Yancy Encourages Kids to Run the Race with Little Praise Party's All-New 'Ready Set Go'

Yancy’s “Little Praise Party: Ready Set Go”


Yancy's 'Little Praise Party' returns, offering 8 new songs in the popular worship music series that offers everything kids love, and everything parents value.

Little Praise Party is about inviting young hearts to a relationship with Jesus…”

— Yancy

NASHVILLE, TN, USA, July 10, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Yancy's Little Praise Party series is back with "Little Praise Party: Ready Set Go," offering 8 new songs in the highly popular worship music series that offers everything kids love, and everything parents value. The new project features animated videos for each song, complete with on-screen lyrics making it perfect for sing-along fun in the car, at home or at church.

"'Little Praise Party' is about inviting young hearts to a relationship with Jesus by beginning a foundation of theology through the discipline of worship,” says Yancy. "I wrote these songs and crafted these arrangements with an intentional focus to this phase of life.”

In today’s world, families are constantly looking for safe content for their young children. Every week, Yancy Ministries hears from multiple families thankful for music they can not only trust but also count on for developing and discipling their children with spiritual truth that has already begun to build a foundation of faith.

Yancy continued, “There is so much in today’s world that either builds up our children in the way they should go or tears them away from that direction. As a parent and a Christian, I believe it is critical to invest into their lives with lots of content that leads them in life-long character and spiritual formation.”

The inspiration for "Little Praise Party: Ready Set Go" came after a life-altering trip to the Ark Encounter. Seeing the actual massive size of the ark Noah built put it in a perspective that Yancy couldn’t understand before. Her big takeaway from the experience was OBEDIENCE. Noah obeyed! He heard God speak and he took action. Even when it didn’t make sense. Even when everyone else questioned him and probably laughed at him, he moved forward in faith and obedience. We live our lives today because of the fruit of Noah obeying.

"I had the idea for the title track several years ago,” says Yancy. “I thought it would just be about the Bible passage: 'running our race for the prize.' But after learning this lesson from Noah I realized you can’t finish a race you never begin. So many people sit on the sidelines in life because they never begin the race God has for them. I could have never written this song without learning how important our obedience is in life. Whatever God is asking you to do, DO IT. The ripple effect of our obedience is greater than we could ever understand.”

For families, the videos are available on Home DVD and streaming on multiple subscription services while the audio is streaming at Apple Music, Spotify and other streaming & download services.

For Church, Classroom and Camp use, there is a Digital Church Video Collection USB & DVD bundle available that includes the song videos, audio in three formats, motion tutorials, worship leader training, coloring pages with reproducible permissions and a group viewing license.

Song list: Ready Set Go, As For Me, Made in the Image, Hungry & Thirsty (Feat. Funny Man Dan from Hillsong Kids), Hungry & Thirsty, He’s Alive, He’s Alive (Easter), I Love My Mom (Mother’s Day), and Not About the Weather (Christmas).

The "Little Praise Party" videos are also made available to families through partners like Pure Flix, TBN’s Smile of a Child & Yippee, Right Now Media and Minno. Thousands of churches such as Life.Church use the music in all of their campuses where they welcomed 19,000 first time children last year. Curriculum resources like Disciplr (David C Cook), First Look (Orange), Go! (Mooblio) and I See It Productions (from the team that brought you Fellowship’s Elevate) use music by Yancy Ministries.

The "Little Praise Party" series is available everywhere via Elevate Entertainment (physical products) and Syntax Distribution (digital music).

About Yancy: Yancy is a worship leader, producer and songwriter for kids that travels the globe doing family concerts and leading kids in worship. She has a heart for the Church and a burning passion to help this generation become the worshippers God created them to be. Through her music that makes Jesus loud, she produces worship resources including the series: “Kidmin Worship” (preteen/elementary) and “Little Praise Party” (young children). She also created “Heartbeat”, a game-changing curriculum to help you teach kids the heart of worship. She lives in Nashville, TN with her husband, Cory and sons, Sparrow and Rhythm.

For more information, visit YancyMinistries.com.

Order "Little Praise Party: Ready Set Go" today:
Audio Streaming & Download: https://sc.lnk.to/YPrsg-ep
Home DVD & Church USB/DVD Bundle: YancyMinistries.com/readysetgo
Church Custom Tracks & Stems: LoopCommunity.com

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Indie Labels Unite to Release The Mad Dabbers

Minority Owned White Lion Audio Unites With Indie on Air Records to Release Reggae Grunge Band The Mad Dabbers

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, July 10, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Mad Dabbers set to release “Missing Things” July 10th!

Two independent labels have agreed to jointly release music together as a show of unity between a minority owned company and a non-minority record label. White Lion Audio (Kansas City, MO) and Indie on Air Records, (Delaware) are jointly releasing The Mad Dabbers single “Missing Things” on July 10th. The track will be distributed globally via Ingrooves (UMG).

The Mad Dabbers are a Delaware based Reggae/Grunge 5 piece band that has performed at Texas Indie Fest in Austin, TX during SXSW and at Monument Indie Fest in Colorado Springs. CO (performing with The Unlikely Candidates and The Dollyrots). They tour and regularly play along the East Coast. They have been on the Indie on Air Records roster since 2019.

“We are thankful to Indie on Air Records for standing by our side since we started out as a band. We are also stoked to be working with White Lion Audio on this joint release.” stated Dave Nickolson (Vocals,Guitars).

“We worked with Kenny Kingsborough at Harbor Red Studios in Baltimore. He really helped us bring the vision of “Missing Things” to life. We cannot wait to share it with everyone.” added Paul Surowiec (Keys, Synth)

“When Marcellus Atkins,( CEO White Lion Audio) approached us at Indie on Air Records about a possible joint release with The Mad Dabbers we readily agreed. Working and standing together we can accomplish much more. I feel it is especially important to show what unity can look like. Both our labels have very similar missions and together we will now reach more potential fans while demonstrating how music and entertainment can and should lead the way towards unity.”, says Jeff Popka, CEO Indie on Air Records.

The two labels have more releases and larger plans as well to announce in the near future.

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Pop Savant Christian French Tackles Miscommunication with Mesmerizing New Single "make or break up"

“make or break up” single art

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, July 10, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Christian French, one of 2020’s fastest-rising stars—with over 200 million Spotify streams under his belt — is back today with “make or break up,” an entrancing track that finds him at the pivotal crossroads of a rocky relationship. The enrapturing, introspective track is the newest entry from the staggeringly successful star’s hotly anticipated good things take time EP (via Disruptor Records/RCA Records), which drops later this summer.
LISTEN / STREAM: https://smarturl.it/makeorbreakupx

“make or break up” is about miscommunication and misunderstanding within a relationship,” Christian says. “I wrote this song from an experience I had with someone where we were in a big fight, and neither of us were willing to budge. In the end, we decided that we’d always be transparent with each other no matter how badly it hurt, because honesty is synonymous with love and respect in a relationship. It’s the only way a couple can continue to grow, and can make or break any relationship.”

The 23-year-old Christian French has already won support and acclaim from TIME Magazine (who named his song “crowded room” one of the best songs of the week), Billboard Magazine (“mesmerizing”), Ones to Watch (“dazzling”), and more. “make or break up” follows the singer’s highly successful breakout track, “head first,” which has maintained astounding momentum since its 2019 release. Amassing more than 40 million global streams, and averaging over 200k daily streams thanks to features on Spotify’s top playlists like Pop Rising and Young & Free, the hypnotic alt-pop gem continues to enchant fans and new listeners worldwide.

Christian has also just released the “head first” remix pack, featuring dazzling new interpretations of his hit single by Young Bombs, Halp, and Pink Slip & Inverness. All three new versions of the gripping song stay true to the original’s captivating core: Young Bombs (a fellow Disruptor Records artist) propels things “head first” into the night with a dramatic rendition, Halp lightens the mood with a fizzy and fresh take, and Pink Slip & Inverness take things to the (virtual) dance floor with a ensnaring remix.

“Be honest with those you love, including yourself,” Christian says of his must-hear new song. “Say what you need to say so that you can free yourself from a million presumptuous thoughts running through your head and break through to truth and understanding.”

Later this summer, French will release the good things take time EP, on Disruptor Records/RCA Records, a collection which includes “i think too much,” plus singles “crowded room” and “time of our lives,” all songs that have surpassed millions of streams to date.

About Christian French:
Two years ago, hockey lover and Fisher, Indiana native Christian French put his pre-med textbooks on the shelf forever to follow his true passion: using his music to share his unique perspective on life. Today, Christian has become one of America’s fastest-rising indie-pop princes. Starting out with covers on SoundCloud—emulating his favorite artists John Mayer, Gavin DeGraw, and Adam Levine—Christian eventually dropped out of Indiana University and migrated to Los Angeles to pursue his dream. It was there in 2018, while sleeping on friends’ couches, that he penned his first single, “love ride,” which has amassed over 19 million streams globally and helped him build a rabid fanbase, setting the tone for his bright future. Just a year later, Christian joined friend and fellow pop artist Chelsea Cutler on a nationwide, sold-out North American tour followed by another, even bigger tour with Quinn XCII. By the end of 2018, Christian spent all his savings on recording and releasing his independent debut EP, “natural colors,” which has amassed over 25 million streams to date. In 2019, Christian signed to Disruptor Records/Sony Music and released his “bright side of the moon” EP which features the biggest hit of his career, “head first,” which he followed by embarking on his debut headlining tour. With rock scope, pop palatability, and lyrical vulnerability his most recent singles “i think too much,” “time of our lives,” and “crowded room” showcase the nuances of his singular style and encompass pivotal thoughts about his ascendant journey thus far.

Follow Christian French:

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Christian French – make or break up (Visualizer)

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HIP Video Promo presents: LBM daydreams a love like no other in his "Make Believe" music video premiere on Medium


LBM – Make Believe

He's got a melodic, heart-on-his-sleeve delivery and a grasp of romantic tragedy well beyond his years that have already nudged him ahead of other artists

ALLENTOWN, PA, USA, July 10, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Watch "Make Believe" by LBM on Medium

Some artists charge out of the gate with their sound cemented, their big ideas all set to go live. Soundcloud rap as a genre makes it easy for artists to dip their toe in the water, to test-market a persona and style. Not LA-Pennsylvania rapper LBM, a.k.a. Lil Big Medium; he swan-dived right into the game. He's got a melodic, heart-on-his-sleeve delivery and a grasp of romantic tragedy well beyond his years that have already nudged him ahead of other artists crowding the lane. His breakout single "Stranded" has seen over 350,000 streams on Spotify and over half a million streams on Soundcloud; combined with a coveted feature on VIBE TV, this is a devastating breakout on its own, but LBM sees a bigger picture. He positioned it as the first installment of a much larger story that plays out in the subject matter and video for his latest, "Make Believe." Take a listen: there's nothing Lil or Medium about where this kid is headed.

LBM was riding the trap wave til Juice WRLD's "Lucid Dreams" came out and course-corrected him, setting him down a path that felt more real and honest. Instead of bombast or sonic smoke and mirrors, he favors raw DIY beats, simple acoustic guitar, and ambient synths. On "Make Believe", his voice has nowhere to go on but straight for the listener's gut. The chorus is pop euphoria, a mandatory sing-along hook reminiscent of Bieber when he's firing on all cylinders. LBM's gauzy, soaring voice finds its sweet spot, making it sound more like an effortless confessional than the best work of this extraordinarily gifted songwriter and storyteller. He launched his career after watching a cousin do the (seemingly) impossible, producing and releasing his own tracks. In just a few short years, LBM's made a heartbreaker of a song with authenticity and resonance that could easily turn a few rap fans into rappers themselves.

Lil Big Medium's last video, "Stranded," saw him escaping the clutches of an abusive ex, only to end with her trapping him on a dark, desolate bridge. "Make Believe" kicks off moments after that cliffhanger, and our hero is in rough shape. He slumps against the rail and sports bloody injuries that mirror the emotional suffering he endured at his former lover's hands. Slipping in and out of consciousness, he flashes back to better days spent with a new love, a relationship full of promise. Lil Big Medium even pulls a "Say Anything" outside her window, but she never shows. Was this connection only make believe too? And are we watching LBM die on that bridge? You're going to have to keep your eyes peeled for the next video.

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HIP Video Promo presents: Now Endeavor stays positive in a world of animated peril in new music video "You Know Me"

Now Endeavor

Now Endeavor – You Know Me

Do something positive today, and you might be surprised by the rewards you'll reap tomorrow.

DETROIT, MI, USA, July 10, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Heroism: sometimes, it feels like it simply isn't recognized. These days, life seems to require constant acts of courage, yet the long-term effects of daily bravery can be hard to see. Have patience, the musicians in Now Endeavor tell us. We don't know what the next twenty-four hours will bring, let alone the next twenty-four months. A good deed done today may cause the sort of reverberations that reshape an entire world. That's the message of the winsome animated lyric clip for "You Know Me," the duo's latest single, and a subtly profound statement of faith in the power of benevolence. Do something positive today, and you might be surprised by the rewards you'll reap tomorrow.

But positive thinking has always been at the heart of the Now Endeavor project. With absolute confidence and utter disregard for trends, the two Detroit songwriters and vocalists have fashioned their own glittering brand of pop: one that draws evenly from soul, hip-hop, classic rock, and electronic blues, R&B, and maybe a little modern jazz, too. Just Pete and Thom The Disco Spider aren't the sort of artists who follow models anyway – they're instinctive musicians and restless explorers, and that spontaneity and sense of playfulness is inscribed in every cut on Survival, their latest EP. The members of Now Endeavor aren't ostentatious about their risk-taking, but their faith in the power of the unexpected is palpable. "You Know Me" is a short cut – it's over in less than three minutes – but it says everything it needs to say in its modest running time, and it takes more left turns and incorporates more elements than most groups do on entire albums. The message is clear, focused, and uplifting: stay on your toes and remain open-minded, because life changes fast.

Those who've seen prior Now Endeavor clips know how energetic Pete and Thom can be. Their animated counterparts, as it turns out, are every bit as lively. The "You Know Me" clip finds them on the road, driving blithely through a world of peril, and staying as optimistic as possible in challenging times. But when they see a cat crying in the attic of a burning building, they're duty-bound to stop the joyride and perform a rescue. Naturally, they all become great friends after that – and friendship, the members of Now Endeavor learn, can have profound, life-saving benefits.

More Now Endeavor on their website
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Surrender To The Spell Of Johnny & The Mongrels’ Louisiana Girl

Louisiana Girl Single Cover

Johnny & The Mongrels – Jeff Bostic, Johnny Ryan Credit: J.Mimna Photography


Johnny & The Mongrels Celebrate The Lure Of Bayou State Femininity With Single & Video Today

The people are always living in the now, wanting nothing more than to make the best of every moment. Specifically, it’s a tribute to the ladies of Louisiana and that spirit they eternally display.”

— Johnny Ryan

PLEASANT VIEW, TN, UNITED STATES, July 10, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Based in Colorado but nourished by the elixir of Louisiana music, blues rockers Johnny & The Mongrels will release both the music and the video for “Louisiana Girl,” the second single from their upcoming album CREOLE SKIES, today. The full album drops July 17.

“Louisiana Girl” features lead singer/songwriter Johnny Ryan’s passionate paean to “Miss Louisiana,” whether she is “a New Orleans lady, a New Iberian queen, a Carencro Princess or a pretty girl from Robeline.” Each one, he promises with soulful conviction, will “float your pirogue, make your heart beat outta your chest.” And if that doesn’t send “swamp water running through your veins,” the music will: Gritty yet sensuous, it rocks on a foundation of scratchy guitar, solid backbeat, funky bass and wailing tenor sax.

Written by Ryan, the band’s bassist/songwriter/singer Jeff Bostic and Scott Sharrard, “Louisiana Girl” was recorded at historic Dockside Studio in Maurice, Louisiana, with JoeBaby Michaels (Neville~Jacobs, Shaun Murphy) and Sharrard (Gregg Allman, Levon Helm) producing. Along with Ryan, Bostic and Sharrard, keyboardist Bill McKay (The Derek Trucks Band, Leftover Salmon) and drummer/percussionist Eddie Christmas (The Black Crowes, Jon Cleary) comprise the core band on this track, with guest saxophonist Craig Dreyer (Keith Richards, Joan Osborne, Warren Haynes).

The video, produced and directed by renowned photographer, live music recorder and archivist Jim Mimna, mirrors the music by overlaying and alternating shots of the band recording the track and silhouettes of archetypal Louisiana women dancing in bewitching slow-mo before landscapes of skyline, sunset and sea.

American Blues Scene hosted the single’s premiere this week. The video debuted simultaneously, on the IndiMusic TV Channel and at Digital Journal.
“Louisiana Girl’ was inspired by the countless moments I was immersed in the culture, atmosphere and energy that is Louisiana,” says Ryan, who spent much of 1987 through 1990 living in the state. “The people are always living in the now, wanting nothing more than to make the best of every moment and make sure you’re always invited to come along for the ride. And specifically, it’s a tribute to the ladies of Louisiana and that spirit they eternally display.”

“Louisiana Girl” is available now on Spotify and the album CREOLE SKIES can be pre-ordered.

Johnny & The Mongrels is a high-powered, New-Orleans-influenced band that has been described as “the perfect combination of a funk-filled heart and a deep Bayou soul.” Its founders, currently based in Fort Collins, Colorado, are singer/songwriter Johnny Ryan and singer/bassist/songwriter Jeff Bostic. The band has played many prominent venues and music festivals nationwide, sharing stages along with way with Scott Sharrard, George Porter Jr., Ivan Neville, Bob Malone (John Fogerty), Deanna Bogart, Shakedown Street, Samantha Fish, Honey Island Swamp Band and Bobby Messano (Steve Winwood).

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Louisiana Girl Video

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JASON ARASHEBEN, Luxury Jewelry Designer, Is the Next Guest on THE COMBUSTION CHRONICLES Podcast Hosted by Shawn Nason

The CEO of Jason of Beverly Hills Talks About Taking Risks That Changed the Industry and Made Him a Favorite of
Celebrities, Athletes and Royalty

CINICINNATI, OH, USA, July 9, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Fearless creativity and unwavering passion launched Jason Arasheben, CEO of Jason of Beverly Hills, to the top of the jewelry industry, where his designs have redefined the luxury marketplace and earned him clients that range from royalty to the biggest names in in fashion, entertainment and sports. Find out what drives his intensity and fuels his success when he talks with Shawn Nason, host of the new podcast The Combustion Chronicles, in the upcoming episode “The Cutting Edge” premiering Wednesday, July 15. The podcast is available to stream on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, YouTube and other major podcasting apps. New subscribers can sign up to listen at https://manonfire.co/the-combustion-chronicles-2/.

“I knew that I wanted to be in control of my own destiny,” Jason tells Shawn during the “The Cutting Edge” episode, even if it meant taking a few detours along the way. “Listen, I designed some really eccentric pieces, really awful pieces. A lot of people don't like it. But the people who have purchased everything, they've gotten everything up and down Rodeo Drive and Madison Avenue and Bond Street and been to all the traditional jewelry houses, these types of people are people that are looking for something different. Celebrities that have seen everything under the sun are looking for something different, something that kind of…that really exemplifies their personal tastes, their identity, their personality. And, my designs allow people to have fun wearing jewelry again.”

Founded in 2002, Jason of Beverly Hills immediately sent shock waves throughout the luxury market with outrageous, over-the-top diamond pieces and quickly became a multimillion-dollar operation. The company, owned and operated by Arasheben, brought a new sheen to the industry catering specifically to trendsetters in film, music, sports and fashion. His clients include European, African and Middle Eastern royalty as well as Sean “Diddy” Combs, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Matthew McConaughey, Rihanna and Drake. The company has also designed championship rings for the Los Angeles Lakers, the Golden State Warriors, Chelsea FC, the World Series of Poker and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Jason Arasheben audio clip about believing in yourself, even when others don’t:

In The Combustion Chronicles, listeners join the unapologetic Nason as he connects with fellow disruptors and bold leaders from multiple industries to challenge the status quo and talk about consumer-centric ideas with courage, vision and commitment. Launched on June 24, 2020, past guests on the podcast include Arianna Huffington, Founder and CEO of Thrive Global , Ryan Serhant, real estate power broker, author and star of Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing New York” and Annette Logan-Parker, CEO and Co-Founder of Cure 4 The Kids Foundation.

The Combustion Chronicles social media:
Website: https://manonfire.co/n
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/manonfiresocial
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Instagram: @manonfiresocial
YouTube: The Combustion Chronicles
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"The Blues Are Back In Town" from Woody Bradshaw To Be Featured At Pensacola Beach Airshow National Watch Party 2020

Woody Bradshaw

MC1 Nashville

GOODLETTSVILLE, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES, July 9, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — As America watched the President at Mt. Rushmore and the White House over the 4th of July weekend, they witnessed the amazing arial acrobatics of the US Navy’s Blue Angels. Their feats of precision mixed with shear entertainment was truly an unbelievable sight. Pensacola, Florida is the cradle of Naval Aviation and home to The Blue Angels…it is also the place where MC1 Nashville recording artist Woody Bradshaw calls home. Woody’s love of Pensacola and The Blues prompted him to write a driving, Top Gun style Anthem in their honor.

This Saturday, July 11th, Hellcat Productions will be airing the Pensacola Beach Airshow National Watch Party 2020, starring the Blue Angels. Log on to www.hellcat.productions/live to enjoy the show. In addition to the Blues there will be interviews and live guests and of course Bradshaw’s Anthem will be blasting to the dazzling choreography of the Blue Angels show. The festivities begin at 12 CST.

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The Blues Are Back In Town by Woody Bradshaw

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Arura Capital Holdings to Partner with BeMotion Inc for Mobile Concierge app for Property Owners

Arura Capital Holdings to Partner with BeMotion Inc for Mobile Concierge app for Property Owners

We don't sell software, we deliver success”

— BeMotion Inc

LOS ANGLES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 9, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Arura Capital has a vision for homeownership, especially in the arena of condominiums: "People who love the condo lifestyle are interested in one significant difference: being a part of the community." With this in mind, Mr. Silverman, Director of Arura Capital, is taking an innovative and aggressive approach to mobile app technologies. "We are partnering with BeMotion Inc., to launch a mobile concierge app for our residents. It is the most efficient and elegant way for our community to connect with just about everything they need during their experience with Arura Developments. Pay bills, connect to retailers and restaurants, order services to be performed both inside and outside their units. There are simple things that we can connect our homeowners to make all the difference in terms of the extra level of service that our company represents." BeMotion Inc., a Toronto based company, is a pioneer in developing a platform called Mobile Commerce Network (MCN) technology. The innovation defined by MCN is to build mobile apps based upon the 'app within an app' model whereby potentially thousands of participating merchants, retailers and more can all manage their storefront and content controls, communicating directly with app users.

About (MCN Platform): https://www.bemotioninc.com/
The platform empowers businesses to build native apps for a variety of business functions. Such as M-commerce, digital advertising, event management, offers, payment gateway, and 25 other more features. The platform is super comprehensive. There are a lot of key ingredients. Providing the opportunity to create uniquely personal app experiences that drive brand engagement and conversion, plan the ongoing commitment and a lot more in less than ten days.

About (DCN Vending & Marketplace): http://www.dcnvending.com/
A North American subsidiary of BeMotion Inc., established in 2018 as the provider of innovative Smart vending machines distributed in 3000+ locations serving a wide range of high standards of PPE, CBD, health & fitness products.

Don't hesitate to request a demo!

For any additional information or if you require further clarification about BeMotion Inc.,
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Singer Jonathan Cilia Faro Debuts 'GIRAMONDO' The Wanderer

Jonathan Cilia Faro Cover

Photo by: Robert Isacson

Photo by: Robert Isacson

photo by: HolyradStudio

Powerhouse tenor Jonathan Cilia Faro releases his new single Giramondo on July 10th a song you will not forget. People are calling it the new Con te Partirò.

NASHVILLE, TN, USA, July 9, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Powerhouse tenor Jonathan Cilia Faro drops his new single 'Giramondo' on Friday, July 10, 2020. The soaring ballad, written by Paolo Marioni, showcases the luster and immensity of Faro’s incomparable voice, and invites the listener to accompany Faro on a global voyage that explores the emotions of family, travel, and human connection.

In English, Giramondo means “to wander.” JCF’s performance draws on his beliefs and discoveries as an artist-wanderer exploring the globe. Says JCF, “Doing an introspection, an artist promises to continue this mission: moving towards those who want to live. Music surrounds us, it never ceases to amaze us, and it gives strength to all of us who are unwilling to surrender.”

The song, a blend of rich operatic vocals and melodic pop, conveys a sense of both grandeur and intimacy. It recalls the best classical-contemporary stylings of artists like Josh Groban and Placido Domingo. Some of the Italian lyrics loosely translated to English, include: “I’ll travel until I find the meaning of love, searching for the one who is searching for me,” and “As I wander and the world spins like the carousel of time, I will wrap my voice around the world.”

‘Giramondo’ transports listeners to an array of destinations, and conjures the sense of magic and possibility around every corner. JCF’s performance embodies the power of transcending time and place as one comes to realize that “no matter how far away you roam, you are never far from home.”

To accompany the song, director Simone Tittaferrante created a moving montage-filled music video exploring the seven cities where JCF works. Each location features an ornate carousel that represents the circle of life. The video intercuts scenes of cityscapes, crosswalks, cafes, airport terminals and the deluge of passing people who fill the world and intersect with each others’ journeys.

Tittaferrante paints a picture of the loneliness one encounters, even in the midst of shared experiences, and conveys a traveler’s yearning for a sense of home, even as he comes to appreciate life’s small moments. The video lets viewers see an artist's father relive the story of his relationship with his son who travels for art. The father trusts that one day, sooner or later, he’ll welcome a surprise reunion.

JCF continues, “Music is movement, life and freedom. Time and experience are our teachers. It’s necessary to walk the streets of this world, among people, living happily and giving happiness to those who are willing to listen to your words. Life leads me to unexpected places, but my love for music always brings me home.”

'Giramondo' features pre-production and arrangements by Franco Poggiali, with Peppe Arezzo on strings, Gary Wallis on drums, Alex Meadows on bass, Emanuele Giocondo on piano, and Alex De Salvo on guitars. The mixing and choruses are by Serena Marioni.

'Giramondo' is released by JCF’s record label, NewArias Entertainment’s BFD/Sony/The Orchard, and will be available online and through all major streaming services on July 10.

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Giramondo ( The Wanderer)

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