and into adulthood. KQM GLOBAL LLC events and concerts will include current A-List talent, Entertainment ICONS and Viral Internet sensations who have 10’s of millions of social media followers to promote the concerts and make CHANGE happen.


“CHANGE HOLLYWOOD” will be an exclusive VIP FLASH concert for 500 guests to be held Juneteenth, 2021 in celebration of African American Independence and as a kick-off to all KQM CHANGE Events to benefit children whose lives have been affected by crimes of hate. Featuring Entertainment ICONS, this concert will be an exclusive VIP experience for those lucky enough to attend. The location of this event will be an equally ICONIC theater in Hollywood. Location and artist announcements to be made by June 1st, 2021

“CHANGE LIVE” Las Vegas, July 2021, with up to 7000 live audience members and millions of pay-per-view subscribers around the world. The stage is set for the next KQM CHANGE LIVE EVENT scheduled to take place on July 17th, 2021. Five major music acts will take part alongside several influential viral internet sensations. Tickets for this LIVE event will go on sale mid-June 2021.

“CHANGE” The World’s Concert will accommodate up to 70,000 live audience members and 10’s of millions of pay-per-view subscribers around the globe. This “LIVE AID” style concert will feature up to 30 major A-Listers performing in 15 segments of the show. Each segment will only be 10-20 minutes in length. Every segment will be a mixing of MUSIC Genres, Races, Nationalities and Genders, proving that real UNITY can create CHANGE. Taking place in the fall of 2021, this will be a MUSIC, history making event. Beginning Juneteenth, weekly reveals will announce participating artists.

Reserve your KQM CHANGE CONCERT series pay per view and order your limited supply of merchandise today at KQMGLOBAL.COM or KQMCHANGE.ORG


“This isn’t your typical concert series. If this were easy, everyone would be doing it. The way we are making this happen is through artists with huge social media following. Change will be made with A-Listers, Entertainment ICONS and Viral STARS, so that we can start the process of ending racism and crimes of hate.” – Emilio Torres CEO KQM Global LLC

KQM CHANGE CONCERT series will be the light at the end of a long dark tunnel. We have all struggled with the pandemic shut-down and are better, stronger and ready to wake the sleeping giant in the performance arena to make CHANGE. The George Floyd incident has moved us to create CHANGE through positive musical entertainment performances. Bringing the world back to life through the KQM CHANGE Concert series while benefiting children who have lost so much, is not only the right thing to do, it’s necessary.

KQM Global will be introducing the new ABC “Artist Body Cam” for pay-per-view subscribers at home. Now the audience can see the show through the eyes of their favorite performers, with a live body camera that brings the audience onstage. This will be an over-the-top way to view live entertainment whether from the theatre/stadium seat or from your own home via a mobile device, tablet, computer or smart TV.

One person can change the world, but more importantly one person can change a child’s world. Be the change.


The KQM CHANGE Foundation was established in September 2020, in the state of California with headquarters in Wrightwood, California, to support the lives of children that have been dramatically affected by crimes of hate across America. The KQM CHANGE Foundation will host fundraising events with celebrity influencers who believe in the needs of children.

Help THE KQM Change Foundation by sharing this information about the movement for CHANGE. Donate to, purchase event pay per view subscriptions to take part in fund-raising events, order merchandise on, follow and share on social media;
Please invite friends and family to take part in CHANGE.
“We will NOT give a young child a college scholarship. We will give them a LIFE Scholarship”

Emilio Torres
KQM CHANGE Foundation
+1 303-506-3291
email us here
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HIP Video Promo presents: EZ Longway (ft. Bigga Rankin & HBK JohnDoe) release a vibrant music clip "Thug In The Room"

EZ Longway

EZ Longway (ft. Bigga Rankin & HBK JohnDoe) – Thug In The Room

Just like the city, hip-hop is tough to navigate. But these guys are ready for it.

RICHMOND, VA, USA, May 6, 2021 / — Ask any young rapper anywhere: there's nothing better than support from an influential deejay. If the legendary Bigga Rankin likes your record, you're doing something right. If he spins it and praises it in a public forum, you know you're making waves. And if he jumps on the track and appears in your video? That means he knows you're next: you're the future, and he wants to be part of the journey.

And Bigga Rankin's ears never fail him. When he co-signs an act, that's a mark of quality – an authentication that you can take straight to the bank. He's been a force in Southern hip-hop for decades, touring with Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne, 8Ball & MJG, and 2Chainz, and helping to popularize records by Rick Ross, Plies, Yo Gotti, Gucci Mane, B.O.B., and others through his mixtapes. Now, he gives his imprimatur to the Richmond-based Don't Fold Entertainment crew. If there were ever any doubt at all that the DFE rappers are going to be national stars, those would be gone the moment Bigga Rankin begins to speak.

"Thug In The Room" is credited to EZ Longway, and he's the main voice on the track: that's his charismatic delivery on the chorus and his deft rhymes on the first two verses. But he shares the spotlight with his labelmate HBK JohnDoe, who amplifies the song's intensity with an electrifying verse of his own. Producer Dummy Beatz fits the two DFE rappers with a trap beat that thumps and shakes in all the right places: one underpinned by sinister jazz chords, a menacing piano bass, and a hi-hat that ticks like a stopwatch running out of time. "Thug In The Room" plays as a warning – not just to those who'd brave the streets of their South Richmond neighborhood, but also to any nonbelievers standing in the way of Don't Fold Entertainment's ascent.

Reginald Miller's vibrant, entertaining clip for "Thug In The Room" opens inside an opulent mansion. There, at the head of a long dining room table, Bigga Rankin holds court. EZ Longway and HBK John Doe are the guests of honor, and as they receive their host's blessing and take in his words of advice and encouragement, they're served the specialty of the house: dollar bills. Outside on the streets, things aren't quite as friendly. In one breathless sequence, the two rappers rhyme in an alley strung with police tape. Just like the city, hip-hop is tough to navigate. But these guys are ready for it. They've got their wits about them – and they've got friends in high places.

More EZ Longway on his website
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Emmanuel Motelin`s Microtarget Soundtrack Takes Place in a Cyberpunk Universe

Microtarget by Emmanuel Motelin visuals work together to a definite uneasy sensation in the observer.

ALBERTA, CANADA, May 6, 2021 / — Emmanuel Motelin is a tech-professional completing studies in cybersecurity while endeavoring to spark distinctive forms of art in music compositions using only computers and synthesizers to compose, orchestrate and arrange.

Let me tell you about Microtarget by Emmanuel Motelin. Microtarget, a synthwave soundtrack takes place in a cyberpunk universe. The fast-paced and at times ominous undertones yield a sense that of a rhythm formulated by androids in the not-too-distant future. Microtarget is 2 minutes and 20 seconds long. It's in the key of B minor and the time signature is 4 beats per measure. Loudness is -16.76 db and the tempo is around 98.83 bpm.

Microtarget and the beeple visuals work together to a definite uneasy sensation in the observer. The deep purple and pink hues in the music video have a very 1980s feel, although the content feels futuristic. The visuals of traveling through that endless tunnel make it exhibit that we are a piece of code flowing through the internet itself.

Later, near the end of the music video, an endless row of dystopian TV screens scroll by showing humanity in various states of disrepair, war, and rioting. We feel like having newsman Dan Rather flash briefly on the screen was a funny choice, since most of the people watching this video probably have no idea who he is.

This music video could be played on an endless loop at a rave without anybody noticing, that is how hypnotic the beat becomes after only a few short minutes.

Emmanuel Motelin
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Source: EIN Presswire